PlayStation Community Update: Venture Into Uncharted Territory

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PlayStation Community Update: Venture Into Uncharted Territory

The PlayStation Community forums have become a fertile, creative home for the discussion of the various Naughty Dog franchises but our UNCHARTED community has been truly remarkable. It’s a great place to meet some new friends and offer up your ideas about what you like to see and do in game.

PlayStation Community Update 3-1-2013

Visit the UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer General Forum in the PlayStation Community forums to learn about exciting community events, find new party members, talk with the developers and discuss the latest news.

We just launched our Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Free-To-Play and the community has never been more active. We’re looking forward to the new players from the Free-To-Play joining in the community and our forums. We are constantly looking for ways to make our multiplayer game even deeper and grow our community even larger. Our community is an active force and has helped influence some great, intelligent tweaks to our game.

Around the launch of the retail game Luxis launched a campaign to get more colors into the multiplayer on the forums. There was overwhelming support from the community as the months rolled along so, after some internal deliberation and feasibility testing, we did it. There are now more colors for multiplayer characters in the game as of the patch we pushed this Monday. We took the opportunity to celebrate our longtime supporters via our Colorful theme this month. In our Uncharted 3 Tournament you can earn Rainbow Guns and the Rainbow Shirt. More importantly you can giggle at our Nyan Drake er, game, in your favorite browser.

The community has been very active in creating their own tournaments and events. One of the most unique ideas to seed itself into our game has been the B2K Summer Olympics, which lead to DrakeShepard and his Winter Olympics. Now the Community World Championship will be held in March. We are providing some very cool prizing that only the Top 5 winners of this championship will receive and be able to use in-game:

PlayStation Community Update 3-1-2013

PlayStation Community Update 3-1-2013PlayStation Community Update 3-1-2013

Pretty cool, right? We’ll be offering these same prizes to community for other championships, events, and competitions that the community runs and organizes in the future. So check our forums and stay active to learn what those events are if you want to earn these very rare in-game items.

One of the most unwavering and awesome events in our community is the Naughty Paws event. Naughty Paws are Community Game Nights that are run by Naughty Dog community member SweetPoison13. They are typically held every Saturday or at least one Saturday a month. They are very fun and very well run. Please visit Naughty Paws event thread to learn more.

PlayStation Community Update 3-1-2013

We’re excited to see what cool ideas you have brewing and look forward to continuing to make the UNCHARTED community grow and thrive. See you online!


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  • You see, you always say “see you online” but I haven’t run into a single ND Dev during the 300+ hours I’ve played this game.

    Can we actually have a “play with the devs” night, Eric? Is that possible, even though it’s only a two-man ND UC3 team, please make it happen.

  • Glad to see the support for thegame still incoming!!!!!!!

  • Is aim assist in the game is really all i care about. Copying other game compaines is not good.

  • Great job Naughty Dog on supporting the game (almost 2 years out now). Hope we can expect Uncharted 4 for the PS4!

  • Uncharted 4 for the PS4 PLEASE!! XD

  • Thank you for putting Great support in Uncharted 3! However I hope you guys learn from your mistakes in trying to offer new things to the community. The Tournament System isn’t exactly implemented well and gives you a bad name, really…
    While Free2Play is Great but it cost is too much! Mind as well get the GOTY Edition.

    The Forum might not be the best community but everyone wants you guys to make something great! Stay away from greedy ideas!

  • So, I don’t have uncharted 3 anymore, and I’m around a level 30, can I download its multiplayer and continue to level?

  • wow yeah..U3 news whoo……….. ok I’m lying no “whoo”, The Last of Us or nothing at all ND XD

  • What I like to see and do is….UNCHARTED 4!!!! PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!! Nathan Drake is the best video game character in history and the Uncharted games are the best games ever made, bar none. As long as Uncharted games are made, I will buy every single one of them. Keep em’ coming please!!!! I wanna give you my money!! Hahaha :p and I’ll be buying The Last Of Us too btw, don’t worry :p

  • Loving the recent patch, thank you everyone at ND!

  • @7 – Your rank will still be retained but you won’t gain money or level up until you buy the level unlock component.

  • interesting stuff :D

    then again i already quit playing the game, already put alot of time in the game tbh

  • Who in their right mind added these dumb online trophies, and all in one go, no less? Seriously, retrace those “demands” and you’ll see that those who wanted MP trophies only got like 2 or 3, but what’s worse ALL of the rest had to suffer a 50% decrease in trophies of people who want what they don’t have then stop wanting it once they have it.

    I don’t mind DLC trophies but this is just ridiculous. I do not hate the people who came up with the trophies. But whoever it was, please tell them that thanks to them ND lost one of their biggest supporter (who has a platinum in U1, U2, U3 and Uncharted: Golden Abyss). But I doubt they’d care since it’s just one person.

    I am not mad, just EXTREMELY disappointed

    (And for others who say “why play games for trophies?” I say this: my money, my games, my decision x))

  • yazter … Horrible Reason and Decision. stop Wasting your money.

  • @12 so what are you complaining about? The fact that they added trophies harms you in what kind of way? Your money and your decision but their game.

  • Agreed that the trophies are a bit of a turn off which is why I will not bother with another US game.


  • *UC Uncharted

  • Naughty Dog make some great decision. How they come up with a idea to give out free-to-play online, will interest other gamers to actually get the game and play.

    I respect them to the fullest and hope to have a career job with them, You go Naughty Dog!

  • It’s not free-2-play, it’s a glorified demo that tries to bait you into spending more money on the multiplayer than it costs to buy the entire game at any store.

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