PlayStation Home Hits v1.75, Valentine’s Goodies Available Now

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PlayStation Home Hits v1.75, Valentine’s Goodies Available Now

This week, Valentine’s Day culminates in a bunch of fun. Head to the Activity Board first to start the Valentine’s Day quest, then check out the cool themed content from several of our amazing developers. Check it all out this week in PlayStation Home.

Home 1.75 Platform Update Today

Today, the Home 1.75 update will arrive, bringing with it several new features including several for PlayStation Plus members. Also new is the fact that all current save data for your account will be uploaded to the server cloud, so your experience will be smoother, faster and more streamlined. For full details, check the patch notes posted here.

As usual, if you are updating from an old version of Home (1.40 or earlier), please wait for the orange “hard drive activity” light to stop flashing on your PS3 before commencing the patching process.

Codeglue – u love green Valentine’s Day Kits

As promised Codeglue continues the successful collaboration with u love green, and brings you a new limited edition Valentine collection this week. This unique collection comes in pink and black and includes a dress, pumps with legwarmers and gloves with lovely animated hearts! You can grab any of these as individual items or go for one of the discounted bundles!


Digital Leisure – Casino Updates

Digital Leisure has also updated Craps so now you can bet more and win more. They have doubled the limit, so now you can bet 400 chips at once! The stakes are now higher for those who want to feel the rush of rolling the dice.


You will be breaking hearts with the new Lucky Fountain reward at The Casino. The Hearts Bra, a female only reward, will be available just in time for Valentines. This is the perfect item to surprise your special someone with, or if you just want to turn heads. Head to The Casino, toss a chip or two into the fountain, and get this reward for this special day!


Game Mechanics – Stock Cars

With racing season starting soon, Game Mechanics is releasing four stock cars you can put in your personal space or club. While you cannot drive them, you can sit in them and start the engine. They are full-size and make any space look good.


HellFire Games – Home Tycoon $ale


Celebrate Valentine’s Day this week in Home Tycoon! From Feb. 11 to the 18th, all pink cars in Home Tycoon are 50% off, including the pink Cilantro compact, pink Nexus LX sedan, and pink GS 828 convertible. Don’t forget to gift some Gold Coins to that special someone this Valentine’s Day, no matter where they are in the world!

JAM Games – Desire Collection

In perfect time for Valentine’s Day we bring you our Desire Collection. Whatever your romantic mood we have the outfit to suit. If you want to soar on the heavenly clouds of love, choose our angelic ensemble in pink and white or do you want to show your more devilish passion for another in our little red devil number?

For the guys we have pure enigmatic style! Burn with desire in red and black or show your romantic side in white and pink, in either you’ll certainly have angels and devils falling at your feet.



Konami – Fashionistas + Polygon People


Looking to dress to impress? Konami has just the wardrobe you need. Check out the ever fashionable line of dresses being released under the Fashionista line.


Polygon People

Pixel art never goes out of style! Check out Konami’s latest outfits with their custom unique animations that are reminiscent of 8 bit charm.


Lockwood – Dream Hideaway, Iron Fusion Wraiths + Screen Sirens

Dream Hideaway

The latest addition to the Gift Machine is something special. The Dream Hideaway incorporates all the high quality fixtures and fittings you’ve come to expect from a Dream apartment, but in a rather different setting. Sequestered in a tranquil, twilit forest, the Hideaway’s sleek interior and peaceful exterior provides your friends the perfect location for rest and relaxation.

14 hidden rewards provides them with everything they need to furnish this halcyon bolthole, from an avante-garde egg chair to a futuristic fridge.

Iron Fusion Wraiths

Request assistance from all IFL Mech Units for deciphering radio recordings previously dismissed as static, now believed to be extraterrestrial declarations of aggression. High Alert Status granted. Move to Severe Alert Status pending. Wraiths have been unleashed in PlayStation Home!

The Screen Siren

She’s got the va-va-voom curves and is just as happy draped across a piano singing her heart out as she is basking in the light of paparazzi camera flashes. Now you can steal her style with the Screen Siren dress and hairstyle from Lockwood.

The daring cut of the dress and tantalising sweep of the hair are not for shy wallflowers. Be ready to be the centre of attention.

nDreams – Jetpack + MiniMotors Locomotions

Everyone wants a jetpack to fly around wherever they want, right? nDreams are bringing you two styles of jetpack in their Bladestream Corp Range. The A3000’s have a futuristic design with extendable arms where the J3000’s are a little more old school and use propellers to get you off the ground before kicking in with the flame powered speed boost.


Also nDreams is bringing it’s take on MiniMotors this week. Hop on and ride around Home and even pull off the special Donut emote to run rings around others.


Atom Republic – Companions

Don’t be alone this Valentine’s day: the life-size boyfriend or girlfriend companion will always be by your


Granzella – Collection Updates

May Doll

In Japan, on May 5th, Boy’s Day is celebrated. Heroically decorated, the Boy’s Day Doll creates the mood of a sunny summer-time day.

This Boy’s Day Doll fights alongside its owner in the Mononoke extermination game, Operation: Defend Edo. It’s like having a friend fighting beside you!

You can also view this great doll in your room, where it is sure to grab the attention of your guests.


Paris Kitchen

Granzella introduces a variety of furniture items for the City of Flowers Penthouse Personal Space.

In addition to the stylish Built-in Kitchen, there’s a kitchen counter and additional kitchenware, such as frying pans, saucepans, etc… A table decorated with pizza and also ham and baguette, along with condiments such as olive oil, and lots of other tableware such as knives and forks.

Poncho Sets

The Poncho Outfit Set has arrived from Granzella. This large Poncho comfortably covers the upper body, giving a warm and cute impression. The bottoms are denim with leg warmers, and the cute Knit Beanie covers the ears like ear muffs. Available in brown, black, blue, and red varieties.


Community Theater Update

PSTALENT.COM is proud to share its latest chapter of The Spotlight. Head to the Community Theater (auditorium 1) starting tonight for all the fun.

Mall Update – The Virtual Item Showcase, Volume 75

Magnus is back again, sharing with us all the hottest new items this week. Check out the video below for all the details. Enjoy this week’s Virtual Item Showcase.

See you in PlayStation Home!

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12 Author Replies

  • OMG! Those poncho outfits are a must.

    Are they available atm?

  • O-two said they were releasing peakvox labs today on Twitter…are they still coming today? I hope they aren’t being delayed..I am prepared to spend a fortune on the labs O_O

  • This update is looking nice.! The New features are a Plus (^_-) Wink.!

    a 11 out of 10. THE FAZEONES LOUNGE.!

  • Is there someone I could E-Mail about a question I have regarding playstation home?

    It has to do with a very important issue involving the community directly, however I feel it would be more appropriately addressed privately.

    Any response that points me in the right direction is very much appreciated.

    Thank you.

  • Why no mention of the 1.75 or the fact that home is down for maintenance right now?

    • The Home 1.75 platform update and the weekly content update together takes longer than the usual. We expect Home to be fully online again today very shortly.

  • I got a message about Home updating to v. 1.75. The description was in English but the pictures were in some other language. Now that i see this update, I’m guessing we’re not getting it? Cause I literally got extremely excited to play Home later on. All of the great features that were listed. Can you follow up on that at all, Cade?

    • No worries—Home 1.75 is going to arrive today and I expect everything to be online and ready for your enjoyment soon.

  • Love the update But did not see anything about the Home Update 1.75? Still in the works or is it going to be an surprise update. Also Will we be getting any Cars to drive around in? I would love to be able to drive around in a car, i liked the motorcycle but a car would be epic :). One more question/ suggestion, i know we have gold fish but can we have a Cat/ Dog we have to care for as well :D Now that Will win me over in a second hahaha. Thanks And Great. Awesome, Spectacular Update!!!!!!!!!

  • The heteronormativity is strong in the VIS video showing the boyfriend/girlfriend companions. :P Though I don’t think companions are gender-linked anyway. They better not be!

    Also, the one night I’m actually fired up to come Home again rather than play Skyrim, and it goes down an hour early (effectively) and stays down for maintenance seemingly longer than usual. ¬_¬ Any word on when it’ll be available?

  • @5 That’s why its down.

    The 1.75 update was announced weeks ago, originally was to come out Jan 30,2013. But was delayed due to issues and it should be out today (Feb 13, 2013)

  • @9 yes I am very aware of these things, this is not what I was asking nor was I asking you.

    I’m asking Cade why, in this blog post, was there no mention of 1.75 update coming out today. Is it because there is going to be a seperate blog post in regards to the update? Are they just assuming people will check the forums for more info on the 1.75 update as it becomes available?

    Why get everyone interested in todays content update, but fail to mention home is down for maintenance right now? Just weird to post this now instead of after home is back up.

  • as always I look forward to the updates on home I was laughing so hard at the fact for valentines day home now has A.I. boyfriend/girlfriends now

  • How do you legally get away with ripping off other peoples intellectual property, the pulp fiction dances, Jessica Rabbit up there and a lot of other items in home, like the unicycle that was developed by a fellow Canadian? Do you pay any royalties for stealing peoples hard work or do you just do that, steal it, without thought? Really some of the things you guys do are just down right ILLEGAL.

  • 1.75 is delayed as well and as usual, no mention of it.

  • btw how much for atomic republic companions ? cool I’ve already dl the 1.75 update just waiting for home re open

  • Will Home be back online before Valentine’s Day has ended? So far, there has been no evidence nor word to suggest that it will be. Even a “no” is better than utter silence.

    At least before this, we still had 1.7 available.

  • LMAO hi here’s an update for Home but guess what, YOU can’t log in…FAIL

  • ok here is a song recomendation for the flash mob. have you heard ‘Marvin and Chardonnay’? that’s from Big Sean & Kanye West.

  • the 1,75 can be downloaded right now. If you want to learn about it, go to and read up.

    Today’s update has been previously described as being very big. Thus it’s taking longer than usual.

  • WOW any one know how may days we will be down this time or as all ways gess lol

  • Those ponchos are great!

  • Thank you Cade for the update. Appreciated

    • You’re welcome. It’s certainly a busy day in PlayStation Home, and I’m here, monitoring everything while keeping information flowing to you as I get it.

      Home is now open and online. Enjoy!

  • one thing i would love to see happen . let us be able to block pm,s from nonfriends, i think that would make life in home so much better!!!! and stop a lot of problems. AND MAIN THING STOP THE PERVERTS DEAD IN THEIR TRACKS! i think every gril in home would be very happy to see sony finaly take positve steps to stop all the sexul hrassment. and yes ignor is great but after pm sent it just realy to late. i realy hope some one will take a real steps to change one of the biggest problems in home that cases so many fights and reports being sent in every5 sec,s . all we can hope for positive change.

  • win is PSH going be up

  • Looking forward to signing in on Home to experience all this great content and update soon!
    Thank you for all the dedication and work put on Home.

  • hi cade i would like to know everything about this up date 1.75 & how it help’s all us out in ps home so can you tell me what it dose in ps home to help out all us home user’s & what affects it has for the future of home it self because this up date 1.75 was held back OK thank you cade

  • Home should be up now, I was able to sign in…thanks peoples

  • Great Update, Love the Peruvian Ponchos .
    I have a question, Does Magnus ever change clothes ? im just wondering thats all …………LOL
    anyways, waiting anxiously for Home to Open .
    Thank you Home Manager .

    • Hmmmm, I think he has a couple times, but he’s obviously partial to his Diamond Suit. He loves bling like no one else.

  • It’s up now! And looks like no more typing lockdown after accessing the Wardrobe. For that alone, this is a big win!

    Largely counterbalanced by the “neener neener, you don’t have PS Plus” crap, though. Such things only breed resentment. I don’t spend money on such things, where I might have otherwise.

  • Wow Cade, did you really just call the new Lockwood Dream Hideaway a “halcyon bolthole”? You should watch your language – we are censored on Home for saying such things. LOL. On a more serious note, I wish your crew and all the users of Home much success with the new 1.75 update.

    • LOL! “Halcyon bolthole” might sound naughty, I suppose, but it really means a peaceful and idyllic place to retreat—a personal sanctuary, of sorts.

      Thanks! So far, the launch seems to be going smoothly and people are enjoying it quite a bit. I hope you will join in the fun when you get a chance.

  • Great, im trying to look at all the new items using Navigator and it says Download Failed and it just gave me an M10 error code , after trying 3 times to get into Home , its not working .

  • Awesome update even for Plus members, I love all the stuff coming out these days.
    I just wondering if u can answer me a question Cade.
    Will PSHome still being avaliable in the future on next-gen?

  • I’ve had that same issue, so I used my fat ps3.
    Still having some problems? Cuz I’m in on my fat, hehe.
    Having tremendous difficulty doing anything with the 60Gb fat, lack of RAM maybe?
    The PS4 Needs at least 2Gb of Ram just for the online portion of it and needs 8Gb minimum DDR3/DDR4, whatever is compatible.

    Would also suggest going for Intel core processor since they last longer and often offer more stability.
    Graphics are less generic too.

  • I downloaded infamous2 and I was wondering if I could buy the festival of blood downloadable content

  • quick question to Glasswall what happen to the valentine day quest that was suppose to be on the activiy broad today

  • @35 No idea. might have something.

    @34 Infamous 2 doesn’t come with dlc as I recall and I did download it over Plus awhile back.

    @33 Maybe. What is your PS Home cache set to? 3GB is the default, while 12GB is the max.

    @32 Maybe. It might be cross compatible with ps4 & ps3.

  • Looks like someone forgot the other half of the bold tag LOL

  • wheres the valentines day quest its not in any of the activity boards

  • Very awesome thanks Sony!

    So, now that my system saves are obsolete I assume they can be deleted, but how does that affect the cache size option now? Does it make a difference whether its 3 gig or 12 gig? Is there a post somewhere that discusses this? I read the patch release notes discussing the features but it didn’t have any info that would answer my question. Also thanks for the new plus perks they rock.


  • Lucky fountain is glitchy for me. I got the pop-up that I won the reward, but not the new item notification, and the bra doesn’t show as awarded in the info booth.

    Any advice? Should I trash my cache or something?

  • i hate the new starting place or the central place i miss the old park it had room and felt homely

  • Man i have to find time to get back into to PS home, been on my trophy hunt. Glad to see home stays fresh with ideas.

  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what an up date this is. i though it was to make home better? insted now i get to spend hours re doing all my wordob and furniture . it unmarked all my favrets and put a lot of my new stuff in storage and brought back out thing i put in storage 3 years ago. so now i get to go throw and put all that stuff i dont want back in storge and get the stuff i do back out and remake them as favrets. how fun is that going to be 3 years worth of stuff . thats only if i can stay on home with out it frezzing or lossing the server or kicking me out of my chat log for more that 5 min,s at a time! it deleted all of my friend save furniture in all his spots so he has to redo all them now. my gf having a fit trying to find all her close she has bought in the last couple updates. so i know its not just me with thes problums a lot of my friends are going throw this to WHY???????? SOME ONE PLEAS HELP!!!!!!

  • hi, there’s still one bugs haven’t get fixed from the personal space decorating, when the active item the Essence of the Seven Winds and the Essence of the Tides are both used, i can’t use active item that is 22 slots anymore cause PS3 will freeze once i select those, got to force PS3 to shutdown system file will be corrupted and had to do the system restore…

  • hey whaving major problems with this new system had the same problems as@43 plus all my LMO’s are gone they’re not in my inventory or storage please fix this i didn’t spend my hard earned money to lose these items plus when i sign on it puts me in a prefab female avi instead of my regular male one PLEASE HELP AND GIVE US SOME INFO !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • An error occurred during communication with the server. This is a DNS error. (8002AF03)

  • As some people said already, Wardrobe is all messed up, I went to change clothes and to my surprise everything i had put in Storage, was back into my regular wardrobe items, i fixed it, logged off , went back in , and Again, everything i had put in Storage was back in my regular wardrobe .
    Also, when you go and purchase something , it takes Forever and im not exaggerating, takes a really long time to get out of the store mode, when i go check on my purchases takes another Forever to load , when i go check on my rewards or inventory , takes even longer .
    Now i have the download symbol going on and on , 2 hours already and it hasnt stop spinning, what can it possibly be downloading ? for 2 plus hours ?
    I do understand is the first week and as such , the update has some bugs but Please, Fix this as soon as Pissible .

  • Possible * sorry for the typo


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