God of War: Ascension Rises Today, Final Multiplayer Allegiance Revealed

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God of War: Ascension Rises Today, Final Multiplayer Allegiance Revealed

PlayStation friends,

God of War: Ascension is out in North America today! It represents the culmination of two and a half years of blood, sweat, and tears on behalf of the God of War team at Santa Monica Studio.

We wanted to create the best looking, best playing, most compelling entry in the series to date, a game that took every aspect of the experience to a new level, that sought to show long-time fans a different side of the iconic Kratos character, and that added something entirely new yet addictively deep to the franchise: multiplayer, which many of you joined us in playing and improving during our Beta weeks ago.

We put a great deal of thought and effort into the multiplayer modes you’ll discover in Ascension, including the recently revealed 2-player cooperative Trial of the Gods. Supporting this new addition to the God of War universe and the community we’re hopeful builds around it for a while to come is of the utmost importance to us.

God of War: Ascension on PS3God of War: Ascension on PS3

Looking forward to being among the first to receive access to an exclusive early demo of The Last of Us, included in each retail copy of God of War: Ascension? The new target date upon which that access will be unlocked (via the God of War: Ascension main menu) is May 31st, 2013. Pick up a copy of Ascension so you can be one of the first to check it out!

To that end, we can today confirm a substantial DLC plan, among which will be new armor and weapons sets, new stages to battle in, and much more. All of this will be free for owners of the Ascension Collector’s Edition, since it includes a comprehensive Season Pass (which will not be available outside of the CE).

We’ll have plenty more info in the coming weeks at our official site, www.godofwar.com, as we execute on our extensive schedule… Stay tuned!

Ascension’s multiplayer mode, a series first, is about to go live for players around the world. Finally, we’re excited to reveal the fourth, and last, of the Gods with whom you may ally yourself: Hades.

God of War: Ascension Rises Today, Final Multiplayer Allegiance Revealed

Of all of the allegiances, Hades’ executioners have the highest versatility and variety of abilities. With the ability to curse, drain life, become invisible, and create large hazards (all in one load-out), the followers of Hades are able to control the flow of battle. Hades is neither the strongest offensively nor defensively, but careful tailoring through armors and weapons, based on the situation to subsidize this, will help push you towards whatever role you want to fill — you will be able to do it all.

It’s been a long journey since 2010. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the game, and meet on the battlefield online.

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  • Ah. First! Sorry…had to try.

  • Can’t wait to pick up my CE later!!

  • But instant comment aside. I’m really torn between this…i enjoyed the first 3 games alot. Have’nt rebought them on ps3 but loved them all the same. I’ll be looking at this for sure, i’d like to see a semi sale at least on it. But mostly i’m going to wait a couple days, watch a few gameplay videos and then decide. But i’m interested to see where this game takes the series. I’m afraid its a bit stretched out, but still looks like alot of fun.

    Any splitscreen play??? That would sell it for me in a heartbeat.

  • It’s a game that a proud PS3 player like me,simply can’t miss.
    In Argentina,Sony decided to launch the gameon Friday,wich is very unfair for me, but anyway, I can’t wait to get my hands on it,during the weekend.Will be the best by now,from what I played on the demo.

    Thank you for so great game one more time guys!

  • Wow. Fantastic timing on informing us of the DLC plans and letting us know that the season pass is exclusive to the CE. My pre-order of the standard edition will be arriving today from Amazon. I’ll just stick with whatever comes on the disc and won’t put another dime into it. Might want to give consumers a bit more of a heads-up next time.

    Either way, however, the game looks like it will be fantastic and I’m excited to play it.

    Oh yeah, way to let a couple of gaming “journalists” make you cave on the name of a trophy. Lame. What if enough of us are “offended” that you changed it? Will you change it back?

    See what I did there?

  • My pre-order Collector Edition should be waiting for me at home tonight! Too bad I have too much work to play for hours.

  • The game is pretty much tight, lots of fun combat! I am glad that I bought it to support the Hard worked team.
    However, I think Kratos’ fury, wrath and rage has done enough. We have to let him take a peaceful rest. Besides, that was the intention of Santa Monica Studio. Kratos does what y’all make him do, in this case (SPOILER ALERT) he tried to commit suicide after so much internal pain y’all made him go through. lol

  • Picking up my CE later today :D gonna be a blast! Hades looks incredible lol, the other gods don’t stand a chance. @3 unfortunately no splitscreen.

  • Going to pick it up in a little bit!

  • Although it’s not like me to be critical, I am very disappointed that this will not be available on the PSN today. As a flagship Sony franchise, with no red tape to cut in order to make it a digital release, it beggars belief that those of us who prefer to download our games are left in the cold with what appears to be another magnificent entry in the series. Digital downloads eliminate the one thing the game industry hates most – second hand sales. (Well, maybe piracy before that.) Even if, as hinted at in other blog posts, the game is released digitally later on, those players will have missed out on the early wave of multiplayer, and be forced to play against people who have had days or weeks to build up their character and learn the maps. As much as I love God of War, this may be one that i pass on.

  • Bought CE with an Amazon gift card. Gotta wait a few days. Which God of War should I play until it arrives?

  • Is there a fourth god to come to the rotunda?

  • Any single player dlc plans?

  • Got the CE. Waiting for it to be delivered! Thank goodness, I get the Season Pass with it. All that DLC free!

  • Any plans / date for Digital release on PSN?

  • May 31st for the exclusive early access to The Last of Us demo, are you serious? A mere 2 weeks before the game’s release, shouldn’t that be when the demo is made public? Don’t get me wrong, I am very excited for Ascension and The Last of Us, but that is kind of insulting.

  • The thing I don’t understand is how a all of these third party titles are available day one digitally, some available for preorder yet a massive release like god of war is strictly retail. You would think that every first party title would be available for preorder through Psn in order to push these titles as hard as possible, but I guess that’d make too much sense. I bought a 1 tb hard drive so I could avoid retail and stick to digital only, which is why I’m not going to purchase this or any other game that isn’t released digitally.

    Don’t take that the wrong way either, I am a massive Sony supporter, have had a ps3 since launch as well as ps plus, but if those of us who prefer to download their titles ( I do it to avoid the temptation of trading in as well as the convenience) wait until a digital release is available, then hopefully his will encourage Sony to make at least the major third and first party titles not only available day one, but also for preorder with some incentives.

  • I don’t understand why there isn’t a digital version on PSN???

  • I have to agree with @5 and think that you might want to give consumers more notice that the DLC Season pass is only available with the collector’s edition. I already picked up my standard copy but I would have picked up the CE instead.

    With that said I am looking forward to trying out the multiplayer and hope the single player is what we all know and love. God of War is definitely my favorite game franchise.

    Also, I like that the manual is digital and the game has several other demos on the disc (flower, sly cooper thieves in time, littlebigplanet karting, god of war origins collection, journey, sound shapes, starhawk, the unfinished swan, and a trailer for PASBR). I’m curious as to why this wasn’t mentioned anywhere.


  • wow – that Hades allegiance looks fantastic ! invisibility ? going to give that a try for sure … just waiting for GS to open & go get my CE … thankfully, when I realized that the CE included the seasons pass I went immediately to GS & begged to be upgraded from the regular edition (they called on Sunday & said I got the upgrade) – as it would seem pretty clear that this is a game where ample new maps / armor / weapons would be coming …. anyone interested in the MP would have to know that … & for a $20 difference in price, the CE is the obvious way to go … Amazon still has some available for those wanting to upgrade … there was also the Rise of the Warrior challenge on the official GodofWar site …. it gave exclusive FREE dlc …. maybe if you go there now you can still get it …. anyway, very excited to get playing … & wanted to thank SSM for the years of hard work & planning that went into this production – I watched all the making of videos & clearly see how much went into this …. looks epic to me ! loved the demos & the Trials of the Gods mode will be awesome ! I’m going to take the Mount Olmpus tutorial right away …. let the battle begin – who among you mere mortals will take the challenge ?!

  • here’s a quick question – it was stated that the plus members who played the demos would receive some sort of exclusive DLC …. can we know what & when that will be ??? I know, too curious … but really wanting to know … hope the preorder bonus items are on PSN already, as I want to check out the MP pack …. okay – off to GS. really looking fwd. to the soundtrack ….

  • There is totally a spot for a fifth god in the Rotunda of Olympus! Athena DLC? I’m willing to bet!

  • OleGunner & letherclad… I must have your avatar! Why have I not seen that yet? O_O

    I am super excited to pick up my Collector’s Edition after work today!! I probably won’t try to play it until the weekend though. Don’t want to get started and have to quit to go to bed for work! Definitely will be checking out my avatar pack though, can’t wait to see what those look like.

  • @ 5 & @19, I pre-ordered from Best Buy, but both Best Buy and Amazon stated on the CE package description that they included a pass for all future DLC. Once I saw that (in January), I switched my pre-order from standard to CE. Just sayin’…

  • My Collector’s Edition is missing the soundtrack and the code for the season pass, the theme, the xp boost and the avatar pack.

    I request that you send them to me.

  • Why no digital copy

  • my copy just arrived!

  • Very excited for this game! Getting it today. But why did you guys change the ‘bros before hoes’ trophy? Stop caving to the stupid little bloggers with touchy feelings!

  • I am so sad that I am missing out on this. The game looks truly amazing! Wish this was D1D as I could buy it tonight. Oh well, I can wait until April and still support Sony Santa Monica Studios. They sure deserve it!


    GO BUY IT!!

  • Thanks for this amazing game!!

    Keep up the amazing work SSM, and everyone GOW related at Sony!!

  • It’s so annoying how difficult it is to get the Collectors. I went to 3 EB Games, Wal-mart, and Jumbo Video. None of them had it. I even tried preordering 2 weeks ago at EB and it was taken out of their system… :/ Idk kinda annoying that the online pass is only available in the Collectors when it’s actually just impossible to get xD

    Either way, got the regular edition this morning and murdered online haha 10 kills 2 deaths. >.> Love it. Gonna start single player after class.

    But yeah only complaint is how hard it is to get the CE

  • When is this going to be up on PSN? becauuuuuuussssssse I just want to download it.

  • Can’t believe you guys changed the name of a trophy just to please derps who probably won’t even play the game to begin with. And even if they do, will completely forget how “offended” they were by the trophy within 4 minutes after seeing it.

    Nevermind all the violence and sex in the series to date. Can’t be having an “offensive” trophy name. Nope. That’s the line!

  • Is anyone having trouble with Battle Royale code? I try to redeem but says uts not the right code. Great game btw. Loving it so far.

  • im waiting for you to put it on the psn so i can play it , so please take my money .

  • I really love the mutliplayer, it’s not FANTASTIC but it’s damn good and surprisingly addicting too. My only concern and displeasure is the time clock fro 2 player co-op. I hope you can take the timer off or at least extend the timer more. It just sucks playing with maybe a lower level person in the game and not accomplishing as many levels as you like so please extend the timer for 2 player co-op. Other than that, keep up the good work and hoping the season pass ends up being good. 90 percent of season passes for games aren’t worth it, absolute disappointment and pretty much a waste of money/garbage.

  • i really hope you put it on the psn tonight , if you dont im not buying it

  • Picked up my collectors edition today! Can’t wait to get home from work and play!

  • At 8. Thanks. But bummer. The gaming industry is really killing sales by taking out splitscreen. Thats a HUGE selling point for me. Dont get me wrong i’m all about the digital revolution and playing online is a great way to find new friends and have new conversations. I’ve got alot of friends now that i will never meet and i share new viewpoints and different converstations than i ever would before. But at the end of the day sometimes i just want to take a game over to my brothers house and sit down and play WITH HIM, or a friend. And the forced online multiplayer is a pain.

  • Definitely picking up my Collectors Edition today. That being said, is there a patch intended soon for the audio issues people have been reporting? I’ve loved God of War since the PS2 era and they have always been quality experiences. So I really hope this can be patched soon!

  • A little disappointing… Hades is kinda like the obvious choice considering the top 3 gods are Zeus, Hades and Poseidon.

  • mmm… something tell me there’s going to be a lot of people using hades… well i’m going for Poseidon! :) Water element and a healer= my style ;)

  • hey there Todd – just wanted to say that my CE also came without the soundtrack / season pass / avatar / theme … I checked for disc benefits, but there don’t seem to be any … how do we get those things for the CE ? just loaded the game & it’s gorgeous ! of course I did play the demos, so knew it was going to be great, but having the actual full game installed is fantastic ! thanks for any info re: the CE goodies – the statue is cooler than I thought it would be ….

  • Picking my collector’s edition from Gamestop in a few minutes! Ready to piss off the gods.

    And always remember… Bros before Hoes!

  • Just waiting on UPS to bring me my Collector’s Edition… wish they’d hurry up :/

  • I pre-ordered the CE at Best Buy and they do not have enough copies to cover their pre-orders. Anyone else have this problem? Wondering if there weren’t enough made or if it is a Best Buy issue.

  • Trying to download The Last of Us demo, but i can’t find it.

  • I got the Collector Edition but it is missing the Avatar, Dynamic theme, the soundtrack, the season pass and all the virtual goods included in the CE wich are clearly written on the box…

  • The champions pack for gow ascension collector’s edition is not working. It says no content found. Any help?

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