PS4 Recap: PlayStation’s Top Game Creators Speak

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PS4 Recap: PlayStation’s Top Game Creators Speak

One week ago, PlayStation 4 was announced in New York City in a presentation watched by more than 15 million people. We met the new DualShock 4 controller, soaked up some impressive hardware specs and services, and saw a barrage of upcoming PS4 games — from inFAMOUS: Second Son to Bungie’s new title Destiny.

During the presentation, Lead System Architect Mark Cerny remarked that PS4 was made “by game creators, for game creators.” To test that theory, we met with two of PlayStation’s top game creators, SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida and SCE Worldwide Studios Senior Vice President Scott Rohde, to see which of PS4’s new features has them most inspired.

PlayStation Meeting 2013

PlayStation Meeting 2013PlayStation Meeting 2013

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  • I wish I could remember where I left my time machine.

  • The more I hear about PS4, the more excited I get for it. Can’t wait to hear more about it!

  • Thanks for this. Can’t wait to see where PS4 and the future of PlayStation is heading.

  • Just please don’t screw up this generation sony.

  • Definitely excited for the potential of the console. Hopefully, this means for fighting games the PS4 won’t have frame lag problems like the PS3 had compared to 360.

  • Can’t wait till E3! I’m ready to camp out for my PS4

  • borderlands 3 on the ps4 or vita

  • I think i saw Ready at Dawn and Ninja Theory talking about the ps4 on the ps4 conference, i hope that means an exclusive title from Ready at Dawn and Heavenly Sword: Nariko’s Resurrection, heck here is an idea sony why dont you guys bring Heavenly Sword to the vita first?

  • So if you can instantly share a video of something great that just happened in a game you were playing, that would mean the PS4 will constantly be saving and erasing the last X minutes of your gameplay… That is not good for hard drive longevity =(

  • oh and Mark Cerny and Matt Southern from evolution studios did a superb job when talking about their games.

  • Is google+ one of the social networks supported on the ps4?

  • Could you release some more information on backwards compatibility through Gaikai? Will we be able to stream all our PS1/PS2/PS3/PSN games through PS4? Will we be able to utilize our existing save files?

    Will we need to pay more to stream digital content we already own? Will you offer a trade-in service so we can send in our discs and then be able to stream those games?

  • PS4 oh how I love thee! Can’t wait!

  • If Sony’s motto is “make.believe” then I think you’re in a unique position and hopefully mind set to bring a public SDK to the masses for the PS4.

    Imagine doing with your new x86 based system what the iPhone did for smartphones back in 2007. You would open a world of opportunity and possibilities. A world that we all know Apple, Google and Microsoft are already working on.

    But today you have the equipment, talent and attention of the public whether they’re a PS fan or not.

    Time to recruit!

  • I hope SONY reconsiders and puts in Bluetooth 4.0 instead of 2.1
    Also I hope PS4 takes advantage of SSD Hard Drives, and maybe latest HDMI where I can run VIDEO, AUDIO and ETHERNET on the same cable.

    Pretty Please with Sugar on TOP.

  • Beyond!!! oh wait………

  • Black friday bundle ftw

  • PS4 + PSVita = No TV No Problem. Or still need TV?

    If you have a Vita, you won’t need a TV if you only play single player PS4 games right? Like if you are in a room or place with no TV?

    Will you allow the Vita to act as the screen for the PS4 locally? Even when some games don’t offer remote play. Local Play will be OK.

    pliz include default key mapping of the PS4 controller to the Vita so all games have Remote Play even when devs don’t bother adding it

  • With the PS4 I am all about the new games and new franchises to come. I am so down for the return of infamous (been asking for it for so long) and knack is my second pick followed by watch_dogs. Not sure if I am going to jump with killzone since I still havent finished the trilogy (its still lieing on my shelf), but deep down and other third party games got me interested.

    As always, I will always give my priorities to Playstation exclusives, its what I bought the system for and I want to play what it can only offer and nobody else can on the market.

  • @16

    Actually, it’s better that Sony stayed with Bluetooth 2.1. It’s something I wouldn’t be aware of, but a couple days back I read an article about PS4’s current confirmed hardware… may have been the Digital Foundry analysis in fact. They brought up that PS4 is using Bluetooth 2.1 instead of 3.0 or 4.0, and mentioned that they KNEW people would try and bash PS4 with that and ask why when there’s newer bluetooth out there. And they went on to explain that every Bluetooth upgrade beyond 2.1 is all stuff to do with smartphone interaction (or something like that, it was about a week ago I read this), and that the new bluetooth would only be a wasted drain on batteries, and that while they (3.0 and 4.0) are “faster” with phones, it would actually increase controller latency.

    I’m not a tech guy, at least not on this subject, so the stuff about the bluetooth went in one ear and out the other aside from the conclusion that 2.1 is superior for gaming controllers. If you want accurate specifics go read the digital foundry article.

  • Count me in as being extremely excited about the new generation. Love the new controller, the new interface (big YES to share) and promise of Vita remote play (don’t let us down with this promise!).

  • LOL @ 18

    If Sony just came out of the gate with a PS4 Black Friday bundle…..dam. Like Drive Club and Infamous $499……WOW. What a SLEDGEHAMMER that would be for Sony!!! Though it’s an unrealistic hope. We’ll be lucky if we get the hardware for $499.

    I don’t know what Sony has planned, but I do have a good feeling that they’re gonna come STRONG. And since they aren’t trying to cram in complicated PS3 hardware into PS4 and aside from the RAM it’s all affordable components, they ARE going to be able to launch at a much lower mark than PS3 did at $600. So if they can get the hardware out on time, a killer Black Friday bundle may not be as unrealistic as I might think.

    I HATE waiting for info that I want.

  • The real question Sid is when can I preorder it?????????????

  • Or at least when can I preorder the game?

  • PS4
    Day 1 Purchase
    Can’t wait!

  • I am PS4

  • I am excited for everything on the ps4 and extremely amazed by the graphics but the number one thing I am excited for is remote-play with ps vita…I am a day 1 vita adopter who has carried the vita everywhere with me wherever I go and I have loved every game I have got for it but sadly universally it hasn’t gotten the love its deserved either due to lack up AAA games,remote-play & cross-play titles or expensive hardware and memory cards etc….Even though I know I will be playing the game mostly on ps4, I now have kids that take up all the tv’s in my house so the remote-play feature will be a life saver for me….

  • I remember hearing that the ps3 and psp would have remote play, and that was a huge let down. I hope Gaikai can fix this with the PS4.

  • PS4 looks like its going to be a great console. Can’t wait until i can Pre-Order

  • I cannot wait for this to come out. Please keep the holiday release locked in. I repeat I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS TO COME OUT.


  • It seems on the new UI that you can see your friend’s friends…will I be able to hide my friends? Will we have the options to hide our real name and just have our PSN names instead show?

    I know you can’t answer these questions YET, but what I’m trying to say is please give us the options to decide for ourselves. You know, try to come up with something before launch.

    Thank you very much
    and you’re wlecome

  • so sony, for when the virtual reality?

  • There were no top game creators in this video. Yup there were a bunch of top sony hardware devs and marketing. ppl. Anyway I get the point of the video.

    Sony u better deliver on all PS4 promises made feb 20. Also add in trophy leaderboards worldwide and fix the ps3 trophy system.

  • I really hope there is an iTunes App so I can play my iTunes Music and possibly Movies..

  • holly molly , dev sucks all are fatasses that want everything easy , ps3 is awesome but its hard? developers wont change they will not make more awesome games on the ps4 just bc of the graphics . LONG LIVE PS3!

  • Or at least read my iPhone’s Music.

  • Sony, if you can afford to sell it at $399.99 I guarantee PS4 will dominate this gen.

  • Mark Cerny is a fantastic presentor, and did a fantastic job of not only showing and explaining the PlayStation 4, but getting me excited about it. I would love to see him on stage for PlayStation again, and hopefully some PS.Blog interview *hint hint*.

  • PS4! I’m on the brink of getting one day one. Show me something amazing to get me out there for 2 nights! :D

  • Not sure if Sid or anyone will reply but by any chance will people be able to change their PSN account name… if i going to be sharing stuff on facebook i want a better online name :/

    Also about the controller wouldn’t it be better if the front touch screen was more of a “icon or symbol” thing…EX: ipod/iphone home screen. And during gameplay you can use it to change weapons, health, and etc, so that maybe the D-pad could be used for other things. (Offer developers more controls for the game)

  • Very nice video. If 75% of what was hyped on 2/20 turn out to be true within the first year, that will be incredible. I’m buying day 1.

  • PS4 specs are really awesome and software looks pretty good; will 3D be good on PS4 like PS3 or even better 3D sense you are using AMD GPU this time around then Nvidia?

    I have some good main question 1-4:
    1. Will you be using SATA 3.0 or 1.5 you used on the PS3 again? I hope for SATA 3.0; its better plus decrease load time on games from Hard Drive and ect on that matter.

    2. 8GB GDDR5 is that main system ram or is it spilt for the GPU as well or will GPU have its own Vram plus be GDDR5 as well?

    3. Is the Local Storage HDD still 2.5 and will having 7200RPM or higher make any different this time around like PS3?

    4. Informed System Architecture photo show Enhanced PC GPU and is the console having different GPU then the one on the APU? Like is their another GPU then the built one on the APU?

  • The way that sony came out at the event. I’m confindent that this is the generation of the playstation.

  • “holiday” doesn’t mean december, right? that’s way too long.

    i would be really happy if the PS4 was sold at $400 like everyone is saying. i just assumed it would cost more than the PS3s when they were new, and if that’s the case, i sadly won’t be able to get one. still, you’re getting quite a bit in this package: PS4 console, Daulshock4, that camera thing for the controller, and a headset/mic? you guys had me at the “share” button and Daulshock4 headphone jack!

    btw, just thought id also mention that it would be nice to have some sort of feature on the PS4 that would allow me to authorize the console to play my iTunes media =]

  • I’ve been seeing a lot of talk about 3D not being a focus anymore for the PS4. Please tell me that you will at least still support the current Blu-Ray 3D specifications for movies? And please don’t give up on 3D. Games like the God of War: Origins set, Ico+SotC collection, the Sly Jak and R&C collections all in 3D, and Killzone 3… they all looked amazing. If Killzone: Shadow Fall isn’t in 3D, I will be one sad PS4 owner. Please don’t let it die, and at least keep the firmware in place for movies, if nothing else.

  • Listening to the press conference I was thinking this is pretty much everything I could have dreamed of in a video game console. I was looking foward to buying it day one. Then I heard the bad news. No backward compatibility for any PS consoles. I personally think this is just ridiculous and see no reason why they couldn’t offer a more expensive SKU. I will not be buying the next PS if this is the case .

  • This was a really strong conference for for the fact that it had alot of games and actual gameplay . Now i must wait for more specifics on the console and see what it looks like :) i hope the console is around $400 to $450 that is the sweet spot for me and as soon as pre-orders take place i will do it

  • My hope from the PS4 is that I can stop having to upgrade my PC every 1-2 years with hardware to be able to play my games with top quality graphics but also smooth frame rates, I really hope that PS4 offers that to me, and continued PS+ support/rewards.

    Since PS4 consists of AMD/ATI parts that will be good for the price tag. Also 8Gb of GDDR5 RAM numbers sound amazing.

    2. 8GB GDDR5 is that main system ram or is it split for the GPU as well or will GPU have its own Vram plus be
    GDDR5 as well?

    Main system RAM will be 8GB GDDR5, The GPU will have it’s own VRAM, they haven’t said how much yet but I would assume at least 1gbVRAM (although 2gb+ would be better for 1080p) of GDDR5 like any modern PC GPU.

    I can’t wait to find out more around E3. This year is going to be a long one, filled with anticipation.

  • Sorry I don’t know how to edit a post,

    I want to correct myself
    The PS4 will contain 8 GB of GDDR5 unified system memory with a maximum bandwidth of 176 GB/s.
    The unified memory architecture allows the CPU and GPU to access a consolidated memory, removing the need for separate, dedicated memory pools.

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