Evolutionary RTS Forevolution Comes to PS Mobile Today

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Evolutionary RTS Forevolution Comes to PS Mobile Today

Forevolution on PS Mobile

Forevolution is a real-time strategy game from Pygmy Studios in Osaka, Japan. In Forevolution, you are the ruler of your own world with the power to influence animals, plants — even the elements themselves! You will truly feel empowered while controlling and creating life from this unique perspective.

During a trip to Laos, the creator of this game gained the following, simple insight: “Cows eat the weeds on the ground. Cows [fertilize] the land to grow crops. Humans eat cows. Humans die and return to the land.”

Forevolution on PS Mobile

Forevolution on PS MobileForevolution on PS Mobile

This life cycle is the inspiration behind Forevolution, available today on the PlayStation Mobile marketplace. At $5.49, this uniquely styled, addictive RTS is a must have for PS Mobile fans.

If you’ve never downloaded a game from the Mobile store, now’s the time to check it out. PS Vita owners can download Forevolution on the PlayStation Mobile section of PlayStation Store. Owners of PlayStation-certified devices (see full list here) can obtain it through the PlayStation Mobile Store – click here for full instructions.

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  • Super cool art style. Might check it out. Is Playstation Mobile a part of that spend $50 in March get $10 back in April program?

    • Hey RE_Player,

      I agree with you on the art style. Very neat. PS Mobile is not a part of the $50 for $10 promotion, sorry.

  • The game’s $5.49 in case anyone’s wondering.

  • lol I totally missed the line that said that, whoops

  • I absolutely love the look of this game! I’m gonna check it out today.

    Now, don’t hang me for saying this. I know the most important thing is that the game is fun. But, dangit, I just really like trophies too. What’s the word on trophies coming to PSM?

    • Thanks Squiggle55,

      Thanks, too, for continuing to offer your feelings about trophies. I know the PS Mobile team are always looking at ways to improve, and this is a very popular topic for PlayStation fans worldwide. I can assure that your voice is heard!

  • It looks like an interesting game so thank you for bring it to Playstation. I know there are no demos in PS Mobile, so I’m looking for a review or some first hand reports about this game before buying. A quick google search turned up no reviews so far. Let me know if anyone can help with that.

  • add me on co op in hardboiled chickens

  • Looks interesting, and I want to thank you, Paul, for trying to bring some of these games to our attention. However, I’ve just been so disappointed by PSM. I was incredibly hyped for it, and what we have is so paltry that it is essentially useless. What we have after over 5 months is well under 100 games, and only a handful of which are decent to good. I think lack of trophies and PSN integration is a big problem, but more than anything I feel that Sony just hasn’t invested enough into it. Your (Sony’s) own output is so paltry it’s sad. You have to think, “Why on earth would I get this on my phone when I have Google Play Store?” Before, I would have said, “Google Play won’t have a bunch of cool little Sony-developed games and PSN integration.” It’s clear, sadly, that I would have been sorely mistaken. As it stands, there is no reason to want this on our phones, or even worse, our Vitas, in its current state.

    Help me and the community at large put our minds at ease. Tell us how this program can turn around, because that’s exactly what it needs. I haven’t completely given up hope for PSM like many have, but I’m getting close.

  • Sorry, I forgot to mention that another huge problem is it’s lack of support for modern mobile 3D graphics. I would love to see support from the likes of Gameloft, EA, and others, but the SDK wouldn’t even get close to supporting games of their caliber.

  • Cross Saves. We need it.

  • The concept kind of reminds me of the Badman games, so as a fan of Badman in particular and off the wall strategy games in general I am going to give Forevolution a shot.

  • I’ll buy it when trophies are added.
    Same thing for all the other mobile games.
    I bought a few and lost interest with no replay value.

  • This might be a game that i’ll check it out.

  • Sony really need to put PS Mobile on the webstore… and advertise these games better.

    On “The Drop” every week, maybe.

    ZooZooGo! is free this week and most people doesn’t know.

  • Vanwinkle’s on the money with this one. I really like PSMobile, and I think it’s a great way to get indie developers or even part-time programmers to release some small or experimental games on a budget…but it’s really going nowhere because of a lack of exposure on Sony’s part (except from the rare blogpost like this one).

    Sony really needs to get behind this platform. Either release PSMobile in more countries, add trophy and leaderboards support, push the advertising and marketing more than just rare PSBlog posts and actually make this your Mobile strategy…or just turn it into an indie-dev segment of the PSN and don’t give it any aspirations. Because right now the message you’re sending to developers and consumers is that PSMobile is an afterthought. If Sony’s upper management doesn’t want to invest money and resources into PSMobile, then just let it die or morph it into something else…because as it is now, consumers are not aware of it and developers are growing publicly dissatisfied with bad sales and will go to other platforms.

  • You promised PSN Integration months ago and so far, nothing. When is it gonna come, if ever?

    Also, http://us.playstation.com/playstationmobile/ has not been updated since launch, you cannot find PS Mobile games on the web store (https://store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/#!/en-us/home/main), when you scroll over “games” on http://us.playstation.com/ you do not see PS Mobile games as an option there, and now we find out that the $50 get $10 back includes everything BUT PS Mobile products.

    PSM is a joke, developers are unsatisfied with sales, releases are few and far between, prices are expensive, on top of the aforementioned problems and others that I might have forgotten. If Sony wants the initiative to succeed, it better take it seriously.

  • As someone who spends a great deal of money on digital content through the PSN Store, I must say that the prices for some of these mobile games are pretty high.

    I actually really love Playstation Mobile and the games I have purchased through it were absolutely phenomenal.

    However, I feel that the following would benefit and definitely push this platform further:


    Seriously, it’s like Sony’s marketing team is non-existent. How do you expect to sell anything if you don’t advertise it? This should honestly be getting pushed a lot harder than it is. Web advertisements, TV commercials, whatever you have to do, get it done. The occasional blog post isn’t going to cut it.

  • 2.)Demos

    There should be demos for these games. Even if it’s just a timed trial of the full version, that’s fine. It’s hard to justify a purchase when you are unsure of what it is. I’ve been burned many times back in 2008-2009 just spontaneously buying digital games from the PSN store, so now I refuse to do so. There are many others who feel the same way. I’m sure this is a great game, but at $5.49, I want to be able to try it before I buy it.


    I know it sounds dumb, but trophies would compel Vita owners into spending money on the mobile marketplace. I personally like trophies as it’s an overall record of my lifetime game progress, so I like to keep that documented and I like to look back at them from time to time as well. It’d be great if this was implemented into the PS mobile design. Plus, the trophy hunters out there would be throwing money at this platform left and right.

  • I will buy it sometime soon, I need to try to get up to 50 dollars for this months promotion first. Trophies would be nice.

    Also I have to agree with other commenters about poor marketing. I’m sure you guys listen to IGN’s podcast Beyond and hardcore gamers when they say that you don’t give most games a chance with your marketing. I love PlayStation, but I don’t want to see studios shut down because of lack of marketing. Sly 4 was a big deal for PlayStation, but it snuck up even on the majority of the press.

  • @17: The majority of the press are challenged. I don’t even check that many sites, and I knew full well when Sly was coming out. All they’d have to do is, you know, check this site. Or even just subscribe to the PlayStation youtube channel to know. So hard.

  • Wow this game looks really cool

  • Anyone bought this one yet and have some thoughts? I’m looking for reviews or videos or something before I get this one.

  • I will be investigating soon!

  • Kinda expensive, I’ll pass until a sale.

  • Bought it today and so far I’m liking it. I’ve only played for a few hours at this point but I’m happy with my purchase. I’ve played only the “Challenge” mode levels so far, I’m not sure what the campaign mode will be like yet.

    I typed a mini-review here but went over the character limit, so if you want to know some more details you can check it out here:


  • Purchased! The visuals look amazing as well as the games description. Can’t wait for it to finish downloading :)

    Way to bring innovative interesting titles to PSM!

  • Just bought it and tried it out. Nice visuals, but gameplay is a little confusing and i didnt see a tutorial anywhere.. Just completed stage one and it was almost literally gameplay consisting of ‘leaving the game alone’ to do its thing…

    I don’t know if I was supposed to beat the level the way I did but I basically just killed the 3 bad guys and then sat there as my 3 bushes grew… Ill try it later with more time, but im worried there’s not going to be much to this game.

    Also, the music is mad repetitive, it’s like a 10 second loop that just loops and loops and loops and loops and loops and loops and loops. Dont dev’s know how important music is in their games? sheesh.

  • cool

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