Ecolibrium: Build An Alien Ecosystem on PS Vita Today

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Ecolibrium: Build An Alien Ecosystem on PS Vita Today

Ecolibrium on PS Vita

We hope you’ve been enjoying all the new gaming applications we’ve brought to PS Vita recently, like Wake-up Club and the newly released PlayStation Home Arcade. Today we’re excited to tell you about the next one-of-a-kind application you’ll be able to check out next week starting today on PS Vita: Ecolibrium.

Ecolibrium puts you in control to grow and maintain a beautiful and foreign ecosystem. You’ll be able to raise unique and alien species, design the world to your liking, and explore ecosystems yourself using PS Vita’s unique gyroscopic technology. Ecolibrium will also offer Trophy support for you Trophy hunters out there!

Ecolibrium on PS VitaEcolibrium on PS Vita

Maintaining balance is the key to Ecolibrium. In order to achieve balance in your ecosystem, you must take into account various basic factors, including feeding the creatures, the impact of the seasons and the right proportion of creatures for each link in the food chain. Maintaining balance will net you Ecopoints, which you can spend by purchasing new specimens (animals, plants, etc.) from within the laboratory menu. You can also buy specimens using tokens, which can be purchased in-game.

We will be offering more ways to expand and enhance your ecosystems in Ecolibrium going forward, so keep an eye out for more news on the game in the future. Let us know what you think of this new game app in the comments, and we hope you enjoy Ecolibrium!

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  • looks very interesting. Glad its also free. :)

  • I can’t wait to check it out! I like games out of the box!

  • Hey, I thought that this was coming out today! At least from what I can remember from the PS Plus Update posted yesterday. Wow you guys really need to work on your internal communication skills. It just seems that a lot of you are just out to lunch. Right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing.

  • @3 its not coming out today? i thought it was from the trailer. >_<

  • i hope it coms out today

  • Sorry, it was posted on The Drop on Sunday. Still it makes you wonder.

  • I’ll try it out

  • This is actually pretty interesting but psvita needs way more than this, i mean it needs more AAA exclusive games, price drop, memory cards are a rip-off and tv advertising is non existent lol.

    I’m really hoping to see in that “See the Future” event on feb20th some Psvita life in it not just about Ps4, i mean stop with the non competent third party developers that had ruined so many big name franchises on the little system ( NIhilistic, Tin Midget ) how about sony elite studios follow Guerrilla Cambridge and Media Molecule initiative and work on psvita/ps4 projects at the same time?
    This would be my ideal feb20th “See the Future” event
    New 4G LTE psvita model that allow us to play online multiplayer anywhere, anytime.
    New proper brutal/adrenaline kicking Motorstorm game with up to 8 players online multiplayer crazy races.
    God of War psvita announcement developed by Santa Monica or Ready at Dawn
    inFAMOUS psvita announcement developed by Sucker Punch or New vita IP from these guys.
    New Resistance game developed by Sony Bend
    Fat Princess, Dead Nation and a game similar to Warhawk coming to the vita as well.
    2 New psvita IPs
    Gaikai support on the psvita.

  • ill try it…still dont understand wake up club…

  • you know what the ps vita should have….Ruzzle! bring Ruzzle to the Vita!

  • Now that would be a kick a s s psvita event. Oh and i hope the new advertising company dont forget about the vita lol

  • Post fixed. It is out today.

  • I’ll try it out too! Looks interesting enough. Also, I just saw the tweet and it says that it is coming out today.

  • @3 and 5, It says in the first paragraph that it comes out today.

    @9, There isn’t much to get. They’ve basically given you a free Alarm Clock for your Vita. You can choose to wake up with a random group of 11 other people who set the same wake time as you, use it as an alarm clock, or just use it as a clock.

    Looking forward to trying out Ecolibrium today, sounds pretty fun.

  • Nice, the correction makes me very happy. I still think that everyone at the PSN store should maybe go on a company retreat to strengthen bonding and communication skills. Anyways, thank you for the update.

  • I grew up after the Pokemon craze, but this game looks quite interesting. Definitely plan on checking it out since it’s free.

  • what the heck did i just watch….

  • Trophies? Looks interesting enough and the price is good.

  • I’m interested, this looks pretty cool. Now, when will we be able to battle them? ; )

  • Wow, who has the time for this? I thought only soccer moms on Facebook have the time to grow their own environment. But, yay, more Vita content, thanks.

  • @akisuo yes it says it includes trophies

  • It’s like a Facebook game with better graphics. It’s addictive, but not very deep, and the wait times to regenerate energy and gain ecopoints are far, far too long.

  • Nice, glad to see more support for PS Vita hope to see that important 3rd party support coming as well.

  • While having new apps is great, is there any ETA as to when the new PS Vita firmware update that will add significant functionality will be coming along? still waiting on folder functionality, some sort of Near “Street” mode and a bunch of minor issues that I have been mentioning for weeks.

  • Would background install for apps be feasible on the PS Vita? makes sense why it doesn’t work for firmware updates but it would be great to have it for game and app updates. Also that Update section for the PS Store!!

  • Looks great and you certianly cannot beat the price! Many thanks for the Vita love!!

  • It reminds me of Spore. Does anyone know if you can create or modify any of the creatures, or is it just a locked-in set to choose from?

  • Cool, a very much welcomed app/game.

  • Look nice but before that i got question, do we need the 3G version of the Vita ? Do we need near or any type of localisation ? Cause here in canada, well where i am anyway, it dont work. If we need none of all of them, then i will consider buying it.

  • When exactly does it come out? I’ve looked on the PSN Store and I can’t find anything. Help?

  • Cool, can’t wait for the store to update so I can download this.

  • Sorry, but I think this game was published last Septembre.

  • Looks fun but, an Ecosystem needs to have that certain giant fella >:). Like the T-rex, mammoth, etc.

  • Looks interesting.

    Never thought I’d want to manage an ecosystem but it looks like it may be some fun.

    Didn’t see the price mentioned and the phrasing of the article makes me worry there will be in game things you buy with real life money (not a fan of games that do that unless you can also unlock the same content in game). So long as there’s no hidden/extra/unlock content fees I’m likely to try this (beyond whatever the purchase price may be).

    Nice to see some more various things coming to Vita.

  • Throw some dinosaurs in this, slap a few logos on it, and you have yourself the greatest sequel to “Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis” ever!

  • @35 If you’re wondering on the price for Ecolibrium, it’s free.

  • When is the trophy patch for Frobisher Says coming out in NA.

  • Happy to nab this and Rocketbirds for my vita today!


  • i guess this is as close to Ps Vita Digimon game as ill see :)

    please sony it would be awsome to see a digimon game for the vita or at least give us the PSone an PS2 Digimon games..

  • Thank you for finally bringing this to NA!

  • This is pretty awesome so far.

  • Downloading now!

  • this is pretty good ill check it out specially for the price i hope it can maintain my interest or else ill get rid of it for more space since BUYING MEMORY FOR MY VITA IS SO EXPENSIVE *cough $90 dollars *cough 32 gigs *cough*

  • This is fun so far. I can definitely see myself doing a little bit of this every day, especially if you keep supporting it and there are a lot of challenges to keep me busy. Thanks!

  • yey! thanks so much Don! Been awaiting for this ever since this was released in EU store last year..

    i live this type of games.. and everyone get this on your Vita, one of the best free apps we have.

  • I wish this was cross play enabled, as I find it very intriguing. Like an adult viva pinata… however I don’t own a vita.

    Is cross play in the works? or a separate ps3 version?

  • Downloaded the game yesterday but haven’t gotten the chance to try it yet. Looks interesting, though. Just wanted to say thanks for giving us another free game.

    Also, any word on when Picotto Knights will be coming out? Looking forward to that one, too!

  • Yo! Anyone can explain to me how do I get the creatures with the radar thingie? The popin’ instrucitions just puzzles me.

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