Disgaea D2, Time and Eternity, The Guided Fate Paradox on PS3 This Year

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Disgaea D2, Time and Eternity, The Guided Fate Paradox on PS3 This Year

Greetings, doods! I hope you have all been doing well! I wanted to drop in to talk real quick about all the awesome new titles that were just announced at our annual press event! We have three brand-new PlayStation 3 exclusive titles lined up for release later this year for North America and Europe, so let’s jump right in!

Time and Eternity on PS3

Time and Eternity on PS3Time and Eternity on PS3

Time and Eternity on PS3

I want to kick things off with our big announcement from this year’s press event! Coming this summer, NIS America will be publishing Time and Eternity in North America and Europe! Time and Eternity was developed by IMAGEEPOCH Inc. and licensed by NAMCO BANDAI Games, and is a very exciting title for us, as it is a brand-new style of RPG using hand-drawn animation! Time and Eternity places you in a serene kingdom where everyone is ready to celebrate the imminent marriage of their princess to a valiant knight. However, when a group of assassins appears during the ceremony, the glorious day is brought to a screeching halt as the knight is mortally wounded in the ambush. As a last resort, the princess reveals her long-hidden secret—there is a second soul living within her, and together, they have the power to travel through time. But can they act quickly enough to reverse the course of history and find out why their wedding ceremony was crashed? All shall be revealed this summer, dood! This title will feature dual audio voicing and DLC, as well!

Disgaea D2 on PS3

Disgaea D2 on PS3Disgaea D2 on PS3

Disgaea D2 on PS3

Disgaea fans rejoice! Nippon Ichi Software Inc.’s Disgaea Dimension 2: A Brighter Darkness will be illuminating your lives this fall! This title is a direct sequel to the original Disgaea, starring the fan favorite characters Laharl, Etna, and Flonne! Story-wise, Laharl is back and has settled into his duties as a full-fledged Overlord. However, he isn’t getting the respect that he wants from the locals, so he sets off on a journey to get the respect he feels he is owed! Expect the same awesome Disgaea craziness, with new characters and old friends, and new demons ready to punchasize your face! Fans will definitely enjoy the new Master/Pupil system, where the player chooses the master and the pupil, as well as which skills to pass on! Benefits include new skills and higher weapon proficiencies for the pupil, while the master gets a stat boost for being a rad teacher! On top of that, character customization is back with a vengeance! It all will hit later this year for PS3 with dual audio voicing and a bunch of planned DLC!

The Guided Fate Paradox on PS3

The Guided Fate Paradox on PS3The Guided Fate Paradox on PS3

The Guided Fate Paradox on PS3

Last but not least, we have another awesome PS3 exclusive title from Nippon Ichi Software, Inc. titled The Guided Fate Paradox! Some folks may remember that way back at the end of 2010, I came onto PS.Blog to talk about our rogue-like title Z.H.P.: Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman for PSP. The Guided Fate Paradox is actually the spiritual successor to Z.H.P. – so rogue-like RPG fans across the world should rejoice!

The story for this title in particular is quite unique – imagine you are at the mall and you are forced to enter a raffle they are running inside… and you win! Congratulations, you winner, you! Your prize? You get to become God! Now that you are God, it’s your beeswax to go through the mysterious Fate Revolution Circuit and guide the fates of those who have prayed to God for help! You won’t be alone, though—you will also have a heavenly host of cute maid-angels and hot butler-angels to help.

“But wait,” you may shout shoutingly, “Ryan, go back to the rogue-like part!” Sure thing! This title takes the seemingly masochistic genre of rogue-like RPGs and makes it more approachable and fun for RPG greenhorns! Already a rogue-like veteran? Not to fret, as you’ll appreciate not only the awesome randomly generated dungeons, but also the insane combinations of items and gear you can use! Tank treads or a Prinny car for legs? Bat wings or robotic helmets? It’s all there, along with some over-the-top Disgaea-like special attacks. Also, look forward to customizing your character, equipping your angelic companions, and delving into dungeons so deep, you might end up on Hell’s doorstep! It’s coming this fall for PS3 with dual audio voicing!

That’s all for now, doods! We’ll be back in a few weeks to get everyone excited for the launch of Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory for PS3, which is set for later this month in North America and Europe! Thanks again for all your support, doods!

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  • Not Badddd.

  • All my yes. Can. Not. Wait.

  • Wow so sweet awesome! Its buy for me and it looks fun.

  • And I will buy them all…..pretty sure you hold the reigns on games that have chewed more of my time than any other…….SOUL SUCKERS!!!!

    • Hi Craazy,

      It’s definitely a great year for JRPG’s!

      I hope you will have a blast with these ^^


  • It’s going to be a good year.

  • I loved Z.H.P., I’m really looking forward to The Guided Fate Paradox. Disgaea as well. Hey, two out of three isn’t bad, right?

  • So which marketing man do I have to convince to bring D2 and Paradox over to Vita? Loved me some ZHP on the PSP.

    • Hi Genexi2,

      That would definitely be awesome to see them on Vita, but so far it’s looking like they’ll only be on the PS3. If I hear any updates I’ll definitely be back to talk about it though!



  • TIme and eternity looks very interesting

  • TIME AND ETERNITY! So random and so awesome! The art style of this game intrigued me. Stopped caring because I accepted that it would never come! You guys are awesome!

    • Thanks Senju_Karim,

      I’m glad to hear that you’re excited for the game! It’s a really cool and new approach for art on a RPG so we’re really hoping that everyone in North America and Europe will enjoy it!

      Have a great day!


  • Ryan, help me dood.
    My wife is stealing the TV dood
    Please ask the guys to made the games remote play compatible dood.

    Doods apart, I really would love to have all those great games remote play compatible, I already own every title for PS3 and Vita (of course the English versions, I still don’t know how to read Japanese), but my wife really insists in kick me out from the TV, then I go to the vita.

    Other thing that for me is wonderful is the dual audio, if you can let us have the sound in Japanese it would be great.

    Best regards, and count me in to purchase all those titles, my pocket is crying right now.

    • Hi Sowulo,

      I’m definitely with you on the TV being stolen, dood ^^ Hopefully in the future we’ll see more remote play games coming through the pipeline, but it’s looking like these will be PS3 only unfortunately. If I hear any news on remote play in the future you can bet I’ll be back to chat about it!

      Again thank you for your support!


  • All three of these will be retail and PSN releases for anyone curious. Still hopeful that Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory gets a PSN release as well. Great post dood Ryan!

    • Hi Richlando,

      Thanks for posting! As for Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, we won’t be having a PSN version available at launch for the game. For mk2 we did have a PSN version come later, however at the moment we don’t have any news on a digital version for Victory.

      All the best,


  • Any chance of Disgaea D2 on PS Vita?

  • Wow Disgaea 2 looks great!
    I hope NIS ports Disgaea D2 to the PS Vita because I’m about to finish Disgaea 3: AoD :)

  • D2* xD

  • Getting them all because Nippon Ichi, THAT’S WHY!

  • Love you Nisa!
    Cant wait for all of those games! man this year is packed with games not to mention PS4 releasing this year

  • I want all of them!

  • I’m very interested in all 3 titles, and plan to pick all of them up. Disgaea D2 especially. I’m always a sucker for a Disgaea game. Can’t wait to hear the new chapter in Laharl’s story.

  • No audio for Time and Eternity?

    • Hi hungcanh19,

      Sorry about that, dood! The trailer with audio should be uploaded shortly!

      All the best,


  • 2013 just keeps getting better and better for Playstation! Wooooot!

  • Time and Eternity looks amazing. I am currently playing through Disgaea 3:AoD, first Disgaea I’ve played and I think it’s pretty great. Hopefully Disgaea 4 will hit it too!

  • <3 u forever NISA

    • Hey jimmyfoxhound

      NISA <3's you and all our fans, dood! Without you all we wouldn't exist!

      Have a great night and thank you for the awesome support!


  • You should probably get on that Time and Eternity audio issue in the video above, dood!
    Can’t wait to play Disgaea 3 on my Vita, dood!
    Can’t wait for my Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory LE, dood!
    Same goes for Time and Eternity, dood!
    Holy crap, that’s 4 times I used the word dood, dood!
    Did Prinny invent the word, dood?

    • Dood! How goes it Tjoeb123!

      We’re on it for the audio on the trailer, the new one should be up soon, dood! I’m glad to hear that you’re stoked for all the upcoming games. That LE is going to be awesome – we had a blast creating it! Dood is universal, dood! You can pretty much use it infinitely!

      All the best,


  • Collectors edition?

    • Hey Oisterboy,

      We don’t any LE info yet for any of these titles. We love making them, so hopefully this is something we can make happen ^^

      Thank you for posting!


  • Toki Towa Time and Eternity is looking like it is going to be my first NIS America game I buy. I have been excited about it for over a year.

  • Will there be any preorder bonuses for time and eternity at gamestop? When do the preorders go up?

    • Hi Nates4Christ,

      I’m not too sure when exactly the preorder will begin for Time and Eternity on Gamestop, but more than likely it should be fairly soon! As for preorder bonuses, I unfortunately don’t have any info on that at this time.

      Have a great night!


  • good times ahead for nisa fans,thats for sure :)

  • “dual audio voicing” – the greatest part of each of those three descriptions. Thank you for caring about us who love the authentic Japanese voice overs, NIS.

    • Hey boxmyth,

      We know JRPG fans love dual audio ^^, so we really work hard to make sure that’s included for as many of our releases as possible! I’m glad you’re excited for all of these upcoming games!

      Have a great night!


  • I pity the foo’ who say jRPG is dead.

  • @19 It says dual-audio.

    @NISA – Will you be doing a deluxe version of Toki to Towa? I already have the JP Limited Edition and the art-book, soundtrack and 7 custom themes are nice additions.

    • Hi RidleysBox,

      We don’t have any LE info just yet, but feel free to sign up for our newsletter on our website if you haven’t already – we usually will announce that first and foremost there for all our titles!



  • @19 Sorry, thought you meant the game not the trailer.

  • @30 He means for the embedded video, not the game itself. Also, I second this! I will preorder as soon as I hear news of it, I swear by it!

  • Will pick up Disgaea D2 and The Guided Fate Paradox for sure!

    Not so sure about Time and Eternity.

  • vita pls?

  • Very excited for Time and Eternity, kind of makes up for the Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory delay :p.

    Also, will we be getting an update on The Witch & The Hundred Knights soon? I’ve been looking forward to that one for a while.

    • Hello poodude!

      Glad to hear you’re excited for the new games! ^^

      During our press event Mr. Niikawa stated to the press that The Witch and the Hundred Knights is nearing completion in Japan, so hopefully we’ll have more info on that soon, dood!

      We hope you’ll enjoy Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory!



  • Time and Eternity looks great! Please have some vita love also.

  • @35 How? It’s only been delayed by 9 days (which I hope will be used to ship my LE so I can get it as close to release day as possible).

  • i am getting all 3

  • I want them all.

  • Thank you, based NISA!

  • tears…won’t…stop… ;D

  • CURSE ALL OF THIS! I’m so sick of PS3 and PS4 news! When will Sony and third party developers focus on the PS Vita?????????????????????????????????????

    I bought a PS Vita because Sony advertised it as if it was the new hope for home console games on a handheld! Yet Sony isn’t showing the PS Vita the software library support they made it appear that they’d give it. Blast Sony to hell!

  • Actually, these games Time and Eternity along with Paradox should be released on both systems! The PS3 and the PS Vita. Oh, and what happened to Cross Play?

  • It’s up to 3rd party devs to choose whether or not they want to support Cross Play. Hi NIS!

  • @Phoenix: Shut up and stop crying. Same goes for everyone else on this blog that cries about Store updates every. single. week.

    On-topic: This is fantastic news, will absolutely pick up all 3. I’m especially excited for The Guided Fate Paradox as I absolutely LOVED ZHP (and rogue-likes in general). I’m hoping all games have dual-audio.

  • I hope they all get boss Limited Editions. If not, at least a preorder bonus.

    Buying them all, thanks for your continued awesomeness doods!

    • Hello Elvick_

      I too hope we can make some really cool LE’s for each one. If you haven’t already, please sign up for our newsletter as all the announcements will be made there for LE and other exclusive things!

      Thank you so much for all your support and for posting, dood ^^

      All the best,


  • How I wish these were also for VITA!! Thanks though, we love you!

  • Amazing!

  • I’ll be anticipating all these titles this year. Will Time and Eternity have a Limited Edition? That’s probably the best way I’ll be getting it day one. I’ll get the other two games day one, LE or not.

    Also, I love you guys, but this is like the 5th game in a row that’s been delayed with Neptunia Victory. I’m hoping you will break the streak this year starting with these titles, and start a new streak where every game actually comes out on the intended release date ;)

    • Hi greenzsaber,

      I like your avatar ^^

      We don’t have any LE info at the moment unfortunately for Time and Eternity. I hope we can get one going, we love making them at NISA ^^

      Thank you also for your feedback on the recent releases of our games. The last thing we want to do is delay the games getting into the hands of our fans – so we will definitely work hard to make sure all these make it out on their announced release dates!

      Have a great night, dood!


  • @42,43 its the price that you have to pay for being an early adopter.also, sony doesnt realize that whats “killing” the vita is the fact that the memory cards are propietary and overpriced as well.also, this system as awesome as it is…its competing against a handheld that is 50-75 dollars cheaper and with a growing library of games.as a matter of fact, i’m currently playing etrian odyssey 4

    its all on sony if they want this to succeed or not!

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