When Vikings Attack: The War is Over, Time to Relax!

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When Vikings Attack: The War is Over, Time to Relax!

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Hey everybody! It’s been a while since When Vikings Attack was released and we’ve been a bit quiet since then but rest assured it was because the team have been hard at work on lots of exciting stuff! So exciting in fact that this may break the exclamation point button on my keyboard!!

As you may have seen last week, we released a new DLC pack loaded with new content, entitled When Vikings Relax!

When they were making the main game the team had loads of great ideas for vs. mode maps that just didn’t fit with the theme… huge spinning razor blades, collapsing floors… mini golf. So we’ve stuffed this DLC pack with all that and more!

As well as the vs. maps we have also added a whole new game mode for all those people who wanted a little bit more single player fun. Enter the coliseum and challenge never ending waves of history’s greatest warriors in Solo Survival mode! Defeat them all to add them to your character collection then keep going to see how far you can get in the global rankings.

In the pack you will find:

  • 10 new vs. mode levels – Each one themed around recreational mayhem with a unique environmental hazard to watch out for.
  • Solo Survival mode – A new single player game mode where you face off against waves history’s greatest warriors, survive as long as you can and get to the top of the leaderboards.
  • New unlockable characters – Unlock 10 warriors in solo survival
  • 6 new trophies – New specific challenges based around the DLC content to unlock

As well as all of the above, we are celebrating the release of the game in Japan with a few additions. Not only will you be able to unlock the exclusive Japanese character The Tired Oyaji in the Relax pack you will also be able to purchase some new costumes based around everyone’s favourite Japanese cats, Toro and Kuro!

Oh and it’s all Cross-Buy too so buy on one platform and get the other for free!

When Vikings Attack - Twin

The When Vikings Relax DLC pack is available on the PSN store right now along with the Toro and Kuro costumes.


There is now a Trial available on the PSN Store so if you still haven’t tried the game then we strongly recommend that you download it post-haste and try the multiplayer mayhem for yourself. The trial lets you sample 1 Adventure level and 1 vs. game mode all with up to 4 players on and offline.


Think there couldn’t be any more? Well we have also released a new patch for the game. Since release we’ve had loads of great feedback and the team have been paying attention to the 2 most requested features that people wanted to see… So they’ve added them in for FREE as a thank you. For Vita players we have added in Ad-Hoc support for local play and for both PS3 and Vita we have added in full cross-platform invites to make joining games across PS3 and Vita even easier.

I think that’s it for now… just a final big thank you to everyone who’s bought the game already and said lovely things about it online! We hope more people take the time to try the Trial and you all continue to enjoy the game.

When Vikings Attack

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  • This looks like it would be great combined with LittleBigPlanet 2 game engine!

  • Ive followed this game since launch and loved the demo, but for some reason didn’t buy it.

    It reminds me of the classic “Food Fight” game I used to play as a kid. After seeing how the developers have continued to work on this and bring DLC that looks just awesome and a blast to play, I am now going to buy this. As a father of 4 kids, and reluctantly retiring my hard core gamer status to be a full time father, its games like this that fill my short periods of gaming bliss.

    XDEV: Great Job and I am now going to purchase this game and be glad to support your efforts and staying in touch with the community. I love supporting studios like this.

    • And we love supporting people in the community like you!

      Glad to hear we’ve finally won you over :) The game is an absolute blast in 4 player mode, we’ve had many fathers thank us and it’s always great to hear.

      Thank you.

  • I’ve had it since the first day, immensely enjoyable game on vita/ps3. Me and my partner have had a blast with it and plan on getting the DLC soon. Thanks for the great game and support, any more dlc coming?

    • If people demand it you never know! At this point it’s always down to community interest.

      Great to hear that you and your partner loved it, couples and families seem to enjoy it which is lovely.

  • On behalf of my family and friends I would like to thank you for making such a fun game. We all love it and have had many enjoyable hours playing this game together. I am glad this was posted because I somehow missed the DLC last week so I can go buy that asap.
    I hope that When Vikings Attack sold well for you. I am getting tired of seeing great Playstation games going unnoticed.

    • Tell me about it! :S There are so many good games out there it’s getting hard to find a spot.

      We’re so glad that so many people have taken a chance on the game though, it’s especially hard for a new IP to make it in the wild.


  • I picked up When Vikings Attack on the very first day, and have been playing it periodically ever since. I have to admit that I was not expecting any DLC; but it is not, in any way, unwelcome. It sounds like a great addition to the game, and I’ll be picking it up. Thanks a lot for the hard work! Are there any more updates planned?

    • If people really demand more then you never know.

      We just wanted to get as much variety as we could in there with the DLC so anyone who’s getting tired of the original levels should love it.

      Thanks for playing!

  • What is the point of Unlocking Characters ? when i got this game i was thinking i would be able to replay the game as every character i unlocked. or atleast choose the one i wanted in multy player. are they only to collect and look at ? i was very disapointed. i realy dont see a point if you cant even play as them. correct me if im wrong.

    • We really treat the characters are rewards and a way to differentiate yourself online. If you are a completionist in your games then filling up your collectables screen is an extra goal in the game on top of the adventure.

      Also you’ll notice if you go online without unlocking any characters then all your guys are the same, the more you unlock the more variety you have in your team.

      We had considered building your team but when they can come and go so quickly in a frantic battle it just didn’t seem worthwhile.

  • Us here in the U.S. never got to play that Japanese cat game. It feels like it’s rubbing it in our faces. :p However, I’ve had so much fun with this game that I’m going to get this pack for the new modes and levels. :)

    • I know, we don’t get them at all in the west but we still love Toro! Getting him in the game for Japan was a must and it seemed a shame not to offer them in the west.

      Maybe one day it will pave the way to a western release of an actual Toro game?!

  • yea im not realy into collecting rewards. i guess thats kool for ppl that are completionist. oh i did not notice that online youl have more of a variety in your group with the ppl you unlock so thats actualy nice. i hardly ever find a game online though, i wish those multy player game modes was for single player aswell. im a solo type guy so single player is all i really look forward to. the new DLC looks good i must say.

    • Well the DLC pack has Solo Survival mode now so you can take that challenge on alone, it was really an answer to lone wolves like yourself.

      Hope it helps to flesh things out for you!

  • sounds good, if the price is right. il most likely get it. im 25 with no kids but i sure do enjoy these riots. il look into the dlc

  • How to sell me on a game, that I was originally on the fence? Stick a pinball table/theme into it and plaster an image of it on your blog post. :D

    Well played Neil! Well played!

    • Haha! I think you’ll love the Pinball table, knock bombs into the paddles and fire them at the other teams. It’s my personal favorite.

  • Now this is awesome i’ll have to check this out!!!!!!!

  • It’s a very fun game, and just supported the DLC in the PlayStation Store. Great work, guys!

  • Wow! Love how you guys are supporting the game still! I remember I tried to do cross-platform invites, I was wondering why it wasn’t working!

    Just want to let you guys know I love the game. I’m 15, so you can imagine the games I would enjoy playing are shooters and what not. My friends played this once with me, and from now on when they come over the first thing they say is “OH, let’s play the Vikings game again” and I can’t help but agree with them, fantastic game!

    Great to see you guys continuing support, reassures me that your next game will (hopefully!) be supported and it’ll justify a purchase from me! :)

  • My son and I just love this game! I got the game on day one and we have had a ball with it, although it seems like some of those stars are impossible to get! As soon as I saw the DLC last week, I knew that it was a must-buy! I have yet to see all of the new vs mode levels because, like someone mentioned above, it is so hard to find a game online! WIth the patch, hopefully my son and I can play vs mode on the PS3 and the Vita now! Thanks for the continued support of this game, you have two dedicated fans at my house!

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