Rocketbirds Blasts Off on PS Vita Today

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Rocketbirds Blasts Off on PS Vita Today
Rocketbirds Blasts Off on PS Vita Today

The wait is over! We’re very proud to announce that Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken is wiggling its way onto your PS Vita starting with today’s PlayStation Store update.

To start things off – an apology to those of you who own the PS3 version of the game, whom we promised a reduced price last week if you also purchase the PS Vita version. We ‘clucked up,’ and the planned 20% discount will take a bit longer before this is set up in the US PlayStation Store. We will let you know when the discount goes live.

Rocketbirds on PS VitaRocketbirds on PS Vita

That said, building upon our 3x IGF Finalist browser game Rocketbirds: Revolution! and Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken for PS3, this new PS Vita version utilizes many of the PS Vita’s awesome features. For those of you who are reading about this title for the first time, in this game, you’ll take control of Hardboiled Chicken, the original Cock of War (a chicken so tough, he survived being boiled as a fetus), to lead the rebellion against the draconian penguin oppressors to overthrow their hold on Albatropolis! It’s an old-school cinematic action-adventure set in the Rocketbirds universe, a world filled with some violent and downright despicable birds.

Rocketbirds on PS Vita

Rocketbirds on PS VitaRocketbirds on PS Vita

We’ve built out a two-player co-operative campaign with a story all its own and six characters to choose from, which we’ve named the Dirty Half Dozen. You can play as pint-sized Budgie commandos on an entirely different mission to save the general’s bird-napped daughter. Besides the ad-hoc and online co-op campaign, the game also sports jetpacking sections, stab-action in the new Hardboiled difficulty setting, mind controlling Brainbugs, some pretty nifty PS Vita controls and sweet, sweet music videos set to the tunes of the sci-fi rock band New World Revolution.

Yes, it’s on PS Vita, which means you can play Rocketbirds anywhere you go, whether you’re guarding a Penguin fortress or waiting for your train. Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken for PS Vita is available exclusively on PSN for $9.99. Strap on your jetpack, get pumped up. and let’s start a revolution!

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  • Does this awesome game have trophy support on the Vita?

  • Seems to be a fantastic game. Buy it.

  • yes Platinum trophy…great game I enjoyed the PS3 version

  • Any chance for a bundle of the PS3+Vita ver.? For that matter, will the PS3 ver. go on sale anytime soon?

  • Gracias ericknie. I was gonna pick up Alien Breed, but since that lacked trophy support, Rocketbirds will work for me this week.

  • Trophies???

  • Smart pricing with the $9.99, I am very much looking forward to trying this one out.
    Now to go clear up some memory card space : \

  • Love the birds playing on their Vitas. Clever. And, yay, more Vita games, thanks.

    • heheh… thanks… that was quite a bit of work actually… But the idea came from one of you guys posts last week :-)

  • @lisatsunami lol it just wouldn’t be the same without the “yay vita games thanks” part would it?

  • Please tell me there’s some type of bundle for this.

  • Why do people still ask about trophies when games get released? It is mandatory for all games to have trophy support! I understand if you want to ask about trophies for DLC, but not on a full fledged game.

  • It’s awesome that you guys were able to get this out on the Vita. However, I will be waiting until the discount goes live before I buy it again. I have faith you’ll be able to do it sooner rather than later. :)
    Can’t wait to play this on-the-go.

  • Will there be a demo out today? :)

  • Nobody had mentioned that this platinum trophy is EASY style.

  • in case anyone missed it in this post , if you own the game for ps3 don’t buy the vita game yet , there should be a 20% discount on it if you own the ps3 version and what is not active yet so ps3 owners wait and buy it after the discount goes live .

    I wanted this game today , played it on ps3 and it’s awesome but I will not buy it full price when there is going to be a discount if I wait ( hopefully not too long , get that straightened out soon please )

    • Penguins are workin’ on it, but to manage your expectations, it could take a bit of time to set up… it’s one of those things that slipped through the cracks – really terribly sorry

    • Hi all, Just a quick update! The 20% discount for those of you that purchased the game for the PS3 will go up with the next store update on Tuesday Feb 19th. Thanks everyone for your patience!

  • Awesome game on PS3, well worth the purchase on Vita. I was going to buy it today, but I will wait for the 20% discount. Please let us know when that discount is live! I’m anxious to play it on my Vita!

  • @12 – well obviously you CAN wait to play it since you’re too cheap to spend $9.99 today.

  • #17 , he’s not cheap , he just wants the promised discount he deserves for already owning the game on ps3 , if you are not willing to get ripped off that is not cheap , its frugal and being responsible with your money .
    You’re saying everyone that waits is cheap ? not true , if I was cheap I would not have bought the first game full price and a lot of others , instead I’d be saying I want this free because I liked the first game

  • $9.99 is a great deal! I was planning on picking this up regardless the price. If anybodies looking for a co-op partner add me! PSN names is above ^^^ :)

  • @17 if you are so rich, let me have $1000! Come on rich guy!!!

  • ✾◕‿◕✾
    OMG I just got a PSN gift card for free from this site :D

  • I just bought the Vita version (The Vita store has updated for me). I won’t play the game until I put Emmett and Kat through the ropes in PlayStation All Star Battle Royal. I also got to play the Fearless stage offline and man is worth the $2 dollars.

    Anyway, thanks for bring this to the Vita.

  • Thanks for your support :-)

  • @ #11:

    just off the top of my head, Silent Hill: Homecoming, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and Resident Evil 4 are full games that do not have trophies. it’s a question that always needs to be asked.

  • sorry, resident evil 4 has trophies, but not a full trophy list. no platinum.

  • I see you said there’s no demo planned. Any reason why? I do not own a PS3, so have no opportunity to play that demo and the Steam version doesn’t have a demo either.

    I’d really like to support you guys (as I wish more devs would bring their games to Vita), but I find it difficult to drop $10 on something I can’t try first. Please reconsider!

  • You’re Welcome. I enjoy playing games on my Vita and any new experience on it is worth my money. It was also easier to buy it when you played the PS3 version and enjoyed it. And I meant Thank you for bringing this to the Vita.

  • Is there a place I can find the track-list for the music used in this game? I also love the Rocketbird Vita images. I’m using the first one as one of the images on my Vita behind the Rocketbirds game app.

  • Oh~~ Rocketbirds 2 Evolutions. Let us know when you have more to tell. :)

  • I don’t think I want to wait for the discount ha ha. Game is excellent on PS3, and Vita + online Co-op is delicious indeed.

  • Today (yesterday) is the best day ever! Now all I need is the PS3 version of Rocketbirds and then my collection will be complete! I already have the OST by NWR, and the PC version! Also the trailer ya’ll made was hilarious! Love the penguins boopin with their little Vita’s and the pictures ya’ll also made is also awesome! CANNOT wait till Rocketbirds 2!! Also playing on Hardboiled mode, stabbing penguins is fun when not being juggled with bullets.

  • Can you please sell a bundle for both games for $10 or $15?

    Also, please make a sequel for the game because it is really awesome and unique.

    Thank you very much.

  • This game is awesome. The vita playing birds are a nice touch. Thanks for releasing this on the vita.

  • I just downloaded the PS3 demo of this because of this post… seems like a good game. Is it possible the PSN store could have some kind of retrospective or “perhaps you missed?” section kind of thing… I mean, I didn’t even know this game existed. The same with Critter Crunch. Not everyone has been checking the store & blog since 2006. It’s hard to even know about anything non-recent on the store.

  • (At a physical store you can see old titles next to new ones. In a virtual one you have to painstakingly scroll through every title in either alphabetical order or by date… but it’s a lot of titles to go through and all you see is the icon/name which isn’t much to go by).

  • Any chance of a future patch that will allow us to control the ps3 version using our vitas?

  • i wish this game would have had cross buy, ived owned the ps3 for months and now i want this one haha

    • We’re offering a 20% reduced price on Rocketbirds for PS Vita if you purchased the PS3 version. Though we could not arrange this in time for Launch, it will go into effect this Tuesday 19th February with the next Store Update. Thanks for your patience!

  • I love Rocketbirds and will gladly pick it up again. It is great to see how this work of passion has evolved from a flash video to this amazing game. I hope to see more from you guys in the future!

  • I have always wanted to play this & now that it’s on my PS Vita, this is a definite!!!!!!!!

  • Downloaded it. Cool Game! Need friends for coop

  • Impulse buy! And so far so good. I’m using PS Vita version – graphics and game play are awesome. I love the concept of playing as chicken soldiers, great idea!

  • Definitely one of most favorite downloadable games.

  • Love to play co-op with anyone, just add me.

  • please add me on co op please

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