Back into the TV: Persona 4 Arena on PSN Tomorrow

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Back into the TV: Persona 4 Arena on PSN Tomorrow

Persona 4 Arena for PS3

Hello Persona fans and fighting game fans!

We’re excited to announce that Persona 4 Arena, which earned the honor of “Best Fighting Game” at the Spike Video Game Awards, is going to be available for digital purchase and download on the PlayStation Network tomorrow.

Some of you may not be familiar with Persona 4 Arena, or the Persona series. You may, however, be aware that ATLUS launched Persona 4 Golden for PS Vita last November to critical acclaim, and this title helped generate a great deal of interest for the Persona series. Yes, Persona 4 Arena is a fighting game — but who says fighting games can’t have a story? Fans that got a taste of the series through Persona 4 Golden can enjoy a whole new story arc in Persona 4 Arena.

Persona 4 ArenaPersona 4 Arena for PS3

The game takes place two months after the protagonist of Persona 4 Golden — given the name Yu Narukami — leaves the rural town of Inaba. Rumor of a fighting tournament TV show called “P-1 Grand Prix” spreads, raising concerns among the former Investigation Team members. Interested to know more about what happens to Yu, Chie, Yosuke, and Yukiko? And how do the characters from Persona 3 get involved in all this? We could say more but, well, we’d rather have you to jump in to Persona 4 Arena to find out for yourself.

We hope you enjoy Persona 4 Arena on PSN!

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  • Is it region locked?

  • bring this to ps vita, i buy it :)

  • Is it region locked?

  • Hope this is the new plus game since KOFXIII is going down

  • After completing P4G I want this even if I’m bad at fighting games… wonder how much will it be.

  • I have a few questions?
    a. How much will it be?
    b. Will PS+ have a discount?
    c. This may sound dumb, but is Persona 4 Golden on the PS Store? O.o
    Thanks! :)

  • Same question, can i play this on Asian or European console?

    #7 yes, Persona 4 Golden is available on ps store.

  • Looking forward to this. Best purchase I made for the Vita btw was Persona Golden. Oh, is the person who voices Youske the same as Ben Tenneson from the show Ben 10?

  • Can I play this on Asian console? Not everyone can import games. =´(

  • It’s going to be $29.99-$39.99, seeing as that’s how much it is retail.
    That much for like, what, 12 characters? Not worth it. There are much more competent fighters that do the concept of P4A/P4U much better, like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

    And yeah, it’s region locked. Pfft. Atlus.

  • Aha! Is this our chance?!

    And, yes, knowing the price would be good. :)

  • Free for PS+ in September! I called it!

  • Region locking is the reason I never bought this game.

    It looks great, but if this is region locked, I won’t buy it.

  • I really hope it is playable on European console because the game is still not available here.

  • I’m a huge fan of Persona 3 and 4 on ps2, but i found this game extremely boring. To be fair i am not a hardcore fighting fan (only like the casual anime ones like Ultimate ninja and DBZ), but i was hoping that the story mode of Arena would be up interesting since it takes place after the main game.

    Instead i found it to be just an uninteresting visual novel for all the characters. I had thought i really liked most of the cast, but spending the time with them and hearing their inner thoughts over the most mundane things, really just made me dislike a couple of them (particularly Yukiko). I did enjoy enjoy some moments in Kanji’s story though.
    The most disappointing thing though was that i didn’t feel much was added to the overall Persona 4 lore. The new character just meant nothing to me.

    The ending seemed like it was sequel baiting, which is disappointing because i’d rather have a spinoff jrpg continuing the P4 universe than another lame fighting game. :/

  • So, which game it’s going to be free? I’m lost… and dissapointed btw

  • I’m glad the game is going to be offered digitally especially with how scarce retail copies have been, however an announcement without mention of price seems like a horribly inefficient use to time and space. It just leads us to believe the it will be available at full retail price. No news = Bad news.

  • Please be regio free. Please answer this question :(

  • Hardcore fighting game players love this game, i’m it will be featured in EVO 13, is nice to see the game getting exposure now, i hope Atlus will continue the good support on their FG just like they did with KOF XIII.

    However i feel bad for gamers in EU that can’t get this game :(

  • can someone at least tell us the price… like one of the sony people i need to know this… so i can trade in my disk copy for this…

  • @20

    You feel bad for them, yet nobody over there feels bad for us not getting even close to the same Plus content as them?

    Can’t wait to see all the complaints later this afternoon.

    Anyways, if nobody has P4A yet (or Persona 4 The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena, as the opening calls it), and you love Persona (or at least fighting games), I suggest that as of tomorrow when the Store updates, you stop whatever you’re doing and BUY THIS GAME!!!

  • @22 i disagree that people who love the jrpg Persona game will automatically love this game. I for one didn’t. Its a fighting game above all else, so if you have no interest in that i suggest you skip this game since there aren’t any world shattering revelations in the ‘Story’ mode anyway.

    @21 if it costs anymore than $19.99, than its kinda a rip off. Its been out a long time at retail.

  • just called my local gamestop 15 dollars trade in store dollars crap… i just may keep my disk then… i missed the 20 sale also payed 40 it… so it better be 20 on the store or **** them… still a price would be nice ya know sony!!

  • @22: I’m from EU and my main-account is from you US-guys, ’cause I think, that YOU get the better content^^

    most of all, my beloved j-rpgs release so much sooner on your side, so I think the US-PSN is much, MUCH better.

    But well, everyone has his own opinion. I’m a little worried, if it will be regionlocked even on the PSN…after I was so happy to see the news about a psn-release today xD

  • i never play a persona i only bought if just because i like fighters i wonder what i’m missing…

  • @22
    We in Europe always get the last end of the stick and we dont get many games released like in America. The worse case is Atlus. We also have no Video store , netflix , Hulu and more stuff. So can we atleast have something better then you guys ?

  • Go away, region-locked greedy!!

  • Called a coupe of stores in Vancouver, prices ranged from 49.99 to 59.99 for used and new physical copes respectively. Lets hope it’s cheaper than that.

  • And I wonder when the PS3 users will have iour share of the original Persona 4.

    PS2 Classic, a port of the Golden Ver. Whatever… I want to pick up that game along with Arena.

    Maybe I’m too excited because I know Arena kicks ass as a fighter…

    Nice to know it launches tomorrow on the Store.

  • I absolutely adored Persona 4 on my vita. I’m excited to pick this up.

    …It would be great if this was playable on vita by the way, fighters feel beautifully at home on the vita! Remote Play on more games would be a huge selling point for the vita.

  • @27 you sure? i could have sworn Netflix launched in EU at least a year ago. But i see what you mean about the other stuff.

  • Avatars! Avatars! Avatars! Plee-he-hease…

  • Yes. Gimme. I WANTS DA PRECIOUS! And while people are at it, give us Avatars, I want Rise dammit.

  • @32
    Yeah only the UK and 4 more country`s. I think.

  • If it’s the same as the Disc Version then Yeah it will be Region Locked!

    I Bought it when it first came out on the disc… If it’s cheap as Digital DL i’ll buy it then again. But if not i’ll wait till they mark it down more to buy a Digital Version that i own on Disc already…. 19.99 t0 29.99 is not bad price… But more than that it will have to wait….

  • Nice.

    Now, is there any way you guys can bring over a PS3 version of Persona 4 The Golden? Not everyone likes to play portables, after all. And while you’re at it, maybe PS1 classic versions of the first two Persona games.

  • I don’t like 2D anime fighting games.
    But, but, P4G was the best game I played last year, and I really want to know about stories after the event.

    Any cheat DLCs to unlock the story without beating bosses? I’d pay $.99 for each…

  • account avatars ??

  • This game was released on Xbox Games on Demand a few months ago and was priced $39,99 back then, but now it was lowered to $29,99 just a couple weeks ago.

  • I want this game, but you guys aren’t gonna pull a crapcom with another 2nd version ultimate edition are you? If you continue to patch and update this one, I will buy it.

  • Good question a lot of folks have here, will this digital version be region locked?

    I bought the game a couple weeks ago only to find out it was the PS3’s first region locked game.

    That kind screwed me because I have an imported PS3…

  • How about some avatars for persona 4

  • is going to be region locked just like the disc

  • @38
    (“Any cheat DLCs to unlock the story without beating bosses?”)

    The story mode’s very forgiving in combat, to the point that the battles are closer to one-minute diversions from the Visual Novel than actual fights. You just need to win a single round, and can “dial-a-combo” your way past most fights with a single button.

    If you’re just in it for the story, you won’t need to worry about any KOF-style bosses blocking your progress. (You know the kind: the boss wakes up, gets out of bed, stretches, and your entire team is instantly KOed by the motion.)

    You will have to sit through a few “To Be Continued” teasers and unlock all the story paths before the game will let you actually SEE an ending, however.

  • Ugh very few people like that game why couldn’t it be Persona 4 Ps2 classic?? omg it’s like u guys don’t listen to the fans at all

  • Any chance that there will be a sale on PSN or PS Plus for Persona 4 Golden or Persona 4 Arena? :)

  • I really enjoy the Blaz Blue combat style, but I have not bought any Persona game yet and I have too many games in my backlog, but I wouldn’t mind adding either of these if they were on sale.

  • P4A is $39.99 retail. If it’s any more than that, which is highly likely, it’s another poor move. I’ve been thinking about changing it up and playing a different fighter. I will purchase P4A on PSN if the price is right.

  • Wish it was ln Vita too.

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