Beats Trellis Free This Week on PlayStation Mobile

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Beats Trellis Free This Week on PlayStation Mobile

PS Mobile: Beats Trellis

Years ago, making music required you to have a band, actual instruments, and use of your parent’s garage or basement. Now, all you need is a PlayStation Certified device and Beats Trellis. With this app, you can create your own beats on the go, fitted with drum kits, funky sounds, breaking beats, and other instruments. Beats Trellis is perfect for the person that wants to try making their own beats for fun, or add beats that they have created to a video montage for show online.

PS Mobile: Beats Trellis

Find out for yourself starting today – and at no cost! PS Vita owners will be able to download Beats Trellis for free on the PS Mobile section of PlayStation Store; Owners of PlayStation-certified devices (full list here) can obtain it through PlayStation Mobile Store – click here for full instructions. Check back next Wednesday to see which free game you’ll get next!

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  • Crafting music is always fun & relaxing, so this is def. right up my alley. I love music. I Love You Playstation.

    • Hey guys, here with Paul Sullivan. Glad you’re digging the free content this week. We’ve been having a lot of fun here too with Beats Trellis. There’s a bit of a music-making competition starting!

  • This app is too real. Making beats on my vita gives me something to do when im just bored and dont really want to play a game. I see great things for the vita this year.

  • Looks cool! Will have to check this out.

  • I thought we were supposed to get a free GAME every Wednesday, not some lame app?!

  • @ Chris Can you tell me more about this music-making competition?

    • It’s just an informal thing between co-workers. We all play these games too, and especially since we have some musicians on our team, we’re seeing who can lay down the best beats. This is all new to me, but I’m learning. ;)

  • @ xClayMeow You can’t really say the past freebies were “Games” on full form (with the exception of Aqua Kitty), mostly puzzlers and rythm games, easy with that demanding tone, we’re getting this stuff free. I don’t digg this kind of apps but thanks, looking forward for the last one.

  • And with this, only 3 games I’ve purchased through PlayStation Mobile haven’t been given away for free. I’m sorry I supported the platform at all.

  • This is worth the 20 MB. I’m enjoying myself with this music-mixer! This is literally taking YOUR music on the go. Thanks again guys.

  • @evanicafan I bought my Vita to play games, not use apps. That’s where the Vita shines. And PS Mobile has been a complete joke. We shouldn’t just be getting free games for six weeks, there should be hundreds of free games just like on iOS and Android devices. I have hundreds of free games on iOS. I don’t know who’s to blame here, whether it’s Sony or the devs, but it’s obviously not as easy to have free promotions as it is on the other markets. Check out the site to see what I mean.

    • Hey xClayMeow, PlayStation Mobile is still a relatively new platform, but it’s growing fast! It is our hope to bring you a ton of new content (games and apps) as fast as we can. We’re also closely watching how promotions like these weekly free games are received, and if it is something you’re saying you want more of (which I’m gathering), we’ll definitely take that into consideration. More soon!

  • Smarthphones market it’s way more flexible than this, who doesn’t own a Smarthphone nowadays? There are even games on it that self fund themselves with just advertising, games ranging from 0.50 cents or less to a couple of dollars, because of the extensive base of customers developers have.

    We can’t match that massive number in any way, with less costumers, the prices are higher and the promotions more subtle, we can only dream of big promotions like the one from Android for the kids with Cancer (check that out if you haven’t), I get your point, but you can’t really expect to have lesser prices, freebies and discounts with that perspective, buy a game or two to show your support when you feel like it.

  • This is so awesome. I bought it last year and I’m having a really good time!
    Create your musics and show your friends! Your Vita will be a lot more fun.
    Man, I love Playstation! ^-^

  • “And with this, only 3 games I’ve purchased through PlayStation Mobile haven’t been given away for free. I’m sorry I supported the platform at all.”

    What exactly does that mean? It’s worded strange. Are you saying you already own most of the games they’re giving away? I guess Sony should have emailed you and asked which games you own so they don’t give them away. I didn’t own any of them yet so it’s been fine for me. It’s impossible for Sony to do that for everyone unless you haven’t bought any mobile games yet.

  • @9, clay- PSM is an extension to the retail Vita games. The Vita’s not a phone or device running iOS or Android where free titles of varying quality are rampant. Sounds like buyer’s remorse to me- & that’s your fault, not Sony or their 3rd party devs.

  • Chris, why has Sony’s only contribution to their starving PSM platform been this one solitary app, Beats Trellis? Sony has shown no interest in developing for the platform, and in term, nobody else is. You say it’s growing fast. It’s not. People were disappointed when we were told we would only have 70 games and apps by Christmas when it launched in the beginning of October. Three full months and only 70 items in the PSM store?

    But things were even worse. We didn’t even get 70 by Christmas. No, in fact, two months after Christmas and we still don’t even have 70. I was hyping this platform. I was tremendously excited by the prospect of a mobile game and app store brought by the the Playstation brand. However, it completely saddens me that this platform that had so much potential has utterly failed. It’s been 5 months. In that time, other app stores had thousands of games and apps. More recently, Blackberry 10 had 100,000 apps before launch. PSM has about 60 in 5 months, only ONE APP. I’m just so disappointed.

  • Thanks for the free app! Can’t beat free! Well, with beats trellis i can. beats. beat.

  • “We’re also closely watching how promotions like these weekly free games are received, and if it is something you’re saying you want more of (which I’m gathering), we’ll definitely take that into consideration.”


  • Unfortunately, the fact you can’t save your compositions to MP3 makes this app pretty useless. :(

  • I haven’t played any PS mobile games yet, but i’ll have to check them out for sure!!!!!!

  • @14: Blackberry *10*… hmm… interesting how something on it’s 10th release has more support than a brand new service like PlayStation Mobile.

    That seems impossible to me. Why don’t you have 10,000 games on your new service yet Sony? *sarcasm*

  • @Sony: Please add cross saves as soon as possible to PS Mobile. That is a feature that needs to be there. It fits into the very core of the concept of PlayStation Mobile. To have games on multiple devices, Vita, tablets and smart phones. What’s the point of that, when you have to start from scratch every time you switch devices?

    Also, I have no issue paying more for PS Mobile games, as long as they support controllers and Vita controls. If they’re exactly like Google Play or iOS, then I don’t see why we’re paying more. Until, you actually begin to utilize some more features like Cross Save, Trophies, and other things from PSN.

    So please keep that in mind. I know I’m a minority who’s fine with paying more for a game because the controls are a thousand times better (Super Crate Box). Based on how often people whine about it, they don’t care if games control better. But the least you could do is make sure games that are exactly the same are the same price, or have more content or something to them (whether in game, or provided by PSM as a service) should help people come to terms with the higher prices.

  • Wait, Elvick, are you kidding me? I didn’t remotely think that it should have 100,000 games and apps on there. I would never even expect there to be 100,000 in it’s entire lifetime, even back when I was extremely hyped about the service. At the same time, a new service should be expected to open big in today’s marketplace. Opening with 60 games in 5 months is not even close to big. That wouldn’t even be considered a SMALL opening.

    PSM, thus far, has completely and utterly failed, and there’s no “well” or “but” about that. It is failing massively. I’m not calling quits on it entirely, but Sony has not shown any interest in the platform, and that is shown quite clearly by the fact that they have ONE solitary app but out by them over the course of five months. They said this would bring “Playstation-quality content to smartphones and tablets!” That definitely hasn’t happened. We’ve got scraps from Android and iOS, and that’s it.

  • Am i the only one having a problem when tweaking the sample or changing some of the options? It just wont let me make a selection and locks me in the menu.

  • hey why cant i get the game for free right now? i totally forgot to download it last wednesday but it should still be free right?

  • I got it I kant hear nothing what going on kan sum one help mi???

  • I NEED HELP???

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