Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker on PS Vita Today

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Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker on PS Vita Today

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Prep your Fulton Recovery Devices and dust off your Love Box! Today we’re confirming that the critically acclaimed PlayStation Portable version of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker will be available on PS Vita as a PlayStation Store download later today!

Step into the shoes of the legendary Big Boss and infiltrate the lush forests of Costa Rica, recruit soldiers and construct your own Mother Base as you lay the groundwork for your band of Militaires Sans Frontières (Soldiers Without Borders).

Metal Gear Solid: Peace WalkerMetal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Or work together with other players in special, four-player CO-OPS (Cooperative-OPerationS), and six-player competitive matches using the PS Vita’s Ad Hoc capabilities in this title originally released for the PSP in April 2010. (Note: Transfarring functionality not available in this version of the game.)

Will you be picking up Peace Walker today? Let us know in the comments and share your favorite Peace Walker moments on our official Metal Gear Solid Facebook Page.

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  • Trophy support?

  • Does it use the analog stick or the face buttons for aiming controls?

  • Amazing how much more visually impressive this older PSP game is than the Vita game Assassin’s Creed: Liberation.

  • This is great! However it would be even better to get a version with trophy support. Hell, if you guys released Portable Ops and Peace Walker HD for the Vita, I would gladly pay $40, hell I’d gladly pay $40 each.

  • Yessssssss thank you….I wish it would be the hd version with trophies but ill take this now we just need portable ops then my metal gear collection will be complete on vita

  • @#2 The Vita has adjustable controls so that you can assign the face buttons to the analog stick if you desire.

  • So what’s different? I already own/play this on my Vita.

  • #3: Not really. This doesn’t even look as good as some other PSP games. Great game though.

  • This as unexpected! I have HD collection already for Vita. Might aswell pick this up and start working to unlock the best gear. No pun intended.

  • thank you so much for putting this on the store, although I was able to transfer it via my PS3, this will be good for people who don’t have a PS3

    But I was wondering if your guys are going to release Portable Ops for the vita as well? I’d love to play that game again!

  • Hi Dalton!
    I love Metal Gear.

  • too late I transfered to PSVita via PS3 a few months ago

  • Great! Now how about Portable Ops and Ac!d 1&2? I’ve been dying to play those but never got the chance because they aren’t available digitally.

  • About time.

  • > (Note: Transfarring functionality not available in this version of the game.)

    So, basically a pointless thing then. Unless you still have a PSP anyway. In which case you could take a pain in the butt work-around route to get the same thing for this.

    Now if you’d answer (though I doubt you will) why this version doesn’t do it when other regions will, I’d appreciate the answer.

  • would rather have a Vita version with enhanced graphics and trophy support.

  • Awesome! Is Metal Gear Solid (the PS 1 classic with Gray Fox) compatible with Vita as well as PSP?

  • > Great! Now how about Portable Ops and Ac!d 1&2?

    Port Ops is already on the store, it just needs the same thing as this (but that’s pointless since the online mode is dead and buried and the single-player really isn’t worth playing)

    Now AC!D 1 and 2… yeah, those aren’t on the store and it’s been a crime that Kojima/Konami hasn’t done that.

  • Hi,

    Can we use the PSP Savedata on the PSVita version ?

  • All I want to know is if I can configure to use the right joystick to move the camera and use the buttons for normal control. IE. Can I play it just like the Peace Walker HD version?

  • Also, could we get an update on Zone of the Enders HD on Vita? Don’t say it isn’t announced because you can clearly see the Vita logo at the end of this trailer with Kojima on stage I may add:

  • So, this is just an update saying the PSP version is coming to Vita… not a Vita version. Bummer, yet good news on the PSP compatibility front.

  • Nice! Thank you!

  • For some reason, I thought the PSP version was already playable on Vita, hence the exclusion of Peace Walker on the HD collection. I don’t have a Vita yet, so I didn’t bother to check. But this is fantastic news tho.

  • Just checked out the price of Peace Walker on PSN. HD PSN verion is $19.99, older PSP version is $29.99. I smell a price drop, or just a wicked fart in my general direction.

  • @Francision69

    This is not the HD version of the game that came out for consoles, its just the original digital version that is currently available for download on the PS3, Online and Media Go PS Store.


    Since the Vita’s PSP emulator has the option to assign a set of buttons to the second analog stick, yes, it’s possible to aim with the second analog stick.

    Also the Vita was already capable of running this game since launch, it was just not available on the PS Vita’s version of the PS Store, you had to purchase it from Media Go or the PS3 and then transfer from the PS3.

  • Holy crap! Was not even expecting this. I’ll get this along with mgs2 sometime later in the month.

  • Is Portable Ops the red-headed step child of the MGS family?

    I really wish they would bring that game to have Vita compatibility in NA. Europe has had it since launch I believe. Why no love for us?

  • @ 19 yes if you have it on media go you can copy/paste save data to the Vita. I did this with all my PSP games so it should work.

  • Correction to my post @24, they’re the same. Either it changed on me or I need glasses.

  • Any info on Portable Ops/Portable Ops+ compatibility?

  • So is the game still stupidly overpriced too?

  • Can we expect a patch for Transfaring?

  • Hopefully they lower the price. Considering you can still get the game new for less than 20 bucks 30 is just ridiculous.

  • Kept you waiting huh?

  • Awesome. When are we going to get the original Metal Gear Solid on the Vita store?

  • I have to ask, what took so long? The game was compatible with Vita in North America via a transfer from PS3, back during launch. The game was downloadable directly to Vita in Japan on Day 1, with Europe getting it shortly after. Yet, in North America we have to wait more than a year? It’s not like you guys added trophies, or changed the Adhoc-only multiplayer to an online based one, it’s literally the same PSP ISO uploaded back in 2010, that I bought on day 1…

    Since you guys are releasing old PSP content on PSN again, can I ask for you to fix Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops/Portable Ops+’s compatibility with Vita? That doesn’t work via PS3 transfer here. Works in other regions though. While you’re at it, maybe bring Metal Gear Ac!d, and Metal Gear Ac!d 2 to PSN, they were never released digitally for PSP/Vita. Also, bring the Yu-Gi-Oh! Tagforce games too, heck, localize the last one (as well as the new Suikoden PSP game) as PSN exclusives… Okay, the last two is me dreaming.

  • I will not be buying this because I have the digital psp version of MGS Peace Walker (which works on the vita) and I have the MGS Collection for my PS3

  • I believe the title should read “PSP version of MGS PW is now downloadable on Vita today” – as I came here exptecting to hear the HD remake version being ported to the Vita… only to be told that it’s just the PSP version,…. sigh.

  • But I do have a question. Will crossplay work for the psp version of the game or just the ps vita version.

  • I already played this, I’d love to have Portable Ops :(

  • @37: You do realize that this blogpost is referring to the PSP Peace Walker right? It’s just that it can now be downloaded and bought straight from the Vita instead of transferring it.

  • Release your PSOne Classics to Vita and then we’ll talk.

  • The real question is: “Can we play CO-OP with someone who owns the PS3 version of this? If so, how?”

  • @43: That isn’t the real question because the obvious answer is no. You couldn’t do that before and you still can’t do it. How would putting a PSP game on the vita shop that you could already play on vita make it work with a ps3 title? This is not a Vita remake, it is just the overpriced PSP game.

  • SNAKKKEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LOL this doesn’t graphically look better than AC:Liberation. Can’t wait to play this though.

  • Please release Portable Ops on Vita! It’s the only one I haven’t played, and I don’t have a PSP! I just have my PS3 and Vita.

  • Is Transfarring functionality something that you guys are looking to address? I would think that this could get patched on the PS3 version so it reads the PS Vita as a PSP.

  • Nice try but no, thanks. I’ll stick to my UMD, which does support transfarring. Wake me up when a REAL full-featured Vita version comes out.

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