PlayStation Home Update: Live-stream PlayStation Meeting 2013 Today

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PlayStation Home Update: Live-stream PlayStation Meeting 2013 Today

Today in the Community Theater, we’re live-streaming PlayStation Meeting 2013 straight from New York City to your PS3 via PlayStation Home, starting at 3pm Pacific / 6pm Eastern.

*Note: The stream will start no earlier than the times listed above, so arrive promptly. If you arrive and no stream is running, simply reset the video stream by walking out into the Theater Lobby, then re-enter the Community Theater (theater 1).

As for this week’s slew of new goodies, highlights include some superpower locomotions from Lockwood and selection of new Billabong fashions as early-access for members of exclusive nightclub x7. Granzella releases new weapons for the Setsubun Ogre Extermination, and Heavy Water has released the kraken, errr…Dragons, as rideable mounts (active items for your personal space) and companions.

HellFire Games – Free Test Drive Week Promotion

Drive for free in Home Tycoon during Hellfire’s Free Test Drive Week promotion! From Feb. 18 to Feb. 24, all players get the Basic Car unlocked for free to cruise around in any city, any time. No Gold Coins required!


Granzella – Ogre Weapons, Hoops Locomotions + Gothic Lolita

Ogre Weapons

The crimson Demon Samurai Armor is dedicated to those who hunt ogres. This armor variant has boasts an overwhelming defense against the ogres and also increases your attack power.

Also, the War Lance, Halberd, and Weathercock Halberd have arrived. Participating in Operation: Defend Edo with one of these weapons you can do a lot of damage to ogres. Additionally, you’ll earn 1.35 times the usual Ogre Extermination Points towards your ranking!

Hoops Locomotions

Spin the hoop around and vigorously shake your hips. When you use the hoop, it will keep spinning around your waist. 5 variations are available, white, blue, green, yellow, and red.

Gothic Lolita

The chic Gothic Lolita fashion has arrived. Grown-up, chic, with elegant design, available in black and white. This 7-piece set includes a Lace Headdress (large and small), Chic Goth Loli Dress (with or without tights), Strapped High Heel Pumps (with or without tights), and a hairstyle. Black includes the Ringlet Hairstyle, and white includes the Long Bob Hairstyle.

In addition, perfect for the gothic lolita fashion, the locomotion item Chic Goth Loli Parasol has arrived. When you use this, you’ll be able to float in the air. An umbrella stand furniture item is included in the set.

Heavy Water – Dragon of Hexalon

The famed Dragon of Hexalon has friends, and they are all available to have as pets or ride around your personal space with! There are the four elemental types: Fire, Ice, Lightning and Earth. You can buy these separately or purchase the Bundle Pack to receive the extra special and shy Garden Variety Dragon! He’s a lovely shade of green, and his Breath Attack in the Dragon Rider Active Item is a burst of flowers! There is a Companions Bundle Pack and a Dragon Riders Bundle Pack.


The ultra-rare Golden Drake has also been tamed and made available to the citizens of Avalon. The Golden Dragon comes as a bundle. It includes a sparkling and gorgeous Golden Dragon Companion, the Golden Dragon Rider active item, and a Golden Dragon Statue! The thing that makes the Golden Dragon so rare is it can use all 5 breath attacks when it is being ridden around your private spaces! Owning the Golden Dragon Bundle will allow you to ride a Golden Dragon in the Public Hexalon Village as well! Though that Golden dragon still only knows how to shoot fireballs.


Digital Leisure – New Casino Reward

Digital Leisure has a new reward at their Casino! When you manage to reach Tier 6 in all of the games you’ll be in paradise with your very own Elephant Outfit. It comes in three pieces so that the head, the gloves, and the rest can all be worn separately.


nDreams – Stick People

A truly unique set of the full body outfits, the stick people outfits will stand out wherever you go. For sale individually or in one huge bundle with fifteen variations they offer great value and certainly look awesome.


VEEMEE – Age of Swords

This week VEEMEE brings more Age of Swords content to PlayStation Home in the form of three fantastic new medieval outfits and a Wolfhound companion. The Northern Princess outfit is perfect for wearing to a banquet, the Man At Arms outfit is a must have for heroic warriors and the Druid outfit is for those who like to commune with the spirit world.


Sneak Preview – Killer Plants from Outer Space

As always, new games are invading PlayStation Home and I’m excited to be able to share a couple sneak peeks at one we have in store—Killer Plants from Outer Space!



Community Theater Update

Today, Wednesday February 20th, join us in the Community theater at 3:00pm Pacific / 6:00pm Eastern as we live-stream PlayStation Meeting 2013 straight from NYC to your living room.

Mall Update – The Virtual Item Showcase, Volume 76

Magnus is back again, sharing with us all the hottest new items this week. Check out the video below for all the details. Enjoy this week’s Virtual Item Showcase.

See you in PlayStation Home!

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  • Cade, I must address an issue that I know many people are having, with the wardrobe and furniture items being all shuffled around. I went into my furniture and spent literally 45 minutes sorting everything. I finished, left Home, came back in and it was all screwed up again. Can you please help with this at all?

  • No lockwood LMO previews in x7

  • hey cade ever since 1.75 came out it signs in as a generic female avi instead of my normal male one why is this happening and is anyone else having this problem please respond and address this thank you .

  • Hope everything resolves with the wardrobe issue people are dealing with, I experienced it once but after sorting everything out, the problem hasn’t occurred.

    Finally the Goth Lolita clothing from Granzella, so cute!!

  • @ carfreak13 – YES ME TOO Ever since this horrible 1.75 update your home servers holding OUR data have been absolutely horrible my wardrobe keeps resetting my clothes to storage and my club decorations dont save,they erase or also reset to nothing or a previous decor for a week now nothing has been fixed so in turn who cares about this weeks home update I dont care about your new items I cant enjoy home again until you fix the wardrobe problem the apt decoration problem the club decoration problem Home is a complete mess whos gonna buy any of this weeks new home items if theyre just going to be thrown deep in storage to never be found FIX THIS and quit focusing on silly live streams,home items and please let us know when its fixed!

  • @4 Did you try deleting and reinstalling PS Home?

  • First of all, I am loving the battle in Edo. Very Kurusawan with a bit of Lovecraft thrown in. Thank you, Granzella.

    Second, The Paradise Casino can’t get any better, can it? That place it a wonderful area to meet people and make friends. And the challenges and rewards are awesome.

    Lastly, our clubhouses have been repaired and the furniture setting is as we had left it.

    Thank you, everyone. See you in Home!

  • I forgot: I am so looking forward to the Live Stream. Thank you for bringing it to Home!

  • Same issue as #1 AND! my avatar appearing back to a default build x.x. Pain in the butt.

  • where’s the god of war asension demo???

  • @9 Next week.

  • If you could actually fly up in high ceiling spaces with those dragons. That would be a sight to see ;}…

  • Everyone getting a 10$ dollars vouncher for loyalty, even the people who has their PS3 for no longer than a month, I have it since release, with my VITA and every single PS console and no love :(

    Anyway on topic, I’m on my Ipad waiting for the stream! Can’t wait!!!! Getting PS4 on the release date.

  • we’ll be watching the stream … looking fwd. to the news – thanks so much for the loyalty $10 code – really appreciate it … have no idea what the criteria was, but was a nice touch Sony …. :-) yup, we’re fans ….

  • Great job on Pushing PSM! I think it’s a great service, but moving forward you need to add trophies and sroll out some PSone classics and PSP games. Those games will get your core PS fanbase to consider Sony smartphones (or Playstation certified) over the competitor when they go to renew. You might want bring some of the 1st party heavy hitters to the platform as well.

    Just some advice :D

  • Hey, Cade, no offense but I’ve tried to watch streaming events in Home before and it was a total failure. And all the people around me were just chattering how it was a total failure. And nobody ever apologized or explained later why it didn’t show up. So I’m going to manage my expectations and have alternate media avenues open because I don’t want to miss a minute of this.

  • Oh god forget the last post. Thought this was the PS Mobile post…stupid me :P

  • Can we please get ps home for vita? At least let us stream it from ps3. Also, can you please release the ps4 today? K thanks!

  • Update won’t start and causes PS3 to crash.

  • Nobody can give any advice or updates on the issues we are having with our wardrobes. I’ve spent countless hours reorganizing just to have to do it again every time I log on. What’s the point of having a storage feature? I literally have 1000 items and don’t want to spent my time looking at the ones I no longer like or all the free t-shirts. The other day it randomly restored my avatar to a crazy outfit that made no sense. And it took me 10 minutes to load one piece of furniture into my space today. That makes decorating frustrating instead of fun. Even my inventory of companions and actions is messed up. I’m very frustrated with home since the update and it makes me not want to spend any more money or time on it.

    If anyone has any updates please post them. I’m hoping Sony is aware of the issue and is diligently working to resolve it.

  • There are known issues. We have been asked to post our feedback regarding them in this official thread:

    As for rearranging items, just do a couple of test runs before committing yourself to fully moving things around. Move and item, leave and/or log off, then come back. If the item is gone, then you know it’s not time to rearrange anything. If it’s still there, you can take the risk of moving a few items. And move more later.

    These things will be fixed. And the repairs can come faster if they get the information from us. Either way, Home will be fixed.

  • Yeeeeah, no way I’m watching the livestream in Home. It sounds great in theory, but…Home isn’t exactly good at the whole streaming video and events thing. But I’ll probably be picking up the Lolita bundle thanks to that free ten bucks. Whoohoo.

  • Ok I’ve really had enough. I just bought the new stick figure outfits, i bought the bundle. When i went into my wardrobe, they all popped up fine, in normal slots. I got the M-16 Error (Getting it a lot) and all of the costumes went right into storage!!!!!!!! What is going on here!!!!!!!!! Ever since you guys put our save files on your server (HORRIBLE IDEA) Everyone has been dealing with all of this. Are you going to fix this? Or is it like the Plaza where you guys are going to change it and we are forced to deal with it? I’ve spent TONS of money, probably close to $1500 on Home. Really didn’t think Home was going to get like this. >:(

  • All my friends won $ 10 to use on psn but me. Sony, don’t you love me anymore?

  • Ware The Hell do i find the ps4 live stream???

  • its too many ppl streaming its very slow

  • It was horrible. I left the room, the real room to go watch on my computer. Came back to see I was the only one still in the theatre, lol. If nextgen is all about streaming, oy, needs work!

  • Hey guys.. is Playstation Home going to make the move to PS4? I really hope it will be on there at launch. I would hate to see you guys just let it die once the ps3 does.

  • any news on Phantasy star online 2 english relase for psvita

  • WHAT IS GOING ON?! ive had to go through my inventory 4 times now and put things back the way it was b4 the update! im so tired of doing this! would you please fix this issue! im sure im not the only one.

  • wow guys here it is going on sunday and no replies to us i know your busy trying ALL the bugs with 1.75 but you could at least tell us something :~(


  • Hurryup and fix this problem youve got literally hundreds of angry ps home customers! Get it done!

  • Next weeks ps home update post all you’ll get is complaints from everyone unless fixed by then heads up

  • sell a weapon for edo for 99cent

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