Indie Horror Hit Lone Survivor Coming to PS3 & PS Vita

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Indie Horror Hit Lone Survivor Coming to PS3 & PS Vita

Indie Horror Hit Lone Survivor Coming to PS3 & PS Vita

It’s with great pleasure that I can finally reveal the details of the PS3 and PS Vita versions of our horror game Lone Survivor!

Lone Survivor’s rich story continues to provoke heated debate amongst fans and critics alike. The soundtrack has also been consistently praised. I really could never have expected or hoped for such success, from what is a very personal game to me.

But what is Lone Survivor? For those who missed it the first time round, this is a psychological-survival-adventure, where the choice of how to survive is up to you. It’s the last record of our nameless, masked protagonist, holed-up in a city full of diseased monsters, starving and exhausted.

Lone Survivor: PS3 & PS VitaLone Survivor: PS3 & PS Vita

When we join him on his quest, he has already begun to question whether what he sees is even real. You can choose to sneak through the game without firing a single shot, or to kill everything in your path. You can eat and sleep well, or resort to drugs to keep going. You can search for survivors, or try to escape the city alone. You can look after your mental health, or descend into madness…

More than anything, I wanted Lone Survivor to be a game that approaches issues rarely touched on in games – from the shattering effects of grief, through mental health issues, to the examination of drug use and abuse. It’s one of the reasons the game took more than four years to create.

Critics cite the combination of meaningful choices presented to the player (this is a game in which you can genuinely role-play), the ‘virtual pet’ survival mechanics, the ‘invisible psychologist’, and the use of dream-logic as a combination that’s genuinely bold and new.

Lone Survivor: PS3 & PS Vita

It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to release one of my games on a console, especially of the Sony variety (the PlayStation family is still my favorite). I have the utmost confidence in Curve, who are handling the conversion, to produce the ultimate version of the game — their excellent track record speaks for itself.

To top it off, I’ve secretly been devoting a lot time and resources into adding additional content into the game, initially exclusive to PS3 and PS Vita. As well as Trophies, Cross-Buy and Cross-Play support, the PS version will feature (amongst other things) 19 new items, new dialogue with all NPCs, two extensive new side quests and a brand new ‘Yellow’ ending, featuring an exclusive piece of music. We are also investigating touch control for movement and inventory use. This version really will be enhanced in every way!

I hope you enjoy the game. For those who’ve already supported it, thank you so much. I can’t wait to share the new content with all of you in July.

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  • I also heard there are also two other games, Save the Pilgrims and an Octupus related game both getting the same treatment, at least for Vita.

  • Looks really interesting, man. Congratulations and I will definitely keep an eye out for this.

  • WOAH! This is awesome, guys!

  • This is the 1st… time i get to know lone survivor.
    Awesome looking gameplay!!!

  • Woah, this game looks like a Silent Hill type of horror feeling to it – the music, as well. Looks really interesting & i’ve currently been falling in love with indie games, have not played a horror game in some time either.

    Aside form that, i’m digging a Vita version, trophies & cross-buy should make some folks intrigued.

    Looking forward to this. My birthday’s on july. . .You guys just might give me an awesome present :)

  • I can’t believe I hadn’t already heard of this. Looks amazing, can’t wait to play it.

  • Fantastic. I’ve had this on Steam for quite awhile now, but it’s just been collecting digital dust because I really don’t enjoy playing many games on my laptop unless I really have to.

    I have a PS3 too, but I will play the heck out of this on my Vita. Thank you so much for bringing it over!

  • At last! I’ve been waiting for this one for sooooooo long!

  • This looks really cool… the trailer reminds me of Maniac Mansion just with really dark subject matter. The music in the trailer is really good too. With cross-buy and trophies, I’m definitely in on this game.

  • Looks great! Would buy it this second if it was in the store. Hope its release is soon!!!

  • looks like a 5$ game. i luv Horror but i aint see anything scary about the trailer. il look more into it.

  • I bought this on Mac and LOVED it! I will buy it again as the game seems perfectly formatted for the Vita. I’m super geeked for this.

  • Looks great, will be picking this up for Vita.

  • Looks amazing! My PS Vita is waiting for it!

  • Ahhh this game was so great on PC but I never finished it due to computer problems. I think it’ll be worth buying a second time to finish it with this new content.

  • Awesome more vita games :)

  • Yes! As soon as this was announced for PS3 I’ve been eagerly awaiting this. Plus its a Cross Buy so when I get a Vita down the road I can play it on that too. Hopefully more Indie games will come to the PS platform

  • Always wanted to check this out but never did. Now that it is coming to Vita it will be an instant Day 1 buy for me. Cross-buy only sweetens the deal.

  • I love the graphics, I love horror, and I love rich storylines. I now have high hopes for this one and hope it comes in at $9.99 or so. Please don’t bump up the price for cross buy, or perhaps provide a Vita only option that is cheaper, because I only want to play this on my Vita with headphones at night.

  • Great game. I own it on PC. I’ll support it on the Sony platform as well.

  • Hotline Miami and now Lone Survivor? Holy crap!

  • @21 I know dude! Vita, and Playstation in general, is becoming a nice home to cool indie titles.

  • I never heard of that game, It looks nice tho, Ill go watch some videos and the music is nice.

  • I checked out a Quick Look on Giant Bomb when the game was initially released, and it looked fantastic.

    I am very much looking forward to the day I can play this on the PS3/Vita. Congratulations on completing the game and all the well deserved accolades & thanks very much for bringing this to us.

  • In the first screen shot, is that Alex Pardee’s character Chadam??? The trailer made me think of Chadam for some reason and, when I scrolled down and saw that box-headed character, I thought for sure it might be! What a weird and awesome coincidence. Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I don’t even know what’s real anymore. Either way, looks like an awesome game!

  • Really looking forward to this. And hopefully your Demon’s Souls x Zelda makes it way to PS platforms whenever it’s finished. :)

  • I’ve had it on the PC from one of the Humble Bundles, but I’ll almost definitely double-dip to have it on Vita. Are you thinking of bringing New Game + to PS3/Vita as well?

  • I don’t think that touch controls are necessary for the Vita version unless they’re used in a smart way. I’d rather at least keep the option to use the stick and/or d-pad to move. Touching the screen obstructs your view.

  • Bought it on PC. Will be buying it again for PS3/Vita.

    I’d just like to echo the sentiment that touch controls aren’t really necessary. You don’t need to shoehorn them in. Though I’m not opposed if it can be done in a cool, creative way.

  • The influx of indie games on Vita and PS3 is really awesome to see. Great way to support indies by exposing their games to new audiences and keep a steady drip of cool games on Vita.

    Just get FTL on Vita and we’ll really be in business.

  • Indie games are neat..but im really looking forward to a GOD OF WAR, Infamous,BURNOUT or MOTORSTORM ps vita games..or MY most highly anticipated games ..GTA Vita or SAINTS ROW…now those games would sell off the game store shelves in no time!

  • YES! I can’t wait to play this. My brother has it on his PC and last year he kept telling me to check it out. I’ve just never gotten around to it. (I’m sure my laptop would have been able to run it, but I’m not a huge fan of playing games on it.)

    You have yourself a Day 1 purchase here.

    Congratulations on bringing it to consoles!

  • With all these indie games coming, I really want To the Moon on Vita.

    This looks great.

  • Very very nice.

  • Damn! I wish it was coming out sooner than July!

    My body is ready for it right now!

  • i wasn’t the biggest fan of the game that much but its great to see more indie games coming to sony systems

  • This is going to be a very emotional experience. I’m looking forward to it.

  • Really can’t wait to play it!

  • After playing the original, I do have to say that many indie games blur the line between “inspired” and “totally ripped off of” when it comes to Silent Hill. Maybe the new content might change that.

  • I have heard really good things about this game and may be my next lookout after Silent Hill went silent XD!
    Loving that it is coming to PSVita, thank you!

  • I’m buying this game for sure. I loved it on PC. Now on PS3 with more content!

  • I think this is a 16 bit game, it’s good to see games in the era are still being made.

  • Looks interesting, glad there’s a vita version. And thanks for the exclusive content!

  • This game looks amazing. Also, who made the music?

  • “We are also investigating touch control for movement and inventory use.”

    Is this mean cross-controller?

  • “We are also investigating touch control for movement and inventory use.”

    Does it mean cross-controller?

  • Very happy to see so many games my PC friends talk about show up on the PS3. Will be picking this one up.

  • i have the game on my mac but never finished it… might buy the PS vita

  • Well this came out of nowhere. Video looks interesting. Do. Want.

  • Release it, and I will buy it.

    This would be fantastic on the go.

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