Zeus and Isaac Join the Battle Royale Today

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Zeus and Isaac Join the Battle Royale Today

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC 2

Just stopping by today with a quick reminder that Zeus and Isaac Clarke are live today for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, along with our new stage “Graveyard”!

Graveyard mashes up MediEvil’s zombies, mausoleums, and gargoyles with elements from The Unfinished Swan, revealed via ink splats after a mid-game whiteout. It looks great and keeps the fighting honest, with a medium-width playfield and zombies that will earn you AP when destroyed.

Zeus plays as a legendary heavyweight, making each strike feel epic. He’s got limited range, but with the ability to power up every attack merely by holding down the button, he can crush a cowardly opponent’s guard and build AP faster than anyone. Many of his triangle lightning attacks are also excellent at catching multiple opponents for an even faster ride towards his truly Olympian level 3 super.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC 2PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC 2

Isaac Clarke is at his best harassing opponents from mid-range, with a wide variety of projectiles powered up by his unique Stasis and Kinesis powers. He’s no slouch at close range either, with some mighty melee attacks and the short-range force gun, but he shines brightest harassing more distant opponents with the grenade launcher, bouncing bola, and his Plasma Cutter.

Both characters come with full single-player story modes, including intros, outros, and rival scenes, as well as exclusive unlockable minions, a second unlockable costume, and all the unique customizable taunts, themes, etc. you’ve come to expect.

In addition to today’s launch of Zeus and Isaac, we’ve also done a new balance patch, which modifies every existing character in some way (and fixes some pesky glitches), as well as adding some new bells and whistles to familiar items. The hardcore players can check out the details here in the official PlayStation All-Stars forums.

Isaac and Zeus both come free for anyone that purchased a retail copy of God of War: Ascension (it’ll be in your box as a pack-in code). For anyone else, you can pick them up on PSN for $4.99 each. The Graveyard stage is available for free in online ranked matches and is $1.99 to own it. Both of these new All-Stars add some very unique angles to the game. I’ll see you online.

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  • The link to the PSAS forum wasn’t included. Thanks for the continued support by the way. I can’t wait to pick up Isaac.

  • thanks for new characters Seth Killian! i have a few reconmendations since GoW got a secondary Character.

    Chop Chop Master Onion: Parappa the Rappa
    Vergil: DMC Reboot
    Metal Kor: jak and daxter 3
    axel: Twisted Metal
    Sora : kingdom hearts and riku “Must on those” always been exclusive to ps3 so why not ?
    specter: ape escape
    Vamp: Metal Gear guns of patriot
    warrior: fat princess but should be multi changable like toro different forms
    and any extras you have in mind :D!!!!!!! love the came keep the dlc coming !

  • Nice…. Hope Zeus isn’t overpowered though. But hey, he is a God. lol

  • The MediEvil stage looks terrible, remembers me of that dreadful PSP port :/

  • Awesome, can’t wait to play them!

    Any words on future DLC plans?

  • When is the new update happening? I was able to download the new characters but can’t get them in the game yet.

  • Definitely getting the stage which looks awesome btw and Isaac (I don’t have enough for Zeus). Quick question though, are we going to be seeing any new challengers soon? In fact are we going to get any more DLC soon like minions, costumes, stages, etc.

  • Can we expect a PSASBR 2?

    Can we expect more dlc in the future? Maybe Rudy from Wild arms?

  • “Just stopping by today with a quick reminder that Zeus and Isaac Clarke are live today for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, along with our new stage “Graveyard”!”

    No you’re not Seth, you’re just stopping by to tease us XD. I’m waiting for this & love the new system/character balances you made.

    Aside from that, i saw you get bodied over at the Gamespot TV tourney.

  • As 1 stated, you kinda forgot the link, glad to know I’m not the only one who puts things like that in, though I make mine red so I don’t forget.

    Trophy additions this time around Mr. Killian? When you announced this DLC you said that implementation for Kat and Emmett was also on its way for trophies, any progress there? I only remember that you said work was being done because I asked, and you answered, also marking something off my Gaming Bucket List. Thanks btw.

  • There will be other characters in the future right?

  • Seth, could you please comment on whether we’ll be receiving any more DLC characters ?

    If so, could I please point out that amongst the many outcries for Crash and Spyro, there are many popular, yet obtainable characters to choose from. The following are a few examples: Connor Kenway (AC3), Abe (Oddworld), Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) & Yu Narukami (Persona). Each of the IP holders has expressed interest in having their character in the game, and have all been heavily requested, could you please at the least look into them.

  • Thank you guys so much for the update. Can’t wait to get my hands on Zeus and Issac, got my GoW code!

    Seth, do we also get the new stage for free if we have to GoW code? If not, it’s all good. I don’t mind paying for it, you guys deserve the support! :)

  • Crash Bandicoot as a playable caracter please!

  • Are we ever getting new trophies? It would be great to get more trophies for going through the single player story mode for the new characters.

  • is it live already?

  • Awesome! I can’t wait for the characters, stage and patch! I do hqve a question that I hope you can answer Seth: Can we get Crash and Spyro as our next DLC? If not them, then can we get Cloud and Lara Croft?

  • Can’t wait untill these characters comes out, im gonna master them i have a photographic memory, i’ll be ready to take on who ever

  • I wonder who Zeus and Isaac’s rivals will be? Or are they rivals towards each other?

  • This game is addicting! I have been unlocking a ton of extras with Nathan Drake and Big Daddy. Looking forward to this DLC and the new characters/stage! It’s going to be a great drop with this, The Cave and Tekken 6! Thanks for the continued support of PSABR! I really hope this isn’t the end.

  • Sweet, I’ll be picking up all of these. BTW is there more characters to come in the future? I would love to see some more PS1 characters such as Dart from Legend of Dragoon. Keep on rockin’ Seth!

  • My long-standing, and truly ALL-STAR suggestion, is Sofia from Battle Arena: Toshinden. I defy anyone to say someone from that game should not be a PlayStation All-Star. It released at PlayStaion launch, and Sofia was in the PS commercials. You’re welcome!

  • Sweet Codes are already working, can’t wait to play!!!!

  • I’ll buy this just like every DLC that comes out for this awesome game, One thing I get a lot when I run a tournament on this game is when will or will there be any more female characters…. i don’t know if you can give a simple yes or maybe, nevertheless i am looking forward to new DLC I and everyone I play with love this game!!

  • This is probably the LAST DLC this game see, so I hope it’s some of the best….not like there’s much competition. ;)

  • I’m a little disappointed to see we have to pay for these. (And no I didn’t buy the new GoW.) But I can’t wait to hear if there are going to be any more characters.

  • I would say another DLC is likely guys. I would guess June. If DLC’s continue, I think they’ll be connected with major first party games (GoW, TLoU, maybe even Beyond) as an incentive to get PSASBR, like with Ascension. Maybe not characters directly related to the game with the code, but maybe a stage.

  • I was planning on buying GOW:Ascension in April, but it said “purchased” (past tense). Do the characters come with ANY retail copy or was it a preorder bonus or something…?

  • I really hope this game gets more DLC as I see new players playing it every day. It shows how the community’s expanding even if it doesn’t translate to tournament assistance, like with other games that aren’t Marvel or AE. This game is its own thing anyway and it’s better that it stays that way.
    It kinda sucks how Sweet Tooth actually lost one of his most dangerous set-ups, though.

  • @lostlemon

    Seth said over at Gamestop TV, that any retail copy of GOW: Ascension will include the DLC characters.

  • I hope things will continue to progress and upgrade with more characters, stages, gameplay modes, and other things in the future. Especially considering that since Zeus is the first character to have the same game as one in the roster, we’ll be seeing more of this. Like Vergil with Dante, Sora and Rikku, Raven and Kat, Old Snake and Raiden, Ratchet&Clank and Alister Azimuth, or any other combination of characters and rivals. And for stages I would just die if there were stages like MotorStorm x Journey (The Cave with all the Dragons biting at you for Ap reduction damage with sudden cars driving by and exploding them in the face with nitro overheat), Anywhere in Gravity Rush x Anywhere in DmC (Could be great for Limbo and gravity Terraform), Motorstorm Apocalypse x Shadow of the Colossus (preferably the cars driving off in the back ground on some mountain when the last colossi comes out and destroys mostly everything). Just throwin out Ideas. :V

  • Can’t wait to download all of these great new goodies! But I have a couple questions first;

    1. Will there be a all-in-one pack available? similar to the Kat/Emmett/Fearless pack for 10 dollars, but with Isaac/Zeus/Graveyard?

    2. Is there going to be any more new costumes for sale either today or in the near future? I’d love to have a 3rd costume for Isaac and Zeus, and a fourth costume for many more characters (like Heihachi or Spike).

    3. Lastly, without giving anything away, can you tell us if PSAS will continue to get support after today’s new content? I’d love to see more DLC (or even patches if needed).

    Thanks for the update Seth! Can’t wait to get my hands on this new content, and try out the balance patch!

  • Will the DLC also be available for UK?

    I’ll be getting the new stage and characters despite Zeus being the worst choice ever.

    P.S. WHERE IS OUR MORTAL KOMBAT REP !! Sub-Zero or Shao Kahn plsss!

  • There is sooo much DLC, and everything looks great! i dont know where to spend my money sony!! But seriously, it would be great to launch a super bundle pack that includes all the DLC released so far, maybe with a bit of a discount than purchased separately. Have you guys thought about this? it would be a hit!

  • @2 NemesisClone – HAHAHAHA. no. The only time Kingdom Hearts has been playable on a PS3 was when they were still backwards compatible. And Kingdom Hearts jumped the Sony ship as soon as the second game, which is one of two titles where Riku is playable (this same was adapted for the PS2, and the second is exclusive to the handheld which is still whomping the Vita’s butt, and it (Vita) still doesn’t have Birth by Sleep).

  • sorry no meen to offend but, the game is expensive and you are charging for each new char, 10 $ for 2 new chars on and old game,
    many people will like to invest that in a new game with more hours of fun….

  • 4.99 each? I guess I wont be getting these guys.

  • I got the God of War: Ascension Collectors Edition but there was no code inside for the two characters…
    I’m from UK. It looks like UK got shafted AGAIN…….. Let me guess we won’t get em for free like Kat & co. £2.99 for ONE character GTFOH… seriously getting tired of how UK always gets nothing decent always with crap collectors editions half of DLC which everyone gets… a real pain…

  • $5 apiece?! Lol, NO.

    Should be free for two weeks like the other character DLC, not only to those who buy GoW: Ascension. Way to screw over Vita-only gamers.

  • Btw do new dlc characters not have a third costume from the pre-order bonus?

  • @xClayMeow I totally agree.

  • Those boxes in the 1st pic(to the right) reminded me of the ‘Crash Bandicoot’ games & i got EXCITED but then saw it had nothing to do with him :( SOB SOB(HINT, HINT…) :D

  • I hate to say this, but this game is not complete without Crash and Spyro. I know this is due to Activision, but couldn’t you guys pressure Sony to buy the IPs or something? Activision hasn’t used Crash in a really long time and Spyro is no longer relevant to the Skylanders franchise. Imagine how awesome it would be to hear this at E3: “We heard you guys were disappointed that Crash and Spyro didn’t make it into PS All-stars, and so were we, so we went ahead and bought the IPs from Activision, and today we’re gonna show their new games, made by Naughty Dog and Insomniac Games.” I would buy a PS4 at launch just for that, but I should probably stop having such high expectations.

  • @Seth Killian

    everyone wants to know if there will be future dlc. pls respond about it. have class my man

  • I still do not understand why Zeus was chosen over requested and easy obtainable characters like Abe. The Oddworld developers want Abe in this game and so do the fans. Abe seems to be ignored…so I am a bit confused.

  • Most fun game I played last year! Now the game has released and Seth and Sony Santa Monica ( & Superbot ) have received sooooo much constructive and critical feedback. I expect an absolutely phenomenal sequel ( On the PS4 ! ). Here are my requests Seth –

    1. A Complete Overhaul of every Menu in the game. A Sexy, Dynamic, Fighting-Game Esque UI will make it Legit

    2. A Normal Health-System Mode like every other fighting game where Level 1,2, & 3 supers do higher damage
    in addition to the now Staple “Supers Kill Only” System currently implemented

    3. Must contain almost inclusively of Sony exclusive characters or characters that debuted on Sony’s platform.
    It IS called Playstation All Stars :P, we have plenty of exclusives.

    4. The Single Player Campaign should be the same for each character, this way you can flesh it out more and include fully animated cutscenes all the way through.

    5. Bring back Polygon Man as the Final Boss ( or Sephiroth :) ) but instead allow me to fight him directly

    There you go Seth! Thank me Later!

  • Looking forward to this. Any word on more characters incoming?

  • Woohoo! Can’t wait to pick up Isaac! Also, as others have stated, there is no link included, I want to see what changes have been made to everyone’s favorite colonel (no not colonel sanders, Radec lol).
    Anyway, thanks for the continued support!

  • @43

    Just that comment jacked the price up on each IP a couple million. People want something, Activision has it, that’s dollar signs to them. Eventually, the cost of acquiring the IPs would be too much for it to even be logical. Though, with Crash having almost no relevance outside of Sony to most people now, he might be affordable, but Spyro is a whole other issue, what with Skylanders making bank, you can’t just drop Spyro like that. Maybe Activision would be cool with it if they pull something like they did with GoW, include codes with an Activision game (a lesser known one), but that’s a pretty far off idea.

  • P.S.

    6. A Kick- Ass Game Cover of the characters ready to pummel each other ( So Casuals know it’s a fighting game when they see the cover in Game Stores)

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