2013 PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards Winners, Big Discounts Starting Today

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2013 PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards Winners, Big Discounts Starting Today

After a frenzied week of voting on the PlayStation Store and the PlayStation Web Store — drum roll please — it’s time to announce the winners of the 2013 PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards! This year’s awards recognized top-notch games from 2012 in 10 different categories, including Best PS3 Full Game, Best PSN Game, Best PS Vita Game, Best PSN Indie and plenty more.

PSN Gamers' Choice Award Winners 2013

All of the nominees for this year’s PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards were amazing titles that were picked based on their user-ratings. It was the fans who helped support these titles and recognized their genius by casting their votes. So before we announce the winners, we want to give a huge shout-out to our PlayStation community that has given these exceptional titles their dues by playing and rating these games!

Remember, starting later today when PS Store publishes, each of these titles will be discounted up to 50% in the PlayStation Store (up to 60% for PlayStation Plus members) through Monday, March 4th.

Without further ado, we present the winners of the 2013 PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards:

Best PSN Exclusive Game

Journey (Regular price: $14.99; Sale price: $10.49; PS Plus price: $7.34)

Best PSN Game

The Walking Dead – Season Pass (Episodes 1-5) (Regular price: $19.99; Sale price: $13.99; PS Plus price: $9.79)

Best Indie Game

Journey (Regular price: $14.99; Sale price: $10.49; PS Plus price: $7.34)

Best PS3 Full Game

Assassin’s Creed III (Regular price: $59.99; Sale price: $49.99; PS Plus price: $34.99)

Best PS Vita Game

Gravity Rush (Regular price: $35.99; Sale price: $24.99; PS Plus price: FREE)

Best PSP Game

Unchained Blades (Regular price: $29.99; Sale price: $20.99; PS Plus price: $14.69­)

Best PlayStation Classic

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Regular price: $14.99; Sale price: $7.49; PS Plus price: $5.99)

Best mini Game

Velocity (Regular price: $4.99; Sale price: $3.49; PS Plus price: $2.44)

Best PlayStation Move Enabled Game

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (Regular price: $29.99; Sale price: $23.99; PS Plus price: $21.59)

Best Competitive Multiplayer Game

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Regular price: $14.99; Sale price: $10.49; PS Plus price: $7.34)

Be sure to check out our recently announced lineup of Day 1 Digital titles. Also, don’t miss our current promotion (ending April 1st) that awards a voucher code for a $10 credit for your SEN Wallet for every $50 spent in the PlayStation Store or the PlayStation Web Store.

We hope you enjoy the great savings we’re bringing you for the third annual Gamers’ Choice Awards, and thanks again for casting your votes! Tune in next year for another round of awards (and discounts!) on your favorite games.

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  • No Borderlands 2 DLC sale? Any news of when there might be one, PLEASE?!?!?!?!?

  • Awesome picks. Awesome discounts.

    Congrats to Journey. Well deserved as always & happy for Gravity Rush winning it.

  • Oh man, fresh blood in CS:GO.

  • How the heck did Ghost Recon win for “Best Move Enabled”…?! It was a brief shooting gallery, practice mode!

    Should of went to PixelJunk 4am, or Sports Champions 2, or the LBP Move pack.

  • Cool, might pick up unchianed blades. Takes too long to log in and comment.

  • WTF!?
    Journey just won 2 awards and Gravity Rush won best PS Vita Game (its free w PS Plus).
    Oh well. There is nothing that interests me in this years gamers’ choice awards sale, since I own most of these titles.

  • It sucks that Journey won twice. The second place Indie Game should’ve gotten the discount.

  • having journey win twice wastes a sale slot =/

  • Great… i thought i was finally going to buy Borderlands 2 today… Enjoy your double journey ppl.

  • Please tell me individual episodes are on sale for The Walking Dead too.

  • Journey… Why didn’t you people only voted for Journey once? (since it was obvious it was going to win in at least one category) that way we could’ve gotten another game discounted. Sigh.

  • Going to grab Journey and Counter Strike. Maybe GTA: San Andreas as well. We shall see.

  • Man, never realized how bad we are at choosing. You should have put sale price on the second place winners of duplicates, though.

  • I see what you did there with Gravity Rush. It was already in the IGC that’s why it didn’t have any competition for best Vita game.

  • 4/10 ain’t bad i guess ;)

  • Congrats to Journey for best Indie Game. So beautiful. :3

  • lol CS:GO….was this the only title in this category? just terrible.

  • Ehh nothing I want or already own/played.

  • Disappointing

  • Since you guys love feedback,

    You should reconsider the rules of this contest next year. I’ve never seen such a stupid contest in my life.

    You have people vote for Best game and such but when you offer the incentive of the winning game as a sale, what’s the point? People will vote for what game they want to buy. Not what game they loved.

    In this logic, the game that wins doesn’t deserve to win and people who are voting for the game they want to buy, probably never played the game.

    So these titles for Best PSN game or whatever are completely Bull. I can’t believe the “genius” team at Sony didn’t figure this out.

    It seems like everyone from your marketing team to your contest managers are on drugs.

  • I can’t believe how stupid people are, we all know how great Journey is but FFS vote for the other games to get the discounts on them its common sense.

  • Well, at least I won’t be spending money this week. Good job guys, picking a game that was already free and picking Journey twice.

  • Nice job community, Assassin’s Creed 3 on sale for $35 for plus and $50 for regular users, a nice $1 savings from the Amazon price of $36, idiots.

  • Too bad, there’s absolutely nothing for me since I own all of those games except for best Minis, PS1 and PS games but I don’t play any of those categories (no trophies = no replay value after completing the main game). It’s what happens when you have 329 retail games and around the same number of PSN titles…

    Great choices though! Anyone who haven’t played The Walking Dead, Journey of Gravity Rush should give them a try, they’re so awesome!

  • guess i will save m money today.

  • Ugh, people don’t understand these events at all. You’re supposed to elect games that you don’t already own, because they’re going to be on sale!

  • AS someone who bought Journey on release day last year im very happy that more people will get a chance to play it now, but im disapointed that they voted for it in multiple categories, thereby eliminating another game from getting discounted.

  • Not even my multiple US dummy accounts couldn’t prevent Journey from winning multiple awards.

  • This is so stupid, people should not have voted for the best, but one that not everyone already has!! Journey twice? Great. 0 dollars spent this week, except for Dawnguard. Nice fail community.

  • I feel like moving to Europe so i can get the good Ps plus stuff this is a slap in the face to us customers

  • I remember having a conversation with a friend, i was like “no no, it will be great, i mean, you don’t really need to vote for the game you think is the best, they will vote for the games they want, so it will be fine, for example, gravity rush and mutant blobs attack are free for ps+ members, so super stardust will win for sure”

    I was wrong, i was so wrong and i feel kinda sad… oh well, i don’t have to spend money now.

  • when the store updating MY MONEY IS READY FOR Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires!

  • Who in the hell wanted an Assassin’s Creed 3 sale? It’s still a damn ripoff even with a Plus sale.

  • Aw, I was hoping Skullgirls had won competitive. At least Journey won, I missed out on the sale before the new year so I’ll definitely be picking it up this time around! And will you people stop crying about PS+? In fact, stop crying about everything, period.

  • well i voted for unchained blades and nothing else makes me wonder what would happen if journey was in every category. Would it have won in all?

  • As a Plus member, will I have any trouble buying the season pass of The Walking Dead if I already received the first two episodes last summer as part of the IGC?

    And since Journey won in two categories, shouldn’t the discount be twice as much off? ;)

  • Meh. The same games always on sale.

  • I’m not at all surprised that Journey won twice, as it is truly a fabulous game. However, I was hoping to have different games on sale since I already have it. I don’t know about anyone else, but I actually picked the games that I wanted to see on sale. Though I am glad to pick up Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for only $5.99 It seemed overly greedy to price it at $14.99 when all of the other PS2 Classics are only $9.99. That is the only one for me this week. I don’t mind saving some money either.

  • I understand the premise to the voting, but still, Journey winning 2 categories and Gravity Rush winning another is pretty lame with regard to discounts. This is especially true if you’re a PS+ member.

  • The gamers have voted; go go AC3!! Can’t wait to try it!

  • I wasn’t going buy much out of these games because I got bought them at the same discount over Christmas. I was hoping for Borderlands 2 because i got AC III on the Christmas flash sale.

  • @IzoGray

    You forgot to add that the only games that qualfied where the games that got the most sales on the PS Store. Not the quality of the title.

    Your comment was harsh and you could have phrased that better, but I agree with certain things you said, but also take note that it says “You decided” in upper case, therefore they’re covering their *ahem*… rears.

  • I was hoping to get Growlanser at a discount but you people voted for the wrong game. Thanks for nothing.

  • Are there going to be discounts to the individual TWD EPISODES????? Cuz i already have the first 2 episodes from PS PLUS,Could i buy the last 3 episodes discounted instead of buying the whole game discounted???

  • @41

    You moron, you could of gotten the disc cheaper from Amazon. sigh.

  • @40 i mean, not @41

  • WOW, not one worthy of my attention :(. i voted for Tokyo Jungle, great game, but guess the Boring Journey(My opinion) wins it, but Tokyo Jungle to me is better, alot more things to do, unique game, but oh well… guess no money used this week…. sad… i wanted to buy something.

  • Might have to bite on Walking Dead – been holding off for a sale since the first two episodes were free on plus, and $10 for three episodes seems like an okay deal. Having individual episodes discounted would be a better deal though (hint, hint).

  • Yeah I really wanted journey to win, and I assumed like somebody else, that it would win one of the 2 categories. so I only voted for it once.

  • WOOT! GTA SA is mine!

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