Sack it to Me: It’s Valentine’s Day on LittleBigPlanet

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Sack it to Me: It’s Valentine’s Day on LittleBigPlanet

The Valentine’s Day Level Kit Returns!

Love is in the air on LittleBigPlanet and Sackfolk’s hearts are all of a flutter as they craft and decorate the most wonderful creations for their loved ones.

Valentine's Day Level Kit

To help give everyone a kick-start with these creations, we’re re-releasing the popular Valentine’s Day Level Kit this week! So head on over to the Store later this week and pick up this great kit!

For full information on the Valentine’s Day Level Kit, check out its dedicated page on our LittleBigPlanet Game Add-Ons Catalogue.

LittleBigPlanet 2 Logo

LittleBigPlanet 2: Mm Picks

We have quite a variety of LittleBigPlanet 2: Mm Picks for you this week, you can either get into a sticky situation in The Mud Job series of levels or you can tee off for a nice round of golf in LittleJarGolf: Craftworld Open.


LittleJarGolf: Craftworld Open by jarreguin001

The Mud Job

The Mud Job – Act One: Welcome to the Mudlands by Mamett-Box

Ninja Cat 2


If a series of adventures or a few rounds of golf are not your thing though, then perhaps you would prefer to just sit back and enjoy the latest LittleBigPlanet movie master piece – Ninja Cat 2!

Ninja Cat 2 is the epic sequel to the original Ninja Cat movie, clocking in at an impressive 110 minutes and spanning across 12 levels to create the ultimate movie going experience for LittleBigPlanet.

SAMURAI-09 has provided the entertainment; all you have to do is provide the popcorn!

LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Logo

New LBPlanetorial Tutorial – Memorisers and App-Style Games

LBPlanetorials are back with a brand new video tutorial. This time they are focusing on the Memoriser tool and creating app-style games.

The Memoriser is nifty tool exclusive to LittleBigPlanet PS Vita that allows you to save gameplay data between play sessions and can even send data from one level to another. Just perfect for saving the progress of any player that plays your level!

With it you can easily make anything from brilliantly addictive mini-games to a fully-fledged RPG.

LittleBigPlanet Karting Logo

LittleBigPlanet Karting: Team Picks

For this round of LittleBigPlanet Karting: Team Picks, we’ve got a veritable grab-bag of awesome.
On this week’s roster is an impressive recreation of a real-world Formula One track, a romp through a dense Aztec jungle, and even a huge arena set in a functioning wave pool.

Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush by Cirrus5005


NFS-Race by ferkel

The Indoor Wave Pool

The Indoor Wave Pool by puppethand666

Cote d' Azur - Monaco

Cote d’ Azur / Monaco by GDJ-Nienhuis

Aztec Jungle

Aztec Jungle by Piwe13

So whatever your fancy may be, you would be hard-pressed to find something that doesn’t suit it. Have fun!

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2 Author Replies

  • If you don’t get the costumes to work for LBP Karting very very soon, I will never ever even consider buying a product even remotely related to your company again.

    I’m sick of being lied to and misled by game devs (and sony too).

    Don’t release the game if it’s not finished.

  • is it true little big planet 3 won’t be done by mm?

  • Mm Pls if u guys are going LBP3 PLS make it more challenging at least like LBP1!

    LBP vita was WAAAAAAY to ez thanks to all those infinite checkpoints! I still remember the hard time i had with LBP1 in the ice stage with the giant electric wheel! That was awesome.

  • yay i’ve been waiting for the v-day minipack thx steven for keeping us up to date with the dlc packs

    • Not a problem, we’ve got some great new DLC lined up for next week too. :)

      More news coming later this week but take it from me that you will want to make sure you have some space in your LittleBigPlanet garage. ;)

  • Patiently waiting for that LBPK update. ;)

    • The wait is almost over and Sackboy’s Karting wardrobe will soon become chock full of a great range of costumes. :)

  • Can we….please…get confirmation for the LBPK update? Or something? Just show us that you for UFG care…please..this is getting quite annoying.

  • Any word on if and when the cross controller DLC will be patched to help fix the network issues everyone has been experiencing? I’d love to dive into the content I’ve paid for and discover what everyone is creating with the new set of tools.

  • @1 threatening to never buy another clock doesn’t make time go faster and this is no different and I don’t recall any promised schedule for the LBPK costumes so I fail to see the lies you’re blabbering on about. just wait, I waited 2 years for LBPV and months for the DLC. Game worked fine without them, I don’t see how no DLC equals an unfinished game.


  • @1 – haha. “WAAHHH! If I can’t play dress-up with this game I’m gonna threaten you! WWAAAHHHH!! Where’s my heart costume!!!???” Grow up.

  • Steven I have to agree with many people here. WHERE IS THE PATCH FOR THESE GAMES?!

    LBP2 cross controller DLC is broken!

    LBP Vita has NO CONTENT


    I haven’t played a game with sackboy for months now because the developers clearly have abandoned our poor stitched hero. You lost my attention to games like Call of Duty… yeah.. i said it… THAT’S how bad it is.

  • PS: Black ops 2 isn’t actually that bad if you haven’t tried it. Lots of fun. Still not the best one on the series but still fun to pick up and play with friends.

  • I used Tricare about LBP2, then I took a Skyrim to the knee.

  • @8 Promised schedual? It’s on the box! It was supposed to be a release feature. It’s in the description of all post-karting DLC content that it works! Not that it will work eventually, but that buying this item entitles you to use it in LBP2, Vita, and Karting. I don’t need my Marvel costumes to enjoy the game, I just want the game to do what it said it did when I bought it. Unfortunately I will probably never get to race Wolverine vs Sephiroth, because I will be done with the game and gone back to Modnation Racers (which IMO is far superior) before the game is complete, and that is a shame.

    I love LBP, but I am going to have to “wait and see” with 3. Outsourceing your IPs just has not been working out well. Just ask Capcom.

  • I guess the LBP Karting patch is coming soon alongside the promised DLC’s, haven’t played it since December because every time I played online, it freezed at least once, got annoying pretty fast and the hard reboot needed worries me of corrupting my data, so please fix it, and include the team picks in the vote screen, I know you guys love the winter one, but more variety won’t hurt.

  • Thanks for the LittleJarGolf description! Great job for the other Mm picks too! :)

    -Jar (LittleJarGolf)

  • Comments like 8 and 9 are the reason why developers tend to ignore their fanbase at one point…because they see some fans are just comfortable not being given what should have been there in the first place. I’m glad that someone responded to last week’s LBP update, so a patch for LBPK should be here soon…hopefully.

  • Just the way to “celebrate” a consumer industry created “love holiday” by allowing your 12yr old to purchase virtual clothes for another 12yr old with your hard earned money SMH

  • When in the world is LBPK going to actually be able to use LBP costumes? I’m sick of the false advertisement of them working. They clearly dont and Sony needs to stop lying OR actually follow through. Its one of the reasons I bought the game

  • this doesn’t surprise me anymore. I traded in my vita and Lbp vita and put the money towards a WII U.

    I have been more then patient with sony and UFG in the past and my reward has never really come from such waiting. sony has all but abandoned this board and hasn’t responded to the negativity of the last two Sack IT TO ME’s.

    so this is me tell you sony that I am not buying a ps4 nore am I going to buy little big planet 3 so. enjoy the future money that will be going to other things in my life. it’s because of you and other companies that I am not gaming much anymore. you broke me of the spell. I suppose I should thank you really. gaming was most of my life. not anymore.

  • LBP Karting on the Vita!!!!!!!


  • i am NOT missing out on the level kit this year. I am actually going to get it this year i have the money waiting for it .Yay

  • ace :D

  • Kudos to puppethand666 – The Indoor Wave Pool is FANTASTIC!!
    You must play this level if you haven’t already!!! :)
    Races and plays like you are in a real wave pool!! Great weapons too! :)

  • Dear Steven,
    Sincerely, I don’t want any costumes. I don’t want any dlc.
    I would just like LBPK to work.
    We still can’t play without getting kicked or freezing up Why?
    Please, just make this potentially AWESOME game run right.
    And also Steven, please just tell us when the “patch” is coming… (for real)
    Thank you :)

  • I can’t wait for the Valentine’s Pack! I keep checking in my pod lol. I am constantly seeing updates and bug fixes. I don’t know what garbage everyone is talking about with these fun games. I mean, my Sackboy can move his head again now too! =D *applaud* Everything is perfect on every format to me. I can’t wait to see what StevenI is talking about..having more space in my LBP Garage? =D If it means what I think you mean it means – -, I hope when LBP3 comes out on PS3 (because we are all broke these days) that it is just as fun as LBP2 and LBPVita! LBP1 WAS indeed too hard… If a 12 year is asking an adult to pass a level, that’s how you know it’s too hard! I’m still helping kids go through that game, even my husband! Lol
    I WISH Karting and Vita costumes and MATERIALS were available to at least purchase in the store! You should try and try again. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same. Call it Vita Material Pack and Karting Material Pack. …Who ever makes it, I don’t care. I love Mm and always will. They are the original =] I think LBP2 is the MAIN LBP game. All items made for ANY LBP should be purchaseable in the store! =D Dooo it, dooo it, dooo it =] *hugs* Peace, Love and Beautiful Creations to all fellow Sackboys!

  • OH SNAP, QUESTION!? Is the Valentine’s Day Pack going to have the EXACT same items, stickers and materials as last years version? I’ve been drooling over the this pack when I missed out on it last year and couldn’t quit kicking myself for missing it. I hope to dear Neptune the same Chocolate and Roses and Hearts materials are still the same! I say, rerelease the original as is, then the next year release that same pack again, but if you want to have more, put that new stuff in a 2nd pack and call it Yada Yada Pack Number 2. I hope I make sence! =] I want those heart shaped glasses BAD! =D

  • Soo I was prepared to purchase the valentines pack this year after skiping out on it for the past 2 years but much to my suprise it was FREE (normally 2.99) I mean im not complaining but isnt that a little unfair to the people that paid for thiers? Anyhow thanks for the freebie ; )

  • The Valentine’s Pack STILL hasn’t come out for me =[ How am I suppose to staple a rose to my best friend to get a pin if I don’t have the pack today? ~ For all I’ve paid for in costumes, I hope this pack is free for me too! =]

  • This is just awful. February 15th and no Valentine Pack. I’ve been waiting for it. And the guy two comments up says he got it three days ago and for FREE? What the hell! Obviously,this is just a mistake,right? But you guys,do you actually check if everything is ok after you release your dlc,games or patches? I don’t think so. Another idiotic thing i found: I can’t play the cross-controller pack b/c i don’t own a Vita. Ok,i bought it b/c of the costumes and ONLY ONE PERSON(HOST) NEEDS THE VITA! the rest play with regular controllers. I can’t even access it’s earth. That’s stupid. Seriously guys, Please release the valentine’s day kit for free. I’m assuming the guy above is also american and the guy two comments up is european. And for any fanboy out there,i’m never getting a Vita,yes i want the pack and i’m looking for a serious reply. @11 Omg CoD kids here too? CoD is one of the worst sagas in the ps3. And the fact that every single 12 y/o li’l boy/girl has it,is the reason y gaming is dying. Cheers.

  • To the two commenters above me: it’s not available on my game either. Now that I think about it, on Thanksgiving Day the Turkey Head Costume was not available. Then, one or two days later, it was available. Now, I need to wait for a very long time to get the secret pin. My point is, the same thing is bound to happen in this case, so we just need to wait a day or two and it will be in the store. But seriously, make it free because we now have to celebrate Valentines Day late this year :/

  • I HAVE A VITA and the Cross Controll pack! SEND ME A FRIEND INVITE and I will take you through it to collect everything! I also ace it for people. I have been doing this for people since Christmas! I have aced the entire pack multiple times. It’s not a problem. I’m pretty good at it. ..and fast.
    I also am in USA..California to be exact. 15th, still no pack for Valentine’s Day, but I’m about to do a google search to see if I can find a date when we get it in US. Ya, it doesn’t seem right to me to have different release dates for different reigons. They should strive for one date at midnight.
    I don’t have intentions to keep posting here, but if I find out any info on this illusive Valentine pack I will FYI you guys =] And to everyone else who is happily enjoying their red heart sunglasses…. Enjoy and I envy you lol =D P.S- I’m female lol. It’s ok =]

  • IF YOU HAVE A VITA, THIS IS HOW YOU GET VALENTINE’s Day pack for FREE! go to store ON VITA. The pack is THERE. Download. Then on PS3 go to store and click “view downloads” and down load the ps3 version that shows up with your PSN Store down loaded items.
    Haven’t found a date for USA PSN Store for this pack..but it’s most likely a Saturday release. Sorry “(
    Next week there is a new costume and karting pack coming out with emergency workers as costumes…like fire fighter, police etc =]

  • I keep checking back for this pack, but I haven’t seen it up. Anyone know how to find it?

  • I keep checking back for this pack, but I haven’t seen it up at all this week. Anyone know how to get it?

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