God of War: Ascension in the Mocap Studio

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God of War: Ascension in the Mocap Studio
God of War: Ascension in the Mocap Studio

Hello, fellow Spartans! My name is Ariel Lawrence, and I’m a Producer on God of War: Ascension.

No one can argue that Kratos is angry. With everything that’s happened to him over the years, he has every right to be. He’s killed — either accidentally or intentionally — everyone he’s ever cared about. He’s been lied to, chained up, run through, tortured, and cast into the depths of Hades several times. If I was him, I’d be angry too. Our aim in this installment of Kratos’ story is to try and show a bit more of his humanity. To do this, we incorporated voice over motion capture, or “vo-mocap”, into our cinematic pipeline.

The really exciting part of “vo-mocap” is that it gives our voice actors an opportunity to work together in a scene. Delivery, timing, and efforts all come more naturally because the actors are able to play off of each other. They see how far apart they are from each other physically. They can watch emotions play out on each other’s faces and respond appropriately. They can whisper. The technology we have now is awesome. On the first God of War, we might have been able to show the actors concept art, and possibly a playblast of animation that was in progress. Now we can load up the game environment and the character’s model and rig, and show a rough solve of the actor’s own performance in real time between takes.

Storytelling is what makes us human. It’s how we pass on our history, learn lessons, and process primal feelings like love, anger and sorrow. Storytelling, and its interactive evolution in games, is as necessary to life as breathing. Kratos’ story is filled with rage, but it is also filled with a deep love and painful sorrow. It truly is a privilege and a joy to work with such a talented group of people that make up the God of War family and bring that story to life. I hope you enjoyed this look behind the scenes of God of War: Ascension’s cinematic process!

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  • First!!!!
    When are we going to get the demo?

  • One more month!, can’t wait.

  • So does this technology surpass what Naughty Dog and Quantic Dream offer? It sounds very exciting!

  • I read something in the article about ps4 getting revealed Feb 20, or was that a typo?

  • i took 3 days off from march 12- 14..just to enjoy this game when it gets released..and because i have plenty of vacation days to use..lol the only thing that is bothering me is that we have YET to see the official Kratos statue that it will come with the collectors edition..although im sure i wont be disappointed when it gets revealed..till then i shall be SLICING my time with MGR Revengence..(PUN INTENDED)

  • Well that has to be one of the funnest jobs on the planet.

  • Ariel Lawrence…just make sure this is a day 1 digital on the playstation network so you can take my…fraking money already…matter of fact..where is the pre order..on the psn…U promoting this on the ps blog because it’s coming on the store right….right?

  • Woah, Troy Baker is in this, too? That’s awesome. Loved his work so far.

  • Wow didn’t know Troy Baker is in here too!

  • @powerpac Don’t know about you but I am getting it this month

  • GOWA is going to be amazing

  • Is stereoscopic 3D still in the game? There hasn’t been any new information on that since E3 and wondering if that was taken out.

  • I have two requests
    1. God of War Ascension single player demo.
    2. God of War psvita game announcement on feb20th
    thank you.

  • This video was awesome! Can’t wait pick this up.

    @1 There already is a single player demo.

  • This looks AWESOME!!! It is like if they merged the EPIC feel of GOW and the narrative of Uncharted. This looks so Amazing!! I am buying 2 copies!!!! One LE for me and the other for my brother!!!


    PS: I also want a GOW game for the PSVITA :D

  • It’s great to see Troy Baker in this. He’s a great VA, and I’m eager to see him in both this and The Last of Us.

  • Awesome!!! Release the early access demo right now!!!!!!!!

  • These video features are fantastic. You should do these more often for Sony projects.

  • can someone PLEASE CONFIRM STEREOSCOPIC 3D….i just love how Playstation does this to us..convince me that i should go 3D, go 3D and i cant even get a confirmation from my favorite franchise of all time. ALL TIME.

  • @19 They have been doing this a lot lately…the said Playstation All Stars and LBP Karting would have it and then when it got close to release they would avoid any questions on it so it seems they are hyping us on 3D then just not mentioning it when they plan on not implementing it.

  • @20 this is a serious blow to my love for all things playstation if true…i remember hearing about LBP Karting, but barely, didnt even know about PSASBR being in 3D….but i heard this from the Todd Papy’s mouth! someone need to say something about it.

  • I’m beginning to think they are using it as a shady sales tactic because they ignore the question and will stop replying when they see people commenting about it….yeah it almost makes me want to boycott their games when they do this because the way they go about it.

  • @ YungShep and SmokeAdellic

    Pretty sure Ascension is no longer Stereoscopic 3D compatible. My guess is they couldn’t keep the framerate and graphic fidelity to a God of War standard with 3D turned on.

    They also removed the ability for the player to move the camera more freely by pressing in the R3 Analog Stick button… I was looking forward to finally looking around the environments a bit more.

  • Can’t wait for this game! Today (Feb. 12, 2013) is the third year I’ve had my PS3 :D

  • The game looks stunning as if it were any surprise!! Can’t wait :)


  • whats that song playing in the beginning and at the end of the video? IT’S AWESOME

  • I miss when Sony used to have these videos on PSN in 1080p.
    After both Pulse and Qore were taken down I figured we would at least get more video game related vids on PSN, but it doesn’t seem like it.

    PS: Please fix the LOG IN LINK ON MOBILE DEVICES… It’s been broken for 5 weeks now.


  • Commander Shepard and Kratos are married? That is classic! Jennifer Hale is a wonderful actress. Happy to see her in God of War!

  • Kratos is a Greek mythology fanfic Mary Sue and his popularity is a sad commentary on the intellectual void America’s public school systems are creating of the nation’s youth.

  • I wonder if the sex minigame will be with his wife this time… It was always with some “savage” women.

  • @ Hooligantuan

    Hey, shut the hell up you pathetic pretentious little insect. What makes you think you’re so special? You’re nothing, just some egocentric judgmental loser trolling on the internet. Kratos is the most popular, iconic and beloved character Sony PlayStation has by light-years, hate all you want because you’re just in the insignificant minority.

  • Intriguing.

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