Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on PS3 – Sign Up For the Beta

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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on PS3 – Sign Up For the Beta
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This is Naoki Yoshida, the producer and director of FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn. First of all, I would like to thank the PlayStation.Blog team for the opportunity to share with you the latest developments in our game.

We were recently in San Francisco as part of a tour to show A Realm Reborn to members of the gaming media. Our guests had a chance to take the game for a spin, after which I sat down with them for an interview. I expect that reports will be hitting various online media outlets starting today, so please keep an eye out!

We consider it one of our missions to reacquaint gamers all over the world with the wonders of FINAL FANTASY. To this end, we’ll be incorporating the most memorable elements of the series into A Realm Reborn. Mind you, this won’t be limited only to the game’s launch; in subsequent patches, we plan to keep adding more great stuff from FINAL FANTASY’s 25-year history. For starters, adventurers will be able to take on the Crystal Tower (FFIII) raid dungeon, do battle with classic summons (such as Ifrit, Titan, and Leviathan), and ride magitek armor (FFVI). It goes without saying that there’ll be moogles and chocobos as well. Your trusty steed will fight beside you in battle, and can also be dressed up in neat costumes. Future patches will introduce series mainstay Gilgamesh, and also the fun and excitement of the Gold Saucer (FFVII). The list goes on and on!

We’ve also released new screens to show our progress on the PS3 version. Though performance is still being optimized, I’m sure you’ll agree that the visual quality is almost on par with the Windows PC version.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm RebornFinal Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm RebornFinal Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

My team and I are very much looking forward to the beta test, which is about to commence. PS3 players will be able to jump in to start testing when the third phase of the Beta launches. If you haven’t already signed up to become a tester, you can do so at the Beta Tester Application Site. We want as many people as possible to join in. I hope to see you there!

We’ll continue to release new info on A Realm Reborn, so be sure to keep an eye on PlayStation.Blog. Alternately, you can visit our official site along with the Developers’ Blog. The blog regularly hosts the latest behind-the-scenes info straight from the development floor, and you’re bound to get a kick out of the info.

Thank you for reading! We hope we can rely on your support for FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn as well as the FINAL FANTASY series at large!

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  • awesome guys great work square i love you guyz :)

  • AWESOME! I hope i get pick for the beta.

  • FFXI is am amazing game & I’m sure FFXIV will be too.

  • I have never been into Final Fantasy, but this looks interesting. I have a couple of questions I hope can be answered.

    1. Is this going to have a monthly fee or micro transactions?

    2. How’s the battle? Is it turn based or just regular free fighting.

    Actually looking forward to hear more about this thank you :)

  • Been waiting on this since i saw the 1st trailer & hopefully this is the next title being announced at E3 – that wasn’t shown at the PS4 event.

    Gonna sign up for the beta *fingers crossed*. What a year we’re having.

  • You guys have the Square Enix’s FFXIII code as a booster of a chance to get in, but I no longer have that code. Is there any way to get that off my Square Enix account?

  • So if we own the PC version, do we have to purchase the PS3 version of the game, or will there be some way to download it onto our PS3s for already owning it?

    I wanted the game on the PS3, but the 3 year wait caused me to get it on PC. I won’t be buying the game again, but I’d still prefer to play it on PS3. My account is currently expired, haven’t played the game in months, but if as an owner of the PC version, I am allowed to play the game on my PS3 without having to purchase it again, I will renew my subscription to the game.

  • I signed up a while ago, hopefully I’ll get in. I played the original version for a while and was in the recent Alpha test and the improvements have been amazing.

  • @Nem0905

    1. Is this going to have a monthly fee or micro transactions?
    yes there is a monthly fee just like Final Fantasy XI has one.

    2. How’s the battle? Is it turn based or just regular free fighting.
    Just like any other RPG game from the Final Fantasy franchise similar system with a few little tweaks here and there but same structure

  • I loved DC Universe. Wanted to play this, then disappointed with all the issues that happened. But looks like this redo is turning out good. I’ll try the beta.

  • Awesome, signed up and ready to participate.

  • WIll you be making a PS4 version?

  • I signed up for the beta with the code from FFXIII when XIII released in NA. Is that still valid?

  • I hope they took a few pages from two worlds 2 becuase that game is king right now in gameplay.. Im getting ff14 because i have been wanting it for a very long time my pre order has been set. My only suggestion is let us make our skin color diffrent color in diffrent classes .

    Im getting in the beta but im getting the game when it released i have pre order it for a very very long time.

    vp- legionairre group

  • Final Fantasy X HD (for PS3) PLEASE!

  • I’ve been a FF fan for a long time and I’m very much looking forward to the game, whether I get in the closed beta or not.


    I tried my code from way back as well, and since I didn’t get any notification that the code was bad, plus it still worked on the square-enix members site, I’m assuming it’s valid.

  • @nem0905 (1) Subscription, $13/mo. (2) Real-time battle system, but not action-oriented. FFXII is the closest non-online entry as far as battle system goes.

    @KazeEternal Follow the instructions at the link below to retrieve your code.

  • I’ve played a lot of the Final Fantasy games, but I’m not into MMORPGs. It sounds interesting, but I’ll leave it for others. I prefer the single players stuff.

  • I really hope I get in. I’ve been waiting so long for the PS3 version; since the first version of the game came out. I really want my beta app to go through ><

  • i would be my internet is crap, im still downloading the DLC from assassin’s creed, when the store updated on tuesday

  • Me and my friends really looking forward to this game, can’t wait to join the beta

  • I want in!

  • Yay Yoshi P you rock! Play on pc as well but i would like to try the PS3 version as well…..Maybe Ps4 in the future?

  • I applied for the beta, will I get in? Not getting my hopes up, but I would enjoy it.

  • Thank you, Yoshida-san. I am glad to know that the PS3 version is progressing smoothly. That said, I am curious if Square Enix is also planning on releasing the game on the PS4. I believe a MMORPG like Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn would be greatly benefited from the PS4’s powerful specs.

  • release date anyone?? been waiting for release date and everytime they give me one it gets pushed back. lol last i heard was jan. 2013 and then… nothing.

  • Ok, I signed up. When does this start?

  • The only game we care about right now is Final Fantasy Versus XIII, millions of people have been waiting 7+ years for that game now. When is it coming out? It better have a release date before you guys even announce the new Final Fantasy for the PlayStation 4. How about you guys finish a game before announcing a new one? You guys really hate your fans don’t you?

  • Hello,

    Thanks alot for the post. FF14 is looking amazing on PS3. I can’t wait to (hopefully) beta test the game so I can know for sure if this is actually going to be the very first game I actually pay a subscription to play. It looks THAT good that I’m even considering it…’s something I always swore to myself I would never do. If the game is as good as I think it is from all I’ve seen, I may just do it. I hope you know how high of praise that is coming from me.

    That said. I applied to beta test the PS3 version as soon as I got home from the Final Fantasy 13 midnight launch. I applied for the beta before I even booted up the game, that’s how long I’ve been interested in this game. Since I have good memory, I clearly remember that beta application for told me NOT to apply a second time, or I would be disqualified from being picked. So should I not sign up through your link? Or will I get into the beta for sure through Plus?

    I would really like an answer. It’s pretty important to my future as a gamer that I get into this beta. Because $12-15 a month to play a game is a HUGE decision for me. Thanks.

  • @4

    The answer someone gave you about the battle system being typical FF, is a really vague answer because there are quite a few different battle systems throught the history of FF games. There a big difference between 1-10, 11 and 12, and then 13, those 3 specific types aren’t even really comparale they’re so different. While I havn’t actually PLAYED it because I’m not a PC gamer, I have watched MANY hours of gameplay of ARR, and to be a bit more specific to your question, the battle system is similar to the 11 and 12 type gameplay. It would be like 12 but without having to program the party obviously, it’s just your character you control. That mixed with Dragon Age Origins. Which sounds odd, but it’s not. The similarity to DAO is the way you fire off your skills/spells/talents/potions with the face buttons with cooldowns and what-not. But instead of just having your skills on square triangle and circle, it’s all the face buttons, even the d-pad, and there are 2 or 3 modifiers for all the face buttons, so it’s either 24 or 32 skills at the ready at all times.

    It’s basically EXACTLY how I would want it if I were to design the gameplay.

  • Im ready for this Final Fantasy. I was disappointed in Final Fantasy 13 and 13-2, but Im pretty sure this installment wont disappoint me.

  • What I really want to know is… What are the plans for the PS4? With no backwards compatibility, I don’t want to purchase the game on the PS3 and not be able to play it once I switch to the PS4 when it releases.

    Is there a PS4 version in the works? If so, if we purchase the game for PS3 will we be able to get a free copy of it for the PS4?

  • 2013 is surely the year of Final Fantasy!!!

  • I’ve been following this game for so long that I’m ecstatic to finally see it coming to an official release. Everything looks fantastic and I look forward to sinking 100’s of hours into this game someday. My only question is what the payment model will be for the PS3 version; which looks gorgeous in the youtube videos btw.

  • i really hope the register card that came with FFXIII will get me into the beta. I have my SE account set up but for some reason i cant access the Loadstone forums with my login.

    Also i would like to know why PS3 beta isnt until the 3rd phase of the beta when we have been waiting for years for this. I think we would help a lot with the testing phases if giving more time in the beta.

    Would also like to know what you guys are planning for us players on the PS3 who eventually get the PS4.

    Thanks for any answers you can give

  • My main man Yoshi-P!!! Just like to say I’ve been a Final Fantasy fan, Final Fantasy XI fan, and dedicated subscriber for up to 7 years lol… I gotta tell you guys, you can not pass up this game without trying it out. This game will be amazing, and for years to come you will always find something new, obtain some new kind of weapon, or experience some new dungeon.

    I started FFXI in 2003, and quit in 2009, and now its 2013 and I’m back still learning the ropes of the Abyssea zones. FFXI is still going strong with a new expansion coming in March.

    So here’s to being able to enjoy FFXIV: A Realm Reborn for many, many, years to come!! I sure hope I get in phase 3 of this beta!! I want to be able to help assist make this game the best it can be

  • Oh wow … !!

    Need I say more ?

  • is this game gonna come out on PS4 too?

  • I want this game badly, it’d be my first MMO (though I do play WKC 1 and 2 and they’re similiar). Hurry up and get this in my hands!

  • great another boring mmo, mmos are garbage dont see how it could be fun when you just stand in front of an enemy and take turns hitting each other lol “i hit you you hit me” and lets see who is stronger lol Dark Souls FTW!

  • I’m excited about this. FFXI was my first mmorpg and I loved it. I was excited about this years before the PC release and the flop. I was waiting the entire time for the ps3 version b/c I didn’t have a great PC. Finally after all this time I’ll get to try it out.

  • And just think after all this time the PS4 is about to release. I hope they get it up and running on the PS4 as well eventually.

  • If it turns out great i would get it.

  • I’ve beta tested a good bit of games but I’ve never been as excited as I am about this. FF4L ^^

  • I’m greatly can’t wait for this, is the game worldwide?

  • I wish FFXI would be released as a solo game (with obvious changes to stats/drop rates) at some point, because I feel that it’s too late to start it up now, but I want to play it for the story and content eventually. ): I know plenty who feel the same.

    But with FFXIV, I’ll definitely try it out from the start (on PS3). So I’m looking forward to this, and I hope I get into the beta to check it out.

    I’d love if there would be a PS4 version later on as well.

  • Wow, nice to see that Square Enix Members code from early FFXIII copies being employed again (though in looking up whether it had a 0 or an O, I was reminded of missing out on 2011’s bigger rewards, including that choice license plate!). Glad I hardly ever throw away my paper materials…and that we got FFXIII used (one of the forum posts on my SEM page was someone who’d just finished it saying it was “truly a terrible game”, and I agree!). Popped onto FFXI for a bit a couple times (back when I got the standalone FFXI Piano Collections, and again during the buffalo-alike event), but my first brush with the previous incarnation of FFXIV was hell for my laptop to process. So, I’m all up for shoving it onto my big black box o’ Blu-ray!

    Well, back to devious plans of hunting down unused SEM PSP inserts, ha HA!

  • And I agreed with Elvick above me: I’d love to see a “FINAL FANTASY XI Offline” variant. And, maybe, some standalone Tetra Master (never did redeem that trial period before it was wiped away…).

  • @30 Darth-Krayt – You’re discussing FF battle systems and lumping 1-10 together? More like 1-3, 4-9, 10, 10-2, 11-12 (I guess), then 13 (beyond that, I haven’t much touched, yet). Not touching on differences outside the in-battle UI, 1-3 involve punching in every character’s action at once then watching the round play out, 4-9 use a character-by-character active-time system (though, IIRC, FFIV doesn’t have the option to skip inputs), 10 uses a mix of the previous two (one-by-one input, but one-by-one actions, too), 10-2 uses ATB with the ability to switch character classes mid-battle, 11-12 work like MMOs (the latter allowing or conditional character programming), and 13’s acts similar to 10-2, but all characters change classes together.

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