PlayStation 4 Developers: The Shape of Things to Come

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PlayStation 4 Developers: The Shape of Things to Come

Hi, PlayStation fans! I’ve been looking forward to this day for quite some time. It’s true, PlayStation 4 is coming! I hope you enjoyed watching our PlayStation Meeting live on PlayStation.Blog (you can watch it here if you missed it) and getting a sneak peek at the future of PlayStation gaming: Watch_Dogs, Killzone: Shadow Fall, inFAMOUS: Second Son, and many more. Are you as excited as I am?!

PlayStation 4 will be incredibly powerful but elegant and easy to use, empowering game developers to create innovative gaming experiences we can only begin to imagine. As we prepared for today’s PlayStation Meeting, we asked some of the top game designers in the world to share their inspirations and ambitions for PlayStation 4. Please watch the video below to see the shape of things to come.

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  • Sadly the PS4 will fail, I have been a Sony loyalist since 1997. Been in the Underground, GAP and RLS, but no more. Back to PC for me. No physical BC, streaming is a joke and sucks, cloud is stupid and more meaningless features no one really wants. Then mention the devs cant even max out the PS3 much less a need for a new console. Sigh, looks like PS3/Vita is it for me.

  • I’m really excited and hopeful for the PS4! Great announcement IMO!

  • Cant wait to E3 to see the actual Hardware.

  • Megaton bombs!
    x86-64 and that GDDR5 8gb

    We’re happy.

  • when are you going to show what in store for the future of the psvita?

  • I’m really delighted with the presentation. I was hoping for some more first party games, and some more cross-controller details, demonstrating a standard approach to what we sampled in the Little Big Planet 2 cross-controller DLC.

  • Of course I’ll buy it. Please push what you said about getting the entire Playstation library, which is enormous and without peer, playable on the PS4 and please don’t take 5 years to do it. Of course I’ll hold on to my PS3 until you make good, ;-)

    Oh, and Yoshida-San, I had to import the Ni No Kuni special PS3 and it is sweet. The American portion of Playstation World would appreciate and buy a wider range of colors and models. Something in purple? Even if it’s just the new controller?

  • @1, I agree with you. As an old-school gamer, nothing of what I saw appealed to me. I don’t play multiplayer and I don’t use the social-networking capabilities of the PS3 at all. That just isn’t the type of gamer I am. For example, I can’t think of any reason why I would want to see a screen of what someone else is playing, much less take over their game. Based on comments that I read on other sites, the PS4 doesn’t appeal to a lot of other people as well. Also, what about backwards compatibility? Do they expect me to re-buy all of my games so that I can play on their precious PS4? It’s the PS3 and the Vita for me. I can’t see the point of spending more than $400 on a console where none of the features even appeal to me.

  • If I can use all my PS3 games on it (digital and physical), I’m in.

  • @8: none of that makes logical sense.

    Option features you can just not use mean you don’t want it? Really?

    B/C, honestly it’s a bonus these days. Not a requirement. Having the cell in the system would jump up the price, poor foresight on Sony’s part when developing the PS3 (and lesser extent the PS2), but it’s an evil that they’re dealing with to benefit the PS4 in the long term.

    You buy a PS3 game, you get a PS3 game. Nothing on the box says, “Hey, this game will play on devices that don’t currently exist and for all time.” Keep your PS3 and you won’t have to rebuy anything. It’s not hard.

    Most gamers I know, myself included, don’t get rid of their old consoles anyway. This is all coming from someone very disappointed there’s no b/c. But I, probably unlike you, would have been willing to pay up to $200 extra for a full b/c model of the PS4.

  • As someone who will soon be going to university to learn game design and become a game developer, I’m really really glad to hear that Sony made it easier for indie developers to make games for ps4. I really hope PS4 will be a big success, and won’t be too expensive on launch like the ps3 was…

  • Cue Bear McCreary’s “The Shape of Things to Come.” Super stoked for PlayStation 4 and the SCE WWS.

  • Can’t wait to buy been saving money all year for it

  • 8GB of Ram – I think the developers are happy.
    This deep support for the devs sounds great. Hopefully lessons have been learned from Steam and other competitors with low barriers to entry and easy and cheap methods to update their games.
    Improved pricing structures are needed as well.

  • SPYstation4 not for me

  • @ Isaiahdsmith I need to start lol

    Can’t wait to see what Sony unleashes at E3!

  • @ #1 & #8 i’m with you

  • very nice yosp, cant wait to get my hands on my PS4 to accompliment my Vita and play Home via Gaikai on my Vita too.

    Will Gaikai take place of NASNE in the U.S.?

    when can i preorder?

    prices? i KNOW it’ll have an ssd.

    Congratulations on the announcement Sony PlayStation Global!

  • A feature to be able to “RIP” a PS3 Bluray to my PS4 would be welcome feature… One way or another PS4 NEEDS to be backwards compatable (PS1,PS2,PS3,PSN Store Purchases),… Playstation for life.

  • @ChaseHammerJ

    Do you even understand the strains of game developing and the memory/processing power needed to produce a properly functioning game? The PS3 has terrible Aliasing issues and lack of true black all due to the fact that the PS3 has reached its limits. Ever wonder why some cut scenes look amazing compared to actual gameplay? That is because the cut scene is no more than a CG cinematography where the game play has 10 times more things to do. So yes the PS3 is most defiantly limited. The PS4 will be the age of not only watching a movie that looks like Avatar, but game play that looks like Avatar. The power for much faster render times is highly needed. I bet they will need to use BDXL (100-150 GB) because standard Blu-Ray Disks (50 GB) will not be able to hold enough data. God of War 3 was developed early in the PS3’s life and still packed 35 GB of data onto the standard BD. So Im sure they will have no problem filling up a BD now.

  • its such ashame people dont havd confidence in SONY PlayStation.

  • I like what I saw. Those fools may be leaving but they’ll be replaced

  • This is all just great news. I’m excited to see what comes and I’m glad developers have so many more freedoms now.

    Playstation forever!

  • @20 You’re joking right? True black? Thats what you think means the PS3 has reached its limit. Wow some of you are even more brainwashed than I thought.

    Of course CG cut scenes look better than gameplay, THEY ALWAYS HAVE BEEN.

    As for the limits on the disc, well most games (as seen from their digital counterparts) are only around the 10-15GB range so your point there is moot.

  • I watched the whole conference, and I can’t wait to buy this thing! I love the ability to instantly upload gameplay vids, and watch your friends play live. Plus it gives me a little more faith in my Vita.

  • I don’t know. More and more, people are becoming disconnected with reality. Life will soon be a series of impersonal experiences. Being there, but not actually being there. It’s like watching the world behind a window.

  • @10 I agree with you. I am getting the playstation 4 and i am not getting rid of my playstation 3. It is that simple. Keep your ps3, you can play all your old content!! Get the playstation 4 to play the new games!

    All these features that are coming with the ps4 is great. The people that always wanted to share their gameplay can now do it. We do not have to buy an extra piece of equipment to do so. If you dont care about the feature, but hey it is there for you to try out. The playstation cloud sound like a good idea as well. I can not wait to get my hands on this.

  • Should those of us who have a lot of ps3 games on blu-ray hold on to our ps3’s?

  • Best console presentation ever! That is seriously my thought after today’s conference. Very excited!

  • I’m definitely getting the PS4, and as for no b/c for my current PS3 games, who cares!? I’m buying the PS4 to play PS4 games not PS3 or PS2 or PS1 games, I have all the previous consoles to do that, my PS2 to play PS2 games and my PS3 for PS1 and PS3 games, my PSP and PSPGo for PSP games and my Vita for PSVita games.
    You guys “Awesome a PS4 to play all of my PS1 games!” seriously >.>
    Yes I know that most people would prefer all in one and I also know that most people trade in their old console towards the new one, but honestly just save up the money and keep both.
    Use your older systems in different rooms or something.
    Wii – upstairs room
    WiiU – Living room ;)
    Xbox360 – Living room (waste of money)
    PS3 – My room :)
    PS4 – Most likely in my living room making me have to relocate my Xbox360 else where. ( Like it’ll matter, that thing will be a worthless piece of junk once my XboxLive expires)

  • @ChaseHammerJ

    You’re ridiculously clueless. If you can’t understand how devs hands were tied by the 512MB of split ram which is why it has now been bumped up to 8GB of GDDR5 there really is no reasoning with you. Was Sony never supposed to make a new console? Seriously it’s been 7 YEARS!

    Fortunately there’s a lot of excitement over this new hardware amongst people that actually have at least a basic understanding of what they’re talking about.

  • Amazing how many people complain about optional features that they don’t even have to use. And people STILL being crybabies after all these years about B.C. Keep your PS3, problem solved.

  • Region free or bust. As a serial game importer, I really enjoy how the current Sony ecosystem works when the hard copy is region free (aside from P4A) while online content is region restricted. The persistent online connection requirement raises question on whether the ps4 will move back to its region locking roots pre-ps3. Hopefully, Sony will shed some light on this issue before the release of this great piece of hardware.

  • THis is what gaming is about… pushing the boundries and innovation…

  • @1 there is simply no reasoning or sense in this comment, first of all if you dont like multiplayer gameplay you should just quit gaming this is the era of online conectivity and sharing, pc will not do you any good since it offers less than a console “relevant retail exclusive games” as a gamer with a pretty beast pc i can easily say my arsenal would be very incomplete without a ps3, why give up on AMAZING games like the last of us, quality exclusive games pc will always lack due to consoles generating more money for developers, sure pc gets lots of exclusive games but most arent even retail games or even relevant, heck a lot of multiplatform games dont even come to pc, and then you see the pc gamers comenting “please come out for pc i beg you” just like for dark souls and then they might or might not port it months later, also what did you expect if your not into online features? the very least you can expect is better graphical capabilities and it there, so i dont see whats the problem here, and NO, the ps4 will NOT fail it will only FAIL to apeal to you i guess

  • i was blown away watching this meeting.

  • I’m gonna be excited when it comes out!

  • Hi Shuhei!

    Please offer a hardware option for backwards compatibility at launch – either as higher-priced SKU or as an add-on. INow that we’ve amassed such large collections on the PSN ecosystem, this is more important than ever.

    Going forward I could see this being removed as Gaikai advances, but I think this is critical at launch for a lot of players like myself.

    If we have the option, I’ll be a day one buyer.

    Thanks for listening.

  • Exciting stuff! but o sony you such a teaser by now showing us the ps4

    Please please please put a decent cooling system in this one !!!

  • Great to see how excited the developers are for creating games on ps4, and wow what amazing surprises during the Playstation Meeting! I did not expect to see all of those developers there to announce ps4 games, especially Blizzard! Excellent job with the meeting and announcement. Game-set-match. :)

  • I’m an old time gamers too, but can’t wait for PS4 !

    Yes, it would be nice to have bc with PS3 at least and for the first year so that titles will be available. (Seems a lot of new consoles and handhelds lack games when they first appear.)

    But if it doesn’t have it, like others state, you still have your PS3 to play them on.

    I have the Vita and the remote play with PS4 looks really interesting.

    Heck, if we all thought that change and evolution shouldn’t happen, then we’d still be playing Pong !

    Bring on the new wave !

    Keep up the great work Sony and Playstation….

  • Everything just look awesome, can’t wait to see this piece of perfection, well, it’s a Playstation…!

  • it looks like a fantastic console and I’ll probably get it eventually, and I’ll just hang onto my ps3 with no BC since Sony doesn’t ever seem to have any interest in including that for their consumers, hopefully it’ll have a good library a few years from now.

  • After reading this, i don’t see the point of investing more money in PSN

    it’s like instead of owning my games, i rented them for one generation.

  • @ 1 ChaseHammerJ – Couldn’t have said better myself….I’m a loyal PS costumer its been 14 + years and I’m with you…PS4 is utterly unnecessary and for the 1st time Sony is being greedy and following the other companies….the leap of PS3 from PS2 was impressive…and PS3 is fine we dont need PS4…I’m considering stop at PS3.I’m very disappointed at Sony for real.PS1 was where the real video games have began…but the announcement of PS4 proved that Sony isn’t that same that used to be.

  • Congratulations, I think that sony is doing things good, that surprised me. The possibilites of the new console are endless. If a mouse and keyboard are available for the console with button mappings, would be perfect.
    All new ways to play with ps eye and dualshock 4 are very good. I expect to hear that a SDK will be made available for everyone, allowing developing apps for ps4.
    Ps eye will be included with every console? Not including it in some models would be a bad thing…

  • but I wont be going to PC because its fail…the real gamers play only on PS.


  • Amazing! But there isnt any article about what is gonna cost :S

  • PS4 looks like a winner. A seemingly solid Launch lineup, and cutting edge specs that developers are excited about.

    I liked a lot of features they spoke about at the PS Meeting. I’m buying PS4 when it comes out this year

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