IGN’s Top 25 PSN Games of All Time

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IGN’s Top 25 PSN Games of All Time

Holy crap, I’m posting on the PlayStation.Blog. I’ve been reading this thing for years and saying “Shut up, Jeff and Sid; I can write that better than you!” And here I am. I’ve made it. Beyond.

Anyway, IGN.com is this website I work for, and it’s the Internet’s No. 1 source for video game news, previews, reviews and videos. My Podcast Beyond cohost Colin Moriarty and I sat down not too long ago, and hashed out the 25 PSN games we’d recommend to folks with a PS3. Gameplay, graphics, story – it all factored in here. But there’s something different about this iteration of the list.

IGN’s Top 25 PSN Games of All Time

Namely: this is the last year we’re going to make it.

We’re not done covering PlayStation Network, we’re not saying nothing’s coming out this year – we’re saying that PSN games are so good that there’s no point in treating them differently. There’s no point in not letting them compete with the biggest boxed games. Journey was IGN’s 2012 Game of the Year; clearly, these titles are good enough to just be considered “PlayStation 3 games.” Plus, it goes the other way; PS3 games are available digitally now on PSN, so what’s the point in differentiating? Great games are great games.

So, this list is it. The best PSN games you can possibly buy. Did your favorites make the cut? Click on over, read the article, and leave an insightful comment. If you do, you’re entered to win a PSN voucher code that will get you all 25 games. That’s right: go comment on the IGN article and you have a chance at walking away with all 25 PSN games.

I am also told that leaving a comment on this here PlayStation.Blog post before 11:59pm Pacific Time tonight will enter you in a random drawing to score the same 25 PSN games. Not bad, right? The giveaway has ended and the winner has been contacted!


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