OPEN ME! for PS Vita Coming to North America

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OPEN ME! for PS Vita Coming to North America

Open Me! on PS Vita

The creative minds in PlayStation C.A.M.P! have created an entirely original puzzle game exclusively for PS Vita, and it’s created a strong buzz since its debut at Tokyo Game Show last Fall. Today, we’re announcing that OPEN ME! an addictive augmented reality puzzle game for PS Vita, is coming to North America later this year.

The goal in OPEN ME! is simple – open the box and collect the items inside. This may sound easy, but these boxes are full of traps; players will need to use Vita’s augmented reality features to look closely at the boxes from every direction, looking for the slightest hint on how to open them.

Open Me! on PS Vita

By using PS Vita’s cameras and smart augmented reality technology, the elusive box will appear on the screen in seconds. Touch the screen to open the box, but be careful, the lids of some boxes are razor sharp and they will shut tight if you fail. Boxes range from a simple wooden box to a more sophisticated box made of metal, each with its own unique tricks to opening the box. Examples of challenges include stacking colorful boxes from the inside of a larger box, or exploring and disarming a box’s security system (i.e. spinning blades or propellers). So you can definitely say that “thinking outside the box” is a requirement.

OPEN ME! will also feature a multiplayer mode, where communication skills between players and speed are key in opening these boxes. Multiplayer will require two PS Vita systems loaded with OPEN ME!. Like single player, each challenge requires something different for each puzzle such as angling lasers at a fellow player to light up sensors or synchronizing button pressing. More details on both single and multiplayer gameplay will be shared at a later date.

Open Me! on PS Vita Open Me! on PS Vita Open Me! on PS Vita Open Me! on PS Vita

We will be showing OPEN ME! at the upcoming Game Developer’s Conference, over at the Silicon Studio booth, so for all you industry folks who are attending the show feel free to get a sneak peek of the game. More information will be coming soon — stay tuned!

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  • This concept makes me want a Vita even more….Wake Up Club grabbed my initial attention.

  • Cool… look forward to seeing more

  • I luv my vita personally…. my lady has one but she’s mostly on her smart phone so hers collects dust :o(

  • Saw the Japanese advert last year. I’m kind of surprised that it is coming out stateside but any content is better than the dry well as of late. So yeah, put me in the interested file.

  • Fun idea. Now you just have to make sure you’re designing a really good hook. The collection of items you get are displayable in some way, say like a house or room. Items are combine-able, allowing for bigger and better “creations” to be made ONLY by coming back and successfully opening more boxes. How about adding a system that allows for trading your collected items using near? Instead of just a single box to open, there were between 1-3 boxes to choose from. Each with something inside, only one way to find out. You could even include some sort of currency system for successful unlocks, or repeated unlocks, or unlocks with the fewest possible hints. Currency could be spent on eliminating a given obstacle on the box your attempting to open, or to “help you decide” which box you want to choose based on what’s inside and what collectible you’re after. Make the game playable once daily, furthering the draw of collecting everything and getting people to return regularly. This would also give real weight to the “choice element” of deciding which box to open if you can only try once a day. Seems like lots of possibilities. Can’t wait to see more. Let me know if you have an opening on your design team. :) Would love to join!

    • Hello RenderMonk!
      I’m seeing a lot of great ideas here :)
      Please continue to share your thoughts!
      We always listen and strive to make the best game.

  • This is an auto-buy. :D Especially if it’s under 10$

  • Not my kind of thing, but that’s ok because…Yay, more Vita content!

  • I’ve actually been looking forward to this game ever since I first heard of it. I didn’t think it would come to NA, so I’m glad to see it is.

  • where are the retail, full-development games? I bought a Vita on launch day, and there has been a serious lack of development for it. There are plenty of Indie games and PSN games, but a lack of focus for the Vita is disappointing. Remember how they were working on compatibility for PS1 games? that stopped. they had an initial conversion, and about 10 have release over the past 6 months. Gravity Rush, Uncharted, Playstation All-stars…. that’s about it. Waste of money on this thing, it fell victim to the same issue plaguing the PSP. no 3rd party support, because the ownership rate is very low because Sony priced the Vita too high for people to afford. That’s why people buy the DS. Damn, I wish I didn’t have to trade in my Vita.

  • Yes! I love these strange little games.

  • Is this another one of those things that we hear is coming out for the Vita and then disappears forever like Crackle and Crunchyroll!! -.-

  • I’m intrigued! Expect it around holiday season?

  • Any idea on when or if this will come to Europe?

  • eeehhhh …. no thnx lol

  • Already have this from the Japanese store. It’s actually a lot of fun, especially if you play with a friend. Definitely one of the better uses of the Vita’s AR mode.
    Hope we get all the DLC packs too!

  • Any news on Phantasy star online 2 na relase for psvita and memory card price drop

  • YES! I’ve been waiting for this! I can’t wait to open boxes!

    I’m not being sarcastic either. I seriously can’t wait.

  • I am so excited for this game to be making its way to NA, really unique game that makes use of the PS Vita’s AR functionality :)

  • Hopefully some of these games actually get some marketing support also so they can perform well.

  • @Dais

    I’m still waiting on that job offer :) …..Seriously.

  • Sounds very intriguing! I may get this once there are a few reviews of it around.

  • Sounds very cool.

  • Please dont limit this to once a day play, this would be a great game to play when I am waiting for something and already stopped playing the eco game that came out on the vita due to the time limits.

    creating rules just to longer your playability is poor game design, just like making it a goal in an adventure game to try to get the user to die, both dont work for the user to make it enjoyable.

  • As long as the games from developers for the PS Vita are original and consistent the system will exceed expectations. Glad to see more originality coming to PS Vita go Soul Sacrifice!!!!!!!!

  • can you please give me a price on how much it will cost? or atleast a price range? and will it have a hard copy with an included AR card? please answer. :(

    • Hi eli11296,
      We don’t have the answers yet, but we promise to have your questions answered very soon.
      Please stay tuned!

  • @ Jayrabbit

    The once daily was just a suggestion. But the game design idea is not to arbitrarily extend game length, but to encourage long term play and interest. Sitting down to a game like this, that you run through all puzzles in 3 1/2 hours means, one play through, maybe a couple at most. The game is a throw-away. Making the game a “Daily” gives the player reason to come back, which is really well suited for a “gotta collect them all” type game. Many people enjoy this method of play, giving their game (and in turn, purchase) longevity. Creating the game with this design in mind, also allows the dev to release it with, oh say, 25 puzzles. This will take a few weeks to run through for the player, IF they happen to get all the 25 different boxes without encountering a duplicate, giving the devs time to create additional content for future releases. Now I’m not saying I want paid DLC, they could market it at a decent price, with the idea that more boxes will be added continually (with more collectibles to find). The theory is sound, even if it’s not your cup of tea.

  • cheaper and larger memory cards are needed. NEEDED I say! great to see all the vita attention lately, Im hoping carnage hearts coes down in price eventually.

  • Well, is there any chance of EU PSN release?

  • Gave up hope on getting this game. So yay!

  • Will there be a demo? and any chance that there is online multiplayer? That would be really neat.

  • I was really excited when I first saw the video for this game. Now that it’s coming west, I’m even more excited. Can’t wait.

  • oh I love it already!!!!

  • Ok This is outside the box, But I just downloaded System Software Update 4.40 and have no idea what it does. Seeing it’s a big gap between 4.31 & 4.40 can you or someone on the team tell me what the new features of 4.40 are?

  • This sounds like a lot of fun! I love puzzle games. I haven’t used my set of AR cards for… well, anything! I hope I can find them.

    @viceforce – My best guess is a security patch.

  • does the free $10 from sony count for the get $10 for every $50 spent promo?

  • PlayStation store please get Digimon card battle, Digimon World 1,2,3.4 and Vandal Hearts 1 and 2. your loosing my money.

  • I’ll keep a look out for this one, it sounds pretty interesting. I would assume this game uses the AR cards?

    @ four24twenty C’mon, give into the peer pressure! Everybody’s doing it!


  • Looks awesome!

    One thing I wish the AR games would do is infer probably light sources/tints based upon subtle differences on the cards during initialization/orientation. Even something simple would help make the projected AR objects look more integrated into the environment. Does this game do that?

    Any chance of support multiplayer for a PS3 user and a Vita user? As in, point the PS Eye at the same AR card and use the Move/DualShock in conjunction with the Vita user. That would be *really* slick.

  • This is an interesting game, loved the concept.

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