The Many Modes of GRID 2

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The Many Modes of GRID 2

Hello racing fans! I’m here to talk about some of the modes and locations in GRID 2, releasing on PS3 May 28th. Let’s jump straight in…

Introducing: World Series Racing (WSR)

At Codemasters we love racing of every flavor, but professional motorsports have always been splintered into different disciplines and formulas around the world. One of the questions we’ve kicked around for years in the Studio has been simple – who is the greatest? Which driver from which series is the best? In GRID 2, we’re looking to answer that question with World Series Racing – WSR. It’s a new motorsport series that starts from the grassroots and grows into a huge Prime Time competition. Racers from different disciplines – street racers, drifters, track racers and more – all come together in one global series, with each driver moving in and out of their comfort zone. So who is the greatest? Join WSR in GRID 2 and find out…

GRID 2 on PS3

Introducing some Modes

We’ve got a range of diverse events in GRID 2, so let’s introduce a few of them to you…


Well, GRID 2 isn’t a driving game, it’s a racing game. That’s an important distinction. So it goes without saying that one of the game modes within GRID 2 will be Race. You know the deal, start fast, finish first and take home the glory. GRID 2 introduces a lot of new modes and features, but ultimately, we’re determined to make the best in-game racing experience whenever you’re behind the wheel and straight up racing is the heartbeat of the game.


Eliminator is a constant fight for position. As the event unfolds, any racer that is in last position when the time runs out is eliminated from the race and the winner is the racer who survives all eliminations. Keep up with the pack or you’re all but guaranteed to be eliminated, but careful as you trade paint with your competitors as one false move can have catastrophic results…

GRID 2 on PS3


Checkpoint is all about how you perform under pressure as you aim to cover as much distance as possible before the timer expires. You’ll have limited time to make it to the next checkpoint, so you’ll be expected to hit the apexes and find the right braking points to shave precious seconds off your time.

Stay tuned, there are more modes to come.


Variety is the name of the game when it comes to the racing locations in GRID 2. We have three broad stages of racing – Street Racing, Track Racing and Open Road Racing. We’ve recently confirmed the addition of two new circuits, Brands Hatch and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway; two famous motorsport Meccas which join the previously announced Red Bull Ring and Yas Marina. Away from these tracks you’ll be able to race around cities such as Chicago, Paris and Barcelona as well as being able to take to the road along the California Coast.

We’re hurtling down the track and that May 28th release date is getting ever closer. Fear not though, because between now and then we’ve still got lots of exciting news left to share with you all. We’ve got new locations, new cars and more game features to reveal.

We can’t wait to see you on the track.

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8 Author Replies

  • Ben Walke can you confirm a PSN digital release?

  • Love Codemasters racing games; glad to see this coming to PS3, any chance of a Vita release as well? Also please put Grid 1 and Dirt 1 and 2 on the PSN store for digital release. There is money to be made. Thanks for reading.

    • No current plans for a Vita version but we never say never :)

      I’ll pass on your feedback regarding GRID, DiRT 1 & 2, thanks.

  • 40 dollars?

  • Love all your racing games so I will be getting this one for sure. A vita game would be nice also.

    • Thanks! As above, nothing to confirm regarding a Vita version at this moment in time, but will be sure to pass on your feedback.

  • This game have a serious problem:

    I’ll have to pass, unfortunately.

  • Ahem, anything I’m going to say below is based off my experience of playing your F1 games.

    Codemasters, I know you guys never give a rust about the PS3 version but can you at least have some decency to include an option to disable the anti-aliasing? I’m so sick and tired of having the AA putting on the extra stress while the game already has constant screen-tears and is prone to frequent framerate dips. QAA’s blurring is irritating, so I’d avoid using it. Really, I know you don’t really care much about optimizing the game for the PS3 but how hard it is for you to just add in OPTION to simply disable the AA.

  • All of these modes sound like very basic things that would be in any racing game worthy of being called racing. Are you sure there is something to set this game apart. Because, honestly, so far from what I’ve heard, I’m giving it a meh.

  • I enjoy Codemasters’ games and this looks gorgeous, but I have to agree with @7: given the title of this post, I was expecting to be “introduced” to something other than pretty standard modes for racing games.

  • I was crazy about the original GRID, even with the squirrly physics engine it was a crazy fun racing game. I just can’t believe this sequel doesn’t have a cockpit car view though. I love the damage modeling and the speed and feeling of driving in the interior view. I’m seriously bummed out hearing about the lack of cockpit view in this game…. I guess it’s a way to save money/cut corners? I love Codemasters and I’m sure I’ll prob pick this up but still… sad face :(

    • First off it’s great to hear you loved the original GRID, I’m sure you’ll also love this one. The lack of cockpit view is in no way related to money or cutting corners.

      In truth it’s down to the benefits that we gain from its omission especially in terms of the memory required to create and the processing power to render the cockpits.

      We can use the extra available memory to make the on-track racing a truly mind-blowing experience.

      To quote our Executive Producer Clive Moody:

      “We can author and run higher resolution vehicle models with more detailed geometry. We can feature higher resolution external vehicle textures and work further detail into our environment textures. We can dedicate more processing power to our improved physics systems, integral to the GRID 2 experience, and push other systems to the next level, such as particles and real-time lighting. And there are many more benefits.”

  • Never played the first GRID, may have to pick up a copy from Gamestop and see if it’s any good.

  • @7 and 8 In case you didn’t see it, right before the ‘Locations’ section, it says “Stay tuned, there are more modes to come.”

  • Glad to hear that GRID is coming back and I would really like to see a Digital Download on day 1 (Pre-Order on PSN) Also a Digital Download on the Original GRID would be nice (we’re all lazy like that ^,^/ )

  • Loved the first GRID! Looking forward to the next! Can you confirm if you will still have Touge mode? It was one of my favorites. Dueling drifting down mountainsides isn’t all that common in racers. Also I hope you still include that awesome greeting when the game starts. Nothing like being welcomed back by name when you first boot it up. The hot voice doesn’t hurt either :) Guys keep in mind this is not a racing sim so don’t expect that. I think the aim was more for somewhere between sim and arcade, and they hit the mark with the first.

  • Ben Walke…your on a site basically for the psn store and digital content..promoting your game with no confirmation of the game even coming on psn? the average ps3 gamer who buys games retail dont even know about this site no pun intended..why?

  • @11 I saw it, and perhaps it would have been best to save the post until then. Otherwise, it’s like creating a blog post for a shooter game saying, “The many modes of…” and saying, “We’ll have Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag. Stay tuned for more.” What’s the point?

  • Looks great, Love the background urban details. DIRT2 was great on the PSP, I’m sure you could do better with GRID2 on the Vita. ;)

    Or you could just port Overlord: Dark Legend from the Wii to the Vita.

  • Codemasters are top-notch developers…

    I’m looking forward to taking GRID 2 for a spin…

  • Disappointed there’s no cockpit view, but I’ll still give it a shot. Dirt 1, 2 and 3 were great and this looks like it’ll be just as good.

  • Ever hear the saying “the customer is always right” ?? Well, it doesn’t always apply, but when so many of your fans are telling you something… maybe you should listen. And common sense tells ME that a THRILLING cockpit view (with damage like GRID 1 had and was amazing with…………….) EASILY beats having “extra shiny environments” and a slightly improved physics engine. Grid 1 already had great physics.

    Sorry to be harsh, but I really think you guys taking out the cockpit view for what you said is like taking out boost from a car and adding stickers on it instead. We play racing games for the THRILL of racing. Nothing was more thrilling than being IN the car and SEEING + FEELING the car + camera crash forward / backward / left / right around every corner and bumb…. you’re losing a lot by taking that away. You’ll lose some sales and some points on your reviews too. Just my educated opinion. Listen to your fans next time, they aren’t clueless.. they’re racing fanatics and the people who buy (or don’t buy…) your game.

  • The comments on Destructoid’s new article say the same thing by the way… just thought Codemasters would like to hear it.. and decide what they’re gonna do about it… if you can’t do it for Grid 2, you better do it for Grid 3 or else it’s gonna get worse…

    You guys really did ruin an amazing game feature. GRID was the leader when it came to the cockpit view.. and then you take the BEST thing about your game and throw it away. Bad, bad move.

  • You guys should do something for the VITA =)
    Not like F1 2011 VITA, that was horrible…

    Any leak trophy you want to show us? :D? I would like to see them as Hard as Gran Turismo 5, so I can get my platinum trophy.

  • Codemasters are MASTERS at racing games! PERIOD!!

    Ben can you please make a request to the developers from me? Please could ask someone to pitch an idea to make a HD release of all the Colin McRae Rally games from the PS One and PS 2?

    Please Ben!?

  • awesome im totaly buying this game but if u guys got informationg about grid 2 coming out for the vita please tell thank u

  • Thanks for the explaination Ben (I know you’re not around now lol) You guys are really great developers. I’ll still support ya even without a cockpit view! :)

  • Will Pc version have cockpit view?

  • Will there be a demo available before release?

  • I mean, I know it takes a lot of time to redevelop a game for PS3 so you just port. But you wouldn’t have any limitations for your cockpit views if you developed it for PS3, or at least first. GT5 does 1280×720 native with 4xMSAA with fully detailed cockpits and a great physics engine, as well as day/night and weather and 16 cars at once. Talk about PS3 power… It also does 1280×1080 and 2xMSAA for 1080p, all at a lovely 60 FPS. The Xbox is good, but it’s too bad devs do not develop for PS3 first. I hope more devs that port for PS3 go for FXAA, as it’s lighter and they can push higher resolution for less reduction to performance. Anyways, I may rent this game, could be interesting.

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