PlayStation Home Goes Green for St. Patrick’s Day

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PlayStation Home Goes Green for St. Patrick’s Day

This week in PlayStation Home, things get a little greener just in time for St Patrick’s Day and new dance moves groove their way into our hearts. Exomechs have also arrived just in case you want to stomp around in a mech body suit, plus much more!

VEEMEE – St Patrick’s Day, Billabong + Locomotions

St Patrick’s Day

From shamrocks to shenanigans join VEEMEE in celebrating St Patrick’s Day. Enjoy the craic on St Patrick’s Day with your very own Leprechaun Suit. Relax in the company of the amazing Leprechaun Companion. Look refined with the Irish Top Hat and Beard Bundle. And what St Patrick’s Day would be complete without a Pot of Gold to liven up your apartment?

Get all the VEEMEE St Patrick’s Day items in the St Patrick’s Day Value Pub Bundle and get The Irish Pub personal space with Darts game. If you own The London Pub you also get an additional discount on the St Patrick’s Day Value Pub Bundle. An Irish Pub is the best place to celebrate Paddy’s day.


New Billabong Items

Amazing new clothing in the Billabong store this week. Check out the new hats, shorts, shirts, shoes, pants, dresses and 2-part bikini bundles. Don’t miss the beautiful new “Dreamin On – Black” dress for women and the “Komplete Boardshorts – Mariner” shorts for men. The “Allison – Cheetah – Bundle” and “Kellie – Ivory – Bundle” continue the new Billabong range of gorgeous 2-part bikini bundles.


Go! Locomotions

VEEMEE would like to introduce “Go!” their new range of locomotion items. Go prehistoric with the “VelociRacer” ridable raptors in green, blue and pink. Surf’s up with the cool “Billabong – Surfboard And Wave” with two authentic Billabong surfboards. Try out the flying “Helicopter Beanie”, show off your circus skills with the “Balance Ball”, get abducted by the “Flying Saucer & Tractor Beam” and the “Astronaut Helmet” is out of this world.


JAM Games – Wearing of the Green

The Irish shamrock has long since been a symbol of good luck! Bring yourself the best of it this St Patrick’s Day with a mini collection of must-have items from JAM Games.

Come to the JAM Games tile in the Navigator store listings to get our traditional styled celebration hat, the only one you’ll need this weekend! Ladies, you can rock your shamrock style with our matching shoes and earrings!

Atom Republic – Boots, Bikes, Exomechs + Moves

Biker Boots

Whether you like exploring or dancing with your friends, you’ll need heavy duty shoes for all your Home activities. Here come Atom Republic’s biker boots: you’ll be spoiled for choice with this vast collection of 27 different colors and patterns, including the animated ones: their sole has a glowing neon strip which changes color over time!



We have released new designs for our bikes – you may now choose between 5 new hoverbikes: Panther, White Wolf, Fuschia Hummingbird, Golden Katana and Red Hot, and 5 new ring-bikes: Black Venom, Red Devil, White Bear, Silver Angel and Golden Shuriken.




Stomp around Playstation Home in style with Atom Republic’s latest locomotion objects – the Exomechs. Sure to turn a few heads, these original giant robots will whisk you away in no time: press the boost button to activate the jet-boots and take off! Chose between the Obsidian, Platinum, Oxide, Steel and Golden Exomech, and be sure to stand out from the crowd!

Eighties Moves

Calling out all Eighties fans: the iconic Backslide locomotion will let you walk backwards, and the Eighties dance moves will let you party like it’s 1980, performing the Zombie choreography, the Egyptian walk and the air-guitar!

Digital Leisure – Casino Update

St Patrick’s Day is coming up and Digital Leisure wants you to celebrate at The Casino. They are giving away Shamrock Hats at The Lucky Fountain. Toss a few chips into the green water and you could win one of these fine hats. This reward will be available at the fountain for the entire month, so don’t worry if you don’t get it in time for St Patty’s. So head over to The Casino and may the luck of the Irish be with you.


Granzella – Winter Swimsuits

Unprecedented stylish two-tone swimsuits have arrived! High contrast swimsuits with a firm body line are the favored style. Available in black and white, red and white, black and red, black and yellow, and black and green as a 5-piece set. Additionally, for men the combination of items includes a fit, tight upper body.

Now you can hit the beach in a cool bathing suit!

*Black in this swimwear, strictly speaking, is a dark indigo.

Konami – Animation Packs

Konami releases more animation packs this week. Fly around with the flight pack or sneak with the sneaking pack. Show off your moves with the new dance packs. Intimidate with martial arts poses. Everyone will witness your fitness with the workout pack – and, last but not least, settle disputes with the rock paper scissors pack!


Lockwood – Anime Animations

WHOOSH!!! Lockwood’s Anime collection swoops into PlayStation Home this week! Slam a mask on your face and become someone else – a luchadore, a li’ll fox, or just a mysterious dude in a mask. POW!!! Dance like the biggest J-pop stars – punch the sky, wave your arms about like a crazy person, leap for joy! Accessorize Anime-style – a full range of glasses, hair clips and headbands.

Home just got a lot more toony!

Also from Lockwood, visit the Gift Machine for an extensive range of St Patrick’s Day gifts!

x7 Update

This week in exclusive VIP nightclub x7, there is a new freebie, another exclusive value bundle plus even more items from Billabong! Head to x7, take the elevator upstairs, check out these fine items, then dance the night away!

Mall Update – The Virtual Item Showcase, Volume 78

Magnus is back again, sharing with us all the hottest new items this week. Check out the video below for all the details. Highlights include Ring Bikes, the Golden Exomech, and a lucky collection just in time for St Patrick’s Day. Enjoy this week’s Virtual Item Showcase.

Want to chat more about PlayStation Home? Hop on over to the Home Forums! If you’re having trouble with Home, check out the Home Support forum.

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7 Author Replies

  • Very cool update this week. check out those rides! :-)

    • Whether by ring bike or the cousin of an ancient lizard, there’s a ton of cool ways to get around!

  • Never any prices…

    Im interested in the Pub though.

    • The St Patricks Day Value Pub Bundle is available for $4.99. Send some love to VEEMEE for such a sweet deal!

  • I just may get the dances. Looking good.

    But what really looks good is the Irish Pub. Hopefully the bundle isn’t doesn’t cost much. I’ll be out of a job on April 30th.

  • Cade can someone please fix the m-10 errors, everytime i go from point A to point B , Boom M-10 error, and please , dont tell me its my internet connection,
    Something else , everytime i go to my personal space with a frame i have put on and a picture of my liking , the pictures are never the same , everytime i see, the picture is different , taken from my HDD .
    The VEEMEE Surfboards , very dissapointing, the water surrounding the surfboards gotta be the Tiniest stream of water there is , i had to tell people what it was because you can hardly see the water .
    Im sorry i bought the Exomech , i dont like how my avatar`s hands look on those two controllers .

  • Wow! These blog entries are getting later and later. I used to look forward to Monday’s blogs because I knew that I’d find out what was coming this week on Home. Once Home comes back online, I don’t need to see the blog. I can just go on and see for myself. I’m fully expecting to see next week’s blog entry on Thursday afternoon since each one is later than the last. It will be just as useful then as it is on a Wednesday afternoon. Why not shock us and post before it’s blatantly obvious or is that asking too much?

  • My wardrobe/furniture problem is fixed, for now that is. I wanted to thank whoever helped fix this problem, and you Cade for passing the info on to the proper people. Also, I had a question regarding the Bramblenook Farm. There’s a special axe you can buy that increases the wood you get, but when you go to the space for the first time, you get an axe with the same name. Is there a difference between the two? And that house is just really amazing. I also bought that Irish Pub, a very nice house. Nice update!

  • Would be cool to switch up the music in X7. Maybe put a little Deadmau5 in the mix. Once a month music mix up would be great.

  • Those 80’s moves are RAD so does the Rubik’s cube background (I wonder if that’s the personal space coming soon) and I like those awesome bikes, great update.

  • Great day to go loco on Home – So many awesome Locomotions released today. <3

  • Is the storage issue ever going to be fixed or will we have to wait for the next core update for something else to go wrong.

  • every time I go to wardrobe everything is in storage when I mark things as favorites go back the next day there back in storage and I no i’m not the only one.

  • @11 crazy_kracker1 – Post your feedback on Joystick_Warrior’s thread on the Home Support boards. Some are still having this issue, so make sure to let him know you are too.

  • I want the eighties pack! Do the sixties next! XD

  • what are the prices of the EXOMECHS? just wondering if i need to pick up card next time im out

  • also i still get my Favorited items tossed in storage. i am one of those “few folks”

  • havent been in ps home 4 a while been busy playing free games with ps plus. i’ll check it out.

  • Well I’m glad some people’s problems are fixed. I still can’t get on home sense the
    Last update. I’m just fed up with the whole thing! And it’s not my internet!

  • @9 The song on other hand…

  • so lame. can’t believe people still use home

  • Great, now im not getting M-10 Errors , now im getting z (-1,-2147311101) and Error 8002A220 Thanx guys .

  • You take Home down for Maintenance yet it comes back even worse, not only im getting more Errors but i cant get into my Locomotions, its doesnt load up or just gets me Stuck with the www symbol going round and round .

  • Hmm, tempted for that pub pack. Is it limited-time? And how much is it for London Pub owners (like my IRL Home-y)?

    Good to read on the wardrobe issues getting ironed out. I’ve spent time chucking everything on my folks’ accounts into Storage for the time being. Tangentially, could we have an alphabetical sort option? I dunno why Sony’s gaming systems seem so shy toward that. Maybe they’re afraid of their library being compared to a real one? At least there’s no Dewey sort option (though it wouldn’t really surprise me to see that implemented first).

  • quick question Cade will we see any new sly cooper content or was the E3 event that gave the sly head and cane. would love to see other costumes and maybe the different canes.

  • @22: Even though you probably already know, the price for the Pub pack with the discount is $2.99

  • @23 I have no idea.

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