PlayStation Home Update: Emerald Isle Adventure Pack + More!

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PlayStation Home Update: Emerald Isle Adventure Pack + More!

This week in PlayStation Home, Home Tycoon has a new sale, Juggernaut introduces the Emerald Isle Adventure Pack as well as a new Bramblenook Farmyard Bundle and more!

Juggernaut – Emerald Isle Adventure Pack + Bramblenook Farmyard Bundle

Emerald Isle Adventure Pack

Fill your apartment with shamrocks and an Irish jig with the Essence of the Emerald Isle. Get the mysterious Rainbow Maker and see if you can find a pot of gold.There’s also some Irish dance moves, a gold-laden companion and, of course, plenty of green!


Bramblenook Farmyard Bundle

The Bramblenook Farmyard Bundle from Juggernaut Games lets you take the Bramblenook Farmyard to any personal space. Start your own farm with the Chicken Coop, Pigsty and Sheepfold active items, which release baby animals that wander around your space. You also get companion versions of all the animals, so you can take your prize pets with you wherever you go!


HellFire Games – March Moneysaver $ale


Hellfire Games announces their March Moneysaver Sale in Home Tycoon! This week, save 50% on all New City purchases, and get 40% off the sleek TransUtopian Arcology through March 10. There’s never been a better time to grow your real estate before the next big game expansion!

Digital Leisure – The Casino Chip Bonus Update

The Casino’s Gift Terminal has been around for a week and Digital Leisure thanks everyone who participated in its debut. Digital Leisure is also extending their 10% chip bonus promotion however it now has a slight tweak. To receive the 10% chip bonus for gifting, you must gift someone who has never been gifted before, or to someone who has never bought chips before. This promotion wonít last forever so get those free chips while you can, head over to The Casino and deal yourself and your friend in!

Granzella – Soccer, Minibikes + Gothic Loli


Cool soccer player uniforms and Locomotion items to enjoy the action of soccer are also available! Tops, bottoms, and shoes are each available in 9 colours. Choose any combination to make a uniform of your own!

The Locomotion items have a dynamic dribbling action and a brilliant juggling action. With cool ball handling like this, you’re sure to brag to your friends.


11 color variations have been added to the locomotion 2-wheeled Minibike. The additional colors include red, blue, green, yellow, black, and white, as single colors, and blue, green, silver grey, black, and yellow in combinations with white.


Gothic Loli

Granzella introduces the new Cute Goth/Sweet Loli Sets and the new Cute Goth/Sweet Loli Parasol 2-piece Sets. Following the sale of the Chic Goth Loli Set, this is the second stage of the Gothic Lolita series.

Instead of a grown-up elegant design like the Chic Goth Loli Set, the new Cute Goth/Sweet Loli Sets have a sweet, pretty, girlish design. Available in pink(Sweet) and navy(Goth), this 6 piece set includes the Ribbon Headdress, Loli Dress (with and without tights), Ribbon High Heel Pumps (with and without tights), and a hairstyle.

To coordinate with each set, pink comes with the Curly Pigtails Hairstyle, and navy comes with the Hanging Waves Hairstyle. Additionally, perfect for the Gothic Lolita look, is the locomotion Parasol, when used you’ll be able to float in the air. An umbrella stand is also included as furniture.

JAM Games – Race On

JAM Games this week are returning to the starting grid and providing you with must-have clothing for all your racing needs! Climb aboard your motorbikes dressed to impress the racing crowd!

Due to popular demand, we’ve bundled up items from the original collection and added a few more colors as requested! We also have a bundle of furniture to complement our edgy Garage Apartment! What will you do with yours? Convert it into an urban apartment, turn it into an underground nightclub or use it for something completely different?


Game Mechanics – Elegant Line

Game Mechanics is adding to their Elegant Line this week with some great seats for your space. There are two sofa swings that actually swing. There are two versions: one for two people, the other for four. They each use only three furniture slots. On their quest to get you more furniture that uses less slots, they are adding a sofa with a canopy. While it has the utility of two furniture items, it is one regular furniture item, so it only takes up one furniture slot. Last, there are two personalized canvas chairs with colors to fit into the Elegant Line. While they look expensive, they are the same price and use the same four furniture slots like the previous ones.


Lockwood – Gift Machine Update

Light up your life and your friends’ lives too – a huge range of glow earrings are coming to the Lockwood store and Gift Machine! Adorn your ears with a bunny or an alien, or if the idea of glowing ears is already unusual enough for you, go for the simpler choice of hoops, spikes or spirals. These glowing earrings come in black, blue, green, pink, yellow, red and white, so you should be able to find a pair to complement any outfit (although you may need to ask a friend to send it to you, as some are only available via the Gift Machine).


nDreams – Mega Update

Cosmic Corner Fun Sized Apartment

An affordable apartment from nDreams. For some reason a piece of this planet has broken away and is now floating between the Earth and the Moon. With stunning views of both it could be a perfect getaway to chill out amongst the stars.


Carla’s Coffee Shop

Carla’s Coffee Shop is located in the heart of the City and is the perfect place to catch up with old friends. The Classic bundle comes with 19 classic nDreams products to help decorate your new apartment. The Premium bundle coms with 9 more recent nDreams products.

Plush Ponies LMOs

These cute ponies can be ridden through PlayStation Home and will make everyone say “aww” as you go.


Anti Gravity Boots

Leap and bound around PlayStation Home in slow motion with these amazing anti-gravity boots that also come with a back flip emote.

FUBAR Update

This week sees an update to FUBAR that will fix issues that some players have been having when reaching 50 Exploration mission. As well as other tweaks we are pleased to announce that if you own the FUBAR Apartment you will receive Double Points for base defence, earned points and exploration missions meaning you will rise up the ranks quicker!

VEEMEE – New Billabong + HGL Creature Outfits


Head to the Billabong store and check out the new gear for all you fashion conscious guys and girls. Pick from a range of hats, sandals, shorts, tank-tops, shirts, dresses and 2-part bikini bundles. The “Rastovich Peace and Aloha – Blue” men’s shirt is unforgettably cool. Don’t miss the beautiful new “Away We Go – Cool Wip” dress and “Miramar – Black” sandals for women. The “Allison – Black – Bundle” and “Kellie – Periwinkle – Bundle” continue the new Billabong range of gorgeous 2-part bikini bundles.



HGL Creature Outfits

Visit the Home Grown Laboratory and check out the new Creature outfits (male and female). Now you can be a Troop, Critter, Sonic or Undead with full body animations. And don’t miss the new HGL Mini-Creature companions. The massive HGL Creatures you know and love weren’t the only experiment run by the Home Grown Laboratory. Designed to live in underground tunnel networks; these are the perfect mini-me companions. Each “Creature Costume” or “Mini-Creature” purchased gives the owner an additional 20 free-pays of HGL if they do not already have access to the game.


x7 Update

This week in exclusive VIP nightclub x7, there is a new, exclusive value bundle plus dozens of members only early-access new clothing and outfits from Billabong and Lockwood has tons of cool masks and Anime-inspired dances and clothing! Head to x7, take the elevator upstairs, check out these fine items, then dance the night away!

Mall Update – The Virtual Item Showcase, Volume 78

Magnus is back again, sharing with us all the hottest new items this week. Check out the video below for all the details. Highlights include some Anti-Gravity Boots, some cool companions from HGL, and some really neat Anime poses. Enjoy this week’s Virtual Item Showcase.

See you in PlayStation Home!

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