The PlayStation Recap: What We’re Reading

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The PlayStation Recap: What We’re Reading

What a week, huh?

In case your internet’s been out for the past few days, on Wednesday we announced our new console — PlayStation 4. With new, supercharged hardware (8GB of unified DDR5 memory!), the sleek new DualShock 4, seamless social features, enhanced Remote Play capabilities, and other technological leaps, the next generation is looking mighty fine indeed. Keep PS.Blog bookmarked (or subscribe to the RSS feed), because we’ll be bringing you white-hot PS4 news as it becomes available, leading up to its Holiday 2013 launch.

I might be a little late to the party here, but I’ve been reading the Injustice prequel comic (see IGN’s Q&A with its writer, Tom Taylor, here), and it’s a doozy. If you’re looking forward to NetherRealm‘s latest, I cannot recommend enough that you pick this up. If you’re not looking forward to it, this prequel series may change your mind!

We were, expectedly, quite busy this week, so I didn’t have a ton of gaming time, but having exacted my Revengeance, I’ve been gravitating back to good old Black Ops II. I only recently learned that this was a Double-XP weekend, but sadly I’m out of town so I can’t take advantage. As soon as I’m back home, it’s Vanquish time.

Which PS4 game has got your attention? What do you think of some of the system’s new features? And, as always, what are you playing this weekend?

  • I’m playing: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Call of Duty: Black Ops II
  • I’m watching: Skyfall, Seinfeld Season 4
  • I’m listening to: Asian Kung-Fu Generation, The Unfinished Swan Soundtrack

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  • So much PS4 awesomeness! What an exciting week!

  • I really love the new controller & every title seemed awesome. inFamous: Second Son & Knack were the highlight for me though.

    I’m Playing (As always): Street Fighter X Tekken, Ecolibrium, Knytt Underground.
    I’m watching: The newest Jojo’s bizarre adventure All Star Battle trailer.
    I’m listening to: Coda – Bloody Stream.

  • what about the 10 dollar voucher sony gave members on the network
    what made some members loyal ? any word on what others who were left out get ???????????????

  • As I recently (Wednesday) switched my avatar, you can already guess what PS4 game I’m super pumped for. (inFAMOUS for you, because I know you don’t understand!) I’m also really looking forward to Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack, Watch_Dogs, The Witness, The Witcher 3, and maybe Drive Club, but that depends on how the game plays. I don’t like the way the Motorstorm games play. I’m also really excited about all the SHARE features they’re implementing and the DualShock 4 looks great. I’m super pumped for the PS4!

    Fingers crossed Sony launches a white PS4 to match my Vita!

    As for your questions.

    I’m playing: Vanquish and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
    I’m Watching: Lost
    I’m listening to: Whatever music pops up in my playlist on Music Unlimited.

    I’d like to point out that Vanquish is AWESOME. Also, I beat Sly on Saturday and I loved it. Sanzaru did a fantastic job. Now I just need that double platinum. I also saw last week & this weeks episode of The Walking Dead & just literally finished watching The Man With The Iron Fists. Great weekend overall.

  • Sony why not have an open conversation about why we have spent great amounts of money on the PSN and we are not going to be able to transfer that content to the PS4.What a waste of money thaanx sony.

  • @ #5 nobody ever said you have to give up your ps3 in order to buy a ps4.

  • Off topic here, but I would just like to know if anybody else got screwed by sony for not being loyal enough.

    I have a ps3, ps2, ps1, sony tv, subscribe to PS+, and my friends – who do not spend a fraction of the money I do with sony – got 10 dollars on their account by being loyal.

    Thanks, Sony, I really feel appreciated as a costumer.

  • I have a quick question, I would like to watch the ps meeting on my ps3 is it going to be downloadable at any point in the ps store? All I find are crappy Internet versions with lots of skipping and buffering.

  • No backwards compatibility really has me on the fence right now. Being able to connect my PS3 and transfer everything I already have would have made it a no-brainer. With everything the PS4 has going for it, colour me currently disappointed.

  • What a week for sure!!

    I knew the PS4 was going to be awesome but had no idea you guys would make it super awesome you’ve really outdone yourselves …the machine is going to be a beast and I cannot wait to get it, I wish I had the remote from the movie Click so I could fast forward to this fall because this is going to soooo hard to wait for. I hope to have enough to get it at launch, I should as long as its not more than $600 but if it is I’ll have to wait a few months later.

    I’m not sure what I like best about the PS4, there’s just so much to like :) everything that was announced I loved.

    Currently getting my grave on and listening to the new Wednesday 13 album “The Dixie Dead”
    Watching The Walking Dead tonight
    And as always playing Skyrim on PS3 and Gravity Rush on PS Vita

  • I was gonna wait for the first price drop on the PS4 to buy it but as SEE said, I’m a loyal costumer, day one buy for me (thanks for the 10 usd). I’m too excited for the new console, can’t wait!

    Playing: BF3, Doom 3 BFG, Darksiders, All Stars Battle Royal and Gravity Rush

  • Will you guys allow fans to go to e3 again? PLEASE say yes! :)

  • I have to say for a first look into the PS4, I am really impressed. The new PS Camera looks a whole lot more legit then the previous version. On top of which I am actually excited about the new controller.

    I have to agree with a few of the other Players, I did not get a Loyalty gift, and I myself have had various PS3s, PS2s, a PS1, mostly Sony TVs and Sound Systems. I have even had three PSPs, and a PS Vita. I went through one hacked/compromised account, lost everything including my purchases. I did NOT feel the love and dedication I put into Sony, received in return. However I really wont squabble over 10 USDs.

    I will forecast for you, that there will not be a influx of funding to your infrastructure until the PS4 releases, since you chose not to allow PS3 PSN purchases to transfer. But I doubt highly that you need me to tell you that.

    Nonetheless I am still impressed, and will as always be remaining a loyal player and customer to Sony.

  • I still have my fat 60GB (upgraded to 500) launch ps3. It’s backwards compatible and honestly I’ve played San Andreas on IT MAYBE twice. I want to play next generation games on a next generation console. I could care less if it plays old games.

    I would like to see the content I purchased from the PSN store transferable. If I new those games would work it would encourage me to buy more digital rather than physical games.

  • I’m looking forward to watch dogs and infamous. And I love the ability to share video instantly and watch your friends play. Great idea.
    I’m playing sly & xcom.

  • @ #7 (Batchi_): Can we drop the whole not receiving $10 thing on PSN? I myself also didn’t receive $10 from Sony even though I’ve spent literally hundreds on the PSN store.

    You are not entitled to anything, especially free money, nor do they owe you an explanation. Consider it a sweepstakes and, unfortunately, our names weren’t drawn from the hat to be winners.

    Please, just move on.

  • What’s up with the $10 in certain folk’s accounts? What did you have to do to receive that? Loyalty?

    I purchased the original PlayStation, PS2 and PS3, PSP and Vita at launch. I also literally re-purchased EACH of the 3 consoles when they failed (and I’m currently on my 3rd PS3), I upgraded my PSP1000 to a “slim” PSP3000 and I am already on my 2nd Vita. Despite having horrible experiences with the Sony/PlayStation customer service departments EVERYTIME I have contacted them, I remained and remain loyal.

    Despite being crapped on repeatedly by customer service I still plan on buying a PS4 at launch, yet I am not loyal enough to get the $10 in my account? I’m very confused…

    BTW – I agree about wanting to play NEW games and not necessarily old games, BUT I am very bothered by games I have purchased from PSN not being usable. I have NO interest in keeping my PS3. I not only use the money from selling my old consoles towards the purchase of each next gen console, but I also do not have the space or desire to have an outdated last gen system sitting on my entertainment center.

    With that said, I would have definitely reconsidered becoming a PS+ member if I knew I’d be unable to play my games by November…

  • believe it or not, i’ve watched the press conference 15 times already. i even watched the ps3 e3 reveal just to see how far we’ve come………..2005 seems like an eternity.

    killzone shadow fall, is a game that i simply cannot get out of my head. the debris, the particle effects, the relentless action, best thing, it was a demo and i know they will ramp up the difficulty, it was easily the most impressive game that was revealed but Second Son and DriveClub was no slouch………….i personally think this could be the best software lineup we have at launch ever.

    playing ni no, red dead, and resistance 2

    reading blog sites, anything i can gather more ps4 info.

  • Now that I’m done complaining (and to Epiksol – we have the right to complain), I am playing RE6 and Xcom. I also watched the new episode of The Walking Dead on television last night, and getting ready to play the Walkind Dead Telltale series games.

    As far as PS4, I’m probably MOST excited about the potential remote play over wifi with the Vita. The ability to play my PS3 games from my Vita was the most exciting feature to me when I purchased the Vita, and I personally felt very dissappointed and for a while, even mislead by the remote play capabilities with the Vita/PS3.

    I have 4 small children and I do not want to have to be secluded and away from my family when I play my video games, but I definitely play certain games that I would not want my children to watch (or hear). I would also like to be able to be in the same room with them while they watch their own shows or play their own games. It would be huge for me to be able to sit on the couch WITH my wife while she watches one of her shows or the children while they watch cartoons or play their own games, while I am playing my PS4.

  • I think all of the PS4 games announced so far are great. I plan on getting one very shortly after launch and I think that Killzone: Shadow Fall, inFAMOUS: Second Son, DriveClub, and Watch_Dogs will be the first games I get, they all look great. And I do love that new Dualshock 4 and social features, but I am really just excited to see what the developers do with all that power!

    This weekend I played: Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Red Dead Redemption, Assassins Creed III, and a little bit of PlayStation All-Stars and WWE 13.

  • Oh, I am also very excited to see more on how the Vita and PS4 will connect.

  • The hardware specs look good, but that’s it so far. The social media stuff doesn’t really interest me; that’s not why I play video games. The DS4 looks like it will be a nice controller, but I won’t really know for sure until I can physically hold one. Here’s to hoping the DS3 controllers will be compatible, just in case.

    I also could care less about the lack of backward compatibility. I never sell my consoles, no matter how outdated they may be, and I don’t have to sell them to raise enough money for a purchase like the PS4.

    Games look good, but I’d like to see more.

    I’m sure Sony is waiting for E3 before providing a more expanded game lineup as well as the nitty gritty details of the PS4, let alone actually showing us the physical console. That’s when I’ll really formulate my opinion of the PS4.

  • just please give us a pre order date please

  • @23 Gamestop is actually doing a “first to know” priority list, so if u really wanna get in, you should go that route, immediately

  • this is a recap of what happened last week no mention of the 10 dollars whats the big secret

  • Assassin’s Creed 3 still has a bug plz fix it. with the DLC it keep saying you unlock befor i start the game pushing the X like 10 time befor the game start :( you unlock you unlock you unlock you unlock you unlock you unlock

  • Playing: Final Fantasy XIII, gotta beat this tedious game at some point…
    Watching: Brothers & Sisters, gotta finish this once great turned ridiculous show at some point…
    Listening: Teedra Moses, <3

    @17: Just because their digital, doesn't change the fact they were developed on the PS3's cell processor. Which the PS4 doesn't use.

  • Wait a minute guys! Is too late for this “Loyal” Sony customer to jump into the WHAaaaaahmbulance?

    While it was poorly implemented…it was nice of them to send $10 credit randomly to some of their customers. They didn’t have to and Nor we weren’t entitled to get $10 on our accounts.

    Ready to preorder The PS4.

    My .02

  • Hey you guys are ready for ground Zeroes Because that game is right on the corner, its gonna be so epic that kojima and his crew this March 25 will post a convention talking about evrything about Ground Zeroes and release trailer and release some details about Phantom Pain OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ima huge ass fan of metal gear and if you are add ,me and i can give you every detail and we can play Metal gear online together, Yes! it will also have it

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