BIT.TRIP Presents Runner2: CommanderVideo’s PlayStation Debut!

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BIT.TRIP Presents Runner2: CommanderVideo’s PlayStation Debut!

Being a small developer like Gaijin Games can sometimes force us to take things a bit more slowly, and this is why we are both apologizing for taking so long to start making games for PlayStation 3, and why we’re hoping you’ll welcome us with big ol’ greasy hugs when we get there. You see, we have something very special with Runner2, and we’re incredibly excited to share it with you on PSN on March 5th.

Also, if you’re brave and keep reading, you might find a little nugget of gold at the end of this blog post…

Runner 2 on PS3

The Magic of Runner2

While working on the original BIT.TRIP series, we knew we had something special, and we loved making those six games. But it wasn’t until all was said and done and we had time to reflect on the mess we’d made when we realized that BIT.TRIP RUNNER was one of the funnest projects we’d ever worked on, and as we contemplated our next steps, we looked at each other and thought, “You know, I bet we could murder peoples’ fun-glands with a sequel to this beaut.”

But we didn’t want to do a chintzy sequel that felt like more of the same. We wanted to go in a whole new direction while retaining the whimsy of the first game that we loved so much. Mike came up with a fantastic new art style reminiscent of classic cartoons, while Alex worked on new, subtle design elements. Once we pitched everything to the team, we had an epic brainstorming session and everyone was on board.

Top it off with incredible cutscenes narrated by the inimitable Charles Martinet, a handful of unbelievable characters, and a beat you can’t deny, and we think we landed somewhere special.

Finally in bed with Sony

After all these years, we’re incredibly excited to spread our wingflaps and venture from familiar realms and dive headfirst into the mysterious waters known as PSN. We’ve long fantasized about making a PlayStation 3 game (laserlife anyone?), and with Runner2, the choice to expand our development to the platform was obvious. It’s a new game in the BIT.TRIP franchise, with a new look, and with a new appeal. For a brand new audience, it seems like a great point of entry to a series of games previously unavailable on the platform.

Runner 2 on PS3

Living Mi Vita Loca

We are proud to announce that Gaijin Games will be bringing BIT.TRIP Presents… Runner2: Future Legend Of Rhythm Alien to PlayStation Vita. PS Vita is a platform that all of us at Gaijin Games adore, so getting Runner2 on the device was a priority. We truly believe PS Vita is a perfect format to enjoy Runner2 on; the game is simply gorgeous on that OLED screen.

PS Vita is the only place for Runner2 on the GO! Look for it this summer on PSN.

Not sharing our flavors with you on PS3 until now has always felt a little wrong to us, and we’re excited to make our PSN debut with Runner2. To help make it right, we’re offering Runner2 at a 20% discount for all PlayStation Plus members for two weeks!

We hope you give Runner2 a try, and please bug us to death with your witty commentary below, both before and after you play the game! We’ll do our best to answer every last comment.*

*Comments not demanding answering may go unanswered by our answerhands.

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6 Author Replies

  • This series made me rage quit gaming. CANT WAIT!

  • This does look like a good psvita game, is it gonna be cross buy? if not how much is the psvita version?

    • After 16 months of working on Runner2, I wanted to RAGE QUIT Gaijin Games! ;)
      I kid… Runner2 is the best videogame you will play ever in your life ever. EVER! <— see the rage.

    • That post was for that other guy. That is the rage that is happening. It’s not going to be cross play. Gaijin Games is self publishing the Vita version and Aksys Games is publishing the PS3 version.

  • More love for the Vita!!! Thank you guys! :D cant wait to pick it up

  • Wait am I reading right that the psvita version will also be released next week? Thought it was going to be released at a later date?

    • You sir, are reading this WRONG! SUPER WRONG! Well, maybe not entirely wrong. A Vita version is happening! But probably not until Summer.

      We cannot wait!

  • I demand an answer! Any chance we’ll see the previous games in the Bit.Trip Saga (see what I did there?) coming to the Vita or PS3? I have the original Runner on PC but haven’t gotten around to the other games yet.

  • If the Vita version will be cross-buy I’ll likely pick it up ASAP. Any word on that and on when we can expect the Vita version to come out?

  • This game looks beautiful no doubt, as has it’s own charm to it. I’m curious about this crude humor….I mean, I’m ready to get my “fun-glands murdered”.

    • It’s all in good fun! Let’s face it… we all need to flay open our fun glands and fill them with RUNNER2 joy sauces!

  • Let’s get some more interesting questions going as well… What’s your favorite rhythm game made by another company, and why? How about your favorite 2D platformer? I DEMAND ANSWERS! :P

    • Let’s face it Gitaroo Man on the PS2 is amazing… My favorite 2D platformer? That is a hard one, Super Metroid is my all time favorite games, does that work?

    • Parappa the Rapper and IF Super Metroid counts as a platformer, then I’m with Mike. If you don’t think it does, then… Super Mario Bros. 3.

      That game actually may have saved my life one night. True story.

  • I’ve never seen actual gameplay of this series, but I’ve heard great things about it.

    After watching this trailer, I’m on board, day one buy. I know Super Meat Boy had the character from this game as an unlockable character, any chance we’ll see playable characters from other games, maybe even Sony exclusives? It would be hilarious to watch the Traveler/Journeyer from Journey run around!

    • We won’t have any cameos in the main game, and adding them later isn’t something we’d planned on, but you’re right, seeing the Traveler from Journey would be rad. Also, what about Sackboy? And a goofy Kratos? Shot too nabby.

  • More Vita content? Nice! Seems like March is gonna be an awesome month. With two more Vita apps coming around spring as well.

    I wish there would be a demo, but that video is promising enough. Just waiting on the price now.

    • ZA GE ZAIKANO!!!!!

      We will have a demo for the PS3 PSN version on tuesday! As for more vita content, we couldn’t agree more! We’ve got these Vitas and we’re all like, man, I wish there was more content on ’em! And then it was like a lightbulb exploded above our heads!

      ….we could make Runner2 for the Vita!!!!

      And so we shall.

  • @ZaGe-zAiKaNo

    It’s $14.99 on Steam.

  • I have been playing this for the past few days on PC from the Indie Music Bundle.
    Runner 2 is AWESOME! I was wondering if it would make it to PS3/Vita it seemed like it would be a perfect fit.

    Cross-buy would be EPIC good! I was literally just considering installing Steam at work to play but on Vita I can just, ahem, whip it out and play!

  • Sweet, definitely buying this for Vita! 20% discount is nice but what is the price?

  • Well I have some favorite 2D “games”….

    Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World
    Castle Crashers
    Super Meat Boy
    Dust: An Elysian Tale (Haven’t played it, due to no longer owning an Xbox 360, but it looks amazing)

    Those are just off the top of my head. Looks like I’ll be adding this game to my amazing 2D sidescrolling/platforming game collection.

  • @trustyourpilot

    Was referring to the PS+ price, but thanks for the regular price notice!

  • Ahhhhhhhhhh yeah, another PS Vita game most glorious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Go_Buddie_Go,

    You should check out “LIMBO” as well!

  • Any chance we can get a Commander Video Avatar next week too? PUH LEASE??????

  • Glad to see more BIT.TRIP in more places, since there is never enough in this world.

    1. Are you guys doing Cross-buy or Cross-saves or anything like that for Runner 2?

    2. Could more BIT.TRIP games be released on PSN in the future?

    3. Which one do you like more: Bits or Trips?

    • 1. We won’t be doing cross-stuff for Vita PS3, due to the two games being published by different entities.
      2. Maybe….. WHO HAVE YOU BEEN TALKING TO!?
      3. Definitely bits. Or was it trips…. No, definitely bits.

  • @four24twenty
    Ahh yes, I’ve been meaning to purchase Limbo. However I wonder if we’ll get it as a free PS+ game, I purchased Closure and that game came out for free like a month later.

    It’s not a bad thing if I purchase it, just would be cool if they gave me a free game I don’t own yet. >__>

  • “PS Vita is the only place for Runner2 on the GO!”

    Uh, wasn’t an iOS version announced recently too?

    • iOS was announcedish – That does not detract from the FACT, that the Vita is the best way to play the game… I mean… The Vita has buttons!!!

  • @Alex Neuse – Bad enough to buy them. Hard. I’ll buy them so hard your great grandchildren’s pet goldfish will feel the impact!

  • Looking interesting enough.

  • I was thinking of getting this game when it was released on another console though I knew I could wait for the PSN release & for the March savings. But the 20% discount is a nice plus & wasn’t expecting that, so that’ll be worth the wait to get it. I saw the official price was $15, so I wonder what the discount price will be for this.

    Even though I never tried the original, I did had fun playing the Bit.Trip Arcade game on “Retro City Rampage” from the start to the end, with some rage. So it’ll be a great time on March 5th playing that sequel.

    • You actually beat the Retro City Rampage BIT.TRIP levels?

      We take our hats off to, Wesley37.

      Our hats…

      …are off.

  • I demand to know…What was I thinking when I got dressed this morning?

  • I’ve got Bit.Trip Runner 1 on PC and have been enjoying it for a long time now, so I’m interested in this. Not too sure on the new art style, but I’ll be definitely checking out the demo. At this moment in time, I’m actually more interested in double-dipping on the first game… especially if the first game manages to be a cross-buy title somehow.

    • Let us know what you think of the art style change after planting your peepers on it in motion. It’s a whole other ball of earwax.

  • @ Wesley37-If the price is $14.99, 20% off of that is $3.00.

  • Welcome to Playstation! I love the art style of this game and the game mechanics look like great fun.

  • You got a buyer right here! I still play the original on my PC when I feel the need to rhythm goodness. Which is quite frequently. Ill be buying it for my vita!

  • Wow the game looks great! Will there be cross buy between the PS3 and PS Vita versions?

  • first i rarely respone to a blog post but im am to show you guys some love so here a hug. now let get down it welcome to playstation. we need more indie games on the vita. i love indie games. ok ok so my question is now that the ps4 is announced any plans on backing it. also what is the playstaion vita price range???

    • We accept your hug, and raise you one big sloppy kiss.

      As for PS4, we are definitely on board, but with what, we’re not totally ready to say. Something mindblasting though.

      And Vita price range is as of yet UNKNOWN….

  • I think everyone’s confusion, including myself pumped for more PS Vita content, were misled by this Playstation Blog’s description on the main page.

    “CommanderVideo makes his PlayStation debut in Runner2, coming to PS3 and PS Vita next week with a 20% discount for PS Plus members.”

    Someone might want to reword that before Vita owners RAGE. lol

  • Oh wow, I didn’t actually read the blurb on the main page. That IS weird.

  • aw man, they need to change the title on the main page. I’ll be waiting for the Vita version it will really be perfect for a handheld.

  • Title of entry is misleading, I thought PS Vita version comes next week as well as PS3.

  • Heard about this yesterday. Really looking forward to playing this on the Vita! Thank you guys for supporting the Vita, and it’s awesome that you guys are even self publishing on the Vita. Hopefully other indie devs take note, though I think many have.

  • Will wait for the Vita version and will get day one with dat PS+ discount!

    Too bad I have to wait till summer tho :(

  • Couple questions:
    1. What’s the frame rate one Vita?

    2. Will it be native res on vita?

    3. Will it use any type of anti aliasing on vita? (Like LBP vita)

    • 1. 0 FPS as of this response
      2. It will be whatever looks/feels the best
      3. Man… The questions get harder and harder.

  • I’m so glad I can play this on my two platforms of choice, PS3 and Vita, and not have to resort to buy U know what ;) :P Day 1 buy for me, love the art style.

  • this does look like it could amazing for mah vita :) i do have a few coins to spend….welcome to my backlog

  • also any more vita games in development????

  • Another vote for native resolution on the Vita. If Just Add Water can do it for Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath, you guys surely can :)

    aaaand yet another vote for the original Saga on PSx/Vita.

    Also, a vote for high-quality audio assets that take advantage of the PS3/Vita: lossless or 320kbit/sec AAC/Ogg! Really tired of Wii/iOS ports coming to PlayStation with crappy low-quality MP3 assets :/

    • This is a lot of requests!

      Consider your vote registered for native resolutions!

      Original BIT.TRIP on Sony platforms… check!

      Nice one on the audio. We’ll see what we can do!

  • I was sold until i saw the price i thought it would be under $10

  • Oh man, back before when I had a wii I played a demo of bit.trip game so much.

    So glad this is coming to vita, totally gonna buy it day one. I just don’t like buying digital things on the wii.

  • This game actually looks pretty fun I might pick it up.

    • We have gotten reports of massive funwaves coming out of human flesh while playing. Some reports of funwaves going INTO human flesh, but nothing concrete on the latter yet.

  • Got this on PC yesterday, and I must say as a HUGE fan of the first Runner, I am extremely impressed! Runner 2 honestly makes the original seem like mere tech demo. There is a remarkable amount of depth to the stages now. When i die on a particularly tricky sequence I can’t help but smile, and soak in the incredibly designed stages and the punishment they bring. I will likely get this on PSN next week anyway, it’s THAT GOOD.

    • That is so awesome to hear! Thanks for such amazing words! The PlayStation controller definitely lends an amazing handfeel, if I’m allowed to say that word on this blog…

  • @Alex yes i did lol

  • Oh man, the replies to these comments are genuine and made me smile. Good job guys.

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