PlayStation Blogcast 061: Naughty Gods

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PlayStation Blogcast 061: Naughty Gods
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As penance for missing last week’s Blogcast recording (sorry!), we’ve double-stuffed today’s episode with three big, big interviews on some of 2013’s most promising PlayStation games. Naughty Dog‘s Creative Director Neil Druckmann and Game Director Bruce Straley discuss new details for this year’s eagerly awaited PS3 survival epic The Last of Us; Sony Santa Monica Studio Game Director Todd Papy delves into the single-player campaign for God of War: Ascension; and Guerrilla Games Cambridge Art Director Tom Jones and Guerrilla Games Amsterdam Game Director Mathijs de Jonge discuss the development cycle and technical hurdles of bringing the gorgeous shooter Killzone Mercenary to PS Vita’s luscious OLED screen.

Of course, we’ve got the usual array of niceties: Next week’s PSN releases, new Player Tips and Listener Queries and much more. Listen in and let us know what you think!

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[Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • Epic Blog cast with an awesome title. Thanks for the interviews.

  • And…your back! Awesome. Listening in now

  • WHAT A GLORIOUS RETURN! I missed you guys last week, and it’s good to see this episode is full of a bunch of interesting news. Now to continue the wait until Feb. 20th!

  • Anytime you have guests like these, EPIC EPISODE, is all I can come up with. Looking forward to this one, guys. Well done.
    Yours truly,
    Killzone, Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica FAN

  • Will listen to the podcast during my run, but I wanna I say, I think it would help if you guys can add a shortcut to the PSN Web Store some where on the blog.

  • Naughty Gods! Aw heck yeah. Thank you based Naughty Gods.

  • would you guys do a cover story on Feb. 20th or after on the future of playstation on the blogcast

  • Great to hear from you guys again, this episode sounds like it’s gonna be pretty sweet.

    On another note, I’m normally not one to ask about release dates and stuff, but I was wondering if you guys heard any news lately about Kickbeat for vita?

  • Huuuuge episodeee!! Definately made up for last week. Looking forward to the interview with Kaz Hirai on the 21st of Feb blogcast. Wait, What? Here’s hoping :)

  • @5 GENIUS

  • Yesss! Downloading now!

  • The blog cast is awesome this week could someone please tell me if you’re going to be very exciting news coming out on February 20 I will take a yes or no or stay tuned :-) LOL

  • I may be the only playstation fan that doesnt see any greatness in The Last of Us, i only see another Zombie game, not interested and it will be the first Naughty Dog game that im not getting. Pretty excited about God of War Ascension but i hope Santa Monica takes a break from the franchise and create a New IP on the ps4.

  • To guerrila:

    Hi ppl are commenting… more like complaining that the characters move TOO slow and that some of the controls feel forced like the touch controls and stuff…. can u pls guys make it optional and pls make the character move a bit more faster? I just want the game to be reviewed flawlessly Love KZ franchise! :)

  • Woo-Hoo, a ‘farm-fresh’ (been far too long) and a mention of the Momentus XT 750 Hybrid (!). I’m totally gonna’ rock my PS3 as sson as the taxes are in (even got the wifes approval). Great show gang, as always.

  • closure for playstation plus next week can’t wait to see the comments on mondays plus blog always an interesting read

  • Finally, Ecolibrium. Any ETA on the Frobisher Says Trophy Patch for NA? :/ Please get all the other been out forever in EU Vita apps/games to NA soon.

  • The puns in Ni no Kuni make me squeal in happiness. “Turban Legend” <3

    Ni no Kuni is so incredible. One of the best games released this generation.

  • Hard drive chat:

    The hard drive caddy on the current model PS3 is a few millimeters higher than the caddy on the original fat model PS3. So the new models could fit thicker hard drives that may not have fit before.

    I had the opposite happen to me than what happened to Nick: a Seagate drive broke down after 6 months, and the current drive, a Western Digital, is working fine after 2 years. Like you all said, all drives have failure rates.

    If anyone out there has a PS3 with weird problems, like random corrupted files, lockups, and error messages, it could be just the hard drive breaking down. You can check the health status of the drive by pulling it out of the PS3, connect it to a PC either with an external enclosure or a spare SATA port on your computer, then use a program that checks the health status of the hard drive, such as HDDScan or CrystalDiskInfo. If the status of the PS3 drive is Warning or Bad, then it’s time for a backup and a new drive. It saved me from catastrophe by finding signs of failure on a drive before it could break down.

  • YES! For the first time I know the Theme of the Week.

  • @ 12

    Stay tuned.

  • No announcement of the next free PSM game?

  • Suprised there wasn’t any talk of Skyrim with the dlc starting to flow next Tues. :D

  • Disregard last comment lol.

  • For those of us unable to listen:

    Transcript please!!!!!!

  • @thebiglouis, thanks for saying all that, you are very nice to be so helpful. Too bad all of that is too hard for me. :-)

  • I do not recall it being mentioned in the last few podcasts, but it does get posted on the blog. Would it be possible for you to cover the “coming next week” on the blog cast for music unlimited and/or Video Unlimited?

    I realize that they post it on Thursday typically when you post, but maybe you could work something thing out for them to mention.

  • You guys should use this website service called “SpeakPipe” and (since this is a wordpress website, they have an add-on). The WordPress add-on allows you to put a little message tab on the right side of the website OR you can disable the tab if y’all think it’s ugly and just link people to your Speakpipe page to record a message, you get 200 minutes of user messages for free and can just link it right here in the podcast posts. In my opinion it is much easier than maintaining a phone number and getting people to have to call, I write for the DLB-Network and we just added that feature and it works so well for our podcast! Just a recommendation

    – Mango

  • Great job as always :),would love to see bigger episodes like this

  • I think the theme is Okami, but it also sounds like it would belong in Firefly the short lived Joss Whedon Television Series.

  • Well, I know which franchise the theme is from, just trying to remember which game…

  • I was so happy to hear that my iTunes review was read on this “Naughty Gods” podcast. It made my day!! :) (“The great escape” by Jack S). I love this podcast!

  • A great episode! passed on the ND interview because I didn’t want any spoilers :)

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