The Pinball Arcade: Star Trek TNG, Genie, Attack From Mars, PS4 Plans

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The Pinball Arcade: Star Trek TNG, Genie, Attack From Mars, PS4 Plans

Howdy y’all… Bobby King of The Pinball Arcade here to give all the pinball fans out there the heads up on everything we have going on in March and make an awesome announcement!

This week at FarSight Studios, we’ve been packin’ up our new expo display and gettin’ ready to head to the Texas Pinball Festival to show off our latest tables and features!

March has always been one of my favorite months. The fact that we now get to spend a couple weekends each March at pinball shows has made it even better.

The Pinball Arcade: Attack From Mars

In Texas, we will be showing off the stereoscopic 3D support on PS3 that we just implemented. It looks amazing and really adds to the gameplay experience.

We will also be running contests each day to win a Cactus Canyon t-shirt, so if you’re in the area and like pinball – you should definitely stop by. You can check out our game and play unlimited real pinball for the price of admission – it’s a ton of fun!

Later this month, we’ll be releasing Star Trek: The Next Generation for PS3 and PS Vita on the 19th, and Table Pack 10 on the 26th which includes Gottlieb’s great widebody classic Genie and another one of our all-time favorite tables, Bally’s Attack from Mars.

The Pinball Arcade: GenieThe Pinball Arcade: Genie

Unfortunately, we can’t bring everyone to Texas – some guys have to stay back and work on the PS4 engine. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention…


We are super excited about this. Pinball Arcade looks really nice on PS3, but just wait until you see it on PS4! We’ll be adding rendering tech for per pixel ray casting, area lights/shadows, point lights and screen space ambient occlusion (which is a fancy way to say even more shadows). We’re very confident that we can add all of these features on the PS4 and maintain the smooth 60 fps that you need in a pinball game.

We’ll also be updating the physics and gameplay on all of the DLC tables we release. The Pinball Arcade on PS4 will be amazing!

Stay tuned next week for details on our release of the Star Trek: TNG table.

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  • Oh snap.

  • So I’ll have to buy it all again? Because none of the current PSN games I own will work on PS4, according to a EuroGamer report

  • Sweet! Can’t wait for TNG. Been loving Pinball Arcade on the Vita.

  • Are you going to maintain Cross-Buy on PS4, so that the tables we bought on PS3/Vita work on PS4?

  • The PS4 must be coming pretty soon. I’d better start saving up.

  • Great news! Me and my girlfriend love this game! (She beats all my scores :P)

    Two questions: Will owners of pinball arcade be recieving the PS4 version free of charge along with any paid DLC we purchased?


    Will you ever release a DLC bundle option? I own a few of the DLC tables, but would like to buy them all together for a cheaper price than buying each individually. I would love to spend my $10 PSN just gave me on the rest of the tables I don’t currently own! :)

  • Will the UI be updated? I’ve been tempted by the demo numerous times, but it keeps holding back from a purchase.

  • I’ve been waiting for Genie for a long time! It’s almost here…

    By the way, you guys at FarSight do an OUTSTANDING job. I’ve been extremely pleased with the game from day one, even the occasional glitches here and there don’t tarnish the overall experience, and I doubt anyone else could do it better. The physics, the slick visual appearance, the ambiance… everything about TPA is just superb. Sure, the menu could use a make-over, but that’s an ultimately insignificant issue. The main thing is the way the actual tables play, and they are phenomenal.

    Thank you for continually supporting the title with regular updates, and for keeping these great classic pinball tables alive!

  • Sounds great! The tables are awesome and I am looking forward to new ones. Any chance you guys might be coming to Denver for the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown at the end of April?

  • Best pinball game. So much fun on my Vita, it’s quick pick up and play is so perfect.

  • Will current owners of The Pinball Arcade on ps3 have to repurchase it for PS4?

  • I like ALL OF THIS.

    Way to go FarSight!

  • FarSight, will you guys surprise me and show up at the Pinball Showdown in Denver, CO?

  • lol creating even more conflict of Zen Pinball vs Pinball Arcade.

    Zen = Star Wars

    Arcade = Star Trek

  • Ok picture this…I buy this for PS4 and I can play it in PS4/PS3/Vita at no additional charge. YES!!! Well, it’s fun to dream isn’t it?? =T

  • I love the game, I purchased all the DLC tables, however, I’d like to say, please put more effort into optimizing the Vita DLC tables. Medieval Madness and Creature from the Black Lagoon have frame rate issues. Scared Stiff and Twilight Zone have vastly inferior graphics. Several other tables could look better, and some have seamed tiles effect. Vita is more than capable to handle a great looking, great playing, pinball game.

  • OMG so many DLCs, so barely a wallet.

  • I love those pinball games

  • Any word on the 3D update release?

  • Just to be clear, the tables you buy on the PS3 will care over to the PS4?

  • Wow, two DLC table releases this month. March is turning out to be an amazing month for PSN content. Add to that, Wreck-It Ralph, Rise of the Guardians and The Hobbit all releasing on home video, and it just gets even better.

    Really looking forward to more new tables, and the 3D update is awesome news. Definitely will be spending more time playing TPA on my PS3 once that hits. My Vita has been getting most of my pinball time, but it seems my PS3 is about to get a lot more attention. :D

  • I would also love to know if the PS3/Vita style cross-buy policy for Tables will extend to the PS4 version.

  • Hope everything about the PS4 remains true, unlike what was said about the PS3.
    Like what was said when you showed off PS3. Go back and listen to what was said during that time and a few thing s will seem like lies.
    1080p @ 60 fps when it was 720 @ 30
    Two HDMI ports
    Six USB
    SD Card reader
    Backwards Cap.

    Also hoping you don’t take away anymore features from us.
    Even back on the PS2 Slim Sony took away the ability to use the hard drive from the fat guy.
    PS3 could no longer play PS2 games I understand why they got rid of it. But to us we thought everything would be good and that all PS3s would play PS2 games. Sony showed a PS3 with the 2 HDMIs and 6 USB but took’em away and gave less.

    Just saying.
    Don’t go saying things if you can’t keep your word.

  • Great news on all fronts! Looking forward to the 3D upgrade, been a longstanding wish of mine!

    Thanks for all the great tables, especially Attack from Mars!

  • I really hope they consider letting us import our paid DLC to the new PS4 Pinball Arcade.

    I’m thinking if we don’t hear anything in the next couple weeks than this is a NO.
    Otherwise if they said “no, this will not happen” quite a lot of people would hold off on buying PS3 DLC.

  • I haven’t picked this up yet, already have Zen Pinball. Hopefully for PS Plus members will get it free!!!!!

  • Thank you Farsight Studios! This is awesome. I love playing my favorite tables on my PS3 and PS Vita. Looking forward to your new releases, 3D!!! and the PS4. All excellent news… thanks for posting, and thanks for all you do.
    I have a real pinball machine, but do not have the space for more than one – so Pinball Arcade for PS3 and Vita is awesome – I can play many more tables, with a great feel to them, and even take them with me on the Vita! Looking forward to my Amtrak train ride next week, will have my Vita with me, and looking forward to getting the rest of my trophies!
    Thanks again!

  • Add ST: TNG to the already big list of things that I’m expecting this coming week, which also includes DOA 5 for Vita, an already big DLC line-up for PSN (enough to keep me busy on my Vita and PS3), and a B2G1 Free sale at Target (although most of my focus there will likely be on Wii U games).

    BTW, any word on when the Kickstarter codes for ST: TNG will be sent, Farsight?

  • Bobby,
    There is so much awesome news here it is difficult to soak it all in! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to such an excellent game. I personally cannot wait for The Pinball Arcade in 3D on the PS3!!! That is just fantastic to hear that it is coming soon. Thanks again. And all of the PS4 news is outstanding. I will be curious to find out if our purchases will transfer over from the PS3 to the PS4 but I’m sure that is something we won’t find out for some time. The upcoming tables are exciting too! I have Attack From Mars on other platforms and it is so much fun. It is also one of my favorite pinball tables to play in real life. It’ll be awesome to see what it looks like on the PS3!
    Thanks again, Bobby. Well done, Farsight! As usual!

  • How much better could pinball really get?

  • Not that I don’t like them or something, but really thought they hit their ceiling as far as graphics.

  • Will it be cross buy? I’d be awesome to have access to the tables we already have, without needing to pay again.

    At worst, it would be nice if there was a reduced price to get it on PS4. Since, when we bought our tables it didn’t promise it would give us tables for future hardware. So I would understand needing to rebuy it, since it requires extra development, but I’d hope if we would then we’d at least get a discount for it.

    I’m sure you guys haven’t finalized all that stuff yet though.

  • Thank you for the update!

    TPA is the best pinball game after Cunning Development’s Pro Pinball!

  • yeah. agreed. what about cross buy. I see there are no offical responses from sony in this message string about that. No way I am going to buy all that stuff twice. And they are staying REALLY mum about cross capabitlies. What will work and what wont.

  • We love you guys, but please, we want cross buy between PS4 and our previous titles. Thanks!

  • So seeing as there isn’t any backwards compatibility with the PS4 i shouldn’t purchase this and just be patient and wait for it to be released on the PS4?

  • I share the same concerns as the majority of people commenting. I will TRY, I emphasize try, to wait until I hear whether my current purchases will extend to the PS4 Pinball Arcade, before making any decisions concerning new tables.

    P.S. ~ My girlfriend & I love the game. It’s the only PS3 game she will play. Without your hard work most of us would never get to experience these awesome tables. Thank you!

  • I cannot tell you in adequate words the degree to which I am MEGA STOKED ABOUT THIS!! Star Trek: TNG is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE table and I have been dreaming of tomorrow’s release since I got Pinball Arcade. I’m sure the other tables are great, but this table is THE ONE I have been lusting after.


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