BEYOND: Official Selection by Tribeca Film Festival

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BEYOND: Official Selection by Tribeca Film Festival

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Two weeks ago, Oscar-nominee Willem Dafoe was added to the cast of BEYOND: Two Souls, and we announced pre-order bonuses for North America. Today, we’re talking about how BEYOND is blurring the lines between film and gaming – BEYOND has been chosen as an Official Selection by Tribeca Film Festival, the first such selection of this kind for a video game.


On April 27th, we will be hosting a screening at the festival where we’ll show a new one-hour scene from the game, debuting a major trailer and a new behind-the-scenes look, alongside a Q&A panel with Ellen Page and director David Cage discussing the way BEYOND is pushing the boundaries of storytelling. The entire team here is hugely excited that Tribeca is recognizing the powerful story of BEYOND, its star-studded cast, and the stunning visual technology that have contributed to the game’s uniquely cinematic experience.

Earlier this week, 100 journalists from around the world visited Quantic Dream’s studio in Paris for an exclusive BEYOND event. In the surrounds of the very motion capture room where Ellen’s and Willem’s performances were recorded, writer and director David Cage showcased several new scenes from the game, featuring both the Jodie and entity gameplay.

BEYOND: Two Souls on PS3BEYOND: Two Souls on PS3

Press were shown the Aiden entity gameplay in a scene featuring a young Jodie taking part in a scientific experiment under the watchful eye of her mentor Nathan Dawkins (Willem Dafoe). And then they were treated to a full playthrough of what promises to be one of the most powerful scenes in gaming, which sees Jodie living on the streets, fighting for her life and those of the homeless people around her. David Cage also unveiled the brand new in-game user interface, which provides an even more immersive and seamless experience than the game’s predecessor Heavy Rain.

The new user interface allows for promptless contextual control in both general navigation and action sequence controls, while increasing the level of direct control the user has and opening the door for far more exploration than players experienced in Heavy Rain. To end the day, press were invited to be the first to play the game, and try out the new UI and gameplay for themselves.

BEYOND: Two Souls on PS3

All of the press write-ups should be going live, so keep an eye on the web for their reactions to Beyond’s new gameplay from this event.

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  • So wait- press right-ups are going live soon as in today?
    And is the time for the April 27 event locked down?

  • I love emotional games & movies so i am looking forward to this.

  • AWESOME. Congrats Quantic Dream! Can’t wait for April 27th

  • i may be asking for too much but could you guys somehow stream it to the vita, or the ps3? since my pc isnt the best in the world.

    • We’ll be looking into locations we can stream on top of the blog. We may stream via PS Home, Facebook, etc. We’ll keep you posted!

  • @4 If only Ustream released their APP for PS3 by then….I doubt it though. They should really get on that

  • Holy damn! at the last screen.

  • @quirwekjefhgekr

    I totally agree!!

    SONY, as Playstation Plus members, it would please us if you could stream this to our loyally played PS3’s as to get to experience the sure-to-be HiDef video in all of it’s glory on the device it will eventually be played on. Thus, successfully adding to our satisfaction with deciding to Go Plus! Thank you.
    – Love,
    All Playstation Plus members.

  • Woow looks great.

  • When is SCE going to acquire Quantic Dream and welcome them to WWS 1st party stable?

  • This game is looking sooooo good! Extremely excited for this game :)

  • Can’t wait to buy this game :) Quantic Dream is one of best in the biz. Probably 2nd only behind Naughty Dog :)

  • I can’t wait to watch the movie interrupted by QTE.

    It better be true that there are no QTE in this. I stopped playing Heavy Rain after 3 hours, I couldn’t take it anymore and watched the movie on youtube. Never let it be said that gameplay isn’t critical.

  • One of my 5 most anticipated games of 2013, and I’ve already played 2–No No Kuni and Tomb Raider. So Beyond, Last of Us and Dark Souls 2 to round out a hugely promising year.

    Limited Edition already pre-ordered, of course.

  • I think what people forget is that Heavy Rain didn’t get much marketing (at least in North America) and it still sold really well. I am avoiding looking too much into the game, but I am interested to see how the game will play with minimal QTE, but I am sure Quantic Dream will do something great!

  • “BEYOND has been chosen as an Official Selection by Tribeca Film Festival, the first such selection of this kind for a video game.”

    Wasn’t L.A. Noire selected for this?

  • Hope you advertise this game.

    @14: I think what you forget is that game sales overall have fallen.

  • I’m so pumped for this game!

  • Really, really exicted for this game but not pre-ordering since I got screwed on Heavy Rain. We didn’t get the awesome UK pre-order bonuses, and the game had better and better extras in the later Director’s cut, etc.

    Please sell me on how I won’t feel cheated 6 months after pre-ordering :)

  • Any chances of seeing some dope fiends from the FBI in the game?

  • @4 use the nico nico app to stream it to vita! the blog had a stream with E3 running on it, that would be awesome. the game looks amazing, and i loved and appreciated what Heavy Rain was to me, looking forward to Beyond!

  • thought this game suppose to be a Move compatible title but latest info already confirm its not supporting Move…
    i’m consider getting this because of Move support so now i don’t have to consider anymore… thanks…

  • “the first such selection of this kind for a video game” – sorry, but this is info is wrong. There was LA Noire before ;)

  • cant wait to see what the trophies are so i could get the platinum!

  • sony why have’nt you bought this freakin awesome studio is beyond me …. Do it asap!!

  • wow…that picture of Beyond : Two Souls main character, “Jodie” , homeless is heartbreaking. Look at the emotion of anguish and suffering from starvation on her face. Heartbreaking. The graphics level of detail, in that picture is amazing.

  • I’m sorry I have to say this Why is the main character so unattractive. Like at some momments she even looks like a male.

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