Happy Valentine’s Day from Inspector Carmelita Fox

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Inspector Carmelita Fox

On what is considered the most romantic day of the year, we thought we would check in with our favorite raccoon, Sly Cooper, and the object of his affection, Inspector Carmelita Fox.

As we all know, the path to true love can be rough — it definitely seems that way for these two. Having a history that goes way back, Carmelita has chased the master thief across the globe, though Sly has always managed to escape her clutches before she could deliver him to justice.

Working on opposite sides of the law seems to have finally taken its toll on Carmelita, who — judging by this video — has given up on Sly altogether and is looking for a new love. Will she finally find prince charming, or will Sly continue to sneak into her heart?

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  • Haha that was funny, anyways Sly Cooper Thieves in Time is the best game in the series in my opinion and best game i have played on my psvita ( Little Big Planet is great too), superb job Sanzaru, sony should definitely think about adding Sanzaru to their first party developers repertoire and make them psvita exclusive developers, they did a fantastic job with Thieves in Time. oh and the ending left me really excited …

  • Off topic, 6 DAYS!!!!! cant hold it anymore, im extremely excited, i take it no fans can get into the “see the future” event right? the venue is immense just like the one sony does its E3 press conference (heck i think its even bigger)

  • Excellent, just excellent!

  • Why did you guys design carmelita to look so provocative? And the jiggle physics? Really? Childhood ruined.

  • hahaha so good. will def’ pick up on the PS3

  • “not living in a van with a turtle and a hippopatamus”

    Okay, that line got me.

  • Any chance of yakuza saga collection and motorstorm saga collection, sony ? Plz make it happen ….. Also cant wait for this game

  • @khknight:

    Seriously. Those physics were blown out of proportion, especially in this video. It’s as if Sanzaru has never seen an actual woman with great…tracks of land before.

    Either that, or they were purposely doing this for the furries, and one should never—EVER—encourage the furries.

  • I agree with @khknight. She was always attractive, no need to make her sleazy.

  • It’s obvious why she got a lil female body enhancement. She did it to build her confidence, since
    Sly tosses her on the back burner so often. Also, she’s aging and most men go for the younger raccoon.
    She obviously watches too many Housewives shows on Bravo.

  • NIce, I’m not taking Carmelita. But I will point out I am a heartbreaker XD

    Keep it up Sony, you make the best and the most funny videos.

  • khknight stop that and man up. hope your 13 or under saying that.

    her body is on point. Luv my Latinas even if There Foxes.

  • haha love it, made me laugh. what i needed this morning. yea so far i’ve gotten to medieval times, liking the game so far

  • @painofsarrow

    You’re a furry dude. Carmelita is an animal from a series meant for a young audiance.

    Its disgusting to see a childhood character be turned into fap material for furries.

  • Although I don’t think bare midriffs meet Interpol uniform requirements, it isn’t as if they “sexed” up this character only recently. She has always looked like that! So, while I can understand the criticism of the character design as sexist or provocative, I don’t understand how any of you can talk about “ruining childhood” or “ruining a childhood character.” This “online dating” video is obviously intended for the Blog audience, not younger children. Kids playing the game are too young to care about Carmelita’s provocative outfit, and those of us old enough to notice are (or should be) more interested in the gameplay.

    The new game itself is terrific, by the way. IMO, it’s been a long time since we’ve had a new platformer worth playing–probably since the release of R&C Future: A Crack In Time in 2009. Sanzaru did a great job. I hope it gets the attention it deserves– review scores have been good, but I haven’t seen much marketing for it yet.

  • I guess you won’t be dating me LOL

  • It’s not JUST a kid’s game. This video was clearly meant to appeal to an older audience. And who the heck cares if she has jiggle physics? Children are not going to have their lives ruined by see Fox breasts wobble around.

  • Played the demo. Thought it was one of the best games on PS3. Wanna get the full game. Will someday.

  • Did Sly steal her shirt?

  • Thanks for pricing this game well. I appreciate it.

  • I understand Sly is rated E & everything but jeez Carmelita has a very high sex appeal

  • That was great! I didn’t know that you get to play as her. Can’t wait for mine’s to come in the mail.

  • Its always amusing how some cant get enough of brutality – shooting, stabbing, killing, torturing even – virtual characters in vidoegames – essentially simulated murder. Bbut when anything to do with procreation and explicitly enjoying a female is brought into games, there is an outcry from these same people.

    My dear american friends, I think quite a few of you may have some fundamental mental problems :/

  • I have to agree with some others above. The “sex appeal” of Carmelita is a little much… Not very fitting for a game rated E for Everyone. I love the game overall, its amazing, but Carmelita’s model isn’t good, imo.

  • that’s america, where plumbers can take shrooms but foxes cant be foxy lol

  • lol, reading some of these comments makes me positive that if “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” was rated today, it would be rated PG-13 instead of PG because of Jessica Rabbit. People feel obligated to be offended by everything these days. Did that movie upset some people back then as it was labeled as a family movie? Yes, but it’s nothing compared to what would happen if that movie came out today once parents took their kids to see it. Twitter and Facebook would exploded with upset people.

    I remember growing up with kids movies that were allowed to use swear words once or a few times and have mature innuendo and still have a PG rating. I will be very surprised if the Short Circuit remake has the line about “sporting a massive woody” or the scene with the woman in the bath tub as the robot comments on her nice hardware. You can’t have those kind of things in kids’ movies anymore. lol.

    Ironically, mature content on mainstream TV shows has skyrocketed compared to the past. Hmmm.

  • Love the game best in the series.

  • I had zero intentions of watching the video, until I read the whiny comments of people blowing things way out of proportion.

  • @23
    WOW 100% right there haha but that’s only because everyone is essentially desensitized by video game violence.
    But something normal like a woman (or fox) breast moving is absurd ! haha

  • Rules of the Video Game World. The better the tech & the high the polygon count. The sexier female characters are. & I LOVE IT! Plus I love furries :P
    I hope they release a Sly Cooper video too so we can get his side of the story.

  • @Android66 The new Sly is probably an excellent game, but I think you need to correct your sentence. It should read “probably since the release of RAYMAN ORIGINS in 2011”. I hate how it got so little attention, despite how excellent of a platformer it is.

  • That was a cute video, I’m loving Thieves in Time, great job!

  • Absolutely loved Thieves in Time. Platinum’d it the other night, and just finished Bentley’s Hackpack. I really hope there is more in store for the Cooper Clan.

  • Dudes who get off on cartoon women have serious problems.

  • *Eye rolls comments.*

    Wow. Can never satisfy anyone, eh?

    I love Carmelita regardless. And I have loved Sly Cooper for years. Thieves in Time really delievered something worth it for the long wait us fans had to undergo. While some dub it as ‘their all time favorite’.. While it was fun for me, Sly 2 still tops. o3o

    In other words, congrats Sanzaru in succeeding where others had failed! And all those that are whining, plug in the Sly Collection and see that SANZARU worked on those as well. They re-mastered the series WITH Sucker Punch. I’m sure they know what they are doing.

  • LOL! Funny vid and awesome game! And don’t understand the hate on this vid. First off it’s a Valentine’s Day vid you should have expected something like this. And it’s still in the bounds of an E10 rated game. If you don’t like how Carmelita looks in that vid then you probably won’t like her in the new game then.

    Anyway Thieves in Time is definitely the best game in the series IMO. What Sanzaru did with the story was genius and I couldn’t have thought of anything better. Hopefully they’ll do a new Jak and Daxter or maybe another IP. Whatever it is they’ve definitely earned my respect. Keep up the good work Sanzaru.

  • please let there be a sly 5. There has to be one.

  • I liked Carmalita in the first 2 installments of Sly Cooper, the only thing that turned me off about her was she changed from American to Spanish in the 3rd episode. Maybe I’m reading it the wrong way that Carmalita was supposed to be Spanish all along but it ticks me off when you switch voices with so quickly especially a masterful cast like Sly Cooper.

  • Right. Speaking as someone who’s finished Thieves in Time: Carmelita is NEVER leaving Sly. Ever.

    The real question is, will Carmelita’s voice actress stick around for Sly 5? She’s had 4 different voices over 4 games. It can’t be THAT hard an accent to pull off.

  • Carmelita is Latin American and always has been- the one in sly 2 was the odd one out.

    Can’t wait for the demo next month.
    Sanzaru should make a standalone sly heist game (like there Bentley hack pack) but based on the morocco (I think) mission that should have been in sly 2 (it’s in the evolution of sly video in sly 3). I think Bentley smashing through a docks with a yacht sounded really cool.

  • I hate that there’s not one mission for Carmelita :( ,because of that you could go and beat the whole game without taking her out of the hideout once.”IF” there “were” to be a Sly 5,I’m hoping that she gets at least one mission,and maybe include more then 9-11 missions per Ep. and more Eps. would be good too.

  • She’s pretty hot in this game. Mexican spice!

  • That video was cool. Personally, carmelita doesn’t bother me like 90% of these people who commented on here. Anyway, I can’t wait to play it when I get my copy. I’ve been waiting too long for this game.

  • loved the video – thanks ! saw the credits roll on Thieves in Time – awesome experience … still going back to the levels for bottles & treasures … have about 40% of treasures, but my arcade hasn’t opened yet … hope it does soon – really curious to play it … if / when Sly 5 comes (please) day 1 preordered here ….

  • Can’t wait for this game. 1 more month :(

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