Fuel Overdose Hits PSN Today, 2 Free DLC Packs Unveiled

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Fuel Overdose Hits PSN Today, 2 Free DLC Packs Unveiled

Indie combat racer Fuel Overdose launches today on PlayStation Store for $9.99. To mark the occasion, I wanted to show off the core gameplay by giving you 10 tips that will help you become a “tactical-action-racer” expert! Watch our two new trailers to see these tips in action, and to see something we haven’t announced so far: Two DLC packs that offer 10 additional vehicles — both of which are free!

5 Tips for Beginners

5. Challenge mode (00:46)
To get introduced to Fuel Overdose, check out the Challenge mode, which consists of 120 missions featuring special objectives from drifting to survival. Depending on the mission, some game features are disabled, enabling you to practice specific aspects of the game whether it’s driving, defense, or offense.

4. Handbrake and grappling hooks (00:54)
After an accident, these two abilities will help you quickly get back on the track.

3. Focus one or two weapons (01:01)
You can equip your vehicles with up to six weapons: machine gun, rocket launcher, mines, grappling hooks, detonators and Race Danger. But if you’re new to this genre, my advice is to start with only one or two weapons.

2. Chain combos to regain life (01:09)
Hitting enemies enables you to chain combos — and the higher your combo, the more life you’ll regain. So if your life gauge is low, chaining together attacks might be a wiser move than fending off enemies with your shield.

1. Shield (01:17)
Your shield decreases the damage you take, but it also stabilizes your vehicle when you’re being hit. Always keep your thumb next to the Square button!

5 Tips for Pros

5. Invest in mines (00:46)
If your strategy consists in leading the race, I suggest you to massively invest in mines as they will help you keep distance from your rivals.

4. Master grappling hooks (00:53)
Corner poles, attacks, counter-attacks, boosting…grappling hooks can be used in many different ways, so don’t hesitate to invest in this multifaceted weapon.

3. Feel the power of Race Danger (01:01)
The Race Danger is probably the most powerful weapon of the game as it gives you the possibility to change the scenario of the race at any moment…if you use it at the right place and at the right moment.

2. Machine gun + Handbrake (01:09)
Firing the machine gun while using the handbrake is a difficult maneuver that only the most experienced players can handle. But if you do so, you’ll be able to fire in 360°.

1. Glutton for punishment (01:16)
Getting hit fills your Berkserk gauge, so you might sometimes deliberately lower your guard to fill your gauge and get the opportunity to unlock a Super or an Ultra attack.

Lastly, it’s probably wise to hold off trying online multiplayer until you’ve spent some time in the offline modes. and If you wanna meet me online and learn a few tricks, here is my PSN Id: skandertk.

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12 Author Replies

  • Cool. Did I just see one of Wipeouts vehicles in those videos?

  • Is this playable on the Vita?

  • Hi there! This is Skander, producer of Fuel Overdose. Don’t hesitate to drop me a line to ask me a question or to send me a comment

    @KazeEternal > It’s not an official Wipeout vehicle ;)

    @ Zionine > PS3 only !


  • That’s a bummer.. But it’s cool! I read somewhere that it could make its way over.. :D
    Very nice looking game. [:

  • Wow, I saw Nudity & got all excited….

    Such a let down.

  • looks like fun, gonna check it out

  • Looks very cool. Would buy on Vita.

  • This looks like it takes some time to get good at the controls, but once you do it opens up a lot in terms of what you can do.

    • @FORMIK you’re totally right. Despite its arcade look, the game is extremely deep, with a lot of game mechanics that constantly challenge your decision-making skills. The game really shines after several hours of gameplay, so if you expect a micro-machines-like you might be disappointed.


  • Hade my eyes on this for MONTHs… before i saw that this was going to be 14.99. now its only 9.99. plus free DLC comming soon. 120 Challenge missions. sounds like a bang for your buck to me. niceee

    • @PainOfSarrow > Hey I remember you from a previous post blog. And I remember you kinda complained about the price at that time :). You know what you told me that day (and also another member of the community, who, if I remember well, told me that above 10 bucks you think twice before purchasing a game on the PSN) ,echoed in my mind. So if the game is priced at $9.99 it’s also because of you!


  • How can you not support these guys! $9.99 and 2 free DLC packs! This is a D1P for me. Well done and I wish you much success with this game. If sales go well you should port it to the Vita as you would then get 2 sales from me! :)

  • @skander Cool bro, its cool you listened to the community and put it to work for you.
    I also have been waiting for this game… And been quietly searching for every update. Seen videos and was happy it wasn’t out yet, cause I didn’t want to miss this.
    But you got my support and will get at 9.99 for sure. He is right, 14.99 puts you in a bracket of some other games that might SEEM a lil more substantial? Mirrors edge, mass effect, killzone HD… Just for example. But I’m buying it as soon as its available.

    Congrats on the launch..

    • @NLCPRESIDENT > Thanks for your supprt. The game will be available with today’s update. Don’t forget to send me a request! But as I said in the post spend some time offlline to practice first and keep the 10 tips in mind.


  • Looks very intriguing.

    Is the multi-player worldwide or locked to NA PSN accounts?

    • @RidleysBox > Worldwide My European Id is skandertk, so if you send me a request I could show you the DLC vehicles


  • Can you give us a date for God Of War Ascension digital release? I hope it will be in time with day 1! Please.

  • Skander Djerbi Thats very kool and Awsome that you Listen to the Community and have Consideration about the price range. Muchhh Respect from Us to you for that one. got my support. now i have no Reason to think Twice About buying this one. Been Interested in this title since your first Blog Post on it. really enjoy the Demo. Soon as the Store Updates this WILL be mine. SOLD, Good Job Man. Keep up the Great Work .

  • Thanks for the response Skander. My account is actually a JP one, not a EU, but if it is worldwide, then it should work on multi-player. =)

    • RidleysBox > The JP version is not available yet, and it’s gonna take at least a couple of months before bringing the game to the JP store as we haven’t finished localizing the texts. So my advice : create a US or a EU account and join us on the track.


  • thank you for listening to us when we said we’d buy it if it was $10 bucks, I was one of those people and I will be buying it today. This game takes me back to the days of circuit breakers for psx. I was a little disappointed by the demo but I think I didn’t give it enough of a try. I can’t wait to have the whole game!!

    • @boourns1984 > It’s extremely important for us to use all the feedback we can get. We are a super tiny team (only 2 devs worked on the development of the game) so whenever we can get some input we try to take it into considerattion.
      Actually the reason why it took us so long to release the game in North America is because we wanted to improve the game by correcting a couple of things that were reported on the European version, namely the frame rate issues. The demo you’re talking about and that is currently live on the store suffers from these issues, that’s why we decided to replace it with a new one that will release…soon.


  • interesting…never heard of it before today. Demo in the works?

  • swissmr.. i the Demo is Already out. try it

  • Hey team! i love this game! Its a very challenging racing game with deep tactical gameplay! I love it! i would have bought this game for 14.99! I guess gamers want the lowest price of course lol! if you do make a sequal think about it! or keep it the way it is thats how much i love this game! Love the characters too :D. Lene, Odessa and Ryuhei FTW!

    • @OmegaRomik Thanks for your support. If you enjoyed the game, please say it and say it loud :) . Kinda difficult these days to make oneself heard when you have an indie game in the middle of all these blockbusters.


  • @OmegaRomik Thanks for your support. If you enjoyed the game, please say it and say it loud :) . Kinda difficult these days to make oneself heard when you have an indie game in the middle of all these blockbusters.


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