See Metal Gear Rising’s PS3-Exclusive DLC in Action

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See Metal Gear Rising’s PS3-Exclusive DLC in Action
See Metal Gear Rising’s PS3-Exclusive DLC in Action

Think you’ve mastered Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance? Prove that you’re a true cyborg ninja by downloading the PS3-exclusive Virtual Reality (VR) Missions DLC right now! VR Missions are a Metal Gear Solid staple, and we’re pleased to offer these exclusively to PlayStation fans in North America.

In these 30 all-new VR missions, you’ll test your blade skills in a host of new challenges. Get ready to face off against METAL GEAR Ray, fend off sliders with machine gun turrets, infiltrate as dwarf gekko and much more. The 30 missions feature a host of different challenges and it’ll take real skill to conquer them all.

Metal Gear Rising VR MissionsMetal Gear Rising VR Missions

To kick off the launch of the downloadable content release for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, we’re making this particular pack free in North America until April 3rd, 2013. Grab it now on PlayStation Network, then check out the official Metal Gear Rising Facebook page for more information on all upcoming DLC updates and assets.

Once you pick up today’s DLC, let us know your favorite new mission in the comments below.

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  • Hey Dalton!!! Huge fan of the game here, I was wondering if the Snake Soul weapon was exclusive to Japan? Because for them this pack came with the sword, and there’s no mention of it here. Also wanted to know if word could be spread to the devs for a Stealth Camo add on :-) every cyborg ninja needs his stealth camo.

  • Hey Dalton, since u work at konami maybe you can tell me why metal gear solid portable ops isn’t available on ps vita I have every metal gear game except portable ops so please make this happen and I know im not the only one who wants this games hurry and take my money!!!!! :)

  • Hi Dalton, a MGR fan with a R3 English edition disc here. Ever since the launch of the game, there have been no word from your Asian counterparts on whether R3 users (outside of Japan, of course) will be getting any DLCs at all, not to mention this time limited offer. I have tried messaging them to no avail. If it is possible, can your team give them a kick up the backside and ask them to start making the MGR DLCs available for us MGR R3 players? I have tried going from the starting screen to downloads, or search “metal gear rising” but there are always no results shown. Hope to hear some you guys soon.

  • Nice addition!

  • sw00t, downloaded the DLC last nite, can’t wait to try it out =3

  • Sweet, downloaded them last night.

  • il Download it, even though i dont own the game. then itl be free forever. Win Winnnn.

  • Can’t wait to get this game.

  • I’ll download it but some VR missions in the base game are already so hard to get 1st spot, takes the fun out.

  • Hi Dalton, can we please have Metal Gear: Portable Ops playable on the Vita. People have long awaited this title to be released, is there any chance it will happen? Thank-you, and all the best.

  • Sucks that this game ruins the MGS storyline even though “Solid” was taken out of the title. They should’ve took “Metal Gear” out of it too. The game is terrible. You can easily get through it by tapping up on the analog stick while you’re attacking with the square button to be immune to EVERYTHING. DmC took more skill than this. Since MGS4’s ending is ruined thanks to this desperate cash-in attempt I’m done with Metal Gear in general. It’s now clear that they’re going to do nothing but milk it and continue running the story into the ground.

  • ^ Couldn’t disagree more. Almost flame bait territory. Rising is the best action game to have come out of japan since devil may cry 3. And for any respectable mgs fan this game is a like a childhood dream come true where you finally get to play a ninja.
    edit: oh wait you actually quoted the new DmC title lol, I’ll disregard that post completely.

  • Are goin to get the Gray fox skin DLC any time soon ????????? plz say yes

  • we

  • Working on these now. It’s really difficult.

    Do we get the Snake Soul Sword for being all 30 VR missions? Or was that a JPN exclusive within the DLC?

  • I unlock the red sword at the end of the game i think is sam sword

  • Sad to say this, but the Snake Soul Sword isn’t included in the DLC. Even if you gold all 30 DLC VR missions.

  • Loved Metal Gear Rising. Thought it was a great expansion to the Metal Gear universe and loving the ongoing support of the game.
    I’m dying to have Metal Gear Portable Ops on my PS Vita though Konami. I know that the online support for the game in ending at the end of this month but I still think this should be made available for the Vita as it has wayyy more to offer than it’s online components.
    Instant moneys for you if you made that MPO, MPO+ and Graphic novel bundle you had for PSP available on the Vita!

  • @12

    I’m glad you like the game and that you are passionate about it, but please don’t say this ” And for any respectable mgs fan this game is a like a childhood dream come true”. I happen to like MG, but lack the enthusiasm for hack ‘n slash games. Just because I like a series doesn’t mean I MUST like every single game in it, regardless of the genre that each game is.

    I don’t know, it was just something I had to get off of my chest. Happy slicing!

  • Already got the dlc to this, a nice addition indeed. Can’t wait to see future dlc.

  • Downloaded and playing right now. I can assure you it’s definitely NOT easy.

    @ Dalton Link

    Like everyone else on here I wanna see MGS Portable Ops on Vita too. Every other region has it so there’s no reason why we shouldn’t either. Please make it happen.

  • Glad to see these. Thanks, Konami.

    Now, while you’re at it, is there any chance of putting Portable Ops on PS3? It’s the only canon title in the series not on there and it’s kinda upsetting.

  • @11 – Sounds like someone only plays on easy. No wonder you like DmC.

  • R3 region is compatible with US store. I can confirm.

  • Been loving this game. Thanks for the additional content.

  • 11

    someone has played on cream puff mode.

  • woo FREE DLC :D

    i also want the Soul Snake sword from Japan DLC(prefer Akio Otsuka’s voice)

    also can you put a dream mode where we can fight Solidus Snake from the Manhattan battle at the end of MGS2, but in Metal Gear Rising gameplay Zan Datsu :P

  • $283.98
    $5.99 shipping New
    Brand New in Box, Comes with the Code to Unlock the Exclusive Cyborg Ninja Skin and Fox Blade. Extremely Fast Shipping. Just For a DLC OMG LoL iLL Sav3 My MoN3y YoU CaN K33p ThAt DLC.

  • Free DLC!!! This is great!!!

  • Hey dalton don’t know if your still reading these comments but please tell some one at konami to make metal gear portable ops playstation vita compatible please.

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