God of War: Ascension Single-Player Demo on PSN Today

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God of War: Ascension Single-Player Demo on PSN Today

God of War: Ascension on PS3God of War: Ascension on PS3

Champions! We wait to Ascend.

The studio floor is empty and silent. The team that once buzzed with the energy and fervor is now quiet. Full. Satisfied. The countless souls that once labored deep into the night have been dramatically refreshed with sleep… lots and lots of sleep. You see, the Gods have demanded our creation and now there is little we can do but wait. We must abide together until it is unleashed upon the world on March 12.

But waiting is so hard.

God of War: Ascension Single-Player Demo on PSN Today

What would you give for a glimpse into the future? For a taste of Satyr blood? To unchain Kratos before the world is ready? Would you swear a blood oath to Olympus? Forge a bond with the Gods?

It is a tempting offer…no? Behold the spoils in return for your bond!

We’re thrilled to unleash our God of War: Ascension single-player demo to ALL PlayStation Network users later today. Become Kratos and escape the epic Prison of the Damned. God of War: Ascension’s demo will allow players to explore and master the legendary Spartan’s new advanced combat.

Make your stand against a Titanic beast and its infected legions.
Unleash your Rage in fiery explosions that burn your enemies to ash.
Impale enemies on your chained blades and use them in combat as living wrecking balls.
Wield the weapons of your enemies in countless new combos.
Climb and slide your way through the chaos as the world turns upside down around you.

Want a closer, behind the scenes look at the enhancements and additions you can expect from Ascension’s gameplay? Check out this new entry in our “Unchained” series of videos:

God of War: Ascension Single-Player Demo on PSN Today

After you’ve played through our demo, or in-between multiple plays, be sure to check out our exclusive section for History’s upcoming scripted original series, Vikings. We’ve packed in some custom video content and an inside look at this exciting new show, which premieres Sunday, March 3 at 10/9c on History.

I also wanted to remind you to check out a legendary Multiplayer DLC weapon we created in partnership with History, inspired by the series Vikings. The legendary “Mjolnir,” or Hammer of Thor, will be included exclusively with all copies of God of War: Ascension purchased at Best Buy. Forged in the fires of Asgard and tempered in glacial ice, Mjolnir will obliterate your enemies with its thunderous might.

God of War: Ascension - Mjölnir DLC

The Multiplayer DLC weapon “Mjolnir” Hammer of Thor is a special limited-time offer available only at Best Buy when you purchase God of War: Ascension. Every copy will include a voucher to download the DLC weapon “Mjolnir,” as well as unlock our Mythological Heroes Pack which includes unique armor sets of ancient Greece’s greatest mythological heroes: Achilles, Perseus, Orion and Odysseus.

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  • Thanks Todd!

    I already have the demo thanks to Rise of the Warrior. Goes without saying that this will be my Game of the Year!

  • Todd Papy, can you confirm a day ! digital release for this game? This is a First-party ps3 game so a digital release should be mandatory!! Please respond back A.S.A.P. many International ps3 users only option of getting this game is through the psn store…(including myself). Thank you

  • Good , Hope the update doesn’t arrive too late like the last week

  • Hey Todd,

    You may of noticed that a lot think MP is worthless to GoW. I’m not gonna go into another argument about it’s inclusion in Ascension – but i wanted to ask you why MP was chosen over more natural was of improving GoW?

    Like adding RPG elements, Branching paths, Co-Op, a More open world, Fully controllable camera, NPC’s, Upgradable Armour, and so on…..

    I think all these rather obvious gameplay centered ideas were ignored so that you could make money off charging for MP maps and online passes.

    What say you, Todd?

    • Hey MP_is_for_Chumps,

      First off, your name implies you may not be a fan of Multiplayer in any game, so that right makes it difficult to affiliate with your opinion.

      That said, we spared no punches, no stone left un-turned, no ounce of sweat left in us, with every beat of our heart, in the development of our single-player OR multi-player for God of War: Ascension.

      We’ll say it again, the development of Multiplayer for Ascension had ZERO impact on the development of everything we wanted to do with the single-player campaign. That was the top priority, to ensure both modes met our high bar of quality that every God of War game preceding us has achieved.

      We wanted to bring something new and fresh to God of War, not just for the sake of doing it, but doing it RIGHT. If you played in our MP Beta, then you saw that first-hand. We’re excited to show you the un-revealed Gods – Poseidon and Hades, more maps, weapons, armors, and an unannounced mode as well. It will be epic.

  • @ MP_is_for_Chumps its your opinion…personally I think its one of the best things they added to the franchise aside from the improve combat, have u even tried the mp beta, dont despise something u never tried I was skeptical at first too but honestly its really good.

  • Can’t wait to play this demo. Huge GOW fan here. I got my copy paid for already at amazon. Got it for $25 (had some credit). This campaign is going to be epic. Santa Monica studios has never disappointed me in any GOW games and I know they won’t start now.

  • @duffyboy1986-I agree with you on the multi-player. I enjoyed the beta, even though I wasn’t very good :).

    As far as your question about the digital day one release, if you don’t get an answer here, do you have access to the weekly blogcast? This past week’s was late due to the PS4 announcement, but normally it comes out on Thursday, and they typically are really good about discussing the following week’s releases, including if any retail games are day one digital.

  • That is one epic trailer!

  • lol GoW MP was not great… sure it wasn HORRIBLE but i couldnt play that everyday.. it was for for a few hours before I got bored…. MP in other games is at least good enough to keep me interested a few days or a week before it gets old and repetitive… GOW MP couldnt even hold me over THAT long

    • We await your verdict in the final game. Do tell what didn’t hold your interest, we are here to listen and learn, always.

  • Already played this demo and it is AWESOME! Can’t wait to get the full game in a couple of short weeks! Well done guys!

  • This looks like a great game. Three years later, God of War III is still my favorite game of all time. One question: I know the game is going to be in stereoscopic 3D, but will the demo be as well? I haven’t had many chances to use my PlayStation 3D Display since I got it around Christmas and I was hoping to use it tonight.

  • Epic trailer, will there be a commercial that shows gameplay?

  • Will this be on PSN as well or is the file size too large?

  • Hi Todd!

    Is GOW:A also getting digital release on PSN as day1 digital title ?


  • I’ll save my self the spoilers cause GoW is day1 purchase ;)
    but thanks anyway

  • Why isn’t God of War a Day 1 digital? Doesn’t make sense

  • @ infamousXX87XX-Has it been confirmed one way or another? Because if it is not, I will be pre-ordering.

  • I played the MP on the beta and I think it’s garbage. Now my expectations for the single-player have quadrupled, and I will also say the lackluster MP experience really brought my hype down for this game.

  • As big as a God of War fan I am, I won’t be playing the demo when it releases today. I’m just so hyped for this game I don’t want to spoil anything for myself so I’m limiting myself to just trailers.

    Two more weeks until I pick up my collectors edition, can’t wait! =)

  • It’s the same demo that was in Total Recall right? Because I already played that one. :)

    • NO, the demo we are releasing today is “Prison of the Damned”, as the above blog implies. Check it out, big difference. Thought the E3 demo is a location in the game, just can’t tell you when and where.

  • Does anybody know how many maps will be in the multiplayer for God of War Ascension?

  • Thanks Todd! Pre-ordered last week, can’t wait for the multiplayer! Had some dope killing sprees in the beta.

  • @17

    It’s not on the schedule for day 1 digital for next month. Look at the “Spend 50 Get Back 10” posting from this morning. Time to go preorder

  • @21 I think they said 7 at launch

  • Also, will the multiplayer have private matches so we can face our friends?

  • Jesus….I can’t wait any longer….my excitement for this game is bursting…fantastic trailer…I didn’t watched the 30 min gameplay because I don’t want spoilers…so that trailer was epic….I wonder if there will be something more impressive than Cronos on GoW 3…thats the most impressive thing ever done in video games.My money is yours.

    @ 16 infamousXX87XX – For the same reason that GoW 3 isn’t available in digital download…and yes it makes sense…the file size.

  • by the gods!!!!!!!!!

  • Soo hyped for this! every time I see it the game looks better :D Can’t wait for my collectors edition!

  • @20 No – it’s not the same demo as the Total Recall blu ray one.

    It’s one that they showed a couple of weeks ago in a 30 minute video. I believe it’s the opening to the game too. either way, I would highly recommend you play it.

  • Awesome trailer! march 12 can’t come soon enough!!!

  • Yay for a Best Buy exclusive!

  • meh…i might try this game whenever it eventually becomes free for Plus members. No way am i wasting $60 on a GoW game.

  • Will the demo have stereoscopic 3D like the retail version?

  • Perfect, long wait worth.

  • cant wait…. i love paying for games i like

  • it also looks like an actual “deep” story i there like in GOW: Chains of Olympus

    • The story in Ascension is by far, the deepest and most emotional yet. It is far more varied in locations and story-telling than any previous God of War game (all which hit this bar in their own right). We feel very good about the story overall and are excited to for you to see what happened to Kratos before he became the God of War.

  • I’m guessing it will come to PSN Day 1 … in the other post about the spend $50 get $10 I asked that question & got a response to check back next week … it’s a Sony exclusive – they’ll do Day 1 digital – just not sure about the preorder bonus content … hard to decide if they don’t firmly reply …

  • The last G.O.W. game of this console generation and will no doubt be the best in the series, pre-ordered and waiting.

  • @ 32 Ryumoau – Oh the troll had to come over….haha GoW is the best game ever created…if GoW isn’t worthy of your money then nothing is.

    @ 29 Makinen – Are you serious?….if its true then I really hope that the update comes soon.

  • Very much looking forward to the single player demo, Im not much of a multiplayer guy.

    Don’t know if you can answer this, but is the campaign length about the same as the previous PS2/3 games?

    Thanks Todd, looking forward to release.

  • Aaron, thanks very much for the reply :)

  • I so cant wait for the game on March 12th! Curious will the PS3 Dynamic Theme look cool?? :) Just wondering cuz I missed out on the GOW 3 Dynamic Theme from 7 eleven store.

  • I was very impressed with the single player demo (got it with Total Recall steelbook). To be honest the game was more fun to play than the previous GOW games. I’m pretty sure that no one will be disappointed. I pre-ordered the collector’s edition :D Thanks for the good work!

  • Was always more of a fan of the mythology and world in GoW then Kratos as a main character… IMO just a “hammer” character you know hulk smash. Never read much into this game tho if it gives Kratos some more back story and character would nice .. like just playing Kratos the solider ? all game rather than the God of war… Also branching off into other mythologies would be a nice addition as well if its after the 3rd timeline wise. Not into the MP as well tho Co-op is more my thing either way best of luck.

  • @33

    Looks like stereoscopic 3D is gone completely :S Somebody asked same question on european playstation blog and moderator replied:

    No, the game and demo do not support 3D.

    What a shame! Was really hyped to play this game in 3D.

  • The Gods smile upon thee this glorious day!!!!!!!!!!

  • hey todd got some questions for you:

    will there be a new game plus option?

    will there be unlockable behind the scenes/making of content?

    will there be clan support for the mp

    played the demo and i really enjoyed.

    looking forward to picking up GOWA next month!

    Kudos to SSM!

    • Hey ERC,

      Great questions. Only one we can answer right now is our entire Unchained Behind the Scenes series will be unlockable on the disc to watch in glorious HD TV.


  • “….your name implies you may not be a fan of Multiplayer in any game”


    Like – like there are some ppl out there who dont like multiplayer?

    Dude you are freaking me out man! ….are these guys like terrorists or something? Better call homeland security asap!


    Seriously though, thanks for your reply Just-Tank. u didn’t answer my direct question, but I know PR can only say what they are allowed to say ;)

    • You’re blasting a flamethrower at us with a question that is meant to only end with a negative answer. The Gods don’t take kindly to trick questions.

      The short answer to why we added Multiplayer is….

      We only design elements in the God of War franchise that are worthy of fan devotion, highest quality gameplay we can muster, and features we feel add to the experience – it’s the right time for Multiplayer for God of War in the way we have done it. We’re looking forward to all the feedback.

      We know there will be positives and negatives from our fans, at the end of the day, we’re glad we took the risk and are confident it has a better than great shot to be well received and improved upon.

      Boom, I speak only Community Managerisms, thank you
      @Just_Tank (established CM since 2004)

      “Every day is community day”

  • Todd/ Aaron, hopefully you can help me. I have already ordered my collectors edition and cant wait for the bonuses. I really want the Rise of the warrior bonuses as well but the game is broke. Ever since the update I cannot click on anything to provide clues and enter my answer. I went back and tried chapter 1 which I had already completed and same thing happens. I read online That others have same issue. Is there a specific browser that’s needed? I really really want the extra DLC. Can you give me any assistance or point me in right direction as to why nothing is clickable on the pages? Thanks.

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