Psych Yourself on PSN Today

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Psych Yourself on PSN Today

Greetings, PlayStation fans! It’s been a busy PlayStation Network winter here at Creat Studios. We launched Labyrinth Legends in December, followed by Germinator on PS3 for Europe in February. Just last week, we released Germinator on PS3 in North America, and presented a Cross-Save version as our first PlayStation Vita game.

Psych Yourself on PS3

But we’re not finished. Psych Yourself, the follow-up to the 2011 PlayStation Network best-seller, Test Yourself: Psychology launches on PS3 today in North America for $6.99.

Test Yourself tested and trained your innate abilities such as Intelligence, Attention Span, Reaction Times and Memory. Psych Yourself goes to the next level and delves into your inner-most psyche to help you discover what kind of person you really are:

  • Perception: How you perceive the world and events around you.
  • Creativity: Your ability to form original, independent thoughts and to conduct lateral thinking.
  • Emotional IQ: How well you can determine the feelings of others as expressed through facial expressions, body language and voice intonation.

Psych Yourself on PS3

All three categories feature a Daily Test to give you an in-depth, professional evaluation of your performance. Training modes let you practice and play separate games that further enhance your abilities. Extensive video clips are included as part of the ‘Emotional IQ’ tests to determine how well you can read others.

Psych Yourself includes social features to enhance your self-improvement:

  • Evaluate the psyche of your PSN friends, even if they don’t know about the game yet, and find out what they think about you!
  • Track the average evaluation of you from multiple friends to get a bigger picture for how you are perceived.
  • Online leaderboards and a full roster of PSN Trophies to compare against your friends

Psych Yourself on PS3

Combining psychological science with interactive fun, Psych Yourself delivers expert analysis capabilities with recommendations for personal growth. Explore the bounds of your creativity, master both your emotions and those around you, and propel your perception abilities to powerful new heights.

To find more info, updates and contests, follow us on Twitter @CreatStudios and like us on Facebook. Creat Studios is thrilled respond to our fans’ requests and follow-up our PlayStation Network best-seller! We love what we do, and we couldn’t do it without all of you.

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  • This looks incredibly interesting, I’ll have to look into it more sometime.

  • Looks interesting. I wish it were available for Vita.

    • Thank you, RedZepp. We’re discussing a Vita version. We just shipped our first Vita title, Germinator, last week.

      If you’re interested, follow us on Twitter and LIke us on Facebook and let us know. We’ve ported games and shipped DLC based on fan requests.

      We made online multi-player for Mushroom Wars and split screen for Smash Cars because our players demanded it!

  • You asked us to say hi on the blog. So… hi!


    (Game looks neat too, you guys have been busy.)

    • Hello, avdavidw! Thanks for stopping by, and glad you like how the game looks. Please let us know how you enjoy it.

  • You guys never released the last add on pack for test yourself :(

    Creativity I think it was…

    • Yeah, we know, wvnative. Thanks for asking about it.

      Fact is, the push into Creativity led to so much more that a simple DLC wouldn’t cover it. We had so many ideas and concepts that we felt it would serve everyone better to make a full sequel.

  • What’s it rated? From the screens, it looks like it might be something the whole family can enjoy. It’d be interesting to see how it evaluates the kids!

  • I never got around to trying “Test yourself”, which was a bummer, but this looks just as interesting & been looking forward to it.

    Are you guys bringing a demo for Psych Yourself like you did for Germinator? Which i loved, as well.

    • No plans for a demo just yet, ZaGe-zAiKaNo.

      Test Yourself is still available, so you can try both and really sharpen your mind!

  • Well, if this game gives you great feedback like TestYourself, I will download it tonight!

  • This is a great looking niche product. I think I may have to check it out. March is the month to take chances, with the $10 for every $50 kick back.

    • Thanks, johnnyp70! Please let us know how you enjoy it.

      And, BTW, you have the best avatar on here! Creat is based just outside of Boston. Go Sox!

  • This is a pretty surprising title. You normally wouldn’t expect to find something like this on a console. I might have to give this a try.

    • Thanks so much, GeneHunter. Our previous title, Test Yourself: Psychology, sold very well because it was such a different offering. We’re excited to see how this fully-packed sequel is embraced by the PS3 audience.

      If you do try it, please let us know what you think. Drop us a note on Facebook or Twitter.

  • Thought it had something to do with the show, “Psych”.
    Hahah… [:

  • I understand the concept of having a sequel but, now will I have 2 separate games and will I have to pay full price for the sequel considdering I’ve purchased all of the other Test Yourself content and was hoping for the additional peices. I honestly had given up, I’m really glad to see the work progressing. Just confused and kind of upset about having to purchase a second game. Is there any extra perks for the customers who have purchased the original uncompleted edition? curious

    • Thanks, CrimsonZodiac. Everyone at Creat greatly appreciates those of you who bought and enjoyed Test Yourself: Psychology and its DLC. The original game wasn’t incomplete; we just never developed the 3rd DLC add-on.

      In the end, the sequel that grew out of the originally planned DLC add-on pack just became too big to do that way. It was a difficult decision, but we realized that we would have ended up charging as much for the DLC as for a full game, which wouldn’t have made much sense.

      So, instead, we made a full sequel and packed in as much as a base game and two DLC. We also still managed to keep it well under the $9.99 price that most PSN games charge.

      We do hope you’ll check it out and let us know how you enjoy it.

  • Vita please!!

    • And another Vita vote! Thanks, Superstone!

      Please be sure to drop by our Facebook page and Twitter feed to register your Vita request.

  • Cool, I like it when blog posters reply a lot. Another vote for Vita please.

    • We like it when player post, cool_trainer. It’s win-win!

      Thanks for the Vita vote. Please take a moment to let us know on Facebook or @CreatStudios on Twitter.

  • How about Post your results on Facebook/Twitter or what ever

  • Looks really interesting. It will be a nice change of pace from Dead Space 3 and Tomb Raider hehe. It’s nice to branch away from those types of games once and a while and sit down and play something unique like this.

    I’ll have to pick this up on payday. Plus it helps towards the $10 back promotion :)

    • Thanks, Faythi. We’re hoping that Psych Yourself does offer that kind of alternative experience. We hope you’ll take some time to let us know how you like it.

  • Vita or bust. I take my Vita everywhere, and the likelihood of me passing the Vita to a friend so they could try it out would be very high. think about the free portable publicity….

    • Thank you, DaGimp13. That’s quite an endorsement for a Vita version. I do hope you’ll take a moment to express that on our Facebook page or on Twitter.

  • This game looks pretty cool, it reminds me of Smart As… for vita. Speaking of vita……yup you got 1 more vita vote : )
    I’ve never heard of the first game, but it sounds like quite a few of these commenters are fans, so I just may pick up both games!

    • Thank you so much, BlueBl1zzard! We can’t ask for more than that!

      Please let us know how you enjoy them both.

  • Thanks, Faythi. We’re hoping that Psych Yourself does offer that kind of alternative experience. We hope you’ll take some time to let us know how you like it.

  • Sounds interesting. I hope a Vita version follows up.

  • Sounds cool but I just am a little bummed out with you guys so I don’t know if I can support it. I have almost all of your PS3 games so it pains me, but I bought Germinator on Vita after playing the great demo. In the full game, I found that, in addition to a blue character that was in the demo, there’s also a purple one. With my color deficiency, I cannot tell a difference between the two whatsoever. So now I have this game that I just bought and its completely useless to me. Had I known from the demo that there was a purple character I wouldn’t have bought it (simply because I can’t play it).

    You guys are really good about responding to compliments and questions on here and Twitter, but when it came to me bringing it up twice to you on Twitter, it was one of the few times I’ve seen you guys not respond. It’s really disappointing to me since I’ve always been a big fan and supporter of Creat’s games, but I just wasted $10 and never heard a word back.

    • Hi, vanwinkle. Thanks so much for your input.

      I thought we had discussed the colorblind issue in previous posts. I do recall the subject and replying to it. The unfortunate reality is that it just isn’t something that’s cost-effective. Adding elements to any game has a considerable cost, and we can’t do all the cool things or add all the features we want because of this.

      We all really appreciate customers like you that own many of our titles, and it pains us that we can’t accommodate you in this circumstance. If you would like to discuss this further, please drop me a line at

  • @ Scott Hyman
    posted the same to Creat’s Facebook page as well.

    @ vanwinkle
    try adjusting the Vita’s Brightness settings, the different shading may allow you to slightly bypass your colour deficiency. otherwise, it’d make total sense for Creat to create a generic options menu that would allow gamma and brightness changing….maybe something so generic, they could copy and paste it into each future game as well, resolving the issue permanently.

  • What kind of person am I? Somewhere between a pirate of an old lady and an African-American ninja!
    Jokes aside, I’m not sure I could see much value as far as a game goes. I mean, I love psychology-related stuff in general and I’ve played other brain training games and enjoyed them as I raced against the clock, but as interesting as this sounds, the details of the gameplay sound a bit vague and if I can’t wrap my head around it, I am less motivated to make a purchase. A demo would be helpful. Even a video showcasing the more compelling features would be insightful,

    • Fair enough, DocEggman. Thanks for your insight.

      We should have more gameplay examples coming soon. Check our Twitter feed and Facebook page for more.

  • Psych person back… to put down yet another Vita vote. [:

  • I loved test yourself, I cant wait for this game. Thanks. Also +1 Vita.

  • Thanks, M-Easy! Please let us know how you like it.

  • Looks Silly, il have to Really Think About This one …. but i did Luv Germinator last week. was def worth the 9.99. hade Enough levels to Justify the Price. SkyFighters is Also on my to get list.. are you guys going to have MushRoom Wars on sale anytime soon ? My Eyes Have Been on it for a While.

    • Thanks for checking it out, PainOfSarrow. And thanks again for purchasing Germinator!

      No sale plans just yet on Mushroom Wars, but I can emphasize that you’ll get your money’s worth. It’s our most popular game!

  • Never tried the first game, but after reading this post and seeing the price I can’t see any reason not to get this.

    Seems like a good bit of fun with some elements of build-yourself-up-through-better-results-over-time goodness.

    Neat stuff.

  • i might get this game if it was on the vita. (i just think games like classic’s and PSN games are way better on a smaller device)

    Judging by all the comments i read (including the red replies) it looks like you guys might offer a vita version?
    Also the Facebook feature might be cool… but will it expose your PSN ID?

    • Another vote for Vita! Thanks, ps_n_blog_ac.

      As for Facebook, I have been asking players to Like us on Facebook and let us know what games they would like to see on Vita.

      I never did mention an in-game Facebook feature, sorry.

  • yes i wish it was on ps vita also

    • Thanks for your input, rubenjr0.

      Letting us know on Facebook and Twitter is the best way to help us gauge interest.

  • DaGimp13, thanks for the tip. I usually play my Vita with the brightness up, but I will try it again and make sure the brightness is up all the time.

  • *all the way, I mean.

  • @ vanwinkle

    no problem, if it doesn’t do it for you being brighter, try turning the brightness to its minimum, the darker shading may also effect the colour shading in-game in a positive manner for you. usually colour deficiency is in regards to a specific range of colour spectrum, and we view spectrums in shades of varying brightness which we then see as lighter/darker colours.

    feel free to add me on the PSN, not sure if I have room left in my friends list, as the amount of friends are limited. if it wont allow you to add me, send me a message so I can clear room for ya, theres always someone on there who has been on in 4 months or longer

  • @ vanwinkle

    you can also change your tv settings for PS3 use, but much more intricately, as theres brightness, tint, contrast, etc. if you’re like me and have a tv just for your PS3 in a spare room (Man Cave), then this can be really useful, as I watch tv, movies, do gaming, computer, everything on that one tv, and can have the colour set personally to my likings, where as the wife has her own tv (Bravia) for her PS3 with her settings. she has colour deficiency as well, so it can actually give me a migrane some days when trying to watch tv with her, but it makes viewing much simplier for her, and the 2nd tv allows me to game for long periods of time in one sitting, like 8 hours or longer lol

  • @DaGimp13, yeah, I do actually have my TV calibrated so that everything looks good for me. I wish there were more settings like this on the Vita. Of course, games are calibrated specifically to this screen so theoretically it isn’t needed. It’s only when there’s somebody like me that it would be nice to have.

    Thanks again for the input. I sent you a friend request.

  • Great stuff guys , I enjoy the games y’all put out . One of my favorite is — Interpol: The Trial of Dr.Chaos — I love the Mystery case files Hidden object games, unfortunately there’s only but few on the PS 3 and 2 on the Vita … I’m wondering if you guys will ever make more of this type, especially for the PS Vita ???
    Thanks for all your hard work guys …

    • Thank you, Atropos__.

      We have not been getting many requests for hidden object game, but we’re always open to it. As I’ve been saying over and over today: if there’s demand, we’ll consider it. We’ve done it before and we’ll do it again. Letting us know on Twitter and Facebook is always the best way.

  • Thank you so much for your interactions on here, Scott! I had also about given up on Test Yourself because the DLC was taking so long to finish, and I was starting to glaze over quickly at the thought of a sequel. However, your clarifications on the above posts has not only sold me on it, but renewed my enthusiasm on the original Test Yourself. Thanks again!

    • Thank you, devilmosh! I’m happy to have enlightened you to what Psych Yourself will be like.

      We really want to know how you like it, so please drop us a line after you’ve played.

  • Hey Scott… this is off-topic but I just figured it couldn’t hurt to ask…

    On the day Pinballistik was released, Jason Benham told me that you guys had two more tables in the works (aside from the other two that were released with the main game) that would be released as future DLC.

    Did those plans fall through, or are they still on the way?


    • There’s a lot in discussion right now about Pinballistik, PrimeroIncognito. Some things have changed, but we hope to have an announcement soon.

  • Another vote for a Vita version!

  • Thanks for the response, Scott.

    I appreciate your willingness to communicate with your customers. :)

  • Does the game have 1080p native photos/videos/graphics?

    If so, I’m buying later this evening.

    If not, I’ll wait for a Vita cross-buy or Plus deal.

  • If this ever makes it onto the Vita I’ll pick it up at some point. I have Test Yourself and that was a really unique game so I’d like to get this but a Vita version would definitely get me to buy it. Especially if it’s cross-buy or if there’s a deal with Playstation Plus like plaztiksyke said.

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