Psych Yourself on PSN Today

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Psych Yourself on PSN Today

Greetings, PlayStation fans! It’s been a busy PlayStation Network winter here at Creat Studios. We launched Labyrinth Legends in December, followed by Germinator on PS3 for Europe in February. Just last week, we released Germinator on PS3 in North America, and presented a Cross-Save version as our first PlayStation Vita game.

Psych Yourself on PS3

But we’re not finished. Psych Yourself, the follow-up to the 2011 PlayStation Network best-seller, Test Yourself: Psychology launches on PS3 today in North America for $6.99.

Test Yourself tested and trained your innate abilities such as Intelligence, Attention Span, Reaction Times and Memory. Psych Yourself goes to the next level and delves into your inner-most psyche to help you discover what kind of person you really are:

  • Perception: How you perceive the world and events around you.
  • Creativity: Your ability to form original, independent thoughts and to conduct lateral thinking.
  • Emotional IQ: How well you can determine the feelings of others as expressed through facial expressions, body language and voice intonation.

Psych Yourself on PS3

All three categories feature a Daily Test to give you an in-depth, professional evaluation of your performance. Training modes let you practice and play separate games that further enhance your abilities. Extensive video clips are included as part of the ‘Emotional IQ’ tests to determine how well you can read others.

Psych Yourself includes social features to enhance your self-improvement:

  • Evaluate the psyche of your PSN friends, even if they don’t know about the game yet, and find out what they think about you!
  • Track the average evaluation of you from multiple friends to get a bigger picture for how you are perceived.
  • Online leaderboards and a full roster of PSN Trophies to compare against your friends

Psych Yourself on PS3

Combining psychological science with interactive fun, Psych Yourself delivers expert analysis capabilities with recommendations for personal growth. Explore the bounds of your creativity, master both your emotions and those around you, and propel your perception abilities to powerful new heights.

To find more info, updates and contests, follow us on Twitter @CreatStudios and like us on Facebook. Creat Studios is thrilled respond to our fans’ requests and follow-up our PlayStation Network best-seller! We love what we do, and we couldn’t do it without all of you.

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