PlayStation Plus Update: Closure Joins the Instant Game Collection

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PlayStation Plus Update: Closure Joins the Instant Game Collection

Welcome to this week’s PlayStation Plus update, where we highlight the latest free games, discounts, and features that PS Plus members can expect in the coming week. Many have already jumped online to play Guardians of Middle Earth, which arrived free for PS Plus members last week, and this week we’re bringing you one of the bright indie stars in gaming with Closure; a PSN-exclusive that turned heads when it debuted last year. Read on and also check out some of the great discounts on amazing titles like Critter Crunch.

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February 12th PlayStation Plus Update

Closure (PS3)

Free for PS Plus members

Closure is a unique and stylistic puzzle platformer that takes the concept of light and shadow and twists it up into something never before seen. In Closure’s dark and foreboding universe, the only things that exist are what you can see. An object properly lit up is physically there, yet an object shrouded in darkness ceases to be. Experience this mind-bending puzzler free as a Plus member.

Critter Crunch

80% off for PS Plus members (Original price: $6.99; PS Plus Price: $1.40)

Developed by the geniuses at Capybara games, this award-winning, critically-acclaimed puzzle game asks players to take control of the cuddly Biggs, a loveable jungle creature with an iron-clad stomach. Biggs is in search of the jewel-rich critters that invade his habitat once a season, and using his tongue to pluck them from their vines, stuffs them into the waiting mouths of larger critters. This sets off chain reactions of bursting critters that drop the tasty jewels for Biggs to regurgitate for his hungry family. Sporting an 87 / 100 on Metacritic, with giving it an A and praising it for its “”Beautiful visuals and inventive puzzles…worth sinking your teeth into.”, you owe it to yourself to hop on this gem for only $1.40. Plus, it has a ‘Barfing Tutorial’. I mean… c’mon, how can you pass that up?
Alien Breed (PS3 and PS Vita – Cross Buy Enabled)

20% off for PS Plus members (Original price: $9.99; PS Plus Price: $7.99)

This PSN re-release of the original run-and-gun shooter features cross-platform multiplayer between Vita and PS3, as well as ad-hoc/local and online co-op on respective platforms. With new content packing 30 levels of carnage, you’ll find much to love with options for original or enhanced visuals, and leaderboards for the more competitive among us. This launch week discount is exclusive for PS Plus members, so don’t miss out!

Derrick the Deathfin (PS3)

50% off for PS Plus members (Original price: $7.99; PS Plus Price: $4.00)

Another PSN gem hitting a great price for PS Plus members; Derrick the Deathfin is a fast-paced arcade action title set in a unique aquatic world made entirely out of paper & card. Rampage around the globe munching on paper creatures under the guise of avenging the death of his parents. With a unique art style that sets it apart from other games, and great gameplay to boot, check out Derrick the Deathfin for only $4.00 as a PS Plus member.
NHL 13 (PS3)

20% off for PS Plus members (Original price: $47.99; PS Plus Price: $38.39)

With the NHL season in full swing, hockey fans may want to take notice on this deal. NHL 13 accurately captures the speed, creativity, and strategy of today’s NHL with revolutionary True Performance Skating. Sync up with friends with the real-world of hockey in GM Connected, the first-ever online multiplayer dynasty mode with cooperative and Online Team Play, or relive the greatest moments from today’s NHL in NHL Moments Live. With core gameplay innovation, connected experiences, and the deepest feature set ever, NHL 13 is the definitive hockey experience. Don’t forget to also check out NHL GameCenter video app which is free to download!

What are your thoughts on this week’s update? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to use the poll links to speak your mind about what content you liked the most. If you want to see what the rest of the PlayStation community is talking about, head over to the PlayStation Community Forums in the PS Plus space to continue chatting about PS Plus, or find other great topics to contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself. See you in the comments!

PlayStation Plus Update 2-12-13

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29 Author Replies

  • Cool Closure.

  • lol see tol you guys it would be Closure -yawn- coulda at least given us that yu Gi Oh game i woulda happily taken that free, or even at a discount.. oh well

  • Seems like a decent update. Already ahve Critter Crunch and Derrick The Death Fin, but may pick up Alien Breed. Getting Closure for free will be a nice bonus.

    On a side note, the trailer above Alien Breed is for Urban Trial Freestyle. That’s not getting a discount is it?

    • Thanks for catching! We’ll fix that shortly, but the trailer shouldn’t be there. The game releases 2/19 next week. Tune in to next week’s Plus update to see if it made it into any discounts for it’s launch week.

  • Sounds interesting but ill probably never play it. Not a good replacement for KOF on the igc either. Fingers-crossed for a GOOD new vita game next week!

  • Closure? Really? A boring $5 art game…. >_<

  • I was hoping for a ps+ discount on the new yugioh game :(

    Anyway, glad I didn’t bought closure.

  • Is Urban Trial Freestyle coming too?

  • I already own Closure, but this is a great and brilliant game to anyone who doesn’t own it. I still need to finish this game when I have the time and motivation to.

  • I have been wanting to try Closure so Ill definitely download once the store updates tomorrow. Will we be getting any sort of Full Ps3 game this month? Borderlands, Dead Space 2, Sleeping Dogs, Uncharted 3, or any other big title that we may see free soon for members?

    • We’ve definitely got our eye on providing PS3 Full Games for Plus members. Stay tuned to these updates, but it’s definitely on the agenda. Thanks!

  • @5 Closure seems to be a good game :)

  • I’m not too fond of art games, honestly, but Closure seems a bit interesting.

  • Terrible update. We want Sleeping Dogs.

  • Am I the only one who’s a little relieved when the new free game is a smaller download because of a full hard drive? Thanks Playstation Plus!

  • @2 yeah i haven’t been interested in YuGiOh in years, but i’d take a card battling game over this any day.

    For gods sake, Closure has been on sale with plus numerous times last year. People who care about that game already have it by now. This is such a big waste. I just can’t believe what is going on at Sony to make them think pick such terrible choices. :/

  • i wanted closure weeks ago, now it´s free. Also Critter crunch with a great discount. I played Critter crunch and is like rainbow vomit. Good update

  • I just bought Derrick the Deathfin a few weeks ago when it was on sale for $5.99…
    I never thought it would go on sale again so quickly…

    I’m disappointed by that, but otherwise the update is decent.

  • I hope this means Urban Trial Freestyle is getting a Plus discount (or even free!?) when it gets released next week. ;)

  • Whatever happened to Zone of the Enders vita?


  • hahaha just hahahaha

  • Yet another weird PSN platformer and some random, minor PSN discounts…Totally underwhelming update. That seems to be par for the course nowadays, though.

  • Hey Morgan, you accidentally put in an Urban Trials video instead of Alien Breed

  • Been wanting to play Closure for a while.

  • Happy birthday to me happy birthday to me :-)

  • Cool. I’ve been wanting to play Closure. Also, to anyone who hasn’t played Critter Crunch, two bucks is a great deal.

    • Hope you like it! From what I’ve played of it, I thought it was really clever in its design. I haven’t played Critter Crunch, but as a fan of Capy’s pther stuff (Clash of Heroes, etc) I’m excited to play this one.

  • Does anyone know how i can check when my PLUS expires. I know i found it one time and its set to not renew automatically. I for sure dont want to renew but im just curious to see when its up

  • We gonna get a FULL PS3 GAME this month, Morgan?

  • Wow (–_–) nothing for me to say but all thumbs down, so dissapointing and in overall so has become PS plus. Nothing more to say, Ive said it in previews posts, booooo to this update, boooo to you morgan and booo to PS plus America.

  • Cool. I’ve been wanting to play Closure…. but I want Sleeping Dogs so badly!!!!

  • @29 sooooooo dissapointing to


  • Does the Urban Trial Freestyle trailer mean it was supposed to get a PS+ discount if it came out this week?

  • @Morgan should we be getting very excited for the February 20 event?

  • I only have a vita and I feel that this update dosen’t give us that much. 3 weeks ago the gave use Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus and it was great, but the last two weeks hasn’t been great, not even a Mini, not even a PSP game, not even a PS one game. What is happening?

  • Closure is a really great game, with an equally great soundtrack. I already own it though, and the other games on this list don’t interest me, so…..nothing for me this week. I was hoping for a day-one discount on Rocketbirds Vita tomorrow.

  • poor update. Already have Closure AWHEN IT WENT ON SALE A COUPLE OF MONTHS AGO

    Note to self: NEVER EVER EVER buy games or content with PS Plus as they’ll all go free within a month or two after going on sale.

  • Hey Morgan, where are the PSP games? I thought we’d receive one every now and then.
    Thanks for the update. And since I have only a PS Vita, it is just Alien Breed for me this week.

  • Ill give closure a try. Never heard of it though.

  • Where is our disc based game for the month!!!! Just asking, will there be one this month?

  • It’s amazing how much Alien Breed looks and plays like Urban Trial Freestyle!

  • What is this “New Yugioh” game I read a couple of comments about. Please enlighten me.

  • Very cool thanks for Closure, I liked that demo. My favorite part of this update though is Critter Crunch for $1.40, even though I already have it. That is an awesome deal and I love seeing sales like that.

  • Honestly I am disappointed with the PLUS in recent months. If do not improve I will sign the european when expire my american.

  • When will Atlus game’s be discounted again?

  • Did anyone else notice how they never show the full instant game collection together anymore? US Plus still has the same problem (for me at least) that it did a couple of months ago, a focus on sales instead of free games. My fear right now is that the plus for the PS3 will go away and only be on PS4.

  • @pOcHo_OX

    If you want Sleeping Dog so bad, why don’t you just buy it? You probably don’t want it that much…

  • Weak week. Just a few glorified smartphone apps. One weak week is forgivable, though.

  • next week will be the full game

  • well we usually get 3 PS3 games a month and for the last few months one of the 3 every month has been a retail quality game instead of 15 dollar indie crap so guess we’ll have to wait until next week for the GOOD game (or more likely the game i already have but its still a good PS plus freebie for those who dont have it)

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