Call of Duty: Black Ops II — Revolution DLC coming to PSN Feb 28

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Call of Duty: Black Ops II — Revolution DLC coming to PSN Feb 28

Hydro - Damned Bridge

As the old saying goes, “the revolution will not be televised.” Nonsense – it’s not only on your TV screen, but it will be interactive, too. Revolution, the first DLC pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops II, arrives on PlayStation Network on February 28 – and there’s more inside this collection than you may be expecting.

Grind - Judges Table
Revolution offers a heck of a lot of content for both multiplayer and Zombies fans. First up are the four multiplayer maps:

  • Hydro: Located in Pakistan, this hydro-electric plant comes complete with a lethal spillway that floods with very little warning.
  • Grind: Set in a skate park in Venice Beach (the birthplace of skateboarding!), quarter-pipes and curved surfaces drive players away from easy cover and into intense firefights.
  • Downhill: A ski resort in the French Alps, this snowy map is complete with a moving gondola system that can both offer cover and crush you to death.
  • Mirage: Located in China’s Gobi Desert, this luxury resort has been ravaged by a sandstorm.

Mirage - Sandy Oasis

It’s worth noting that Mirage is also the first Black Ops II map where Domination takes place in a triangular flag pattern instead of a linear one – that is, you can run laps around the main hotel (or cut through it) as you try to capture the three flags at three different corners of the map. You may find this changes up your Domination strategies a bit.

As a bonus, Revolution also contains the first downloadable weapon in Call of Duty history. The Peacekeeper SMG has the small form factor of a compact submachine gun, but the range of an assault rifle. It’s actually rated two points higher in range than the longest-range SMG in the game, the MSMC. It’s not the overpowered monster that I think some gamers were afraid it might be, but it will likely become a very popular choice for the short-to-medium range specialists out there. And once you level it up along with the rest of your SMGs, it too can sport gold and diamond camos.

Downhill - Ski Lift
If you are a Zombies fan, Treyarch has some secrets and surprises in store for you, too. Die Rise is an all-new Zombies level that takes place in a shattered skyscraper; one false move might send you right over the edge in a very literal and non-metaphorical sense. The verticality of this level makes it feel unlike other Zombies experiences; you’re constantly finding new places above and below, exploring the rubble, locating parts for buildables, and even finding surprises in the very unsafe elevators. Some of those surprises are good, and some of them…well, just be prepared for anything, okay?


Last but definitely not least, Revolution offers a new way to play Zombies altogether, in the form of a new mode called Turned. Throw out your expectations for a strategic and calculating Zombies experience – this one’s all about adrenaline. Up to four players can join in; one is human, the other three are zombies. The winner of the match is the person who can survive as the human the longest. A Reverse Gun Game weapon loadout means that the human switches from powerful to weaker weapons as their turn continues; whichever zombie player can take out the human becomes the human themselves. It’s very fast, very frantic, and makes a great short experience for those times you want to play but can’t commit to a long gameplay session.

Prepare to have your high expectations met when Revolution arrives on PSN February 28. And look for me in the online lobbies — my PSN ID is OneOfSwords, and I’m the easy target!

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  • make a zombie only game

  • Pass i haven’t bought a Call of Duty DLC since MW2

    • Have you at least played them? If you enjoy MW2, by all means, keep on playing — but I wonder if there might be content in the most recent three games that you’d enjoy as well.

  • Even with the season pass, PSN users have to wait a month longer than Xbox users. Not really fair to be honest.

    • Well, everybody is looking for some advantage in this competitive market. Remember when Kratos appeared MK exclusively on PS3 and 360 didn’t get any bonus character, or when the Joker levels to Batman AA exclusively on PS3 and didn’t appear on 360? It’s similar to that — but the big difference is that COD maps do appear on more than one platform after a short window of exclusivity. It’s not a forever thing like the deals I’ve mentioned.

      These kind of exclusivity deals are just a reality of the industry today. Here’s an article that puts it into perspective.

      But please, try not to see it as a question of being “fair” — that’s more emotion than I think a situation like this deserves. It really is just a biz thing, and everybody gets to play eventually.

  • Will it be $14.99 and do you happen to know how big the file is?

    • I have not heard a final price yet but I expect it to be in line with previous packs. I don’t know how big the file will be on PS3, but it was over a gig on “the other platform.”

  • thats good to here cant wait for it skate park map looks fun.

  • Will there be another double XP weekend for the release?

  • Why exactly does it cost approximately £10 more on PlayStation (EU)? By that, it seems you are charging people more money so they can wait a bit longer.

    • Beats me. Activision only sets the suggested price for content (it’s actually illegal for Activision to do anything more than suggest a price), and I expect US prices to match across platforms. I cannot speak to why the EU would be more.

  • While I am very excited to play the new maps. I am extremely frustrated on a daily basis becaise on every single match my PS3 will completely lock up for a good 5 seconds before going again. This has caused death’s and failed objectives. It is the only game this happens to me on.

    • Hmm — reach out to Activision customer support and see if they can give you any advice. They are or or or 1-800-225-6588. Choose whichever one you like best! :)

  • im with + ManaByte on that one another double XP weekend


  • yea this getting map packs second on the ps3 is getting real old fast to love my ps3 but you guys with updates to the store map packs mantinance ect its always last always wondering and watting hopefully this ends when the ps4 comes out or improves more on the ps3

  • they’e stated on twitter there will be a 2xp weekend when we get it

  • Even though I have bought the season pass, i do with some tribulation. I’m a little upset that i had invested in MW3 Elite pass and though i enjoyed my purchase i was surprised it doesn’t carry over to BO2. According to my Paid Elite status it doesn’t run out til March. I would have assumed they would honor my subscription into this DLC period at least allow for early access. I enjoy the game though i do have some gripes with lag compensation but thats a topic for another day. I know Acitvision is trying to run a business but to what extent, its definitely putting a divide in the gamers mind if they keep treating loyal customers from equal access to their games.

    • I’m sorry you thought the Elite pass covered more than MW3 DLC, because it was never advertised as anything else — they were very clear in the FAQs and in the official statements that your Elite Premium membership would cover all MW3 DLC. I’m afraid your assumption was incorrect — sorry.

      I bought a Season Pass for Borderlands 2; I do not expect to get DLC from that Season Pass for any future Borderlands game, you know? I don’t think it’s feasible; I don’t think the developers can be expected to keep generating new DLC without selling it. But I’m grateful for the money I saved on the content through that Season Pass, so that is actually its own reward.

  • @Dan Amrich – That’s true, I understand. Thanks for the reply. Have a great day.

  • Is Beachhead still working on Elite?

    Its been pretty much broke since the new look. Are they actually trying to fix it or is it a case of (now that Elite is free) “you get what you pay for”?

    • Beachhead is still very much working on Elite. If you are having issues with the service, report what you see to It’s sort of like a downed power line — you can either curse the power company and sit in the darkness, or you can reach out and tell them what you are experiencing, so they can fix it.

  • I can’t wait for this DLC. I’ve bought the Season Pass and I hope everything will live up to my expectations. My favorite part about this DLC is the new Peacekeeper SMG. I’m glad to see Call of Duty taking a step in that direction. I’m definitely looking forward to this.

  • Beachhead is still very much working on Elite. If you are having issues with the service, report what you see to It’s sort of like a downed power line — you can either curse the power company and sit in the darkness, or you can reach out and tell them what you are experiencing, so they can fix it.

  • Has any chance to Alien Colonial Marines arrive’s in PSN today?

  • Can you find out why in the EU we pay much more than other consoles and other regions and even the advertised price that the season pass cars were originally sold at. I know we often get charged more than othe regions but when the Xbox and pc price is the same roughly as the Us price it makes no sense.

    • Please see my response to #8 above. I do not know why it is all the same price in the US but not on PS3 in the EU, but Activision can only suggest retail prices — they cannot, by law, mandate them (in either the US or the EU).

  • Can you please tell me why the season pass for usa is $50 which is £35 but the actual price is £42 in UK.

    We are paying an extra £7 worth of money for nothing.

    Why should uk users have to change consoles just to get cheaper and earlier DLC content?

  • @ reply to #16

    Been in contact with ATVI support already. Still the same. Still problems with it on 5 different browsers & 3 different PC’s.

    Just asked as it seems Beachhead have gone AWOL!

  • I don’t mind getting the DLC a month later. It gives me a chance to watch enough gameplay of the new maps to decide if I want to purchase them or not. I didn’t purchase the final DLC from Black Ops and the only reason I had the final DLC from MW3 was because I had purchased the Prestige Edition of the game, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought that either because it didn’t come out until a month before Black Ops II. My main issue is why doesn’t Treyarch give PC and PS3 users the release date when they announce the 360 release? You would think they would already have the date planned at that point. We know it’s always “about a month later” but a set date would be nice.

  • When your playing the level Grind, will i see Tony Hawk doing tricks with points flying out of him, and if he touches me will i die and a message pops up saying “you got Hawked”?

  • r thos the only maps ther r coming out on bo2 or ther r going to b more??????
    and when is mw4 or bo3 coming out??????

    • Four DLC packs are planned throughout the year. As they are announced, you will find out about them here on the PlayStation Blog.

  • Im this close to buy the season pass when starting from last month my multiplayer progress suddenly wont save.

    Stuck at level 55 prestige 1 forever.

    On the bright side, because of that I finally started playing the campaign, great job on the future missions.

  • i enjoy the Treyarch CoD games, but i think its a huge slap in the face to PS3 and PC owners that Microsoft gets content a month ahead. Its such a greedy and sleazy move, especially considering that Call of Duty makes more money than any other game franchise. Why does Activision need Microsoft’s money?

    Crap like this makes me not want to get the map packs just out of principal. Hopefully this is the last year of these shaddy anti-consumer deals.

    Microsoft should focus more on providing exclusive content that will appeal people to their product, rather than paying off publishers to limit the content of their competitors. Its the sleazy corporate BS our country gets accused of repeatedly. I’m getting sick of it now.


      I hope that article explains the situation. I don’t think it’s worth adding emotion to it. What’s more, PS3 gamers getting the Batman AA Joker levels (for one example) exclusively and having that content never go to 360 would be a slap in the face too…but I just don’t think any of these exclusive deals are made with the intent to hurt anybody. That’s why I say, don’t add emotion — it’s really not a judgment thing, it’s just a business reality.

  • *sees CoD*

    *rates post as low as possible*


  • Also, as one of the few people who finds Zombie mode boring, i’m really annoyed that one of the 5 maps in each pack is being wasted on Zombies. I’d rather they just release one 5 map zombie exclusive pack that i can easily avoid and put 5 multiplayer only maps in the first 2 or 3 packs.

  • I bought BO2 last year expecting get that something that MW2 used to have, or that at least it was slow paced as black ops 1 which was also a fantastic game, sadly it didn’t have either and I AM NOT saying this call of duty is bad by any mean, it’s just not the same as it used to be for me.

    As for this console exclusivity thing I know it’s just business as with everything in this world but for me it was like being the one left out of a party and after everything is done then say, ooh now you can come in and “don’t forget to pay” just to eat the leftovers.

  • @28 well glad to see the trolls are as stupid as ever.

  • Activision should make a game with the WAW zombie maps BO1 zombie maps and BO2 maps (DLC and all) and you get to chose which game weapons you wanna use like BO2 guns on a WAW map on 1 disc

  • I am not here to troll. I am not here to say what system is better (*cough* PS3). I am here however to say that I understand that business is business and well that leads to money. Giving exclusive 30 days for the “First on XBOX 360” campaign is not fair, nor is it right. Like many players, we have purchased the “Call of Duty” titles with faith in our respected systems still lining Activision’s pockets as we go. So why not show some respect to the purchasers of said product? Money and greed. Now here’s a idea, instead of giving XBOX users priority with the maps and if DLC guns are the new norm, give out different exclusives and get the maps out at the same time. This exclusivity is getting old and as it continues people are switching to different games because Activision’s unfair fondness to the console (XBOX 360). Either way, I can’t wait I have a “Season Pass” and am looking forward to “Turned”. That is all. Thank you.

    • I have come to accept platform exclusivity deals as a reality. I don’t necessarily like them, but I also know that it’s not worth getting angry over them, because they will not change in their current form. They have been in existence since the days of the Atari 2600. (Pac-Man, for instance, was a Namco game, but only came out on Atari’s platforms — not Intellivision, not ColecoVision, not Fairchild Channel F. NES got a version many years later.)

      With such a long history of this kind of deal — the goal being to give your console a competitive advantage — I do not see it changing any time soon. So I no longer get worked up about it; I just accept it, and I play the games that make me happy. All I can do, really.

  • @32 That would be a great idea. I hope Treyarch decides to do the same thing with Black Ops 1 and Put all of the classic zombies maps onto Black Ops 2. It was a very good idea to do that.

  • Yes, I’ll pay another $15 for a broken unsupported game. Thanks to this game my ps3 freezes all of the time when I play other games due to the freezing issue that still hasn’t been fixed. The list of things wrong with this game is ridiculously long. Activision is 100% into publishing games for the profit. They do not care for one second about making quality games for people to enjoy and I discourage anyone from buying their products.

    • If you are having freezing issues, please contact to see if they can help you out. That’s not normal, and they may have some advice.

      All the stuff about not caring…simply not true. Myself included. I want your games to play properly, and you to have fun with them. But right now, best I can do is direct to the teams that exist to solve problems like the one you are experiencing.

      Please reach out them, and don’t be angry with them — they will only try to help you.

  • Another no imagination map pack from the COD devs. BS maps. Mirage looks ok, but why cant you climb up the big ramp in grind. nuff said

  • game is a complete fail with aim assist

  • i’d buy it if aim assist was labled easy mode and wasn’t the default setting. game is truly pathetic

  • @38 what are you even babbling about?

  • people that play shooting games that don’t aim and learn a stupid button trick

  • Hi Dan. Map packs should come second to ensuring a stable game, yet myself and many others are still experiencing hard console freezes. Activision support would rather pretend there’s no issue and insinuate that we neglect our game discs while UK Community ‘Manager’ ATVI_Acas simply ignores all questions on it – he may as well be a automated account since all he seems to do is retweet stuff relevant to only 1% of the CoD community.

    The maps do look nice though, I will admit. :)

  • i bought the season pass im new to buying the season pass will i get revolution for free and all the future map packs for free?

    • Well, you have basically pre-paid for all four map packs, so “free” is, I guess, all how you see it — free with purchase, I guess. :)

      But yes — if you have bought a Season Pass, you do not have to buy anything else, and you will get Revolution in addition to three other map packs which will be made available later this year. Your Season Pass price covers all of that content with no extra fee.

  • “These kind of exclusivity deals are just a reality of the industry today.”

    Ok, fine.

    Does microsoft also pay activision to release the ps3 version of this game in a broken state? Two of the biggest, if not the biggest, games over the last two years have released in a broken state on ps3. Skyrim and Codblops2, both games with exclusive dlc deals with microsoft and both releasing in the busiest buying season of the year. What are the odds right?

    • No, and that strikes me as a strange conspiracy theory. I can’t come up with a reason that a game developer or publisher would want to ship a “broken” game on any platform — their goal is to make players happy. The devs are always trying to improve the game and that’s why you will often see updates and patches for the games.

  • I honestly havn’t played a CoD since CoD4. They’ve all just seemed like multi-player expansion packs to 4 since then, and the retail prices for these CoD games goes down unbelievably slow, so CoDs have never really gotten into the price-range I consider the games to be worth before there’s something else for me to spend my money on.

    But I have a friend who’s unfortunately getting out of gaming, and I may be able to actually get Black Ops 2 off him for free or at worst $10. I actually wasn’t going to take it, but this map pack looks pretty interesting so I’m considering getting the game from him and buying the season pass, but I’d like to get something straight……..if I give you guys $50 for the season pass does that entitle me to all the DLC or do I have to pay you money on TOP of the $50 to get the DLC packs? It’s not clear and I really would like to know so I can decide.

    • The Season Pass entitles you to all four Black Ops II DLC map packs. You will not have to pay anything additionally, and I actually did think that was very clear on the official webpage, found here:

      “Buy the Call of Duty®: Black Ops 2 DLC Season Pass and get all four epic DLC Map Packs** for the discounted price of $49.99*, plus an exclusive in-game calling card and access to the Nuketown Zombies bonus map.”

      Hope that helps clear up the confusion.

  • grrrr i can’t wait :3

  • I’m so exited, why couldn’t it be released when the Xbox360 version was released?

  • Finally! a release date. My life is complete again

  • Eh, played Black Ops 2 but gave it up. Got the platinum and prestiged a couple times One of my biggest gripes is how small CoD maps are, its ridiculous. Only reason I would play CoD is for Sticks and Stones cause its awesome :)

    Then there is the whole Microsoft DLC a month early, yuck.

    Anyways, I’ll stick to BF3 for competitive shooting.

  • Good job Dan Amrich! It means a lot to me as a customer that you would take the time to respond to so many comments. I see a lot of gaming blogs, facebook posts and whatnot of gamers just venting their frustrations and making inquiries that go on unanswered. I think it shows a lot of class on the part of Playstation. I have my own rants about the performance of this game and the lack of exclusivity, but I will save them for the proper platform. On a side note, you have an awesome job. How do I get one like it? What I wouldn’t give to be paid to work in the gaming industry.

  • If activision doesn’t set the price, can you tell us who does? Sony? And despite the fact you are chaging EU PS3 users more you have yet to answer a single blog question/comment over there. Are we not as important as your US customers? Or your xbox customers?

    • Again, it is completely illegal for Activision to set a price. Here’s the UK law:

    • Sorry, hit return too early. The US prices for PS3, PC, and 360 DLC are all the same. The only place I’m seeing a different price is in the EU/UK, via Sony’s own store. I do not know why that is, but I do not work for Sony, so I can’t even guess.

      If I did not feel you were important, I would not be typing this right now. Please don’t shoot the messenger in frustration; I’m sharing with you what I know.

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