New PS All-Stars: Zeus & Isaac, MediEvil + The Unfinished Swan Level

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New PS All-Stars: Zeus & Isaac, MediEvil + The Unfinished Swan Level

Hi guys,

Happy to be back to tell you about some new surprises from PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. More costumes? More minions? Well, okay, yes. But also more new characters!

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Zeus

Our newest challengers are Isaac Clarke from Electronic Arts’ Dead Space, and Zeus from… well, from some of the foundational myths of Western society, but also from a little PlayStation game you might know called God of War by SCEA Santa Monica Studio.

How did these two emerge as All-Stars from the vast PlayStation multiverse? Synchronicity. We were talking with some friends over at EA who were hard at work on Dead Space 3, and with a lot of Dead Space fans on our team and all the cool tools at Isaac’s disposal, some quick concepts emerged and we knew he’d be a great addition. We’ve also wanted to add another “heavy,” hard-hitting character into All-Stars (Big Daddy was getting lonely), and with all the work on God of War: Ascension around Sony Santa Monica, Zeus emerged as a perfect fit.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC 2PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC 2

As you might remember, Zeus is kind of an arrogant jerk, but one thing you can say for him is that he does not mess around. As King of the Gods, he’s a big guy, used to getting his way, and he hits HARD. Of course he’s got some cool combos, but his primary offense is centered around fewer, but more powerful strikes that generate a ton of AP and send enemies flying. He can power up virtually all of his attacks into a “charged” version with all kinds of new effects, giving him one of the biggest move lists in the game. Super-armored rushing punches, a clone move, teleports, and lightning bolts–lots and lots of lightning bolts. Your best bet against Zeus is to stay on his good side (aka behind him), or far away.

His level 1 is a giant Lightning Clap that lacks range but has a great area of effect. Level 2 lets Zeus take to the skies and fly anywhere before exploding in a deadly lightning storm. His level 3 “Wrath of Zeus” takes you to Olympus to fight a godlike 100-foot tall Zeus, and in true boss-fight form, he can wipe out half the screen with a single strike.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Isaac

Through a combination of playtesting and staying true to his original series, Isaac emerged over the course of development as a strong mid-range fighter using the unique weapons and Kinesis/Stasis abilities you’ll recognize from the Dead Space series (think somewhere between Drake and Jak, with a lot of twists). He has some very interesting long-range options (the Bouncing Bola acts like sniper rifle that bounces off of walls, getting more powerful with each bounce) and he’s got some great moves up close, but just as in Dead Space, he’s at his best keeping foes safely out of his face. He can advance or retreat while firing his trusty Plasma Cutter, toss proximity mines, use Stasis attacks to freeze opponents, or spin slowly moving Ripper blades at enemies with a blast of Kinesis torque.

His level 1 super fires a supercharged stasis burst and then overloads his Plasma Cutter, which can be aimed anywhere, even at very long range. His level 2 super overloads his Kinesis module creating a bubble that launches nearby enemies away at “terminal” velocity, and Isaac’s level 3 takes you into space where he blows the airlock, sucking everyone into space for a quick game of something like “Asteroids” where Isaac flies around blasting opponents and space debris into dust.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC 2

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC 2PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC 2

Finally, what better to welcome new characters than with a new stage? The new “Graveyard” level mashes up MediEvil‘s Graveyard opening with… The Unfinished Swan. While we start in recognizable MediEvil territory (complete with pop-up zombies and a wisecracking gargoyle), the “Swan” elements are shown off with a mid-match whiteout and ink splatters that slowly reveal the emerging structures. There are lots of little Swan touches throughout the stage, from the hidden labyrinth, to a balloon, the King, and of course the Unfinished Swan itself makes a cameo.

So how do All-Stars fans get their hands on the new stuff? The new DLC pack hits the PlayStation Store on March 19th. As before with the recently released “Fearless” stage, the new “Graveyard” stage will be free in online ranked matches and $1.99 if you want to own it. As for Zeus and Isaac, I’m very happy to announce they will come to North America FREE as a redeemable downloadable voucher code packed in with the new God of War: Ascension, which launches on March 12th. When Zeus and Isaac Clarke go live in All-Stars on March 19th (one week later), you can use your code to redeem them any time after they are live. For anybody who doesn’t pick up God of War: Ascension (but of course that’s only crazy people–it’s got what I think is the most epic final battle in the series’ history), the characters will also be for sale in the PSN Store for $4.99 each.

I’ll have some more details coming on the new challengers in the coming weeks — until then, see you online!

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16 Author Replies

  • HAHAHA!, Oh god. Sure, because when I think of Sony franchises, my mind goes directly to ZEUS and ISAAC of all characters. XD

  • Stage and characters look great.

  • I welcome any and all support for this game, thank you and keep it coming!

  • And Seth I saw you at WNF a few weeks ago, I said hi.

  • add Snake to roster please!

  • I think Zeus’ moves looks awesome.

    I am glad the game is getting more characters, but I’d like to see some jrpg’s characters. And Jennifer from Primal.

    The title of the game is going to attract a lot of comments like #1 up there.

  • Just like the last DLC, these are very “meh” characters. Nothing too bad, but certainly not worth dishing out cash for. But since I’m not buying the also-very-meh looking game Ascension, there’s no way in hell I’m picking these up at $5 a pop.

    You want that kind of dough, bring out Crash. I and many others are willing to part with our money to help soften the licensing fees for that guy. But Isaac (especially with no dismemberment)? Pfft.

  • la verda estoy impresionado que metan a ambos y en erspecial el nivel de medievil me recuerda a mis tiempos de playstation one cuando lo jugaba a los 3 añoss increible y ahora a los 14 años lo revivo con este espectacular juego

  • Now, since they won’t be free for everyone, could they get some trophies to go with them? As much fun as new characters can be.. Trophies are more fun.

  • Don’t get me wrong these characters look great, but where are the classics like Crash, or Spyro, they’re putting a lot of more modern caracters in.

  • Awesome, I will buy it in day 1!

    Can’t want for the next one!

  • Awesome! More trophies too?

  • Looking forward to it.

    So people have been begging for an Assassin’s Creed character, more female characters and more Vita representatives. May I suggest Aveline from Liberation? She’d fit all 3 of those categories not to mention she already has multiple outfits perfect for alternate costumes.

    • There are more great game characters than could ever fit into one title, and we’ve had interesting talks with a LOT of great teams, but when it comes to 3rd party IP it’s not always as simple as asking :)

  • Isaac is a cool, unique addition but Zeus is a “safe” character.

    When are you going to put all-stars for the PS3 on sale? even just for plus?

  • Glad to know I am not crazy since I pre-ordered GoWA, which will also get me two free characters. Nice! Looking forward to the new stage as well. Also hoping for a Mr. Zurkon minion!

  • Awesome new characters especially Isaac but where is Crash Bandicoot? Activision better give gamers Crash.

  • Thank you so much SETH KILLIAN!!!

    Please tell us that there will be more characters after Zeus and Isaac!

    Oh and when is Kat’s roll going to be fixed?

    • I can’t talk about future plans but I know for a fact Kat’s roll is on the patch list and should be fixed up soon.

  • No offense guy, Game is awesome and everything, but this new characters are so uninteresting :S, You guys should focus on getting the characters that really represent the brand on the game, you guys know who im talking about no need to mention him… ill get the stage for sure, might get the characters if i get ascension next month, in the meantime ill wait for you guys to show a good new character for dlc

  • Third-party pre-order costumes when?

  • Yay! Keep the new characters coming! Know who would be fun? Dr. Nefarious even though he is already a minion. He would be so fun to play as. I’ll keep downloading new characters as long as you keep putting them out.

  • Isaac….okay – not bad. I hope his Dead Space 1 costume will be available. Zeus is a total ‘WHY?’ – a wasted slot, IMO. The stage looks interesting, and both MediEvil and Unfinished Swan have a lot of personality to them, so I think it’ll come across in background nuances. I’m not nearly as excited for this set as I was the for last DLC pack, but new characters and stages are welcome (especially if they don’t take months to come out after announcement).

    Now, if the next DLC character set is Lara Croft and Robbit Rabbit, you guys will get a big wet kiss from me! :P

    • As I mentioned, the team at SuperBot was interested in having another “heavy hitter” kind of character in the game, to round out playstyle choices for players. As for Zeus in particular, in every fighter I play, it’s rare that the character I like best “as a character” is the one I actually enjoy playing the most. Zeus is a lot of dirty fun, so I hope you get a chance to take him for a test drive before making up your mind.

  • Will there be more 3rd party characters in the future dlc? I know you can’t give any names but can you at least tell us that?

  • We want Old Snake, Cloud, Crash, Spyro, etc

    What do get? Bid Daddy, Isaac, New Dante, and Raiden..Character no one think about when they think PlayStation.
    You guys should release a title update so we can rename this game 3rd Party Marketing.
    No way any of those characters are PlayStation “All Starts.” Hell, Bid Daddy was even an xbox 360 exclusive at one point. And you guys wonder why this game sold so poorly. If you have characters such as Snake, Cloud, Crash, and Spyro you would have sold a lot more copies of this game.

  • Sounds & looks cool;) + Sorry to go on about it but PLEASE bring ‘Crash Bandicoot’ to this game :P He is PlayStation(PS1 days) to me(+ Snake & old PS1 Lara would be ACE!) ;)

  • Zeus is very much part of the Sony Allstars and a smart addition IMO. He’s been in all of the console God of War titles and with the release of Ascension (which looks and plays amazing, based on the demo) it makes sense. Isaac Clarke also has a lot of followers so I think he’s a good addition. Perhaps not an Allstar, but I still think he’s cool. Kat and Emmeric were great additions and the Wipeout level and now the Medieval level look fantastic. My biggest gripe with this game is actually that I don’t see each player’s score when I am playing. That’s why I prefer the 1 on 1 matches where it’s first to a number of kills.

  • This is cool to see continued support for this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks, and everyone that worked on it appreciates the support from all the great players beating on us online :)

  • I think these characters look great! I know everyone would love to see Spyro and Crash but Sony doesn’t own them. Maybe Activision wont let Sony use them. Who knows?

  • What ,?? the next dlc gone be 10 dollars ?? why so pricey

    • Much as we might like to, we can’t give everything away for free, but even these characters can be yours for $0.00 if you snag a copy of God of War: Ascension (which is definitely worth your time!)

  • Seth: “I’ll have some more details coming on the new challengers in the coming weeks — until then, see you online!”

    Are you talking about Zeus and Isaac or completely new characters we don’t know yet?!!

  • So is this GoW: Ascension deal a pre-order bonus, a bonus for the GoW:A Collector’s Edition, or available in any retail copy of GoW:A?

    Also this might be a little early to ask this but are there plans for future DLC and patches beyond Zeus & Issac? Since the DLC is now handled by Santa Monica I’m just curious if the plans are still active.

    • It’s not a pre-order bonus, and should be free in any retail copy of GoW:A, at least in North America. There are discussions underway for fans in other territories, but I don’t know any details there yet.

  • I don’t know about buying the characters for a combined $10, but it is a real good incentive to pick up God of War which I was already considering buying.

  • Day 1, or week 2. whenever it’s available to get without buying god of war. I love how creative you guys got with the level 3 supers compared to every other character released so far. Hope to see new characters and stages out due even these!

  • wow thats really unfair.. why arent the codes in europe too? always us…………

  • The Unfinished Swan Stage is awesome!!! the characters….. err, I’m going to be honest, they’re dissapointing and just in cause you need to hear it for 1000th time we want Spyro, Cloud, Snake and Crash, I don’t care if you guys are fans of Dead Space, why you didn’t ask Konami, Square Enix and Activision for those series instead of another oddball choice like Isaac (first one was Big Daddy)? well, you’ll only gain two bucks from me because The Unfinished Swan is such a wonderful title.

    • Always glad to meet another fan of The Unfinished Swan, it really blew me away. We have friends at great studios all over the world and have had a lot of conversations with different teams, but it’s not always as simple as just asking–even when you’re friends there are these pesky lawyers full of demands you can’t always meet :P

  • Wow. Did not see this coming! Everything looks great. I know not everyone is going to get their way, but i gotta say im really excited to play as these two, as well as that killer stage! Keep it up guys. I LOVE THIS GAME!

  • Not free huh? I’ll quit against any player that is using him.

  • The voucher code will be included in the God of War Ascension Coleector Edition too? Right? Because thats the one I preordered. And if it is thats awesome that saves me like $10 instead of buying them straight from PSN!

  • this DLC is an embarrassing joke. A multi platform character than had no real impact on playstation and a greek god that didn’t even start out a videogame character. This also breaks the 1 character per ip rule.

    BTW, when are those balance patches gonna arrive? and what aobut ranked 1v1, lobbies and everything else? oh and fix the god damn glitches and lag.

    • I didn’t know about the 1 character per IP rule, but we’ll keep it in mind :) We have a good series of patches coming in the pipeline now, so hopefully that solves your troubles, but online has been great for me and my friends, sorry to hear something is causing you trouble.

  • The stage looks amazing! Great choice AND great price. The characters….not so much. While I can see what they bring to the table as “game” characters, they are far from “pillars” or even footnotes in PlayStation history. The last thing this game needs is more “bad-ass”, gun toting dudes. Isaac is innocuous, but Zeus just…does not belong here.

    I believe the cancelled Abe would have been a better choice. I don’t know if there are mor characters in the running, but please consider characters from your japanese portfolio….Robbit, Tomba, Virginia, Vibri, Patapon, Jeanne D´Arc would all make great choice. Also, please try to get Square Enix or Atlus or Nisa characters, I am sure you can manage to negotiate some appearance from highly requested RPG characters!

  • Odd character choices but you guys knew what you’d expect from this. Two questions though for that voucher, does it also work for the Vita version as well and can we expect anymore character DLC for this game? Seriously, there’s some fighters I want to see in this game that are first party like Uberhero.

    • Can’t talk about future plans right now, but the voucher is good for BOTH Vita and PS3 versions of the characters.

  • It’s really nice to see that support for DLC characters, and levels, are coming so soon after the previous release. Hopefully this trend is continued, with more and more characters. The minions DLC is cool and all, but I’m sure that characters 1st and stages 2nd sell the most. Perhaps we can see more VITA characters like Kat, and some of our old classics. I know Spyro and Crash may be difficult to get a hold of, but I’m sure you can work out some sort of deal, right? :) Otherwise, way to go Superbot team.

  • Saw this announcement at Thanks for breaking down the characters Seth, give a little bit of insight on what each character’s all about.

    That being said, i’m only aiming for issac. Love Dead Space. Love shooters. Top Tier Engineer, let’s go. Also that RIG feature you mentioned? Really nice touch & how it switches colors indicating what place you’re in during the match.

    And lastly, thanks for showing the basic combos over at SRK. We’ll take the craftiness from here.

    • Haha, my pleasure. I flubbed a few in the live presentation but happy you got some good ideas :) I’ve got some very nasty combos with both Isaac and Zeus in training mode, but I can’t wait to see what everyone else cooks up come March 19th…

  • Die Zeus die.

  • P.S.-Activision wants us to like Skylanders, what better than to give us Spyro! Oh and…that isn’t an invitation for the other characters. We only want Spyro and Crash from them.

  • I just hope all this MediEvil support on the means a ps4/psvita upcoming title!!!! it would be beyond awesome to have another Sir Daniel adventure soon, i saw Ninja Theory talking about the ps4 on the ps4 conference i hope that means Heavenly Sword 2 as well.

  • wish they were free like kat and graves were. or at least give em to ps+ members for free.

  • I want a new MediEvil game sony, psvita/ps4 MediEvil!!!!!

  • This is a shameless way to market God of War Ascension and I refuse to be apart of it. Gonna ragequit against so many people.

  • maybe add spyro and crash, they are from the golden years of play station i think they would be awesome

  • Keep releasing chars! My friends and I still play this game together when we get free time during the week.

    I hope there is a way to get this game onto the ps4 we don’t want to stop playing. :(

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