Watch_Dogs Coming to PS3 and PS4

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Watch_Dogs Coming to PS3 and PS4
Watch_Dogs Coming to PS3 and PS4

Watch_Dogs is back. In reality it never really went away, but it has been a while since E3 2012. A lot of development has been done on our side. We know you have many questions. Believe this: we’ll do our best in the upcoming months to answer all of them… well, most of them.

For now, though, the whole development team is very proud to show you this new gameplay demo where you’ll get to see yet another facet of Watch_Dogs in action. In it, you can see that Watch_Dogs will be a game of opportunities and choices; of connections and consequences.


As we continue our march towards launch you’ll get to know Aiden Pearce, our mysterious protagonist. Learn what drives him and what makes him tick. You’ll get to experience and understand the concept of a hyper-connected, smart city. You’ll realize what it is like to have complete control over a major city right at your fingertips and the chaos it can create.

Watch_Dogs will be available on PlayStation 4 at launch, as well as the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system. Keep checking back with us by visiting the official website, Facebook page and Twitter account.

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  • I intended to get this for the PS3, but will of course get the PS4 version instead. Looks great, creepy and the fulfillment of every paranoid’s worst nightmare.

  • Person of Interest feelings. It’s good thing

  • This game is going to be absolutely outstanding, thank you for thinking outside the box and making a true new IP, and a very well thought out sandbox game – I just keep watching the first gameplay for this, now I will have two pieces of gameplay to watch now! Lol. I just find it so amazing that this is NOT a mission, this is regular free roam! So amazing, wow I love this game.

  • Getting it on PS4

  • Getting it on PS4!

  • I’ll get it on the Ps4 of course.

    damn this site is slow as hell since the ps4 announcement.

  • I will be picking this game up for the PS4

  • SPYstation4 is not for me but I will check out the PS3 version

  • Will this support second screen on my ipad or vita via the newly announced ps app?

  • Awesome!
    Glad to see new IP!!

  • getting this on the ps4 if it’s above a 8.2 looks super breathe taking though

  • Like Person Of Interest!! NICE!! Will DEFINITELY be buying!!

  • Actually the first game to give me a manly boner…. I’m now scared and confused…

  • I’m so getting this game for PS3. I really loved the announcement of the PS4, but I think that the PS3 still has a few years left, and Watch_Dogs is going to prove it.

  • This game just looks soooo…. neat.

    I really just want to try it. It’s just so different seeming I can’t put my finger on why it’s amazing. It just is.

  • Watch_Dogs has now moved up my 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2013

  • I’ve liked this since the tech demo from last year’s E3. It looks to be a blockbuster in gaming! Excited to watch it develop!

  • Heard that his was run on a PC (Presume developer kit) and not the PS4, anyone know why?

  • @18 (Rebo00). Yes, they admitted after the show in an interview on the GT post show stream that this current footage is running on a PC with specs that are similar to the PS4. They stated the reason is because the PS4 version still needs work and isn’t ready to be shown to the public yet.

  • this is the demo presentation that made my jaw drop. i can’t believe how beautiful the graphics are! on top of that, this just looks like a fun game with the gadgets and stealth-type play, similar to the batman games, perhaps.

    i do believe i saw some screen tearing though. i’m eager to see how the framerate of these games will turn out; i hope PS4 games aren’t like capcom’s UMVC3 port.

  • why i feel like in the begging i will hear ” you have been watch the government have a secret system a machine”

    can’t wait getting it on PS4 :p

  • Looking good! I can’t wait to play this on ps4. :)

  • Will get this on PS4. Want to get the best experience I can playing this game.

  • This game is unreal! Just wow!

  • I would really love to get this for PS4 but if EU gets PS4 delayed till 2014 then I will be forced to get on PS3. Would it be much different between the PS3 and PS4?


  • That guy’s voice is freaking funny!!!! Sounds like the dude from The Big Bang Theory!

  • This looks amazing… can’t wait for PS4!

  • This game and DriveClub look like they would be solid purchases.

  • Can you steal cars and do whatever the hell you want in the city?

    If not, then it’s not a true open-world game.

  • I’ve been hyping this game since last E3

  • This at PS4 launch?? Sold. Where do I send my money!?

  • this will be one of my 1st ps4 games for sure

  • + PS_man1984 on the first video the one at E3 you can see him get a car and get away from the police, in this video when he get near the car you see a triangle up on the vehicle saying “ENTER” and you ask if you can get a car? xD You might want to pay more attencion when you see a video you know is not just to see a bit you have to pay attencion to all details before you throw something like “f not, then it’s not a true open-world game.”

    Have fun ;)

  • i am so happy for this game i could only imagin on ps4 i am really happy i wish it came out all ready i would do anything for ps4

  • Although upon close up the graphics aren’t all that crazy, I however, am pumped for this.

    The amount of unmatched attention and information just blew me away. And another factor that I strangely liked were the movements of Aiden Pearce, they seemed overtop the realistic. Every small step he makes don’t feel in any matter to be robotic, and the best part of it, was switching between sprinting and walking, that sort escalating of speed and de-escalating, it doesn’t happen directly with the press of a button, you can see the change, I like it.
    The free-running too had that realism feel to it, just by looking at him move you can feel the weight of the character, and how he jumps, and falls, feels just right.

    – I can’t imagine the amount of power it requires to run this game to it’s fullest. If I am getting a PS4, I will most definitely be picking this game up. I don’t care how the reviews turn out, the highly populated and informative open-world is definitely one that I am not missing out on.

  • I’m glad to know that this promising game is going to be available on my dear PS3. Although PS4 sound awesome, I’m not sure that I’ll have that console the very moment it’s released, so I think that PS3 is going to be :D

  • This game is awesome and I want it now!!!!!

  • Makes me wonder how much of these amazing games shown over the past few months were just running on would be PS4 specs :)

  • it look like something from person interest i can’t wait for that game to come out :)

  • I’m curious what the differences will be. Obviously, the PS4 version will be able to do 1080p native rendering and much higher quality models/textures/maps/shaders with a high FXAA. Hopefully there will be cross-system multiplayer between PS3 and PS4 (and hopefully PC).

    I wonder if the PS4 version will also have 24-bit lossless audio assets for all the music, exposions, etc where dynamic range will be really noticeable.

  • this game looks super sick!

  • im so getting it for the ps3…………. give it a 9 out of 10!

  • im so getting it for the ps3…………. give it a 9 out of 10!!

  • this game is totally different and set apart from other titles, it looks like there will b alot of action, but also quick decisions and reactions being made.

  • I like how they allow you too buy the PS3 version in case you can’t afford to buy a PS4,no one needs to miss this promising game.

  • I feel as though this game’s gonna suck.
    don’t get me wrong it looks amazing,but everything that sounds good is usually a lie. Oh well….we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • This game looks awesome. However, unless the PS4 is totally compatible with the PS3, looks like I’ll be getting the PS3 version. I’ve no intentions of purchasing a PS4 unless it’s 100% compatible, as I don’t want different gaming consoles hooked up to my receiver so I can play everything in 9.1 surround sound. I’ve only got so many hookups, and I’ve already got a Nintendo NES, Nintendo 64, and my PS3 hooked up. I would like to keep room on my receiver for a turntable (yeah, those are making a big come back), my cassette deck, HD CD player, Blue Ray Player, and my computer system. If I purchase a PS4, its to replace my PS3, not to add on to it, which means that all my PS3 games must be compatible. SO SONY, DO YOU HEAR THAT? MAKE SURE THE PS4 IS 100% COMPATIBLE WITH THE PS3. IN FACT, IT SHOULD BE COMPATIBLE WITH THE PS2 ALSO, as my PS3 is one of the older systems with the higher quality chips (which is why I won’t get rid of it), and its 100% compatible with the PS2 system (another reason I won’t get rid of it as the later PS3 systems are NOT compatible with the PS2 system.

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