Skullgirls Update: Free Character and Stage, Thanks to Fans

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Skullgirls Update: Free Character and Stage, Thanks to Fans

Last week, Lab Zero Games, the new developer of Skullgirls, started an Indiegogo campaign to keep the game growing with the addition of new characters. The results have simply blown us away — our amazing fans raised $150,000 to fund Squigly, our first DLC character, in under 24 hours. And now, a week later, we’ve more than doubled that and are well on our way to funding a second character.


So sometime this summer, all owners of Skullgirls will be able to download Squigly free! Not only will you get this awesome, parasite-infested opera singer to play with, you’ll also get her story mode and a new stage.

In addition to Squigly’s stage, we’ll also be developing a new stage, the River King Casino, that will be also be released free. Check out this early concept sketch:


I did say it was early. But in the coming weeks, you’ll see that rough sketch turn into a beautiful, hand-painted 3D stage.

In addition to an all-new track by Castlevania: Symphony of the Night composer, Michiru Yamane, this stage will feature our “Patron Saint” contributors’ likenesses or original characters enjoying themselves in this swanky establishment.

With Squigly out of the way, we’re now funding Big Band, Skullgirls’ first male character.


If you’d like to see this brassy, armless fighting machine come to fruition, please consider contributing to the campaign. Not only can you help keep the game growing, you can also get some exclusive Skullgirls swag for your efforts, including the soundtrack, a poster, a T-shirt and more.

And if we manage to fund a third character? He or she will be picked by fan vote. We’ve already revealed fifteen future characters for the vote, a few of which you can see here.

Skullgirls DLC lineup options

And this is less than a quarter of all the characters we’ll be revealing before all is said and done!

Lab Zero Games is committed to being as transparent as business will allow, and we really want to show you how games are made. From concept to final execution, be it a character, stage or music track, every step of the process will be shown to you. So in the end, it’s about more than just participating in making Skullgirls even better and getting your name in the credits, it’s about learning about what goes into making a game.

And, finally, in addition to continuing to make new characters and content, we’ll continue to refine the existing game. The first Skullgirls patch introduced a huge number of improvements and balance fixes, and we intend to keep refining and balancing the game to make it the best and most beautiful 2D fighter out there.

So look forward to Skullgirls growing soon! And if you don’t have it already, I hope you’ll check out the demo and see why our fans are so passionate about the game.

Thanks for reading!

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6 Author Replies

  • PS Vita version please

  • Nice for the fans! I hope PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale continues support just as long as this game has been getting and even longer!

  • Amazing.
    Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  • SG in Japan, SG on PC soon, SG at EVO2013, and DLC finally underway. Things sure looking up for the game.

    Interested in tinkering with Squig once she’s released, although I’m quite happy with my Double/Filia combo.

  • I played the demo for this a long time ago and have always wanted to pick it up. Any plans for a vita version? If so, you have a definite buy from me!

  • Wait! I thought this was only having girls fighting. Then why are there a few guys in there?

  • At 6: It was never intended to be an all girl game. From the start they wanted to add the male characters since they were planned ahead of time. A lack of funding and time limited the amount of characters in the first release. I think only girls and use the Skull Heart hence, Skullgirls.

  • can use* oops

  • A shark wearing a lab coat…..

    Gimme (>O_O)>

  • Glad to see Squiggley on her way. I do kinda wish Big Band was one of the optional characters, instead of one we’re definitely getting next. I much rather would have preferred another female character like D. Violet or Black Dahlia over him as the second DLC character.

  • The one thing I do want to know if you ever plan on patching in are lobbies. I think that’s one thing that definitely still hurts the game. The lack of multiplayer lobbies.

    • We’ll be adding Lobbies and other MP features to the PC version, and I hope we’ll have the time and money to port them to the console versions later.

  • This game really needs a lot more love and attention. Keep up the great work, guys. Keep the 2D revolution going!

  • Keep it up, guys! Heck, if I wasn’t poorer than dirt right now, I’d throw $150 just for that physical OST… but what can you do, right?

    At the rate the fundraiser’s going right now, everyone’s at least guaranteed Big Band, so I’m happy, though I will try to scrape up at least enough for the $30 Tier before the thing’s over.

  • Any update on whether the 360 version will ever get a patch to fix the load times? If I remember correctly the PS3 version received a patch but not the 360 version any new news on this problem? Other than I think this is great news for a new character and stage I hope all things go well in the progress of doing this.

    • Haha, I don’t know if I can answer that here?

      The 360 patch is done, but held up by bureaucracy. Hoping we’ll make a breakthrough soon.

  • Very very cool ….thank you much

  • k this is all cool but wheres the store update

  • Glad that things are going so smooth with the fundraising.

    Skullgirls is one of the best fighting games of the decade.

  • Might pick up this game to support you awesome developers.

  • after watching the devs explaining the fundraiser i said ” i’ll pick it up ” now it’s the time ♥

  • Way to go Lab Zero!

  • why waste time on this game

  • Hopefully we will see a breakthrough I would love to get back into playing the game but the load times drive me crazy.

  • So, any news about that TF2 hat?

    Cause I still want that.

  • Meow- So We’re getting an ADDITIONAL new stage in addition to the one from the $175k stretch goal :O ? If so, that’s clawsome 83

  • This is how we can get crash & spyro in ps allstars

  • R.I.P. Lab Zero Games. Why waste unearned $ on a game nobody cares about? Not a good way to get out of your current gutter in my opinion.

  • I’ve been trying to ignore your game. I mostly play fighting games on my vita where I can practice anywhere but your animations are beautiful, your cast unbelievable, your gameplay irreplaceable, making the grand sum undeniable. I hope you’ll consider a vita version in the near future with the fan funding success but for now I have some downloading to do!!!

  • “R.I.P. Lab Zero Games. Why waste unearned $ on a game nobody cares about? Not a good way to get out of your current gutter in my opinion.”

    If that’s your opinion…then ok but I wouldn’t say nobody cares I mean have you seen how much the indiegogo campaign has raised?

  • SonicAngelKnight

    I’ve seen this game, I played this demo, and I get the potential that it has, but I don’t think It’s worth $14.99
    So I will wait for some type of discount of %50 or more if possible in the future. So I will keep playing that demo till then. Thanks playstation plus for tons of free and huge discounts, can’t wait to see what being a playstation plus member with a playstation 4 Will get me next! ;-)

    Maybe I will get my wish of Skullgirls on playstation plus promotion.

  • Europe accidently got the color pallets already they were supposed to come out when Xbox got their patch.

  • Skullgirls is a great game.

    Thank you very much for this great news.

  • The PS3/PC cross platform is still planned to be implemented?

    • Doesn’t look like that’ll be possible – the way we thought we could do it isn’t available, and the alternatives are really messy.

  • Och, wanna bump up to Backer so bad! But, I think I can do the lowest tier, at the least. Voted for you guys for the PSN Gamers Choice hoopla, and that fell through, so this just can’t!

  • Man, I’d so love to play Skullgirls on my Vita! Go in devs, give the fans what we want! Please?

  • I hope there is a %50 off sale on the game this month. It’d be the perfect price to get me to $50 for the sale this month.

  • Oh by the way, I’d totally support a funding program for a Vita port.

  • STANLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ill have to check out the demo!!!!!!

  • Got this game on day one of release (all-girl fighters are cool, a 2D drawn one is even better, and when I heard Mike-Z was seriously involved in the gameplay design to make it far more playable than fighters like BlazBlue without sacrificing depth, the ideas behind it had me frothing). While I generally loved destroying the brief online scene at release with Ms. Fortune (using her head to separate and attack was sick once I got the hang of it) and Pinwheel (she was just cool), it sucked that Peacock’s support move could be used in combination with someone else to make your team literally unreachable, with no way for your opponent to advance close enough to attack. While I haven’t touched the online scene in a long time…GIVE ME MARIE. And a Vita version for Cross-Play, if it will ever be possible. I’ll donate whatever it takes.

  • hmm this looks interesting

  • JuankyCastilloOo

    Very Nice!!!

  • Great game already have it and would get it on vita….often wondered why the roster didn’t get twice as big with dlc i’ll be watching developments on this game….aso have ah 3..another fighter featuring girls though it’s formerly a ps2 game ah 1,2 which were japanese fighters in arcades.

  • Wondering if Sony has contacted Lab Zero Games about a partnership of some kind, hell i’d love you see you guys thrive as one of the best fan-servicing game devs ever, the live streams are worth watching and your indiegogo crowd funding rewards are really packing it in, 600k doesn’t seem possible unfortunately but at least Big Band will be coming out soon and that’s 2 to an all ready well balanced roster, keep it up!

  • When you’re working on voting for a third character, Zoidberg-I mean, Stanley, has my vote.

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