Urban Trial Freestyle: Customization and Challenges

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Urban Trial Freestyle: Customization and Challenges

One of the really cool features in Urban Trial Freestyle for PS Vita and PS3 is the ability to customize your motorbike — but it’s more than just picking out shiny new parts. Bike customization is a key factor that directly affects your performance in both the Stunt and Time Attack Modes. Bike Customization allows you to adjust your bike to best meet the conditions on each of the available tracks.

Urban Trial Freestyle provides you with three main bike components to customize your vehicle — engine, chassis and wheels — customizing these parts influences three main parameters: speed, acceleration and handling. As you advance and unlock more parts, you will ultimately have four engines, four pairs of wheels and four chassis to choose from, giving you altogether a possible of 64 combinations.

Urban Trial Freestyle on PSN and PS Vita

If you maximize the speed parameter, you will compromise balance (along with more rigid chassis), so you will perform better in Stunts like Highest or Longest Jump but worse in Flip Meter. When you want to beat a particular Stunt record, the choice is pretty simple and you would focus on one or two factors. For Highest Jump, a good choice would be a powerful engine for maximum speed and a stiff chassis so you don’t lose too much energy when hitting the ramp. On the other hand, when you want to set a new record for the whole track, there are no simple solutions. It depends on the style of your ride and obstacles throughout the track, so there are lots of combinations to try.

Challenges Mode in Urban Trial Freestyle features five additional tracks. In this mode, gameplay on each track is based on twisted mechanisms, and totally different goals to achieve. The key factor here is that you use the skills that you acquired in the Stunt & Time Attack modes, but in totally different and twisted conditions. I don’t want to spoil all the fun and surprise, so I will describe only one of them for you – you’ll need to discover the rest on your own. :)

The Defying Gravity Challenge lets the player shift gravity with gyroscopes (integrated in both the PS Vita and PS3 versions of the game). This is really fun and twisted gameplay; when you shift the PS Vita or DualShock 3, you can ride on the walls or even ceilings. The goal here is to get to the end of the track in the fastest possible way. However, due to the change of gravity, there are a myriad of ways to do it. Mastering the control of the bike along with the shift in gravity is challenging and, when you achieve it, you can look for the optimal route though the track!

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  • Looking fun. Any idea of when we will get a release date?

  • Awesome. Out next week and PS Plus discounts!

    Does it support cross-save between vita and ps3 versions?

  • Yes…Release date, price, cross-buy? Looks fantastic btw!

  • Prices were accidentally posted on store update yesterday. Vita 9.99 ps3 14.99, both with ps+ 20% discounts.

  • Actually looks a lot more fun than I initially expected!

  • Looks awesome, count me in for a Vita version.

  • This game to me sounds like a great fit for the Vita, specially since I usually play mine in 15-20 minute bursts. I hope it has cross-buy and cross-save.

  • I will definitely buy if there is a cross-buy option, otherwise it all depends on price.

    It does look like a lot of fun though!

  • Is this game going to have a track editor/online community?

    Or, are you going the DLC track-pack route?

    • hi, probably the second one, we are also working on multiplayer, as for track editor we used both level editor and 3d modeling package for level creation because of complex visuals so it’s hard to say yet

  • Glad to see we get our own game like that other one that came out for that other platform… I don’t own.

    In all seriousness, this looks like tons of fun. The level with the changing angles looks great!

    Any word on a level editor?

  • The question about the level editor is really make or break. I have a 360 and if this game doesn’t have a level editor I really don’t see the point in even bothering with the game when I can go buy Trials Evolution. I really hope it’s not the case cause I’m looking forward to this game in every other aspect.

  • Game looks sooo Raw and Gangstaa. i have a feeling this will be 15$ though. Keeping my Eyes on this one.

  • Is this Xbox 360 gameplay? I say this because on 0:23 and on 0:27 it shows the Xbox 360 Y button to go back to the last checkpoint.

  • The physics of this game looks gorgeous. :-)

  • ahhhh this looks awesome!!!!

  • did anyone notice in the video that the when it says restart check point its a Y button from the xbox360 controller ?

  • Although not my genre, I’ll still give you a “Yay, more Vita games, thanks!”

  • Why do people keep bringing up a Xbox 360 video? There is no video attached to this blog post.

  • Can’t wait for this,I will get this for my PS Vita!!!!!!!!!!

  • Platinum trophy?

  • will definitely keep an eye on this game for sure… hate to compare this to that other game on that other system but this looks quality too.

  • So they took the video down?

  • One giant meh.

  • I might need a demo, but if there are leaderboards and challenges that make this as addicting as Motorstorm RC was then I am definitely in on Vita.

  • Sure buy, can’t wait.

  • how much is it? I would like to go buy my psn cards now.

  • Is it local multiplayer?

  • yes it looks like another great game for the vita and ps3 with amazing physics aswell as graphics! im just curious on what the price will be?

  • Well this is gonna be interesting… the ‘other’ console with this ‘sort’ of game is 1200 Mpoints.. = £10.. with track editor and hundreds of free downloadable tracks..

    with PS+ discount, the above is ‘other’ version is still cheaper and with a track editor and free downloadable tracks..

    I refuse to by a game if I am gonna have to pay extra for the DLC… will there be a price for the DLC? if so.. I’m swapping my ps3 for the other console just so I can play the ‘other’ version..

  • also when is the release date for the uk?

  • is there a multiplayer so I can go against my friends?

    online gaming with strangers and friends is the way to go.. I am not bothered with leaderboard stuff.. just wanna kick my mates arse , all playing at the same time..

  • when is it commin in EU

  • nice thanx for commenting :)

  • and there is no Demo???

  • I’ll ask again…lol

    + peteiow on February 16th, 2013 at 6:52 pm said:

    Well this is gonna be interesting… the ‘other’ console with this ‘sort’ of game is 1200 Mpoints.. = £10.. with track editor and hundreds of free downloadable tracks..

    with PS+ discount, the above is ‘other’ version is still cheaper and with a track editor and free downloadable tracks..

    I refuse to by a game if I am gonna have to pay extra for the DLC… will there be a price for the DLC? if so.. I’m swapping my ps3 for the other console just so I can play the ‘other’ version..


  • what time exactly is it commin to the us store

  • Based on my experience with the US store, new games and updates typically hit the PS store around 7pm Eastern US time, give or take 30 minutes.

    Personally I am looking forward to checking this game out.

  • When is it commin in BR?

  • wish people would read the other comments before asking silly things like ” when is it coming to BR” etc

    Well.. 20th of Feb and still its not here or in the PSN to download…

  • even though i am a playstation plus member the store is still trying to charge me the cost for this game, but other games are still working like vanquish. i am downloading that one without problem, does anyone know what the problem is?

  • Right.. now I have played both the xbox version and now urban trials on the ps3… Hate to say it but this game doesn’t even come close to Trials Evolution on the xBox… No skill needed, nothing is tricky… no map designer, no multiplayer and with even upgrading the bike it stills doesn’t feel that much different..

    Many will disagree with but this is my opinion. I had high hopes for this game and was waiting patiently for it to be released, but feel the waiti wasn’t worth it.
    What can Tate do to change my mind on this I don’t know, not unless they are gonna see what the competitors are doing and see why their one is so smooth and great to play. Their level dsesign brings excellent downloadable user made tracks/maps, that need to use great skill to complete.

    Guess I’ll have to see what the next attempt at a trials game on the ps3 with hold..

  • I love it, bought it. Haven’t stopped playing it since.

  • Man this game is addictive. Went ahead and bought the full version. its worth the 10 bucks. Be sure to check out my Youtube channel @Richnificent and @TheStickyPaddle

  • how the hell are people getting 494 mtrs in Chilling jump.. is there a glitch or something.. as there is only a few that have that score…

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