Live with MLB 13’s The Show Live

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Live with MLB 13’s The Show Live

Howdy fellow gamers, Nick Livingston back again to introduce another new feature in MLB 13 The Show. Today, we’re going to talk about how MLB 13 The Show will bring you closer to Major League Baseball than ever before with our brand new mode, The Show Live.

The Show Live allows you to play any games from the 2013 MLB schedule with the most up-to-date rosters, lineups, and statistics, fed directly from Whether the game is starting in an hour, or was played a month ago, the presentation and commentary in The Show Live is dynamic to the landscape of the MLB on the date the game was scheduled. Relive a player’s 40th Home Run, clinch the pennant for a team that choked it away, or play along with the game you’re watching or listening to. The Show Live is a mode for the truest of MLB fans.

Please note that the video footage is of a work-in-progress, and many things will update before we hit the shelves.

Lastly, here’s a look at the PS Vita version of MLB 13 The Show. We can’t wait for March 5th, 2013. Can you?

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  • Does this apply to the postseason as well? ie. will we be able to play Division Series, Championship Series, and World Series games in October? Separately from the new Playoff mode, of course.

    • It sure does. Obviously we can’t predict who is going to be in the Postseason, but as soon as the match-ups are determined, the games will be available in The Show Live and will take place in an amped up Postseason atmosphere.

  • Any chance of yakuza saga collection and motorstorm saga collection, sony ? Plz make it happen ….. Also cant wait for this game

  • Good Stuff loving “The Show Live”, my kind of mode. I’m also liking the Vita added some more presentation elements. Nick, as a comparison in reference to presentation if the PS3 is 100% how much of that 100% is in vita i.e. last year was 0% of the PS3 presentation I’m hoping at least 20%.

    • Just talked to Jody Kelsey, Senior Producer on VITA this year. He said it’s safe to say that at least 20% of the presentation has been added into VITA this year. That being said, I can say firsthand that it still definitely plays at a much faster pace that PS3 (which I think suits mobile gaming).

  • Very interesting mode. I’m down for better presentation but don’t care to relive any certain moments, but
    rather make new ones. Kudos for making 13 with so many changes though.

    Any contests gonna happen similar to the rival game? I think that would give a few more people incentive
    to purchase The Show, which is clearly the better game.

  • Firts! I need a PS Vita. MLB12 is still awesome!! This MLB13 will be insane!!! Go Dodgers!!!!!

  • BTW I seriously LOVE play MLB12 with the Move Controller. Peace!!

  • You know what would be awesome for MLB14 for PS4? Actual in game highlights that happen in real world so for example your playing MLB14 but in real life something happens than a box would come up on your screen and you push say select it would pause the game and than show say a sportscentre news caster that would show the actual replay of what happened than after go back to the video game and continue so you would never miss what happens in real life while your playing the game.. Kinda like what EA tried to do with ESPN when at the main screen they had the radio updates of things that happened real world but make it VIDEO form that be awesome and a great selling point for the next gen consoles

  • my new favorite mode on my favorite game that is not even out yet can it b march 5 already

  • MLB’13 ShowLive and It’s uses,, I bet many didn’t see this coming… Super Fabulous & MLB’13 unstoppable power.

  • Wish the game was cross buy or at least a discount if you bought the ps3 and vita version.

  • @7 while that sounds interesting. it really sounds like a feature that would just pull you of the immersion of the game.

  • I can not wait for this game. MLB 12 was a game that both me and my dad could enjoy and play together. My only question is will there be a rivalry mode in the game? That mode was the best way to play a multiplayer game. Will it be returning for MLB 13?

  • @i_like_toast

    You do get a discount on Amazon and maybe some other retailers too. It’s $20 off the Vita version if you buy them together.

  • I’m looking forward to this game. It’s the best baseball game by far. As real as it gets. Been playing it since I’ve had Playstation 3. VIta’s version was great too. Looking forward to it in 2 weeks time. Let’s go Braves!!!!

  • Does this apply to the Spring Training games as well?

  • I`ve noticed in MLB 12 while in franchise mode, if you are in a neck and neck pennant race in September, there no mention of it in the commentary. Example: I (Mets) was in a September series in Philadelphia tied for first with the Phillies. Through all three games there was no mention of the pennant race. Will this be changed in MLB 13?

  • why cant i buy any add ons points yet on MLB THE SHOW 13 on the PsN?? may someone please help me with this matter.

  • I wish Sony would finally let us create our own season. I’m tired of playing the same teams over and over. Let us choose who we want to play and create our own schedule. That would be awesome. So tired of a short season that I have to play 30 games in a row.

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