PlayStation Community Update: Ascendant Edition

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PlayStation Community Update: Ascendant Edition

Champions, God of War: Ascension has descended upon the world. The Blades of Chaos are back in full force — maybe you’ve already taken them for a brutal swing this week. Either way, we’re back, and this time, here to support our Champions, the God of War community, in what we hope to be a growing post-launch success – particularly with our new multiplayer. Our team is excited and passionate to provide our multiplayer community with post-launch – balance updates, upcoming weapon & armor DLC packs, and more as the community thrives.

Here are a few links to help prepare you for a long weekend of God of War: Ascension:

And be sure to stay checked-in to our official site, as we are planning an adrenaline-packed “Game w/ Dev” weekend.

PlayStation Community Update 3-15-2013

While we are just kicking off the Ascension era, we wanted to encourage everyone to visit our Multiplayer General Forum to engage in upcoming community events, learn and share strategies with fellow Champions, and get the direct word from The Gods, our developers. Perhaps even The Boat Captain himself (he makes special appearances). You can also visit our Community Portal for a direct link to all of our social channels here at Sony Santa Monica.

To celebrate the launch of Ascension, we partnered up with Geek & Sundry (run by the lovely Felicia Day), to establish the Blades of Chaos as the focal point in their new video game weapon series, Arcade Arms. This pilot episode takes an in-depth look at the creation of the blades and the original Spartan weapons that influenced its design. It also features a legit weaponsmith who has to be seen to be believed. Geek & Sundry is also running an Ascension giveaway contest that’s super easy to enter. After you watch the video hit this link to enter.

PlayStation Community Update: Ascendant Edition

Additionally, YouTube sensation “Tobuscus” took our live action “From Ashes” trailer and gave it a very literal makeover. Prepare for a “sad moment, happy moment, sad moment, happy moment, angry moment, sad moment, angry moment, happy moment,” and the beat goes on…

PlayStation Community Update: Ascendant Edition

God of War Community Happenings

PlayStation Community Spotlight 3-15-2013

Community legend Spider-Jew has created an Ascension Community Game Night. Beginning this Saturday (and continuing weekly), he will be streaming Multiplayer matches to create an atmosphere of epic moments and a fun time for everyone getting into the craziness. The events will be on his Twitch channel. If you are interested in being on the stream, you can sign up in this thread.

PlayStation Community Update 3-15-2013

Looking for multiplayer comrades or frenemies? Add your tag to this thread to join others in random bouts.

In need of a guide for those extra pesky areas? Site Gameranx has started a series of complete game video walkthroughs for your viewing pleasure.

Finally, in the lead up to the launch of Ascension, we have seen some of the most incredible fan-art we could ever imagine. Our art team has the highest respect for each of these skilled artists. We recently launched a Fandom section on our official website. If you feel you have something worthy of the gods’ selection, please drop us a line.

One of our personal favorites.

Do well Champions — Ascend!


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4 Author Replies

  • Speaking of community, where’s the Blogcast? ;)

  • Waiting for God of War IV on the PS4!!!

  • @ #2: Fixed: Waiting for God of War 4 no the PS IV !!!

  • oh wait…
    double fixed: Waiting for God of War 4 ON the PS IV !!!

    …oh this is awkward.

  • Im waiting for this one but also more ps1 and ps2 classics….

  • This game got very undeservingly low scores from the media. The SP campaign is at least on par with GOW3 (except I do agree that some times there are situations you can’t avoid dying because of level design) and I loved the MP beta and about to get into the Ascension MP now that I’ve almost finished SP.

    • We really appreciate your sentiment and compliments. Everyone is entitled to their review, but first and foremost, we look to see what our Champions think – the God of War community, you. We can take it all constructively and appreciate every bit. Thank you.

  • I’m still appalled by the gaming media completely underscoring this FANTASTIC game. This was the last straw for me, I no longer give a damn about video game reviews. Hopefully Sony Santa Monica still rakes in all the Game Awards they deserve.

    The only thing I care about these days is game sales, they speak way louder than trivial game reviews. Loved the beta, LOVED the demo and now waiting on my pre-ordered copy. Sony Santa Monica I applaud you.

    Can’t believe game critics these days though…yet every year COD rakes in the high reviews. Rant over.

  • @7

    It is because they wrongfully have been comparing it to the last GoW which was the climax of the series.

    You can’t compare a sequel to the climax when it comes to boss battles and scale.

    IGN called it the worst one so far… not true IMO, the first GoW paved the way but was defiantly the worst.

  • Wish I could join in on RadioPlaystation’s Saturday Smackdown but I work every Saturday. I catch their Mon. and Wed. shows and they are awesome. If you got time check em out.

  • opps I meant to say “prequel” not sequel.

  • Like newsense said def check out the show’s and also peep youtube for unfinished juan, spider and his amazing friends and saturday smackdown highlights :)

  • Honestly I did not like ascension as much as the others. And I’ve been a fan since gow1 on the ps2 days. It looks like god of War but it isn’t. It feels different. The rage meter portion of the combat I did not like. The combat altogether for the Skype player is not fluid. It should have been like the previous games. It got the ratings it deserved.

    However, the multiplayer is super fun! I do love playing that. But call a spade a spade; ascension is the weakest in the series, single player wise anyway.

  • Single* not Skype… Stupid iPhone ><

  • The game is amazing! I admit the story needs more work and more epic moments. But overall this is the best GOW game yet!

    Keep the great work.

  • Got the game at midnight and beat it on Wednesday! It was utterly exceptional, from the unparalleled visuals to the refined combat . Thank you, Santa Monica, for all your hard work in bringing this amazing game to life! Here’s to many more.

  • Sony Santa Monica has done it again and created something amazing. The game is great! And Sony Santa Monica is full of great employees, so that makes the game even better in my book.

    And I am looking forward to Saturday Smackdown tomorrow. I hope to see many of you there :)

  • GOWA 4 PSN :) Plz

  • The PSN Store is now causing all PS3 systems to lock up.

    Can you please fix this?

  • Although I picked up this bad boy on day 1, I barely started playing today…

    Got. Dhang. Son!!!

    This game is so awesome.

    I’m glad you guys didn’t spoil the single player experience. THANKYOU!
    Seriously. I am able to enjoy the story mode way more. I’m on media blackout for
    The Last of US as well.

    Anyhoo… tips my hat*
    Bravo on an excellent game. I didn’t realize I had missed GOW so much.
    The combat system is AMAZING!!!

    Cheers :D

  • I really enjoyed the MP beta and I am looking forward to trying it out after I finish the single player. The single player is okay so far. It is still a great game to me because it’s God of War but the story doesn’t grab me like in previous games. The visuals are stunning; however, the combat doesn’t feel as fluid. I think its the rage meter that seems off to me. Being able to pick up different weapons is cool and the powers being mixed with the blades is a nice change of pace. I hope there is a patch soon though because I have experienced several glitches (probably 5 or so thus far) that prevent me from progressing. I have to restart from the last checkpoint. Ex. The harpy like enemy is flying off the screen and won’t come down and I can’t continue.

  • It’s good to see community support for the GOW Ascensions, it is truly a epic game!!!!!!!!!

  • I will only bye it if it comes out for PSN i don`t like blu ray games :)

  • When will God Of War Ascension be available for digital purchase in PSN Store? There is a lot of gamers waiting for this confirmation!

  • Really enjoyed this game. I hope to see more Kratos on the PS4!

  • Kratos is a Greek mythology fanfic Mary Sue and his popularity is a sad commentary on the intellectual void America’s public school systems are creating of the nation’s youth.

  • they should fix gof of war multiplayer, crash and system freeze >_<

  • This is clearly a filler title, and most of the reviews that criticize the story are warranted. How many prequels does one need? We’re up to three now with GoW. That’s ridiculous.

    This was a stopgap title made off existing engine assets and tech. I’m sure that its a great game (mechanically), but creatively, its bankrupt.

    SSM should have used this opportunity to grow the GoW franchise. Either switch up they mythology or start with another lead character all together. They didn’t, and the franchise is weaker for it. Let’s hope the PS4 GoW actually reinvigorates the series.

  • The multiplayer is a blast to play! I think it also helped refined the SP gameplay much like in ME3 which is great.

  • I’ve been playing GOW:A since Tuesday & would hardly call it “creatively bankrupt” …. it’s a visual treat, the combat control is tight … the MP is overflowing with creativity – when Medusa head comes to life & her gaze burns you – very well done …. activiating the catapult to damage the trojan horse ….. the Favor of the Gods modes allows players to focus on a number of things from orb collection, to alter domination & combat … I have a level 25 Hades Warrior & with each increase in skill points it has been great getting new weapons & upgrading my armor / magic …. SSM has said they will be providing support & DLC to the MP – can only imagine what they might add … clearly, a 5th God will be on the way – as there is already a place in Mount Olympus for one …. new stages will keep the game fresh … IMHO – pretty dynamic game.

  • i have a question to ask i bought a blue ray burner on my pc can i play ps3 games on disc on my pc

  • @30 … load it up & try …. highly unlikely, as then there would be no need of buying a PS3. Sony is pretty big on proprietary stuff – even their memory cards for the Vita & PSP – so doubtful.

  • I have been a god of war fan since the original and i just one question why on earth did you guys change the parry system? The new one is inconsistent at best worthless at worst it doesn’t feel natural or intuitive and more importantly it breaks up the flow of combat.


  • @ # 32

    It happened to me too, just go to the select chapter menu and choose the latest one, it will be fixed

  • For me ascension is more fun than GoW 3

    environments are way more colorful, combat is awesome

    i only wish the next gow has free camera, hate the fix camera

  • @ Hooligantuan & Christian399

    I just wanted to say thanks for the laughs, you two. Keep the silly comments coming. They’re entertaining.

  • All I can say is me and my son have been waiting a long time for this game to come out. We were not disappointed. We love the game. The graphics are awsome, best so far out of all the god of war games. Cant wait for another one. The game was long enough to say the 60 bucks was well worth it. We purchased the upgraded one with all the extra stuff for 20 more. My son loved it I thought it was a little cheesy for the extra 20 bucks. As for the game BIG TIME HOME RUN! Now that We have both beaten the game is advanced mode time to try the online part.

  • Visually, the game is crisp and detailed. However, as I progress through the story, I am noticing that alot of the action takes place off screen making it difficult during battles. I have tried to shrink the screen size but the camera angles don’t seem to capture enemies who aren’t close.

  • Ascension deserves higher scores from these supposed “reviewers”. My jaw was dropped most of the game, and the technical prowess involved in making some of the sequences I feel is currently unmatched in the gaming industry.
    With that being said there were a couple instances where the game would glitch and I’d have to restart the checkpoint. It seemed connected to whenever I used the D-Pad Down power’s R3+L3 to kill flying creatures. But of all the glitch hiccups I found, none of them really detracted from my experience. Multiplayer is fun and has a feel like there’s always something more to learn about it which is nice. I also think it could’ve worked as it’s own game for $9.99 on PSN. Even if the multiplayer had turned out bad, I still would be happy that you tried something new at least.
    I just wanted to say that Ascension is an amazing game, and I’m sorry that you have slimy reviewers out there crapping on your work (a 7.8?! I mean really?).
    I think one of the reasons the game scored lower was the demo. It showed a little too much in my opinion, and would have been better just not to have one. I mean it’s the sixth God of War game, so people should know what to expect.

  • @27 (Who complains about the prquels)
    ..says the guy with the Devil May Cry Avatar, how ironic.
    There’s, what 3 prequels for 1 sequels, one of thoses prequels is a reboot.
    Both thoses series are great and it’s the first time I’m this hyped about a God of War game.

    Anyway, my problem that I have is that I can’t download the demo for the Last of Us.
    it only shows me a page of how many days there is before the game gets released.

    Does it mean I have to wait before I get the demo? cuz I tought it was an early access demo or am I doing something wrong?

  • @ 40 I believe the demo will go live at a later, unspecified date.

  • The Last of Us demo goes live on May 31st …. the MP is a blast with GOW:A … I have a level 25 Hades Warrior & started an Ares Warrior at level 21 now … I’ll wait to get my MP XP boost to do a Poseidon / Zeus …. today though has been terrible for the MP … 2 of 5 matches froze the system & had a forced hard shut down … not good. anyway, hopefully SSM will figure this out, b/c the hard shut downs will cause me to stop playing …. takes along time to reboot & do the file restoration … have my Fury Armor now, trying to max it out …. my Athena blade is maxed … really helps when you get the levels up.

  • Just remember gentlemen. Bro’s before Hos.

  • When will the digital download be avalible on the US PSN?

  • Good game

  • where is the 3dtv support?

  • I really want to like what you guys are doing with the MP, but just WHAT IN THE WORLD were you guys thinking to tie DLC to an account but not to a PS3 system?!

    Look, I’m from Asia so I could only get an R3 version of God of War Ascension. All fine and dandy right?
    Perhaps. Until I found out that the DLC that came along with the game — Mythological Heroes Pack and Blade of Judgement — CANNOT be used with any other account on my PS3, other than the one it was redeemed for.

    So what’s the problem in this?
    My main PSN account is a US PSN account. My copy of GoW: Ascension being a R3 copy means that I need to redeem the DLCs on an Asian PSN account. Alright cool, I do have an Asian PSN account.


  • But the problem is, the DLC that was redeemed on my PSN is TIED to my Asian PSN (Malaysian PSN acc to be precise) and that I CANNOT use it on my US PSN account? WHY is this?
    Majority of other games that has MP could have DLC accessed on any account on the PS3 as long as it is still on the system.

    So why do this? Already you guys are charging for online passes, yet you don’t ALLOW me to play the content that I have PAID for on my OWN PS3?!

    Don’t tell me to just go to switch to my Asian PSN account. My friends are on my US PSN account, so why do I have to be an incovenience to others and myself to re-add them JUST for ONE game?

    Worst part about all of this? You guys made no mentions clearly on DLC being LOCKED to ONE PSN account. Such cheap actions needs to be brought to public.

  • Sony still making the same mistakes. Ascension should not have released so soon after III, it should have been held back and modernized for PS4, does sony want to try to sell PS4? Killzone won’t do it. Ascension sold HALF what GOW 3 did in its first week, the series gameplay has not evolved it needs some new ideas.

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