Chimpact Swings to PlayStation Mobile Tomorrow

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Chimpact Swings to PlayStation Mobile Tomorrow

PS Mobile: Chimpact

Monkeys are fun. They jump around, swing on vines, love high places, and occasionally fling poo at people that they don’t like. Today we are pleased to announced that you can have just as much fun as monkeys do (minus the poo) with the release of Yippie! Entertainment’s Chimpact on PlayStation Mobile.

In Chimpact, you play as a little monkey who has to bounce around and collect items through a variety of levels to make it home safely. The game is absolutely gorgeous and the gameplay is simple, yet challenging. Chimpact is a new age platformer that has gameplay reminiscent of similar games from the 16-bit era.

The game features:

  • Simple, one-touch gameplay
  • Amazing visuals and character design
  • 48 fun-filled levels to complete
  • Invigorating jungle-themed background music
  • Gem Quest and Totem Trial game modes
  • Hidden items and achievements to unlock

PS Mobile: ChimpactPS Mobile: Chimpact

Kevin Green, the Lead Artist for Chimpact, had this to say about the game in an interview with Pocket Gamer:

We were looking at a few things with Chimpact. We were looking at something more family friendly – ‘traditional’ games, let’s say.

We’d been doing a lot of very grim stuff in the past at other companies. ‘Gangster games’ and World War III… they were all fun to work on, but we were looking to do something that wasn’t all about slaughtering everybody for once. We wanted to do something cheerful.

It’s very much a kind of ‘back to the old school’ feel. The new platform and business model gives us the opportunity to get back to the kind of thing we did years ago, but in a modern way.

PS Vita owners will be able to download Chimpact from the PS Mobile section of PlayStation Store; owners of PlayStation-certified devices (see full list here) can obtain it through the PlayStation Mobile Store – click here for full instructions.

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  • Looks pretty cool. Price?

    • Hey guys, sorry about the delay in jumping in here for replies. I wanted to confirm the price of this title before I did so.

      I’ve been informed that this game will be listed at $3.99. Quite the steal for such a fun and visually stimulating game.

  • @1, Stargazr64 – It will be free later today.

    Neat this looks like fun. Aqua Kitty was pretty cool.

  • Oh actually never mind I thought this was apart of the PS Mobile free games giveaway. It is not free I don’t think.

  • You had me until you said that we can’t fling poo.

  • @ProfessorGerbik I thought it was too! Once i saw the post, but upon reading it doesn’t look like this will be our next freebie.

  • Nonetheless, does Chimpact support Online?

  • Sounds fun + lovely Graphics :P

  • looks cool, I’ll give it a shot!

  • also…where is the Xperia Z in North America???

  • i want an xperia z too…

  • looks like a DK country game….looks fun

  • @10 I want a Xperia Z also! Its Xperia Z btw not Xperia Z Ion lol

  • I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or what, but these jump-in quick and play for 15 minutes here and there games, are appealing to me way more than they used to.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still like deeper games that go on for hours/days, but they are sharing a bigger chunk of my game time than they used to with smaller fare like this.

    • gamer1rst,

      I can relate. As I’ve gotten older my free time is a bit more difficult to manage. So bite-sized games like these are really handy when I want a quick burst of gaming goodness, but don’t have the time to settle in for a long session. Sometimes, though, I just need to bite off a big chunk of cutting edge gaming. That’s something I love about the PlayStation world, you can get the best of both worlds.

  • Those graphics look awesome for a mobile game.

  • Man, I was INCREDIBLY excited when I saw this, until I read “One touch gameplay”. Why do they have to dumb it down? If I’m playing on Vita, I want to have proper platforming controls.

    Ugh, it looks so good too. :-(

  • the screen shots look gorgeous …. I’m interested – would be great to have a price listed with the info … :-) I’m quite enjoying the PSM offerings … they are great little pick up & play titles.

  • You all should check the gameplay clips on Youtube, game looks amazingly pretty.

  • To vanwinkle – It’s one touch because its a port from the iPad/iPhone and I bet it will be more expensive then the 99 cents it costs on that system. I agree that the Vita is better served by games that can only played on it. I bought a Vita because I was tired of the touch only controls on my iOS devices.

  • Please dont get me wrong but until you guys add trophies to psmobile games you will get my support, its just that i want a full playstation experience when i play games on my vita.

  • Could PS Mobile games get their own Live area background instead of having a generic blue one? Also it doesn’t appear by name in Near… hopefully PS Mobile will get some love soon.

  • I have downloaded all of the free games each weeks and its really a mixed bag, some really fun ones and some ok titles.. demos of these titles would be great to have. I tried a fan made Surge game on LBP Vita and loved it, but I wouldn’t have known otherwise as well as how segregated PS Mobile is from t he PS Store.

  • Ever since this was uploaded on the EU PS Vita youtube channel I have been waiting for thisto come here. Just a shame people on there trashed it due to their ignorance.

  • we’ll get this game it looks good. thanks for the price.

  • After buying this, I gotta say, I’m pretty disappointed. I was hoping the “simple, one-touch gameplay” was like “tap where you want him to go, maybe timing or rhythm-based” instead of “Angry Birds.” I just don’t like the catapult-style of controls. Never have, probably never will. But that wasn’t clear from this post. It just wasn’t.

    As well, on Vita, I have to hold the system on its side like a phone because it’s so vertical with no easy “Vita mode” setting to reorient it like every other widescreen Vita game. I’ll check again for that setting, but unless I’m missing that setting completely, but still, those screenshots are pretty misleading. It’s just kind of annoying.

    Basically, I was expecting Donkey Kong but got Angry Birds instead. It’s a gorgeous game for sure, but it’s not what I wanted or expected.

  • Help! How do you get the first gem in 1-8?????

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