The Weapons of Defiance, Out April 2nd

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The Weapons of Defiance, Out April 2nd
The Weapons of Defiance, Out April 2nd

Defiance, an upcoming massive third person online shooter (set to come to PS3 on April 2nd) has thousands of different weapons that will titillate shooter players no matter their play style. Whether you prefer to snipe from a hilltop or, like myself, run full speed whilst rapidly firing a modified shotgun in the faces of your foes, we have a weapon that will work for you. Moreover, Defiance has a system that allows you not only to collect new weapons as loot as you traverse the San Francisco Bay area, but has a system that allows you to salvage them such that you can choose particular pieces to trick out a different weapon. Gone are the days when you find an amazing scope on a less powerful gun: the salvage matrix now has your back.

Today we released a trailer detailing some of our more inventive weapon selections. We highlight the Infector (not only does damage but grows boils on your enemies that erupt with monsters that can then wreak havoc on other enemies), the Bio Magnetic Gun (does damage to bad guys, heals the shield of good guys), the Rocket Launcher (come on, who doesn’t love those), and the Detonator (think Rocket Launcher on speed with the ability to bog down enemies so those you don’t finish off are vulnerable for the one-two punch.) These weapons are just the tip of the iceberg (and, with the power of the salvage matrix, the configurations you see in the video are just one way you can mod the guns.)

Check out the video – then let us know which weapon you liked the best (or what you’d like to see more of.) We play Defiance live on our dev servers every Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon at and will try out the configurations you are hankering for a closer look at.

Want more info about Defiance? Check us out at, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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  • No thanks, I’ll stick to Battlefield 3 for my online shooter needs.

    This game’s animations look ancient… I already made the mistake of buying War Z… not going to make that mistake twice. Sorry guys.

  • I was super excited for this game until I heard it was online-only even for playing by yourself. Thought it’d be more like Borderlands in respect that you can choose to play online or offline. =[

  • Well, best of luck to you guys. Not a fan of third person shooters. I’ll stick it out with Dust 514 for now. Might partake in the show though.

  • I personally want to try it out, don’t know why someone would think you can play a MMO offline.

  • All of you at Trion are doing a fantastic job with this game. I cannot wait to take part in one of the most ambitious transmedia projects ever. From the game to the television show, consider me an early fan.

    • You are welcome – and from all of us, thanks for being one of the early adopters of awesomeness. ;-)

  • @2: It’s an MMO, even if you play alone, you play with someone.

    I just can’t wait for this game. Been wanting an MMO for consoles for a long time, and DC Universe just wasn’t my thing.

  • @Nick930930 WarZ must have been your only MMO because comparing that to this seems really off base. WarZ was a developers rush to cash in on a mod called DayZ and charge for it. Their only objective was money, They didn’t care how the game was released as long as they were first to market over the DayZ Standalone. With that said that is one of the only mmos that was released in such a state while trying to be a money Grab.

  • Got this pre-ordered. This game seems a breath of fresh air. I got tired of BF3 and COD

  • Hey Eliz, sorry I havent been coming to the streams lately. nice eye candy you have given us, any chance we can snag a arkfall code while your here?

    • I’ll be on the stream today starting at 3 PM PST! – Defiance starts at 4:30 PM PST. We’ll have goodies then – but you don’t get arkfall codes just by asking. Gotta work for ’em.

      We also do streams for Defiance on Wednesdays at 10:30 AM PST – I play with Greg then.

  • hoje é o nosso dia, parabens a todas mulheres gamer…..

  • nem escrevi assim credo, que magica foi essa kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • On another note, this is not a replacement for your BF3 and other shooters, it really is a game of its own and wont be a mistake in regards to the huge world that will be open to you to play through and how you interact with the world both alone and together. One dynamic is teamwork is rewarded even when someone is not on your party meaning if you are having trouble taking down a huge monster someone walking by can help you out and you both get rewarded for it.

  • Im sticking with STARHAWK…wish the maps were more dynamic and less deserted…but still this game looks cool. Id prefer games with VEHICLES like STARHAWK and BF3..than your standard run and gun games ..although i do pop the BLACK OPS 2 in the system once in a while :p

    • We actually have a ton of vehicles in the game. You start almost immediately after tutorial with a quad and can get a number of different rides after that.

  • Found out about this game a week ago and already cant wait to play it. Only hope the PS community stays pretty active for this game.

  • Pease tell us if we will be able to purchase/pre-order a Digital Deluxe Edition on the USA PS Store, Elizabeth.

    PC players are able to pre-order a Digital Deluxe Edition on Steam and they are getting some really sweet pre-order bonuses. It seems unfair that us PS3 players who want a digital downloadable version of Defiance are apparently out of luck.

  • So, will there be cross platform play where we can pay with against PC and XBOX players?

  • That cross platform play has peeked my interest now I need a ps3 beta ASAP before me and my crew go and buy FUSE instead.

    • Well, the game is going to launch on April 2nd and we are ready to go on that front – HOWEVER we have abilities to make changes so the beta test is actually a beta test in that we’re testing a lot of functionality (you guys kicking the tires on the servers is chief among them.) Your feedback will be crucial to us and will be worked into updates starting as soon as we get that feedback.

  • I thought this was going to be free to play game like Dust 514????

  • This reminds me of Resistance’s multiplayer which I love. I’ve never heard of this game before now but it’s on my radar now. :)

  • I was really looking forward to playing this game when it was released, but then when I looked at the commercial, and seen that you have to buy it like a full-priced game, I may not. I was hoping this was going to be a Free-To-Play, since the show is coming soon on Sci-Fi channel, and the game is going to tie-in with the show which seemes pretty cool. But it’s not.

  • This has genuinely piqued my interest.
    So long as it runs smooth and is technically sound I don’t mind the graphical fidelity being slightly scaled back.
    I think that the grandeur and epic feel comes from you and your friends blasting away tons of baddies, on foot, and on vehicle in huge environments is the draw of the game for me.
    I would like to know how big the environments are and how smooth the game runs while playing online with others? Are there boss battles?

    • Game’s running smoothly for us now – we have a talented bunch who are keeping an eye on things but, of course, stability will be something that our beta event will be important for so that we can get you all to kick the tires and really stress things out for us.

      In terms of the world: it’s pretty big. There are several distinct areas around the San Francisco Bay area, too, so you get a variety. We do give you a vehicle pretty much right off the bat because one of the earlier pieces of feedback we received was “holy hell it takes forever to run everywhere please give me a quad!”

  • I have participated in the pc CBT, can’t wait for it to come out on ps3. Any news on when there will be a beta for the ps3?

  • I understand this is an MMO. However, I may not have internet connection in the near future for a while. Would I still be able to run around by myself and play?


    • Hey –

      You do need the internet to play the game. It is definitely a massive online game, so you are always in a world with other folks.

  • Super excited for this one. Glad I transferred my pre-order from Colonial Marines to Defiance. I’ve got a good feeling it’ll be the one to finally tear me away from Dust 514. Some of the weapons look like you guys got some inspiration from Ratchet and Clank. Diggin’ it. :D

  • 1

    are that naive and shallow? oh, wait. you’re a today gamer of course you are.

  • Ill try it out, IM not usually a biased or skeptic so lets get this ball rolling.

  • BillyBoiDaPrince

    wasnt this game free to play like dust 514?

  • @30: This game was always “Buy the game & no subscription fees”. Please note that this game will also have paid DLC.

    I really wish that there would be a digital download option for the PS3,

  • can we pre-order it on PS store? pretty please

  • I’m a huge mag player and that game is still running to this day I loved the simplicity of it ….I was never a big memo player for computers I could only go touch a rock so many times…lol but his game holds some promise for me as for “kicking your ties” I think Internet lag will do that well enough and we have to see how the game holds up appologiesbut I have to wait for the beta before my final choice too many bad games in the genre so far but the game does look sweet

  • Im full in if it comes out for PSN :)

  • Sorry but i don`t like Dust 514.( but this game is a massive third person online shooter im full in PSN plz )

  • fallout 3 For PSN plz

  • Defiance looks great! I have two questions though if you don’t mind.

    1. Is this a good game for people who are only interested in PvE, or is it primarily PvP?

    2. Did you take any inspiration from the game “Firefall”, from Red 5 Studios? It’s the only MMO shooter I have enjoyed, and Defiance looks like a game I can invest many hours into. :)

  • This game is going to be better than Dust 514. I been watching them stream this game and it’s going to have wayyyyyyyy more players than Dust 514 and the customization in weapons and appearance is wayyyyyy better. Dust 514 is way behind and I stop playing it.

  • This is the only multiplatform game I’m interested in :)

  • @38: Different games attempting different things.

  • I hope this game has southpaw support (switch analog sticks) so my friend’s husband so we can all play together.

  • I cannot wait for this game!!!!


    This gen has been ruined by all these mediocre generic shooters. When will they ever end? Nothing special about them. So many shooters that they all just automatically suck, since they’re all the exact same game.

  • Will we be able to pre order this on psn?

  • @35

    DUST 514 is not a third person shooter, it only is when in your merc quarters/ the war room with teammates. you obviously didn’t start a match because when you do your in first person. Maybe actually give it a chance! :)

  • what are the pre order bonuses for getting it in the psn. i know some retailers are offing a vehicle and retail specific weapon. i would like a digital copy but would like to get the bonuses as well.

  • will the people playing the beta keep there xp money weapons ect. when the game comes out on the 2nd or will we starting over??????
    love the beta btw looks to be a great new console game mmo

  • please hurry the fu<% up i am going through defiance withdrawals

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