OMG Zombies: The Final Weekly Free PS Mobile Game

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OMG Zombies: The Final Weekly Free PS Mobile Game

PlayStation Mobile: OMG Zombies

It seems people can’t get enough of the undead. Laughing Jackal’s OMG Zombies — the last of our six free PS Mobile games — casts you as the sole survivor of a police team that has been attacked by (you guessed it) zombies. Your mission: tear through hordes of zombies across a maze of levels, and escape the city.

Your progress in this game depends on the amount of chained combos you get from killing zombies. This game is an upgraded version of the OMG-Z game that was released by Laughing Jackal as a PS mini back in 2011.

PlayStation Mobile: OMG ZombiesPlayStation Mobile: OMG Zombies

PlayStation Mobile: OMG ZombiesPlayStation Mobile: OMG Zombies

There are weapon upgrades, branching levels, rewards, and various zombie types to encounter. This game is the easiest — and safest — way to take out zombies.

PS Vita owners will be able to download OMG Zombies for free on the PlayStation Mobile section of PlayStation Store. Owners of PlayStation-certified devices (see full list here) can obtain it through the PlayStation Mobile Store – click here for full instructions.

We hope you enjoyed our six weeks of free PlayStation Mobile games. Keep checking PlayStation.Blog for news of upcoming games, and interviews with their developers.

Need more information on PlayStation Mobile? Want to know more about supported tablets and phones? Head here.

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  • I.Love.Zombies! This is gonna be by far the best PsMobile freebie. Been enjoying each one for the past weeks.

    Despite OMG Zombies being our last game, i just wanna say, thank you guys so much letting us enjoy 6 of these games & will continue to purchase more in the near future.

    My favorites go as followed:

    -OMG Zombies (even i haven’t tried it, zombies are awesome)
    -Beats Trellis
    -Samurai Beatdown
    -Aqua Kitty
    -Beats Slider

    • Hey ZaGe-zAiKaNo! Glad you (and others) enjoyed the six weeks of free PlayStation Mobile games! It was fun for us as well. We really appreciate your feedback and thoughts on what you liked and what we could do differently. We’re constantly listening to your feedback so we can evolve our plans in the future and offer more exciting content and promotions. More soon! Enjoy OMG Zombies.

  • OMG Zombies is an excellent game. Download it people!!

  • Thanks again for the promotion guys!
    My list (without zombies) is:
    -Samurai Beatdown
    -Beats Trellis
    -Aqua Kitty
    -Beats Slider

  • Great Games. I’m playing on vita and mobile.

  • even free its hard to feel compelled to play them without trophies.

  • Cheat codes, strategy guides, etc. etc. I’ve always been the type that feels, if you’re having fun and, it’s not affecting my game, go for it. However, I just can’t understand the, “It’s not worth playing without trophies” mentality.

  • @5, agreed. Even iOS has GameCenter achievements. Games just feel empty without something to strive for!

  • xClayMeow – Here’s something to strive for… Having fun.

    Movies, Books, Music… All things you do, without having something to strive for beyond the sheer pleasure of doing them.

  • @XFRod, Exactly! isn’t that what we all did on the PsOne, PS2, PSP, etc etc & any other consoles? Was to just have fun.

  • @ 6 (XFRod)

    Why is it so hard to understand why someone would rather play a game with trophies??

    People prefer whopper over bigmac, coke over pepsi, tall short , slim heavy, dark hair blonde….on and on.

    ITS JUST PREFERENCE. I would rather play a PS3 game with trophies than without. But i dont agree with 5 (RYU) about trophies for mobile games. I would still enjoy them but i do understand why he would rather have them. I understand why you (Rod) could still play and enjoy a game without trophies.

  • Dang, I missed the Samurai One. :(

  • Nabbing this once im home from school! :) hate i cant download games when on campus, stupid firewall prevents me lol

  • Thank you guys for the 6 weeks of picking up games I would’ve never thought I’d enjoy!

    PS Mobile game demos — even if you guys never do another free promotion, I’d be more inclined to buy mobile games/apps if I could try them out to see what they’re about! Heck, even some gameplay vids or something (which I can hunt for myself, but if I’m on the store, convenience would be the key to purchase since I may not be thinking of Playstation Mobile games when I’m not on my VITA) to help out would be nice.

    Again, thank you for a great promotion, and what a fantastic way to end it!

  • Great job on Pushing PSM! I think it’s a great service, but moving forward you need to add trophies and sroll out some PSone classics and PSP games. Those games will get your core PS fanbase to consider Sony smartphones (or Playstation certified) over the competitor when they go to renew. You might want bring some of the 1st party heavy hitters to the platform as well.
    Just some advice :D

  • Hey!! We also have phones, Vitas and money here in Mexico, and the rest of Latin America.

    Where’s the love?

  • Yeah this game doesn’t have trophies, so it sucks*


    I’ll never understand this dumb mentality.

  • The big problem I have with this promotion is that I can’t seem to access the Store from the Vita. I don’t have a PS Certified phone. Is there a way to order it on the ps3 or the web and then DL to the Vita?

    If not, thanks for nothing.

  • This game is actually really, really enjoyable. I made the mistake of downloading it to try it before I went to bed last night, as I do with most of these free games, because I typically play it for maybe 5 minutes and get bored and go to sleep. But I ended up playing this darn game for at least 40 minutes. I’d say this’d be one to pick up.

  • @17 (robhorine711)

    Once in the store on the PS Vita you’ll see, at the Top the Game Section , Video section, and PlayStation Mobile section just tap on it and your there.

  • This whole deal has been great. I didn’t own any of the free games. Now I do though. :)

  • @ kivi95 no i will not buy a stupid cellphone game, i play ps vita games, good games, not crappy cellphone games

  • @thebgj don’t listen to them, i mainly play games with trophies, unless there ps2 classics or ps1 but if its a new game then it has to have trophy’s, i also hate PC an cell phone gaming an i have much hate for microsoft

  • @nolo451 i don’t understand how u idiots play cellphone games when there is a handheld that can play 100 million times better games, also if the game is new it better have trophies

  • Did you trophy slaves ever play games before July 2008? So strange how you suddenly can’t play without them. Sony must have put some black magick in those damn things because some folks behave like it’s a crack fix!

  • @ juggalorider

    nolo451 isn’t an idiot, but the people who can’t bear to play a game without trophies sure are idiots.

  • @19 Already did that. The screen stalls with nothing on it. I can’t access the store at all on my Vita. Doesn’t matter what I try. Learn how to read.

  • @juggalorider,

    Not even going to bother trying to have any meaningful response to someone with the word “juggalo” as part of their name since I know it will get me nowhere.

    Lol, and you call me an idiot. How ironic.

    Magnets, how do they work, right?


    Some of these people….its so ridiculous how they won’t touch a game if it has no trophies. Its funny and dumb at the same time when they complain about lack of trophies, as if that has any bearing on whether a game is good or not.

  • I’ve been playing a few Playstation Mobile games, and this is by far my favorite one. It’s definitely a ‘one more level’ game addiction.

  • I loved these free games, mainly beatslider and OMG-Z.

    But, I lost the chance to get Cubix.

    Dont know if you remember, but it was always updated on wednesdays, but suddenly, you guys updated it together with all other stuff in the store in the weekly update. You know now, i lost it.

    Looks like an awesome game.

    I dont care about trophies, sad to see people not playing just because of this.

    well, anyway, past stuff, maybe some other time.

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