PlayStation Community: Dungeon Defenders XP Event

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PlayStation Community: Dungeon Defenders XP Event

In the Dungeon Defenders community, we do things a little differently. If you need a refresher, Dungeon Defenders blends the looting and leveling of action-RPGs with the strategy and objectives of tower defense. You and up to three of your friends can team up to protect the precious Eternia Crystals from an ancient evil.

Haven’t played Dungeon Defenders before? Now is a great time to start! It’s currently free for PlayStation Plus subscribers, and next week, we’re hosting another fantastic Community XP Event for our PS3 community. Click here to register, or read on to learn more.

Our community team has one primary goal: to give Dungeon Defenders fans new and old the tools to make our game their own. From hosting their own events, to dictating the rules of ours, our fans know the game is just the beginning of the experience.

PlayStation Community Update 2-15-2013

Click here to learn more about the PS3 Dungeon Defenders Community XP Event!

This is your event. You choose the map. You choose the modifier. We provide the possibilities. Team up with the community team and your fellow defenders to earn a staggering 50 million XP on a game mode you won’t find anywhere else. Want to turn off the gravity and fly away into the sunset? Then Low Gravity is the choice for you. Want enemy Ogres to rain from the sky, Kazaam-style? Vote for Raining Ogres. You can also ramp up the game speed, beef up the enemies or try your luck with a one-hit-kill crystal. The choice is up to you.

The event takes place next Thursday, February 21st from 12:00pm to 8:00pm EST. You must sign up for the event to participate. To sign up, post on this thread with your PSN ID and the time of day you’ll be available to join us. Sign-ups end February 19th at 11:59am EST. We’ll post a final list of participants in our Console Event Google Doc. We can’t guarantee that we’ll get to everyone, but we’ll try our hardest.

If you’re new to the game, our forum community is always willing to help new players learn the ropes. While you’re there, stop by the Trading section to barter gear, pets and weapons. If you need help with a map, our Guides section has a wide variety of map builds to choose from.

I take great pride in our community team’s effort to cultivate a positive community atmosphere. Since our launch in October 2011, people have made new friends, discovered significant others and opened their minds to new experiences, all within the realm of Dungeon Defenders. But a community team is nothing without great community members. If you’ve been a fan for a day or a year, thank you for making this job easy. If you’re thinking about joining the family, stop on by our forums and introduce yourself. Oh and because we love you so much, click the images below to grab some ultra sweet Dungeon Defenders wallpapers. See you in the dungeons!

PlayStation Community Update 2-15-2013PlayStation Community Update 2-15-2013

Click on the images above to grab these Dungeon Defenders wallpaper for your Desktop


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6 Author Replies

  • I loved this game but after the company lied to the early adopters about the content in the game and in the first DLC I stopped playing. I forgave all the original bugs, hacking, and problems with the game but straight up lying to the people paying day one for the game was too much.

  • 5 DAYS!!!! im pretty excited to see the future, kinda weird there is no countdown to the event here on the blog, Playstation 4 life!!!!

  • I bought this game and the dlc. I can not really use the dlc due to the fact that it freezes the ps3.

    Let us know when the game is actually playable.

    • Which DLC did you purchase? We fixed most of the freezing issues in our last console patch. If there’s another freezing issue, I’ll pass it along to the dev team in a jiffy.

  • Why won’t this site keep me logged when I come back to it? It’s a hassle having to log in every time.and why doesn’t it bring me back to where i was after I log back in?

    …anyways, I think I’m gunna get Plus on the 20th if the event is a good one. If all it is is a new version of Vita or something then there’s gunna be hell to pay. lol

  • I love this game! but I was so sad when they canceled the Vita version : (

  • I really liked dungeon defenders as a free PSN+ game. it was a decent mix of tower defense and hack and slash with RPG elements. I sorta wish you could place more towers though hoping for a sequel on next gen consoles. put it out cheap like $5 and watch everyone get it.

  • Are you guys going to release more dlc? or bundle the shards dlc?

  • You guys really need to promote these community play events more. Also, make sure to bring some games back to life like Fat Princess and Twisted Metal. Great games for community play events, and could use a boost in online players. How about Bad Company 2 also…

  • Guys, have any of you heard any news about Ghost Recon: Final Mission and Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 for the PlayStation Vita?

  • Wonder why I get this error after I log in to the community page:
    Request Entity Too Large

    The requested resource
    does not allow request data with GET requests, or the amount of data provided in the request exceeds the capacity limit.

  • Really loving what you guys are doing here. There are a lot of great multiplayer titles that get thrown under the radar and this really is a great way to bring them back and keep them relevant. I’d like to see a more balanced player count in games as I still like to go back and play older games like Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 and countless other titles. Just because there is a newer iteration to a franchise doesn’t mean the old one can’t still be supported. I’d love to see a lot more of this especially with older games. And of course don’t slouch on the newer games like Twisted Metal and Starhawk either. Either way keep up the good work guys! #NeverStopPlaying

  • this is an incredible game in Stereoscopic 3D…i might have to join the event!

    • I love DD in 3D. People around the office like to troll me by hiding the 3D glasses for the community room TV.

      Hope to see you at the event!

  • I have and play the PC version, because of the DLC issue.

  • well even though I will never buy a trendy game for giving us console gamers the short end of the stick (no extra characters, and well the rest of the dlc) it’s cool to see them doing an event.

  • @josh Isom
    If you end up playing some of the sound shape community level you should try mine out. I threw in the morality option of saving yourself or saving some cats

  • I Stop playing this game along time ago the TROPHIES don`t work . talking about old games FALLOUT 3 for PSN plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Shame the developers dropped consoles like an unwanted child.

    I want character DLC. Oh well.

  • Great game. I recently began playing it and havent stopped. Yet, It’s really sad that the console version is just a fraction of the real game. That stings a lot.
    I also took a long time getting my weapons and took pride in them because they were very good. That’s until i heard of the Skittles pet. Took me about a month to get a hold of one. I had to trade valuable items for it. Another online player who claimed to work with you guys (Trendy Event Team) said my Skittles was fake. I, not knowing what he was talking about, let him see it. He seemed legit. Well, he wasn’t. He deleted me soon after tricking me out of a pet. i still have his name too. What a fool I am.
    The second Skittles pet I managed to find and trade for ended up vanishing from my tavern. The player I traded with never responded as to why. So, Thanks for allowing the hacking, guys.
    I’ll enter to join this Event. Will be my first and probably last.

  • I guess this event is a good a time as any to return to DD, haven’t played it in almost a year! lol Do agree with Elvick_ though, developers sort of gave us the shaft.

    Are experience boost events the only ones left? Never had a chance to partake in the ones that offered fancy weapons.

  • DD is so amazing…….on the PC. I hope you guys get it. It is so much fun and I have every single bit of DLC for it. I have my pc hooked up to my 60 inch screen and play four player splitscreen old school style.

  • @18 That happens when the item you get was duped. Then if you are ever in a game or tavern with someone else who has the duped item bot of them disappear. You can’t ever really trade valuable items anymore due to all the duping in the game.

  • Never played this but seems interesting, i’ll have to check this out on the 21st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Is there a level requirement for the event? Even though I have four level 70 characters now, it’s still difficult to DPS down Ogres. And if it’s similar to Raining Goblins, it’ll be chaos.

    Also, was there a reason for no v-day content on PS3?

  • I’ve been playing DD for two months and fell in love with it. I was shocked to find out there are dlcs for the PC version that will not be released for console.
    Why won’t Trendy release the dlcs? Dlcs help making lots of money (ask Capcom)

  • I don’t understand why we have to register to receive Double XP.

  • I really wish the dlc’s were available for the PS3, especially the costumes and other characters. Its a great game but as one who enjoys customizing their experience particularly visually it is disappointing to not be able to see a different skin. My friend got this with PS+ but I shelled out for the game and would gladly by most if not all dlc if it was available. I wish I could change my elf’s look, or play as the noble knight lady.

  • Their explanation when all this went down was they could not patch those DLC’s for PS3. One reason is that it was too expensive. The other main reason was they literally could not get some DLC’s to even work on the PS3. At least those were the reasons given to us when they were released a long time ago.

  • I love playing this game, totally addicted to it!
    But i would love to know when the EU patch is going to come out, please answer developers, we’ve been waiting patiently for ages now :(

  • put it on vita you ass

  • Waaah, Canadians can not participate?! I am heart broken.

  • Nevermind lol.

  • I wish DD was available on the PS Vita.

  • I have a problem with my trophies popping up.

    They appear inside My Tavern”, but not in my trophy list, and a message come up saying, “You did not get trophy.”
    All the latest patches were applied. Does anyone have this problem as well, and is there a solution for it?

    I’m at level 71, but I’m so tired of this happening that I’m ready to give up and delete the whole game and start over from the scratch.

  • My PSN ID is Drevlin76. I absolutely love this game! I just found out about the Event. I would love to participate in it. I can play any time after 4pm.

    I have had a lot of problems with lag on this game. I have a great internet connection so it must be through the servers. Please let me know if there is any other events!

    I wish I could drop pets you get in the PS Plus DLC . At least into your tavern. It was great to get free stuff but it limits my item box.

    keep up the great work Trendy!

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