PlayStation Blogcast 063: The PlayStation 4 Show

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PlayStation Blogcast 063: The PlayStation 4 Show
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We’re a bit late… but today’s show is worth the wait! Hear our post-show impressions of Wednesday’s big PS4 announcement, then stick around for on-site interviews with SCE World Wide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida, celebrated indie designer Jonathan Blow (The Witness), Oddworld Inhabitants CEO Lorne Lanning, and a moment with one devoted superfan. You’ve seen the future — now it’s time to hear it.

*Call for voicemails! What was your favorite moment in the PS4 announcement? What game grabbed your attention the most? Call us and tell us! 650-288-6706 (please keep comments short and to the point)

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Official PlayStation.Blogcast - Sid ShumanOfficial PlayStation.Blogcast - Nick SuttnerOfficial PlayStation Blogcast - Shuhei Yoshida

Official PlayStation Blogcast - Lorne LanningOfficial PlayStation Blogcast - John HightOfficial PlayStation Blogcast - Chris MetzenOfficial PlayStation Blogcast - Jonathan Blow

The Cast

  • Sid Shuman – PlayStation Social Media Manager
  • Nick Suttner – PlayStation Account Support Manager
  • Shuhei Yoshida – President, SCE Worldwide Studios
  • Lorne Lanning – Co-founder & President, Oddworld Inhabitants
  • John Hight – Production Director, Blizzard Entertainment
  • Chris Metzen – Senior Vice President, Story and Franchise Development, Blizzard Entertainment
  • Jonathan Blow – President, Thekla, Inc.

[Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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6 Author Replies

  • Megaton Blogcast !!!

  • Great show

  • Yes couldn’t wait for this! But I could tell this will be a great episode so, I forgive you guys.

    If the PS3 “Only does everything” what will the PS4 do? Hmmm…….

  • will Driveclub support Google+ as social platform? or just facebook and twitter?

  • Awesome!! listening to the podcast now :)

  • @ SiD slightly off-topic question will the funds in my wallet carry over to the PS4?

  • This should be really good. Will try to listen tonight.

  • When can I preorder my PS4 ?
    as I am throwing my wallet at the screen right now LOL

  • By the way great show and thank you for making my birthday month an amazing one with this announcement

  • i dont really listen to podcasts but i will say this about the presser,parts of it were pretty interesting.specially,the part were mark cerny talked about the specs of the system. i was really wowed by that, in the sense that i never expected that you guys would put so much ram on it.the part that i didnt like was the fact, that you only showed a controller and in that making a bit of a mistake because people including the attendant press were expecting to see at least a prototype of the console.another thing that i disliked was the fact that it seemed like the operating system was going to be like ‘windows 8 lite’.if you know what i mean?

    the other thing that disappointed me was the fact that the ps4 wont be (for obvious reasons) backwards compatible with the ps3 and even with the psn titles.there’s a hint that everything could be solved by gaikai but i’m a lil skeptical about it.speaking of gaikai,internet infrastructure outside asia and some european countries wont be able to harness the full potential of the service due to latency and internet speed issues. the trailers were great tho.

    i dunno, the system is a beast in terms of ram but i’m weary of how much it will cost? and if all promises will be kept?

  • give me a preorder date please

  • I love the focus on immediacy since that is certainly an issue in PS3 and a bit less so on PS Vita. Hopefully I’ll finally be able to upgrade my secondary account to a master account :)

  • I want a PS4 and i will get it !!!! lol

  • The fact that all the new up coming games can only be played on the new ps4 SUCKS!!! Sure it must be great for those people who have no lives and no family but for me its complete bs!!! I support my family and my playstation is my down time. I know of atleast 25 to 30 friends and family that had a problem with their system and their warranty bareley expired from when the ps3 was first released. When they called customer support they were all told that the system they got was obsolete! Yeah every one who reads this will think what a little kid! Well all I have to say to those people is say what you will! I’m the very opposite of a kid or a punk! Im a husband and a father and work for my living! Its this thing called a budget!!! I don’t have mommy or daddy to give me an allowance! I get my money from working as much and as hard a I can!!! Thanks a lot Sony for screwing those few of us who know the value of a dollar! Prick’s!!!!
    Wonder how fast it will take the playstation 4 to be obsolete and onto new software!? I give it 3 month’s!!! And that’s me being polite!!!

  • So will this be the podcast for this week? or will there be another one on Thursday?


  • @#6, I wondered the exact same thing. Good to know that its very likely that they would.

  • Please think long and hard about backwards compatibility. I’m on my 3rd ps3, about to have to buy a 4th, and I have invested thousands in add-ons/ instruments for games like Guitar Hero, Rock Band/ and my still growing Rocksmith collection. This year marks my 30th yr owning a console (atari 2600 when I was 9), and the last 14 have been exclusively playstation. Don’t dis your hardcore fans because you want to beat your so-called competition to the stores. Do it right, give us what we want, and we will be here eagerly awaiting it. How else do you expect to take over the world.

  • You guys make me wanna get into the industry. I love Playstation with a burning passion, maybe I should look into it.

  • Let’s see…..

    Favorite feature: Share button. I used the heck out of the video capture features in both Skate and Just Cause 2 that Nick mentioned. Nice to see I can do it in now in others as well.

    Favorite game: Can’t decide, but surprisingly I’m looking forward to hearing about Driveclub and Deep Down the most.

    Waiting for more info on… Backwards compatibility of course, Vita remote play, that ‘light bar’ on the front of the controller.

  • @NickMulder…. I know what you mean, anyone out their looking for a 39 yo tester?

  • One of the best episodes so far, imo. Really nice hearing some insight on the PS4 from everyone that was present in today’s show.

    I (like you Sid) totally dig the new controller as well. And hearing the details from Yoshida-San himself, was delightful. Really hope you guys can get Mark Cerny to talk bout Knack maybe?

  • Cannot wait for the ps4. Sucks because now im doubting weather i should pick up the legacy bundle since my ps3 broke. But of course the last of us is sooo worth it. On a side note, any chance tomb raider will be on PSN?

  • I’ve been thinking about it for awhile now but with the PS4 on the way, I’m wanting to do it more than ever. I just know how to do it :/ I’d enjoy being a part of Playstation in any capacity to be honest.

  • at Sid will the ps4 support Google+ as social platform?

  • Im considering pre-ordering a PS4 when its available but im waiting for a price and to see if online play is still free :)

  • Please Sony don’t make the PS4 more then $449.99. So like that I can afford the PS4

  • @27 im hoping for the same price lol

  • @6 Good question, i also wonder if our profiles will carry over. That would be perfect.

  • Sid, you might not be able to say but is there going to be some sort of integration of the PS Blog into the PS4/Vita/PlayStation App. As in, are you guys going to get an integral upgrade beyond just a web based news source? At least a feed or some form of feature specifically for PlayStation news?

    It has always seemed like the next logically step.

  • Lets try to make the PS4 gameplay video uploads customizable to who you want to send them out to on your FB and/or just let you upload them to your YouTube channel. We don’t want to spam game videos on all our non-gamer friends/family but we don’t want to sacrifice using the feature either, because it would be awesome as hell to use it with all our gamer friends/family. I just called and left my first voicemail regarding this! I don’t really care much about the issue being shared, just that it makes its way to the top of the Sony decision making food chain, thanks!

    Love the idea of every gamer able to stream and interact with others live all the time, can’t wait!

  • I just want to add my voice to the chorus asking for some kind of hardware backwards compatibility option on the PS4. My PS3 won’t last forever and I don’t want to see all those games bite the dust! I’ll gladly pay extra for the option.

  • I’ve been waiting for this to post but got caught up in my trophy hunt. This was an amazing night still thrown back by it all. Yeah like most I wanted to see the actual console but I would want Sony to have just that much more to wow us at E3. As I said need to find a way to add Sony to my bank account cause they’re getting all my money. Like when the PS3 came out I bought a 42″TV (Later upgraded to 52″) just for it I will be investing in a 60+” TV for my pretty PS4. No I aint got money flowing like that but I know how to save for the things I want. Now that I have finally met Mr. Suttner I can say 1st hand that that beard might have some animals hiding in it… LOL

    The Blog-Stalker
    AKA WrekGar

  • I’d buy a b/c version of the PS4 for more money as well. I understand it has no cell processor, so having b/c would drive up the price, but I’d be perfectly willing to pay for it. I know it won’t happen though, because you would get more flack for charging more for b/c, and not all models having it, than just not having it at all. *sigh*

    Oh well. I hope we get some details on how Gaikai will work with b/c, because it’d be nice if we could stream what we bought on PSN for PS3.

    I’m keeping my PS3 either way, but I’ll be moving it to another room come PS4 and it’d be nice if I could still access stuff on my PS4.

  • The biggest reason that the PS4 won’t be backward compatible is because SONY knows that people are perfectly willing to buy multiple copies of games. The exact reason I refuse to ever purchase any PS2 ‘classics’ from the PSN store. I already own the damn things, so I’m not buying them again – but people seem more than happy to do it for some unknown reason.

  • Good God Sid! It’s DAVE Perry, and NOT DOUG Perry, can’t believe you said it over and over again. You know Dave Perry is crying right now.

  • Great show Sid!

    Really good interviews this week. I especially liked hearing Lorne Lanning. What an interesting guy with some big ideas in gaming. I’m going to need to get all these Oddworld games now! It’s great that they are releasing them on Vita.

    Also, you and Shuhei Yoshida sounded so pumped and excited for the imminent reveal of the PS4, it was awesome. You can’t really hide that enthusiasm! Even though I already watched the press conference, it was awesome to hear Shuhei talk about the Vita being able to play all PS4 games on remote play. This is going to kick major butt. I really like the way he always brings the Vita into the conversation when discussing PS3 and PS4. I think he really knows the potential of the system and wants Sony to get the most out of it. I really hope all this connectivity with PS4 comes to fruition.

    One question for you – how am I going to get though my backlog of PS3 games before the PS4 comes out??? Not such a bad problem to have I guess. Keep up the great work on the blogcast!

  • Please consider having a separate SKU with backwards compatibility for the first year. I have invested pretty heavily in PSN purchases. If a separate SKU is out of the question, how about selling an “backwards compatibility” adapter separately. I really don’t like the idea of being forced to pay a subscription fee to play the games I already own when I move to the PS4.

  • Price range please.

  • what i don’t understand is this, the ps4 will be based off a x86 processor this time around so that also means there’s a good chance to get P.C. ports to work on the ps4 because of the same x86 architecture. I can understand them having problems porting the exclusive like God Of War and Uncharted that were build with the cell processor in mind, but what about the multi-platform games that all have a P.C. port. They said the Killzone Shadow Fall demo was played on a P.C. with exact specs of the upcoming ps4, i’m sure that “modified” pc could play the pc port of Far Cry 3 with minor modifications like input commands for the dual shock 4 controller…right?

  • @40: Wouldn’t that imply releasing a PS4 version?

    @35: Um, no. Many people have never played the games before. To assume that re-releases are for those who HAVE bought them is silly. It’s meant for those who haven’t. Plus, some of the games that get re-released are better deals on PSN than if we buy used, and money goes to supporting the developer and publisher instead of some greedy seller online.

  • Great cast lineup for the podcast. Much love for Shuhei. Looking at the list of people, It made me wonder…”Where is Shane Bettenhausen”!?

    When the system launches, you must have a huge blow-out podcast with Shuhei, Bettenhausen, the BEYOND! Crew and many others.

  • ps4 needs to allow you to play old call of duty games while you playing the new call of duty games it gives the game more depth allowing you to play your new game and old games with out changing disk or going back too the ps3 to play the old games, mainly for the multiplayers more people need to bring this up we continue too lose money

  • Hello,
    Let me first state that I work for a fortune 100 consulting firm in the DC area. I give advice all the time about what to do and obviously what not to do. So if you have some connection to Sony and they actually give a hoot what you say you should tell them this.

    If you want to crush Microsoft and the used game industry as well as become the solid choice for existing PS3 owners as well simply do this.

    Get GAIKAI ready. Put all PS-Legacy games on it as stream-able content. Allow users to register games they have already purchased IRL by inserting the game disc and binding the unique ID’s of that particular disc with the users PSN account. The disc becomes nothing more than the license for the cloud content being required to stream the game to the PS4 console. Each PSN account can be registered on 2 PlayStation devices currently so it is even feasible to retro-code the PS3 to check this disc ID with the PSN account prior to loading the game.

  • Playstation 3 is horrible at web searching and fairly horrible at online gaming(letting people with poo connections play and ruin gaming experiences for other people who are playing competetively. Only thing that would get me to buy a ps4 would be a sale and a much better lagfree online gaming experience. My 1st ps3 died after the thermal paste melted all over the cpu after only 5 months and my 1st ps2 died after 2.5 years. I feel like i almost have to wait for the 4th edition (4years after it comes out)of the ps4 to be confident that it won’t break.

  • 15 not 5

  • i love the whole show and the system but i have to agree with julian_foster backwards compatabilty is a must have i love my open world role playing games like oblivion and skyrim and kingdoms of amalur but i also have a ton of other games….with add ons and downloaded content heck i still have about 25 games from my first playstaytion i bought what 16 17 years ago or longer maybe i went through 2 ps2’s and 2 ps3’s my ps3 move which is my 3rd one needs a tune up so if your going to release this PLEASE OH PLEASE MAKE IT SO I CAN PLAY ALL MY GAMES ……not just the new ones i was disappointed that ps3 didn’t have it ……and you just can’t do this to the playstaytion faithful again…..all those games are a lot of wasted money if i can’t play them trade them or update them ……like tiger and madden should just be updated with add ons because you can’t even trade them in after you spend 60 bucks to buy them every year so make the updates downloadable to the next season and sell em for 30 bucks instead

  • @Elvick..if u wanna put it that way, they say playing ps3 games we brought on psn wont work on ps4, so i’m calling them out as either being to lazy to port it over or just downright treating us customers who brought digital wrong. Seeing how long this current generation was(7 Years!!) im not gonna have a ps3 just sitting around in 2019 just in case I wanna play far cry 3 again or from dust. I have 15 PSN games on my account and my ps3 is in it’s last’s a next gaming console will be next-gen when my fat inevitably dies. I could understand games on disc and even the first party exclusives but multiplats that have builds to work on x86 architecture (P.C.s) it shouldn’t be that difficult…understand

  • realy nice but i need few quations

    cen we use ps3 controler on ps4 i saw the controler from ps4 but i cent play thet i online play white ps3 controler is thet posible :(

    i what to buy ps4 but cen i use the ps3 controler
    cen i play ps3 game on ps3 ?
    cen i play blue ray movies en normal?
    cen we use ps4 game on ps3?
    end how much kost it to buy a ps4 in euro

  • Will the ps4 be able to calculate weight ratio? I want to be able to throw a brick at a guys hand and have him react accordingly.

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