Classic Game Soundtracks Have Arrived on Music Unlimited

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Classic Game Soundtracks Have Arrived on Music Unlimited

Great news today from Music Unlimited – the 18 million song streaming service wired directly to your PlayStation devices. We’ve heard your requests for more dedicated genre stations, and we’re excited to have just released the Game Music channel.

Listen to an archive of game soundtracks, from massive blockbusters to cult classics including Assassins Creed, Silent Hill, Prince of Persia, Final Fantasy and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, among others. New songs will be added weekly to keep the channel fresh with music from all the latest games.

Over the coming weeks you can look forward to thirteen additional channels for other requested genres, like Old School Hip-Hop and New Wave.

Outside of the channels, we can tell a lot of you were watching the Grammys, as there have been big bumps in plays this week for The Lumineers, Frank Ocean, Rihanna and others. The top of our charts remains a hip-hop battle between A$AP Rocky and Macklemore. If you’re not a subscriber yet, don’t miss out and sign up for a free 60 day trial. Go to the MUSIC category on the XMB Menu and select Music Unlimited, or search for us by name in the PlayStation Store.

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  • FINALLY! Time to subscribe then. Whats the deal for Plus members again?

  • You finally gave me a reason to subscribe to Music Unlimited, thanks guys. Thought this was a no brainier :)

  • This is cool, but the service needs to be easier to browse and I’m still not seeing the price tag being worth the full price that Sony is charging for it. I’ll give it a go since PS Plus had that subscription I paid for that was cheap (honestly closer to the price I’d expect to pay for music unlimited).

    In the end, configuring play lists and trying to generate a reasonable selection not just based on personal preference, but personal occasions is a pain. For instance Christmas music that would work for the family even though I listen to much harder stuff than what they’d listen too was in there.

  • Not seeing it on the Android version of Music Unlimited yet.

    I picked up the year subscription when they were giving it away for $12 to PS Plus users. Glad I did!

  • Ah, never mind. Found it in the ‘Premium Channels’, not under ‘Genre’.

  • YES!! Thank!! this is so awesome!!!

  • That’s a really awesome idea! Now it’s time for Music Unlimited to be on ALL devices, (not just Sony devices), and please update the iOS version of Music Unlimited!!

  • Eventhough I know these are actual songs, it would be cool to have the soundtrack from the Lumines ES game. It would be nice to just listen to them without actually having to play my Vita. It’s a bit hard to jog and play at the same time. =)

  • I love mehsic.

  • I will definitely search for this. I also picked up the heavily discounted special and I think MU is great. You have a Yo Yo Ma channel! Love me some Yo Yo Ma on his Strad cello. I get to try different music genres that I normally wouldn’t so I am really appreciating this service.

  • @ Jeff Safran

    Thanks for adding additional channels, it’s much appreciated. hopefully one of those is an ACTUAL Rock/Metal channel. The one thats there plays Katy Perry and Coldplay….those are Pop, maybe Alternative at best, but definitely not Rock or Metal.

    Also, despite a fix being issued this earlier this week for the Music Unlimited Android App, it’s still experiencing the exact same issue as the prior week, where it gets to 71%, says it’s unable to establish a connection to the server, and continues to sit at 84%. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note (ICS 4.0.4). the service works great on PS3, Vita, and PC web browser, but the Andoid app just won’t work. I’ve even tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and it still stops at 71%. Two Andoid App updates prior, it worked great and I used it almost everyday. I would love to use it on my cellphone again, and soon. maybe go back two updates if you have to, I’d be fine with that, just make it work again.

  • Motorstorm Pacific Rift Soundtrack please

  • Hi Sony,

    I would like to say that I am quite satisfied with the Mexican Music selection as I myself am Mexican and do listen to rancheras. Latin Top 100 has quite a few Mexican music from famous artists. I have no idea how such music makes it to Latin Top 100, If it has to do with what I “like” or what people around the globe listen to. I also have no idea how you get licensing in using other famous artists like Vicente Fernandez or Joan Sebastian, but I am glad they are there along with many others. However, I would like to add feedback. I am always on the go and use the optimized app for my android phone and/or tablet, while plugged in with a 3.5mm cable to my car. The app has some connection issues, I don’t know if it’s due to high traffic or simply the app itself. I would like to request if Sony can look further into this so we, the users, have a much better experience whilst using our android devices on the go. I cannot speak for iOS devices as I only own android devices. Thank you in advanced.

    P.S I listen to all type of music.

  • Will be a way to sync a Walkman on the ps3 with music unlimited ?

  • I just want to say that I absolutely LOVE music unlimited. It’s had almost everything I’ve wanted to hear (The Beatles aren’t on there), but I get a healthy dose of Creedence Clearwater Revival and The Zombies on an almost daily basis.

  • I still listen to my Castlevania: Symphony of the Night OST. Such a classic.

  • ^_^ yes finally thank you guys this is awesome can’t wait to find out what other channels are coming *hint hint J-pop and K- Pop, also anime maybe pleaseee ;)

  • @ 1 – MakoSOLIDER

    Think you’re too late for the PS + deal they had…remember…they said for a limited time you could get it at $12 for the year.

    I don’t see it any longer on the store.

    Just wanted to also say that I’m loving my subscription…also love the added High Quality sound that was recently added.

    Keep up the great work !

  • Good idea!

  • Nice idea, but you need WAY more albums than this.
    How about some tracks from your own franchises? God of War, Twisted Metal, inFAMOUS 2, Metal Gear Solid.

    I know you’ll never get stuff like Legend of Zelda, Mario, Metroid.. so I won’t even ask.

    I was surprised to see a (supposedly unlicensed) Megaman 2 remix album which was interesting.

  • Even after reinstalling the 1.5.3 version of the Android application, I still get the “cannot connect to server” error.

  • Any plans to the Music Unlimited in Mexico??

  • Liking the new channel so far. I’m surprised to see certain tracks on there.

  • This…would have been better news back when the “One Year for 12 Months” promo was on for Plus. Otherwise, I’m not too into radio-grade fluff.

  • Wow, really wasn’t expecting the Halo soundtracks up on here. Not complaining, the series has a lot of great music in it, it’s just surprising to see it on a service closely associated with PlayStation.

  • This is awsome news, now I have an alternative to listen to Pandora for my gaming soundtracks.

  • @ Greg Belloni

    Thanks for responding, it’s much appreciated. yea, I’d been referring to the Top 100 Rock/Metal channel, when I first played it, I expected more modern metal with some older stuff, but I found it was mostly Alternative/Pop with some modern Rock/Metal and lots of classic rock, but hardly any classic metal.

    I’ve tried the Metal Genre, but I find its filled with a lot of Alternative as well, along with lots of what sounds like European Thrash Metal, which isn’t my deal at all. I’ve found the best solution was to create an artist channel, as it then plays similar artists. the only issue I find when utilizing this solution is if an artist doesn’t have enough albums on the service, a channel can’t be created. for example, I like Cancer Bats, so I tried to create an artist channel. they currently have 4 studio albums (all have but one have been re-issued with bonus songs) and 7 EP’s, including the most recent re-issue Dead Set On Living with the Bat Sabbath EP, yet because the service only has 2 albums listed, it won’t make the channel. The only other solution is to create a playlist by adding each song I want, but then I don’t find new stuff I like either. maybe a Metal SenseMe?

  • @ Greg Belloni

    Also, thanks for the link, I read up that they rolled it back, according to the Google Play store, it was yesterday. I just uninstalled and reinstalled and it’s up running again, so thanks very much for helping me get up and running again. very much appreciated :)

  • This is fantastic. I picked up that Playstation Plus deal for Music Unlimited and have been listening to nothing but soundtracks. Glad more video game soundtracks are being added.

  • Gives me more reason to stick with this service.

  • Love this service.
    Could you guys please get the last album of Yellow Card on the Canadian music unlimited?
    I’ll send you some good canadian beer, pancakes and some bacon flavored donuts :D .

  • I’m not seeing any Final Fantasy on MU yet. The Silent Hill and Castlevania stuff is great, though.

  • I really like using my PS Vita as a remote to my PS3 as a music player. ( I have my PS3 hooked up to a great sound system, and I move around the house a lot ) It’s great for mp3s, but I can’t do it with Music Unlimited. Is there any way to make that happen, or a work around?

  • VIDEO GAMES music!!!??? NOW i have a reason to want Music Unlimited… lol add anime music to it and its even better

  • This is a nice addition. Glad I joined with the plus deal.

  • PLEASE add a “LATIN JAZZ” channel….This would be a great addition as latin jazz is not getting its proper respect as there is a ton of great artist and music.

  • I would like to have the option to BUY my tracks individually like I can do on XBox Music/itunes/amazon store/etc…you could tie the store to the existing PSN store and tie it to MU as well. Any plans on bringing that out?

  • Are there such thing as wifi or 3g mp3 players that can download this app? I want to listen to it while on my bike rides to work.

  • ohhhhh…. can we get the score for Darksiders II, Ni no Kuni, Skyrim, and MGS4??????????????

  • eu gostei disso ai , hoje mesmo vou baixar esse aplicativo na psn , vou compra esse aplicativo por amor por musica e jogo é comigo mesmo

  • awesome! now I can listen to the amazing Crysis 2 soundtrack. Also I have a tip, for On The Rise Artist Picks you should have The Virginmarys on there.

  • aswesome im coming back

  • Wanted to thank everyone for the feedback — we’re really happy to hear the excitement and will make sure to pass along the suggestions to our music team. If there are other ideas, jump over to the Sony Entertainment Network Facebook page and drop a comment. We’re always adding new channels and improving those existing, so keep listening!

  • can you add J-pop channel??

  • Thanks for the update! Love this service! Its very useful while i’m hitting the books, haha. PLEASE, put the soundtracks from Elder Scrolls series too! A “Shuffle” button while I’m listening on my playlist through the PS3 will be awesome.

    And also I’m wondering why the music automatically changes to the music/album/artist i’m searching for while I’m listening to my playlist? I wish the playlist will keep playing on the background while im searching for stuff, and will only change when I wanted it to.

    Thank you for listening to our feedback!

  • For those that are complaining about the price, you should have got it when it was 12 bucks for PS Plus members!!!!!!

  • I really miss the old “SensMe” custom playlists from Media Go and the PSP’s Music Unlimited Service! Are there any plans to provide them once again for PS3 and PS Vita use? I see the value in subscribing, but I want to have my local music on the HDD or memory card be sorted into “Energetic”, or “Lounge” playlists based on their tone and tempo like I once could.

  • You guys should add a Kpop or Jpop music channel.
    I know you guys have a Jpop channel on the Japanese Music Unlimited. So whats the big deal?!
    Just because us Westerners don’t know the language doesn’t mean we don’t like the music. Just look how popular Gangnam Style got.
    Well at least we got that reggae channel everyone wanted……

  • I just wanted to say I love music unlimited, especially listening to new releases when I get out of work Tuesday around midnight. I’ve had issues with the android app, but restarting my phone usually does the trick. Again, thank you for this wonderful service. Any chance custom game music that’s in games like NHL 13 could be set to music unlimited?

  • This was the main thing missing for me. Now im gunna keep this thing on all the time. THanks.

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