MLB 13 The Show Hits PS3, PS Vita Today

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MLB 13 The Show Hits PS3, PS Vita Today

Hey everyone, this is Chris Cutliff from San Diego Studios. It’s my favorite time of year — MLB 13 The Show releases today for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. The Show has rated as the best among sports videogame franchises for the past four years. With the numerous improvements we’ve made in MLB 13, we are confident this is the best MLB product we’ve ever shipped. From the heightened emotion and intensity of October baseball in the all-new Postseason Mode, to an improved way for newcomers to The Show to learn on the fly with Beginner mode, there is something in The Show for everybody.

For those who pick up both the PS3 and Vita versions, we’ve further enhanced the cross-platform connectivity. In addition to being able to save your season on one device and continuing it on the other, you can also now play HR Derby online against competitors on either device using cross-play functionality.

Before I go, I wanted to show you two of our TV spots for The Show that we are really proud of. We’ve focused on how PlayStation and MLB 13 The Show give you the opportunity to create your own baseball world where anything can happen. Did Andrew McCutchen clinch a World Series victory for the Pittsburgh Pirates? Did Jose Bautista help bring the World Series Trophy back to Canada? Maybe not if you ask Andrew or Jose, but according to The Show, they just may have.

With the baseball season right around the corner in April, check out this exclusive offer from Walmart where you can get a free month of MLB.TV Premium when purchasing The Show.

MLB 13 The Show

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  • Why didn’t you show the Vita case with the PS3 case in the ads? :/ Otherwise, I like them. Hope we actually see them around.

  • Any special offers for buy both the Vita and PS3 version of the game? Or maybe these games are selling at lower than traditional MSRP? I can’t justify paying over 100 dollars just for on the go convenience.

  • I just bought the game from Gamestop(both versions) and the online pass code for the Vita version won’t work. What should I do?

    • @Get_It_Together, GrayWolf323 is correct. Vita Online Pass publishing will be delayed a bit, but it will happen today. We are working to get the Online Pass codes working for Vita as soon as possible. Your code is not broken and will work once activated in the PlayStation Store. Thank you for your patience and support.

  • Yea… Definitely not buying this at Walmart.
    But I will be buying the game tomorrow. Can’t wait, Home Run Derby with the Move controller is always fun.

  • @3 that’s probably because the store hasn’t updated yet, try the code again later today after the store update goes live

  • I’m sorry but those commercials are nowhere near the quality of last years, with the Cubs winning the World Series. That was a quality commercial that could sell the ‘So real it’s unreal’ theme. I don’t see how the players themselves pointing out it’s fake is a good thing.

  • why cant i buy any add ons for rtts yet and will it be available ?

    • MLB 13 The Show PS Store content will be available today. Not exactly sure what time today, but during the normal, weekly Tuesday publish time.

  • Really wish I had the time for a sports game in my life. They sook up so much time.

  • I downloaded MLB 13 the show from the playstation store 3 times already and every time I try to play I get a message saying I have a corrupted install. Its really a annoying I’ve been playing the show since 08. I really love the Show but this is annoying. Fix it please!

  • @ Disturbed_411

    The store has not updated yet, wait till it does. Then try downloading it again, if you try doing it before the content is even officially published you’re very likely to get errors

  • Forgot to mention ordered the PS3 version and buying Vita version from the store later today. They are the first The Shows I’ve bought in a few years so I’m excited.

  • It’s too bad that the Vita continues to be the only platform that has ever had a sub-native version of The Show. I was really hoping that it was going to be native resolution this year.

  • but does that include the add ons as well will be on the playstation store ready to sell ?

  • Any previews on Tomb Raider? I’m Dying waiting for the complete update

  • @ Disturbed_411 – Having the same problems, on my third download as I type this. My 2 prior downloads both got corrupt installs. I can get past the Move controls screen and I get the error message when the Sony logo comes on. This is probably going to be my last attempt before I call for a refund unless someone can come up with a fix.

    @DeathKiller49 – Plenty of people downloaded the digital PS3 version and its working fine for them for whatever reason some of us are getting corrupt installs.
    When you bought it the message was anytime after 12:01 am so it is officially published now.

  • Will the vita version have the new ball focusing feature and the mode for newbies? Thank you for your time.

  • If you are having problem with corrupt installs. Vote the problem up so they can fix it

  • Got my copy and now just waiting to be able to access my 12,000 road to the show points which hopefully I’ll be able to access when psn updates in hopefully a couple hours.

  • When i go to add it to my cart in the playstation store it just says an “error has occurred” and when i went to add it to my cart through the ps store online it told me i “was not eligible to purchase or download the content.” is there a way to fix that because i really want to play

  • why cant i find it on the playstation store on my ps vota?

  • i planned on buying this game. then i saw trophie list. the trophies are way to easy, and there are no rtts trophies. im not spending 60$ on a game that i can plat in 2 days. i will rent the game to get the plat. maybe next yr you guys will get my $$$

  • When does this come out for the ps vita online store???

  • @21

    Thats kinda sad that you care more about the trophies then the game itself. Let me guess, this is your first generation of gaming?

  • Love the ads. Just got my PS3 and Vita copies in the mail from ebgames today.

    Go Jays Go!

  • @23

    no, the nes was my first generation of gaming, 25 yrs ago. im going to play this game and very much enjoy it im sure. im not spending 60$ on it though.

  • They are going to update the store today right??

  • @ ejas

    Either the file size is really big or Sony’s servers are messing up in installing/downloading due to the store updating.

  • Why hasn’t there been a demo in 2 years for this game?
    There was a demo every year for this game except last year.. Would like to see a demo this year…..

  • Don’t quite know where to say this or where someone who matters will see it, but something needs to be done about an issue in franchise mode. When I sim the season, pitchers strikeout rates are wayyyyy too low. For example, for a full simulated season, David price had 146 strikeouts in 200+ innings, Matt Harvey had 114 in 202 innings, and Verlander had 149 in 220+ innings, and ect. I hope someone sees this and can fix it. Otherwise, great game once again!

  • Where is the MLB 13 PS Vita download?

  • i bought the ps3 version today and have redeemed my online pass, downloaded and activated it but when i try to purchase rtts training points they are not available. What do i need to do to fix this so i can buy points?

  • online codes for the pre-sale RTTS points won’t work, pls advise

  • I was really hoping for the Vita to succeed, as I own 4 or 5 factory sealed games that are just itching to get out of their wrappers, but it appears that the Vita is on life support. Why no answers as to the lack of price drop in the United States? Why no price system price drop to begin with? Where are the rhythm games? Their longtime handheld competitor isn’t doing doing that well either.

    If the Vita version of MLB 13 gets solid reviews from legitimate websites, I will certainly consider getting both MLB 13 and the Vita.

    For now I will stick to the PSP 3000 and the *-***

  • How do I redeem my 12000 rtts points??


  • I bought a digital copy of this game off of PSN 3 hours ago and paid $39.99, why is it now in the store for $35.99???? Will I get a refund?

    Also, how do I access the online features? I was not provided with a code or anything and it will not let me access those features in game.

    I am VERY disappointed about these issues. Please contact me at my e-mail address tied to this account immediately as I will not have time to check these forums over the next few days.

  • Just played MLB 13 The Show on PS3 for the last 6 hours. Best version of MLB The Show ever!!! Thanks and keep up the good work Sony San Diego and SCEA.

  • Okay, so I found the Online Pass in my download list. Still, would have been helpful if something pointed people in that direction.

    Still upset about the price drop. How can you release a game at $39.99 on the day of its first release and then drop the price within hours?

  • Why isn’t there a demo this year? I would like to try it out before I make any buying decisions.

  • 25

    Unlikely you started then son or you wouldn’t care about the pixel images of fake awards. I weep when I see “gamers” have come to this as the enjoyment rather then an’ outstandingly polished game in today’s age of deadlines and push, push, push syndrome.

  • Yeah, I’m also having a problem with the digital copy of the game, I bought it, then would install it but I still received a corrupt data screen. Anyone know if this going to be fixed?

  • Can you play a regular game from a PS Vita and a PS3?

  • “best game on the vita hands down”

    this is what I would be saying if it had cross buy but since it doesnt ill wait for the price drops

  • I bought MLB 13: The Show from the PS Store. Its just over 20GB and I have a 40GB HD. From what I am reading online I need about double the space of the game to DL. I have deleted everything on the system (game data, BR data, etc.) and still do not enough free space. Am I just out $59.99? I guess I need an 80GB HD? Please help.

  • I downloaded the digital copy of MLB: The Show ’13 and it can only be played when i don’t try to update the game.
    If i attempt to update the game it will Show me a message stating that the game files are corrupt and must be deleted and reinstalled in order to play the game.

    So basically I can’t update any stats and must remain signed off to play.

    Any updates on this issue?
    Patches? Another update version? ANYTHING?!

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